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He looked down at her exposed breasts, at the deep caramel, large, soft mounds they were…

…She was honest about that…

With a gentle slide of his thumb, he flicked her erect nipple. A soft murmur escaped her lips; she closed her eyes and her breaths quickened. He circled the fleshy nub, over and over, counterclockwise, and then reversed until he fell prey to his natural instincts, no longer able to control himself. Gripping her around her waist, he pressed her down flat onto the bed, knocked her legs apart, and engulfed her nipple into his mouth, drawing on the soft tissue. She moaned and hissed beneath him as his hand roved over the other. Slowly, slowly, slowly… His eyes closed, he experienced her to the fullest.

He bore down onto her sweetness, relishing the moment as the suppleness of her breast practically stole his breath away. He’d arrived. Though the ride had been bumpy, unpredictable, and the journey destined to not happen at all, something else was at work. Perhaps fate? Here he was, next to the woman he’d loved before he’d even felt her lips against his own. Her raspy moans sent him over the edge, made his head throb with anticipation.

Lifting himself up, he looked up at her face, locked gazes again, as he flicked the tip of his tongue over her nipple, again and again until her eyes fluttered and rolled. The nub grew impossibly harder as he damn near swallowed it. He cupped her other tit with both hands, keeping the lovely thing steady as he had his way with her. Lazily moving across her form, he delivered the same treatment to her other breast. Her stomach pressed against his as it caved and released in quick spasms.

He paused for a moment and cast his gaze towards the small bedroom window. The curtains were drawn, but he knew if he opened them, a guard would be standing close by on the iron stairs in the back of the place. He could almost pretend that they were unrestricted, that they were a couple, free to come and go as they pleased… He looked back down at the woman and traced her shoulder with his fingertips, then moved his way down to hook his fingers around the lacey, red fabric of her panties. Tugging around her hips, he inched them down, then… he ceased for a spell, sat back on his knees, and brought them to his face.

He inhaled the scent, eyes closed, clutching the flimsy material in the palm of his hand…


Oh how he missed the smell…

His lips curled in a devilish grin as he cast them aside, having a thirst now for the real thing. She twitched beneath him as he pulled her thighs further apart and sucked his lower lip at the sight of her shaved love with a thin trace of a landing strip. Slick with anticipatory wetness, his dick thickened, ready for battle. He licked his lips and reached for her slick, pink clit. He rubbed it gently, feeling the wetness of the tender thing against his skin. It was swollen and covered in her natural honey, and he wanted more of her, so much more.

Getting comfortable between her legs, he wrapped his hands around her soft, rounded ass and brought her closer until her plush, tawny pussy lips bumped into his mouth. Extending his tongue, he licked upward, then down, then in tight, slow circles. She squirmed in his grip, bunching the white sheets as he took her in, tasted that fucking pussy, and loved every drop she delivered to his waiting, hungry mouth.

He licked all over her drenched gate, his mouth covered in her gratitude. Pinning her to the bed, he thrust his tongue inside of her.

“Ahhhh!” she cried out.

Her hands gripped the sheets as he plunged even deeper. He retreated briefly then placed his mouth over her pussy to gently pull at her fattened lips. Releasing once more, he lavished and sucked her clit, creating a vacuum like sensation, determined to make her cum. His fingertips sank deep into her skin as he pushed her harder into his face, barely able to breathe… but did he need to? He could simply die this way; it would be a beautiful ending, indeed…

“Aaron… Aaron!” She arched beneath him like a tumultuous wave.

She’s almost there…

Shoving his index finger inside her love, he pushed it in and out, rotating it, moving it within her with the sole mission to make her explode. It didn’t take long however for his dick to grow jealous of his mouth and digit that got to enjoy her tight, warm, wet confines. Her moans grew so loud, she brought on within him a series of slight pelvic spasms, as their excitement blended and became one.


And when she screamed his name, that was it… Her warm, delicious nectar poured into his mouth and he drank her medicine, the taste causing a near overdose of the euphoric kind. “Oh…God…” She slowed into a jerky crawl, her lower stomach compressed then jetting out with each choppy sigh.

“Are you on anything?” he muttered as he laid a tender kiss against her lower left jaw and ran his hands through her now wild, untamed hair.

“No. No I’m not.” She paused and caught her breath.

“I don’t have anything; just like I told you in my letters, and you can call Dr. Owens if you want to verify it…he’s got my medical records.”

She nodded in agreement and pulled the sheets up her body, covering herself as if she’d caught a chill.

“You want me to use something though, right? We probably should…just to be safe.”

“Yes, we should.” She agreed.

“Alright, let me go look around in here and see if they have any rubbers anywhere in here. If not, we’ll come up with a plan B.” He pointed towards the bedroom door, prepared to walk out and do a bit of exploring in his time of need.

“Wait. I already saw some in here.”

His brow rose and a slight grin creased his face.

“Oh really? Where?”

“There are some condoms in that basket right there on the nightstand. I accidentally covered it with my purse, sorry.” She pointed to their left and his eyes immediately seized the partially obstructed carrier. He reached over, brought the thing onto the bed, and rummaged through the collection until he found what he needed.

Here they are, XL Trojan Magnums. Good, they have more than just one or two in here…

Placing the gold wrapper between his clenched teeth, he ripped one open and slid the lubricated, rubbery disc out. He placed the basket back down onto the nightstand and, positioning himself just right above her, he rolled the condom down his engorged length. Her eyes went right to his exposed cock, not the least bit ashamed of how she stared at it as he slid the thing on.

I’m proud of my shit. Keep staring all you want.

“You… are…uh…rather big.” She smiled ever so slightly and rose on her elbows, do doubt ensuring she got an even clearer view.

“Mmmm hmmm…” was all he offered as he cradled her head in his arm and pushed her back down onto the bed with his body, kneeing her supple, soft thighs apart. “Damn…” he uttered throatily as he inhaled her perfume once more. Tender, sweet pecks… She smiled up at him, and he down at her, until their kisses grew stronger and more urgent…

He reached between their slow, grinding bodies, gripped the head of his cock and pushed it past her pussy lips, prying them apart to introduce himself to her sugary cell—but not just yet.

Stroking up and down, slowly but surely, something inside of him killed the leisurely sway of his hips. The gentle way in which he handled her no longer appealed to him… No, his body and mind had come to a new conclusion, and in that secret meeting, secret discussions took place that required immediate action. Something within him turned deep and angry… resentful, but
. The desire haunted him, grew teeth, and demanded a rich flavor to savor…and Mia was the main course.

“Ahhh!” she screamed out as he snatched her off the bed, dragging one of the white sheets along with her, partially wrapped around her body until it fell to the floor. “What are you doing? What are you doing?!” she demanded.

Ignoring her urgent wails, he slid her high against the wall like a damn painting, while inside he seethed with pain and love. He angrily kicked her thighs apart with a hard sway of his knee and grabbed her by the fucking throat to keep her in place, like a picture… The damn Mia Lisa… Mona Lisa had
on her…

They looked into each other’s eyes, both their breaths deep and erratic. He could see she knew what was going to happen; he’d given her a warning without one word uttered.

Once I do this, that’s it… no going back. God help me!

“Uhhh!” He surged within her, heated up inside and out with intense passion and indignation.

“Oh… shit! Shit! I can feel you so deep inside of me! You’re fucking me so hard! Oh God!” Her nails sank deep into the back of his neck as he grabbed her legs, forced both of them to the far right side and pinned her in place while he pounded upward within her, over and over, fast and hard as steel. Impetuous grunts escaped his lips, harsh sounds that surprised him with the irrepressible passion they reflected. It was her; Mia brought this out of him. This ravenous, animalistic urge…

“Fuck!” he roared.

…Another damn set-up… The woman had apprehended his mind and seized his heart, and now she’d taken his body, too. Being inside of her was like being captured and then set free, only he thrust back within her as fast as he could, for he never wanted to be out of her world and body, ever again.

The. Pussy.





… And he knew, after that first thrust, he was done for…

Chapter Five

I know why. Let it out, Aaron, let it out. I’ve been waiting for this for so long…

So long…


Mia suddenly came to a crossroads when she caught an eerie yet seductive intensity dancing in Aaron’s eyes. He shoved his massive dick in and out of her, never ceasing or appearing to slow or become tired. She wanted to say something, ask him what the deal was, but it felt soooo good. Shit, it felt great and his lovemaking style was, oddly enough, both unpredictable and expected.

She’d never been taken in such a passionate yet brutal way… so harshly, yet with tender love. His eyes would glow one moment, as if small candles were lit within the irises, and then the next, they’d turn to the darkest smolder, as if the light could be extinguished just as quickly, gulped by a shadow of the night. She could feel him deep inside of her in more ways than one; he was taking her apart, digging in deep. Every inch of his manhood pushed, pulled, and prodded, sure to leave a mark or two in the morning.

He was not gentle with her—no, not at all—but she could not say his lovemaking was based on exacting revenge, either. Even in his intensity, he showed glimmers of care, caution to not go too far. But… he definitely wanted her to
it, to know he was there, to remember his name and make their sexual frustrations burst free and the love making they both sought a reality. He had a big dick, a big ego, and a big love for her. Period. Despite all that she knew about him, Aaron remained on some level a lovely enigma…

Forcing her up the wall, he cradled her crown, protecting her head from the harsh pounding he administered. The man had her pinned, protected, and predominated, ensuring she didn’t fall from grace, from him, or from herself. Pausing, he drew slowly back, then thrust again inside of her, causing her to gasp and hustle to get a grip of her very essence. Her body trembled as a flood of orgasms built within her as he stared into her soul. The mad wave came tumbling forth from her temple, overwhelming her senses.

It was time to be honest once more: Aaron scared the living hell out of her at that moment. The danger in him was so thick and foreboding, it ran clear fingers along his horrific tattoos, kissed them with seals of approval, then moved around their borrowed bedroom like a thick vapor from some ship in the night, never lifting and allowing her to see the light of day.

I’m in love with a maniac…but I can’t let go and I don’t want to let go!

Still, she knew she’d been right all along. He was very much in love with her, too; so much so, he both hated and loved himself for it. He didn’t have to say it; as with their secret letters back and forth to one another, it was written all over his face. He knew her name… and still loved her. He knew her race, and still loved her…

BOOK: Word of Honor, Book 2
13.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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