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The feel of Damien slowly caressing my hand on the railing with his finger tip made my breath quicken. It took everything I had not to kiss him. My lips were screaming for his touch.

“Go give your speech Catalina. I will find you after.” He stopped touching me and turned to continue staring out at the night. I took a deep breath and walked away from him reluctantly.

It was time to get my head in the game for my speech. I concentrated on focusing on my mom. The time we had together. The way she always
managed to make me smile. We were two peas in a pod. Though many years had passed I still missed her dearly. As I said my speech the emotions that I always tucked away from the lost of my mother came rushing out. My voice shook in and out but I managed to keep myself from crying. I thanked everyone for coming out and supporting cancer research.

I exited the stage with a loud round of applause and people giving me kind words about my mother. Thanking them for their words of encouragement, I smiled
and shook hands all the while trying to spot Damien. I saw him as I was giving my speech but he disappeared without me even realizing it. Making my way to the restroom to try and freshen up, I felt my phone vibrate in my purse. My pulse quickened with the hope of it being Damien. Pulling out my phone I smiled as I read the text:



I quickly f
inished freshening up my face; giving up on my eyes which were red and slightly puffy due to my tears. I headed out the back way to the maze garden to avoid running into anyone.

Damien stood in front of a big hedge exuding his masculinity. I looked around taking i
n that we were all alone. I was so tightly wined up with sexual desire that desperately needed to be released with Damien.

As I stopped in front of him, he pulled me into him. His thumb gently caressed my eyes with a frown on his face.

“Come.” He grabbed my hand leading me deep inside the maze. I vaguely wondered if he knew how to navigate through it easily. I deeply hoped so because a minute later we were far into the maze, and I had no clue how to get out. We stopped at a wooden white bench that was placed against one of the many large hedges that probably reached four feet over my head. There was no way anyone would see us but I wondered why this random bench was placed there.

Damien sat down and pulled me in between his legs stopping my pondering. His hands rested on my waist as I looked down into his eyes trying to figure out what was going through his mind.

“Let me take the pain away baby.” The minute those words left his mouth I knew what he meant. I wanted to forget the pain of losing my mother but I knew no matter how much time passed that pain, even if it’s a hint, would always remain. Although, being with Damien, having someone care about me about lessening that pain, did make things easier.

My hands cupped his face gently
skimming his cheek with my fingers, giving him my response. His hand slipped through the slit in my dress and he softly glided his fingers from my knee to my upper thigh. This alone sent a wave of warmth to my pussy. He pulled off my panties and tucked them into the inside pocket of his suit jacket. I whimpered as a breeze passed and brushed against my already wet pussy. I felt empty. My inner muscles contracted, knowing that what it craved was only a reach away. Damien’s hand lingered on my inner thigh only inches away from my clit. I moved a step closer to him, inviting him closer to my wetness. He licked his lips drawing my attention to it. The craving to feel his lips against mine and his thick cock inside me, consumed me. I reached for his belt to release his strained cock from the confines of his pants, but his hands quickly stopped my movements. He held both my wrists in his hand shaking his head no. Using his other hand, he unbuckled his pants and freed himself. My eyes zoned in on his engorged cock. I wanted to wrap my lips around it, longing for the taste of him. But I had no control in this session. Damien wanted to ease the pain away but with his control and on his pace.

He lifted up the skirt of my dress and positioned me to straddle him.
My clit made contact with him, brushing up against his cock.

“Please,” I pleaded. His fingers slide through my folds discovering my wetness. He spread my lips apart and slowly pushed into me. I could slowly feel every inch of him inside me. My pussy happily embraced him, welcoming his fullness. I tried to move faster on him to control the pace, but his hands held me firm in place.

“No. I want you to feel me. Truly feel me.” He moved me up and down his shaft at a tremendously slow pace, as his finger found a steady rhythm against my clit. The pleasure I felt was exquisite. My eyes never left his as he repeatedly pumped into me. With each stroke my tears were forgotten and the sadness slowly left me.

I held on to the back of the bench
to balance myself. I couldn’t help but want to control the pace, to control the pleasure, both his and mine. To me letting go of that control was letting go of my power and giving him complete trust. I wasn’t sure I was ready for that. The first time we made love the control was equally divided between us. Now he wanted all of it. I wasn’t quite ready for that.

“Trust me Catalina. It’s okay you can trust me.” How did he read me so well? I was like an open book bu
t only with him. Unintentionally, tears began to fall down my face. They weren’t tears of sadness but of joy. I finally felt like I could give my heart to a man that deserved it and that would protect it. “Don’t cry baby. I want to take the pain away not cause it.”

hese are happy tears,” I smiled. “You make me happy Damien.”

That’s my goal. And at this particular moment my goal is to make you come. So give me control. You need to come Catalina.”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, “
Give me what I need.” He wrapped my hands around his neck and began moving inside me slowly. I clutched on to him trying to get every possible pleasute he would give me. His hands softly swept up and down my back easing my longing for release. Every ten seconds his pace picked up, making me want to grind into each thrust. But with every attempt Damien’s hands tightly gripped me preventing any movement. He had the power; I was at his mercy and I was finally okay with that. I let his hands guide me up and down his shaft as I squeezed my inner muscles against him. My lips found his neck and I nibbled and licked the spot I knew drove him crazy. His moans enticed me to suck harder on his neck, loving the effect I had on him. His hand laced into my hair and roughly pulled my head back, exposing my neck. His tongue licked the base of my neck to the end of my chin, nibbling the soft flesh.

“I want to taste every inch of you Catalina
. You’re so sweet.” I moaned in delight. I would have gladly let him taste every inch of me but our current setting was less than right for such an act. So the never ending tasting would have to wait for later.

“Right now me coming is more important,” I groaned. Sensing my urgency, he gripped my ass and started thrusting in hard, fast strokes. My hands left his neck and held on to the bench so as not to get bucked off at the rate Damien was going. I could feel my whole body tightening as t
he rush of my orgasm hit me. I tucked my face in his neck and hissed his name in his ear. My body went numb as I vaguely felt him still pumping into me, until he found his own release.

We stayed embraced in each other’s arms, not wanting
to end the moment. But we both knew this was a quick stolen moment, that was now at its end.

“You need to get back to the Gala. You are the guest of honor; everyone is going to be looking for you,” Damien whispered.

‘I know.” I stared into his eyes wishing things were different for us; less complicated. But I guess when it came to us normal was over rated. I reluctantly left his arms and began putting my dress back in place. Damien brushed a loose strand of hair behind my ear and quickly kissed me. He led us easily back out of the maze to where we rendezvoused.

“I’m going to head home. I’ll be waiting for you.”
I could tell in his tone he wanted me to leave with him, but that wasn’t possible.

“Okay. I should be there no later than an hour.

“Okay.” He let go of my hand and disappeared into the night
. My heart wanted me to follow him but my brain pleaded that going back inside and publicly leaving by myself was the smarter thing to do. In the end, my brain won the battle.






















Chapter Five

Feeling his body pressed agai
nst mine surrounded me with warmth. Time stopped, all that existed was Damien and I entwined as one. We spent hours making love once I arrived at his place after the gala, lost in each other. Exhausted from our long session, I fought my eyes from closing fearing I would wake up from my amazing dream. I laid there watching my beautiful man sleep. He looked so peaceful with his lips parted and his chest rising and falling with every breath. I wondered what he was dreaming about because his face expression was filled with happiness. Not being able to resist, I gently touched his face. He slightly stirred in his sleep, draping his arm over my stomach as he shifted closer to me. With a smile dancing on his lips he whispered, “I love you Catalina.” I froze for a second wondering if I was imagining his words. When I looked up at him there were still signs of him sleeping. I wanted to get excited about his words, but he was sleeping when he said them. I needed to hear them when he was aware he was saying them. That was the only way I would know if he meant it or not.

After hearing that, I definitely wasn’t going to be getting any sleep. So I got out of bed, careful not to wake him, and took a long hot shower. I searched Damien’s drawers to find one of his black boxers and t-shirt to wear. Heading to the kitchen I decided to make breakfast. Cooking was always a great way for me to clear my mind. Putting my energy into something I enjoyed helped me forget whatever was eating away at me.

I rummaged through the cabinets, trying to familiarize
myself with where everything was. After looking through the fridge I settled on making crepes with a strawberry and raspberry compote. I started a fresh pot of coffee, pressed play on my iTouch, and got to cooking. It didn’t take long for me to be at complete ease in the kitchen. Within twenty minute I was finished. I turned to set up the plates when the image of Damien’s perfectly still body by the doorframe startled me.

“I’m sorry baby
. I didn’t mean to scare you,” he chuckled. He continued to just stand there staring at me.

“Why are you staring at me like that?
” I asked.

“I never thought a
woman could look so sexy in my boxers. But you have definitely proven me wrong,” he said licking his lips. All I could do was smile and shake my head. His tone suggested he wanted to go another round, but I needed food in my system first. So I set up the breakfast bar and we sat to eat.

he crepes taste amazing. You’re going to have to teach me how to make them one day.”

“Only if you promise to be a good student,
” I smiled.

“Oh I can definitely be a good student. But I can also be an excellent teacher.”

“Of that I have no doubt. There were some interesting lessons that were being given last night.’

“That’s just the beginning.” He said mischievously. After we finished eating,
Damien helped me clean up and load the dishwasher. As I placed the last plate in and closed the door, Damien wrapped his arms around me pulling my body to his.

“I’m still hungry but not for food.” His seductive smile left me with anticipation. I turned in his arms and kissed his soft lips. His tongue slid across mine feverishly. His hand cupped my ass and li
fted my legs around him. Now that I was fueled up I was ready for another round right there on the kitchen counter.

“You really don’t ever want me to make it to the bedroom, do you?”

“I’m sorry I can’t help it. I just want to taste you Damien.” He moaned at my words.

“I would take you right here on the counter, but I need so
mething from the bedroom.”

“You don’t have any condoms downstairs?” I asked not wanting anymore delays.

“That wasn’t what I was referring to, but no I keep them upstairs.” I looked at him confused trying to figure out what he was actually referring to. “Are you still open-minded about toys?” He asked.


“Do you trust me?”


“Good.” He grabbed a bottle of whip cream from the fridge and heading to the bedroom. He placed me on my feet in front of the bed and stood back to stare at me. “Mmmm so sexy, but as sexy as you look in my boxes, they still need to come off.” He took off the t-shirt and boxers I had on and stripped his own clothes off. He went to the closet and grabbed a bag.

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