WORTHY, Part 3 (The Worthy Series) (21 page)

BOOK: WORTHY, Part 3 (The Worthy Series)
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“We’ll see,” I said, feeling comforted by that little piece of knowledge. I hadn’t been aware that Jonathan was willing to turn his back on her for me.

“So, is the charity a good thing?” he asked, looking at me cautiously, as if I might just explode into tears again.

“It is a good thing,” I said, nodding. “Though, you know, it’s actually pretty ironic.”

“What’s ironic?” Jonathan blinked at me, waiting for my response, and I knew this was the time to do it. The universe was nudging me along, and Jonathan had been unwittingly involved by telling me this bit of news in the first place.

“Just when you’ve found a purpose for all of that stuff that was in here,” I said, “it just so happens that we’ll be needing it again.”

It took five whole seconds before Jonathan’s face lit up, before he realized the magnitude of what I was telling him, before he crushed me to him again, and not for the purpose of comforting me.

“You’re — you’re — you’re —”

“Pregnant,” I finished for him. “Yes.”

“How is this possible?” he whispered, and I had to laugh at him.

“When a man and a woman love each other very much,” I began, giggling, but his tears stopped my joking. “Jon … what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” he said, the tears flowing freely down his face. “I just don’t know how it’s possible that I am the luckiest, most blessed man in the entire world. That’s all. I’m beyond believing, baby. We’re — we’re going to be parents. We’re bringing a new life into this world. We — you need the proper medical care. We can’t stay here.”

“I know,” I said. “I want to be in the city in case anything happens.”

Jonathan paused, trying to compose himself and failing miserably.

“I know you love it out here, Michelle,” he said. “I do, too. But we need to be closer to doctors for the baby’s sake — and for your sake, too. I want you both healthy.”

“We can always come back and visit here, can’t we?” I asked. “We’ll want to spend time here with our child.”

“With our children,” Jonathan corrected. “Let’s have at least fifteen. What do you think?”

I laughed. “I think we should just focus on one for now.”

“Baby, it can be any city in the world,” Jonathan said, looking at me deep in my eyes. “Anywhere you want to go. We just have to have a doctor next door. It doesn’t have to be in Chicago. I can take you everywhere. We can make our home wherever you want to make it.”

“My home is wherever you are,” I said, threading my fingers through his. “It always has been.”

There was nothing better than my husband’s arms around me. It might have been snowing outside, but nothing could touch me as long as I was in his embrace. We could do anything and everything just as long as we were together, and we would never again be apart.

~~END ~~

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BOOK: WORTHY, Part 3 (The Worthy Series)
11.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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