Written in the Sky* Rise of the Wadjet Witch

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Juliet C. Obodo





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Angela regretted her decision to stay late
and finish grading papers. It was already dark out by the time she completed her work. As soon as she entered the deserted parking lot, she heard a noise that made her nearly
out of her uncomfortable pumps. She stole a glance behind her and saw that it was just a stray cat. Great, her life was turning into a horror movie; it was bad enough that it was almost a Lifetime film.
Her nerves had been raw since she stopped the school shooting last week. Thanks to the teacher’s workshops she signed up for, she recognized Craig’s behavioral cues as Columbine-esque.
It was funny; after leaving P.S. 121 in the Bronx, she thought she no longer had to worry about guns. Whitfield Preparatory School didn’t have metal detectors, and detention hall shifts were not already written into her schedule. She could handle mean girls and eating disorders with her arms tied behind her back. But oh no, now she had to worry about spoiled brats whose dosages of Ritalin and Zoloft didn’t agree. She should have gone to law school, she thought wearily.
She heard another noise, but assumed it was the stray again. By the time she realized it wasn’t, it was already too late. The darkness enveloped her.
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Chapter 1


It happened again!” Memphis Holland exclaimed as she plopped down in a seat next to her friend Jill at the nail salon. She was a little out of breath; she practically ran to the salon to make sure that she made it to their biweekly mani-pedi appointment on time. She was usually punctual but had fallen asleep on her desk at work. As a PhD candidate, she struggled to balance her work and class schedules.

What did?” Jill asked. She was frowning, or at least Memphis imagined she was. Jill began Botox treatments as soon as she received her first paycheck after college graduation three years ago.

The Gypsies—another one caught me on the street on the way over here. They’re drawn to me.”

Maybe they know that you’re an easy mark,” she offered.

I am not! I usually just wish them a good day and go on my way, but this one mentioned something about a recent breakup.”

Like I said, easy mark. It’s New York City; one out of three people are dealing with a breakup.”

No,” Memphis said patiently. “She knew about Jonathan and how he suddenly ended our relationship after almost two years together. She also knew how hurt and confused it left me.”

That’s just your normal facial expression, no?”
Memphis stuck out her tongue. Maybe Jill had a point. She had been walking around all week in a big cloud of confusion.

She really was genuine, until she tried to take my wallet. She suggested that I give it to her because it was holding all the negative energy in my life, and if I held onto it I would never obtain anything of value.”

That’s hilarious. Oh, Memphis, you keep me so entertained.”
Apparently she also entertained the nail technician. She could have sworn she saw her smile before she quickly bent her head to spend a great deal of time filing Memphis’s index finger.

He called last night. We just discussed work.”

Oh, it’s great that he can remain professional despite the fact he broke your heart.”

I know,” she sighed. “I just don’t get it. One night he takes me out to the most wonderful romantic dinner. The next day he says he can’t do this anymore and dumps me.”

Well, honey, let’s get these nails dry and I will take you out for dinner. I’ve got some great news.” She handed Memphis the fast dry spray for her nails.

You got the promotion at the newspaper.”

Memphis! How did you know? I swear, sometimes you’re psychic.”

Ha. Yeah, sure I am.” If she were psychic, she would have been better prepared for her recent breakup. “But that’s really great, Jill. Dinner is definitely on you, but I get to choose the place.”
She picked their favorite Indian restaurant on Bleeker Street for the celebration dinner. The great thing about living in New York City was that it earned its reputation as a city full of insomniacs; you could get manicures at 11:00 p.m. and dinner at midnight. Memphis couldn’t decide if it was the city or its inhabitants that determined its lack of a curfew.

So, tell me about this promotion,” Memphis requested. They sat down at their usual table and barely glanced at the menu, which they practically had memorized. They proceeded to order their usual spread of one Murgh Kari, a large vegetable paneer, tandoori chicken, and three vegetable samosas with a side of mango salsa.
Jill worked at
Sign of the Times
, a daily New Age newspaper publication. It had recently increased in popularity after a starlet mentioned it on a morning show as the reason for her new and improved spiritual life. Besides the fact that “spiritual starlet” sounded like an oxymoron, their circulation skyrocketed that day. That was eight months ago, and they still had a large readership that was continuing to grow. Jill was there from the beginning, and now she was reaping the benefits.
She described how they were hiring more staff and covering edgier news topics. They were also expanding their coverage to relevant topics that dealt with the everyday spiritual observer and some of the obstacles they may face, such as being murdered.

Wait, murdered?” Memphis repeated.

Were you even paying attention?”

Yes, of course I was.”

No, you weren’t. You were thinking about Jonathan.”

Now who’s the mind reader? I’m sorry, I was. I can’t help it, but I will try harder. What were you saying about murder?”
The waiter placed their food in front of them and left them plates to divide the spread themselves.
Jill rolled her eyes, but gave Memphis a dimpled smile to show she forgave her. “Well, this poor woman—a teacher—her body was found in a warehouse in Brooklyn.”

Oh no, really?”

Yes. I’m not surprised about the Brooklyn part. That’s why I never leave Manhattan.” She popped a piece of samosa into her mouth.

I don’t think crossing the bridge will kill you.”

Well, this woman’s corpse would beg to differ.” She leaned in closer. “But listen, the real story is that there were no other marks on her besides a stab wound right between the eyes.”
Memphis shivered. “Why are you covering a murder?”

Well, with the expansion we hired more reporters who have been pitching more interesting stories. See how that works? More money, more stories.”

Thanks for breaking it down for me,” Memphis replied dryly.

Anyway, we don’t want all the juice from our spirituality and positivity to dry up, so we decided to supplement it with some scary stuff. The scary stuff will push our readers to seek more positivity. The bosses want to see even more growth, and what sells better than sex and violence? Speaking of sex, the new reporter who pitched the story is a real cutie. He’s the kind of guy you should date. Not some tacky old fart.”

Jonathan is thirty-three.”

Like I said, old fart. This guy is pretty smart. He was able to put a New Age spin on the story because she was stabbed where her ‘Third Eye’ is located. I’ll introduce you to him when you come and meet me for lunch next week.”

Third Eye? I thought people only had two. Did she grow a third one while taking the L train over to Williamsburg?”

No,” Jill replied, brushing off her sarcasm. “We all have one, no matter what borough you live in. It sits in the middle of your forehead; it’s the most important chakra.”

What’s a chakra?” Memphis suppressed the urge to make a joke that involved the Queen of Funk.

Memphis, how do you not know what a chakra is?” Jill asked, incredulous.

What do you want from me? I’m a scientist.”

Chakras are the most basic forms of energy; the Third Eye is one of them. There are seven energy centers that fuel our consciousness.”
Jill went on about energy and how it was harnessed within the body. Memphis tended to zone out when Jill went into an in-depth discussion about anything New Agey, but this actually sparked her interest. How was it tied to a dead woman? She had a point about sex and violence. She continued to listen to Jill’s pseudo-scientific babble. “Chakras, or energy centers, function as pumps or valves, regulating the flow of energy to our system—body and mind. The chakras can reflect decisions we make and how we choose to respond to our environment; we can open and close them at will. They are very powerful, especially the Third Eye. It’s the psychic center of all of your senses. The chakras represent not only particular parts of your physical body, but also particular parts of your consciousness. There are seven levels of consciousness, and each category can be associated with a particular chakra.”
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