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You Are Here (36 page)

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Something in my heart had finally settled—something I hadn’t thought I needed to address. But you can’t plan to be happy without stumbling over the reasons that remind you why you should be. Those reasons are what make you work a little harder.

I still didn’t believe I deserved the life and love I’d been graced with, given the road I took to get here, but perhaps I had begun to earn it.









It has been a long road to get here. FINALLY. But I very clearly wouldn’t have made it without the vital support of several people.


First and foremost, Mom. No one on earth believes in me the way you do. If anyone could take credit for keeping me afloat, it would be you.


Daddio, TheHef, you both are the ultimate parental supports.


Lisa, for being my self-adopted sister and all the gruesome feels that job entails … like sharing a brain. Starfishloveyou!


Erin, for every “idea.”


Dawn, for reading days, foulmouthed skits, and road trips.


Deb, for your unwavering love of this story that gave me confidence to continue it when I had little left.


Helena, for your amazing friendship and font of authoriffic knowledge.


Neens, for your awesome, hilarious, and invaluable friendship.


My filets: thank you for keeping our little circle a place of love and support. Assgrabs and boob squeezes for all of you: Debra, Katherine, Leisa, Helena, Erika, Amanda, Nina, Alice. I will keep coming up with retreat (read: escape) ideas until it happens. If we are all on old-lady scooters by then, so be it.


Kayla and my Writer’s Collective critique group, for your unflinching and excellent feedback.


Janine and the Write Divas, for your sharp red pen and manuscript spotlight.


Marla, for your eagle eyes.


CP Smith, for putting my mess in order.


Last, but certainly not least, massive love and hugs for everyone of you that came from the Twilight Fandom. If not for this crazy and awesome community I’m so proud to be a part of, I would not have made it back to the belief I could be an author.


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