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Authors: Maddie Cochere

2 Big Apple Hunter (24 page)

“Susan, I have to talk to you.” He s
aid it with such heaviness,
I braced m
yself for the end. “I know
I appear deep in thought to you at times, and I am. You’ve been taking it as my wanting to leave you, or push you into sex, or both. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

stared deeply
into his eyes, trying to determine if he meant what he was saying.

“I didn’t want to come on too strong emotionally to you,” he said. “I was afraid if I tried to put into words how I felt about you, it might push you away. I wasn’t sure what type of a commitment you wanted from me.”

I didn’t say anything. I
his eyes.

He put his hand up and slipped it gently along the side of my neck and under my hair. He said lovingly, “Sweetheart, I’ve been trying to find the words to tell you how m
adly, how desperately, how
deeply I have fallen in love with you, and I’ve wanted to ask you if you feel
of that love for me.”

I was stunned and relieved at the same time. “Oh, Mick.” It came out as a pent-up sigh. I must have been holding my breath. I couldn’t help the tears that slipped out, and I said softly, “I love you, too. I love you just as much.”

He reached into his jacket pocket. My eyes popped wide, and my mouth fell open again. He was holding the simple, elegant solitaire from the Angelo Brothers store in New York
. He dropped to one knee, gazed
up at me and said, “Susan Hunter, would you do me the honor of making me the
happiest man on
planet and marry me?”

I didn’t even have to think about it. “Yes!” I squealed through happy tears. “Yes, Mick, I will!”

He stood up and slipped the ring onto my finger. His eyes had
the amused look in them
I loved so much. It was how he looked when he was
happy. He was beaming. I looked at the ring and couldn’t believe it was on my finger. “How did you know?” I asked him.

He shook his head, laughed, and said, “After our conversation wh
you were going off the deep end by a hot dog vendor, and then you wouldn’t answer my call later, I called Darby on Monday morning. We had a little talk, and he filled in some of the blanks fo
r me as to why you were
so freaked out about our relationship. Since he has the new job with the Angelo Brothers, I asked him about a ring, and he said he knew just the one you wanted. He helped me to get it
here from New York
. I had no idea both of you would try to get yourselves killed before I could ask you to marry me.”

I sighed and leaned into him
putting my head on
his shoulder
. I was happy. In my bare feet, I had to go up on tiptoe just a bit to kiss him. He kissed me back, gently at first, then much harder. Fireworks shot off through
out my
body. All of my senses were instantly heightened. He smelled wonderful, and I took a deep breath wanting to melt into his strong arms and never leave. I could feel his fingers slipping through the opening of my robe that was no longer tied. I could feel his warm hands on the small of my back pulling me closer to him. I didn’t pull away. Darby was right. It was time to put this fire out.




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