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A Bride for Two Brothers

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A Bride for Two Brothers





D. W. Collins


Copyright © 2013 by Stormy Night Publications and D. W. Collins





Copyright © 2013 by Stormy Night Publications and D. W. Collins


All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.


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Collins, D. W.

A Bride for Two Brothers


Cover Design by Korey Mae Johnson

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This book is intended for
adults only
. Spanking and other sexual activities represented in this book are fantasies only, intended for adults.

Chapter One



“Get your fat ass out of bed!” Carl Barker shouted. He never cut Kelsey Andrews any slack. “Are you too stupid to remember that I have to get to the airport by 7:30? That’s less than two hours. You know how bad rush hour is.”

He grabbed her lone blanket and jerked it off her nude body. Kelsey was never allowed to wear clothing of any sort in the apartment because Carl was determined to never allow her to forget that she was his possession, and therefore, he was in control of every aspect of her life.

Until the last few months, she had wanted a man who would take charge of her lonely life, a hero who would make her feel safe, a lover who would desire her, and a mate she could surrender to. At first, Carl had seemed to be all of those. She had been swept up in his commanding presence and physical prowess. The problem with Carl Barker was that he had revealed his true nature too late for her to get away.

His kind of “loving” did not include any tender caring. He ridiculed and punished her regularly. Sex between them happened frequently, but it only showed his dominance over her instead of real desire. She had craved a strong man, but allowing Carl into her life had been a terrible mistake, and he made it oh so clear that leaving him would never be an option.

As usual, their first stop was the bathroom scale. It was a cruel and unfair ritual because she carried fewer than ten or at the very most fifteen extra pounds. He always made her face away from the dial so she could not learn her actual weight. When prompted, she regularly guessed a number thirty pounds greater than the truth. He locked the scale in a cupboard as soon as she got off. “No more lunches until I get back, Miss Piggy,” he growled.

Kelsey began preparing the Eggs Benedict that her impatient master enjoyed so much. Of course, they had to be absolutely perfect. Carl was a hard and demanding man. He had risen to the rank of captain in command of the city’s organized crime unit in just eight years. No other police officer had ever reached such a high a rank so quickly. Even mafia dons were afraid of him, so what chance did she have to resist him?

Kelsey placed a steaming plate in front of Carl. “Breakfast is served, sir.”

He smirked and took his seat. “On your knees,” he growled. She took her position beside him without hesitation. Failure to do so would result in some sort of immediate and degrading punishment. He had a special knack for finding ways to hurt her that would not leave any visible marks. Last week she had dared to complain and he had her hold a mouth full of ice cubes until her teeth ached terribly. He also loved to make her stand with her heels lifted off the floor until her legs screamed in agony. Each time her body was unmarked, but her soul was deeply scared.

Kelsey knelt with her head high and her hands held in tight fists below her full breasts. She knew better than to ever open her hands while she was in this position. Carl slipped a fork full of food between her lips like she was some begging dog. His hand stroked her hair. “That’s a good girl. Kiss the hand that feeds you.” She hated him talking to her like a dog as much as she hated the red leather collar he made her wear around her neck at all times. Her coworkers at Club 24 assumed she was into some kind of kinky scene. When she begged Carl to let her remove the collar when she was at work, he threatened to shave her head and put a ring in her nose instead.

The cursed collar was attached to a metal leash that he used to guide her when he made her crawl at his heels. Their meal was barely finished when his cell phone rang. He glanced at the glowing screen before answering. Kelsey listened to her master’s side of the conversation.

“What do you need, Sal?”

Sergeant Sal Colombo was Carl’s administrative assistant. He prepared rosters and reports and handled all the details that kept Carl looking efficient. They had worked together for five years, and Sal knew all of Carl’s dirty secrets.

“Oh shit! I’m glad you saw that I forgot that file for the conference. Bring it up.” The security panel buzzed, and Carl pressed the large green button that would allow Sal to enter the upscale building. Kelsey groaned silently. Carl sat on his long leather couch and motioned for her to get between his knees. He loved to humiliate her whenever Sal came by, and this would be no exception. Her heartless master unzipped his fly and extracted his limp penis. “Get busy. I want Sal to see what a good little cocksucker I’ve trained you to be. Someday I’ll have to give him a turn with that arrogant mouth of yours. Would you like that?”

Kelsey stiffened. She could think of few things she would enjoy less. What kind of man would willingly allow another man to use her at the same time? She wanted a man who would prize her so highly that he would never share her with anyone else. Instead, she had foolishly given herself to this sadistic bully who delighted in shaming her whenever possible. Tears were already streaming down her cheeks when Sal strode into the room. She hated the fact that he was getting an unobstructed view of her bare hind quarters as she grudgingly serviced her callous master.

“God, I wish I could get my wife to start my day like that,” Sal chuckled. “Mavis hasn’t sucked my wang in ages.”

“You don’t know how to treat a woman,” Carl replied. “Keep your cock in her mouth and your foot on her neck, and she’ll do whatever you want.”

Sal eyed Kelsey carefully. “Damn, her skin is perfect. It doesn’t have a mark on it. How do you keep her in line?”

“Come over when I get back from Quantico, and I’ll give you a demonstration in the art of training a woman.” That thought excited Carl so much that he nearly drowned Kelsey with a flood of semen. “Lick my cock clean before you get up,” he said. When she was done, he replaced his limp member and zipped his pants. Semen dripped off of Kelsey’s chin as her eyes darted around the room. She was disgusted to see Sal stroking the bulge in the front of his slacks. Thank God Carl didn’t let him fuck her face this morning.

“Keep your damn phone on while I’m gone, bitch,” Carl barked. “I want to know what you’re doing all the time.” The two men walked out of the apartment without another word. Kelsey spat out the last of Carl’s unwelcome load and got to her feet. She had meticulously planned for this opportunity for months. Carl would be attending a workshop at the FBI training facility in Quantico, Virginia for the next five days. By the time he returned, he’d find that his slave girl would be gone. Her hands trembled as she removed her hated collar and wrote an unambiguous message to the brute who had abused her. The simple “Fuck you!” conveyed her feelings perfectly.

She had no time to waste. Her escape would be very dangerous. Carl had threatened to track her down and hurt her badly if she ever tried to leave him. She did not doubt him.

Her traveling bag had been packed for days. It held a few clothes and all the money she had been able to scrape together. Carl always made her give him her pay check each week, but she had secretly cashed in her 401(k) and sold her car. Hopefully the cash would be enough to give her a fresh start. She pulled on a pair of faded jeans, a sweater, a sports bra, and panties. Her wind breaker, socks, and sneakers came next. Finally, she donned a red wig, a baseball cap and sun glasses. She prayed that the getup would confuse any ticket sellers. Carl would be able to put a small army of cops on her tail.

He would be able to make full use of the city’s police communication network to hunt for her. Of course, he would claim that she was wanted for some serious crime. Police agencies from all over the country would be on the lookout for her, never realizing the real reason for the dragnet would be to return her to merciless servitude and heartless revenge. Any protest on her part would be useless. The officers who would catch her would believe the distinguished police captain over her. They were brothers in blue.

Kelsey hurried onto the street and basked in the bright September day. The Greyhound bus depot was only a few blocks away. As she crossed the bridge over a set of rail tracks, a train passed beneath her, and she dropped her cell phone into an empty gondola car that a couple of hobos were riding in. One of them picked it up with a puzzled look on his face. Carl would not be able to track her and better yet he’d follow the phone’s pings in the wrong direction. The train was headed east, and she would be traveling west.

Fortunately, the ticket agent seemed far more interested in the stunning young blonde ahead of Kelsey. She carefully kept her face down so that the omnipresent security cameras could not get a good shot of her face. As soon as he learned from the DMV that she had sold her car, Carl would have his men scan the video tapes from every airport, train station, and bus depot. She prayed that the bus company would recycle those tapes before he reviewed them.

The sign on the front of the bus stated its destination as Seattle. It sounded like a great place to disappear. There would be plenty of upscale restaurants to find work in. She took her place near the emergency exit. Who knows? It might come in handy. The bus was not full, so she was the only person in her seat. The former sous chef had not ridden the “silver dog” in years, and she had never undertaken a ride this long. Countless hours were spent in fitful sleep.

Her mind drifted back to the unlikely string of events that had gotten her into this awful predicament. Her father and mother had owned a small, but successful diner. That was where she had learned to love cooking. Her parents had been protective and her work schedule had been demanding, so she never had much experience with boys while she was in high school.

After graduation, there had never been any question where Kelsey would go for her education—the Culinary Institute. She had excelled in her class work. Unfortunately, that success had threatened many of her male classmates. In her second year of study, one of her professors took enough interest in her to take her virginity. But his interest shifted to a pretty redhead a few weeks later. She conquered her grief by throwing herself into her studies and graduated second in her class.

She had to face the fact that she was alone and might stay that way for a long time. Mom and Dad had died last year. Her father had succumbed to cancer, and her mother had passed away six month later from a broken heart. Their funerals had drained her emotionally and financially.

Kelsey’s success at the institute had landed her the sous chef position at Club 24 where she had met Carl. He had complained about his steak, and she left the safety of her kitchen to appease the insistent guest. The attraction between them had been immediate and powerful. His curly blonde hair and deep blue eyes had captivated her. They had exchanged business cards and talked on the phone each day for the next week.

She had gone to his place for their first date and been charmed her out of her clothing and into his bed. Their lovemaking had been especially thrilling because she was convinced that most guys found her looks too plain and her figure less than enticing. It never dawned on her that the problem was not her body but her low self-esteem. At first Carl had seemed too good to be true. He had made her feel safe and very pretty. She had been completely smitten by his good looks and those wonderful blue eyes. His lovemaking had been very tender and attentive. In spite of the cruelty he showed later, she still recalled that early sex in her warmest fantasies.

Things changed after she moved in with him. He took full advantage of the fact that she had never lived with a guy before. His first move was to tell her what to wear. His preferences had seemed very sexy, so she had not resisted. One day he drove her into the country. He had told her to dress in a burgundy blouse, a short black skirt with matching hose and garter belt, and heels. As usual, he had directed that she wear no panties. While he drove, his hand crept under her skirt and fondled her very nicely.

They had walked into the woods. He had surprised her by pushing her back against a sapling and handcuffing her wrists around it. Next, he had unfastened her skirt and made her step out of it. She had been forced onto her knees. For the next hour, he had roughly introduced her to the art of oral sex. She had no experience in fellatio, so that experience had been awful. “You better get used to sucking cock,” he had said. “It’s all you’re good for.”

BOOK: A Bride for Two Brothers
5.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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