A Divine Life (The Divine Trilogy)

BOOK: A Divine Life (The Divine Trilogy)


A Divine Life


Book Two


The Divine Trilogy




R.E. Hargrave






























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Praise for A Divine Life

A Divine Live... Hmm... Well I can honestly say that I’ve just finished reading the most amazing book that has graced my kindle in a long time. This is an awesome author who can create a world so real you hate to leave it when the book ends. With a writing skill that can only be described as sexy, gritty, sharp, and sinfully stunning; she creates a sensual story line decorated with addictive characters.

~author Sapphire Kande

Claiming Celyse

The author pulled no punches in her delivery and amazed me at how she pulled a straight up no sharing newbie like me into her tale and made me see that through this experience they both discovered what was in front of their eyes. That the love they shared was pure and strong. Honest and with so much trust that it made me long for a master of my own.

~ author Elena M. Reyes


I said it with the first book of the trilogy, To Serve Is Divine, and I'll say the same with this installment: BDSM is not my genre. "Then why did you bother to read this book?" I hear you ask. Well, simply because Hargrave has a writing style that sucked me in from the first sentence. Not only that, but she keeps up with the plot of the story instead of relying on just the intimate scenes between her characters. I'm a sucker for a good plot, and Hargrave's stories always leave me wanting more.

~ author N. Wood

Waves of Healing



Copyright © R.E. Hargrave 2013

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Reaching the second leg of the Divine journey has been hard won, and daunting at times. It wouldn’t have been possible without several key people.


With my warmest, heartfelt thanks, I dedicate this installment to:


My husband and children, thank you for your patience, love, and support.

Anyone who ever enjoyed the offerings of my alter ego texasbella.

Massy, for picking me up whenever I wasn’t sure I could keep going. I owe you, baby girl.

Kelly and Malin, you ladies know what you mean to me.

Sapphire Kande, your support has been phenomenal and I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done.

Michelle, there’s a special chapter in here just for you, because you asked for it!

Special thanks to:

Elizabeth M. Lawrence
for making this jewel shine.


JC Clarke, you are so many things to me. A fabulous prereader, an amazing cover designer, and sounding board, but most of all, you’re my best friend. Thank you for always being there for me.



raised her
freckle-dusted face up to the spray of wet warmth flowing from the shower head. She took her time, turning around and letting the water soak into her wavy, red hair. Leaning forward, she let the water massage her back, and she breathed deep to inhale the steamy air. What lay in store for her today remained unknown leaving Catherine nervous and excited.

One year ago today
, Catherine had earned the privilege to call her Sir, Jayden Masterson, Master when he’d enclosed her neck in her beloved black pearl collar. When they played over the last few weekends, he’d hinted that he had a series of challenges in store to celebrate the anniversary. It had been hard to stop herself from guessing at what they might be. He was her Master, and she knew that whatever he had planned would be exquisite and just what she needed. Master always knew what was best for her.

Reaching for the shampoo, Catherine recalled
the reason behind her nervousness. She would be spending the day with unknown people, rather than with her Master like she’d first thought. Her hand tightened around the bottle, and she squeezed a generous dollop onto her palm, working the sweet-smelling shampoo through her thick tresses.

closed her eyes and remembered the night before. She could hear Master’s hypnotic voice describing the new experiences the sunrise would bring.


“My precious jewel, you have done so well in the last year with me. Kneel.”

Catherine lowered to the ground, positioning herself in front of him on her knees so that her naked bottom was resting against her heels
, and clasped her hands behind her back, which caused her bare breasts to thrust toward Master.

“Perfect. Now, crawl to me and release my cock with your mouth.”

Sir’s instructions were followed with precision; the submissive crawled to where her Master reclined in his favorite chair. Resting her hands on his thighs, Catherine leaned forward and used her teeth to pull the string on the loose pants he’d worn into the playroom. With her nose, Catherine pushed the strings apart before gripping the edge of the pants with her teeth, and then pulling them down over his large erection.

Master assisted by lifting his
ass just enough for her to tug the pants down to his thighs.

“Now, suck my cock nice and slow while you listen to me.”

He didn’t have to repeat himself. Catherine moved forward and kissed his balls before running her tongue from the base of his long cock up to the tip. She sucked off the salty drop of pre-come that had appeared on the swollen head, and then opened her mouth to descend over him. Her measured pace was languid while she established a rhythm: up, swirl her tongue around the head, and then back down. His taste and scent were still fresh from his morning shower.


Catherine rinsed the shampoo from her hair and filled her hand with conditioner, working it in like she had with the shampoo. She rinsed again,
and then applied another handful of conditioner. Working it in slower this time, she left it to soak while she squeezed body wash onto her puff. On her first pass, she made quick work of washing her body. Once she had rinsed herself, she loaded the puff up again. This time, following Master’s instructions, she worked the soap into her skin in slow, tight circles across her breasts, over her arms and legs, and then across her ass, before settling the puff into a gentle rubbing motion over her sex while she continued to remember the previous night.


“You will not be receiving any release this evening, slut. Trust me that the abstinence from coming I’ve imposed on you since last weekend will be well worth it, come tomorrow. You’re to set your alarm for seven o’clock, and then get up and fix yourself a bowl of oatmeal, a small bowl of berries, and a glass of orange juice. Once you’ve eaten, go shower. I want you to wash your hair and use the conditioner twice. While the second application . . . Oh, fuck, that feels good . . . is soaking in your hair, you’re to use the cherry and bamboo cream body wash on yourself twice. Make sure you scrub that pussy of mine until you are on the edge of orgasm, but do not come!”

At his edict,
Catherine whimpered around his cock.

“Once you’ve rinsed the soap and conditioner from your body, shave your legs and underarms b
efore you get out. Do your makeup. Dry your hair, and style it in a high ponytail. Dress in the brown trench coat and matching high heels you purchased last weekend on our shopping trip, but nothing else. After a glass of water, you’re to head out to the parking lot. Micah will be picking you up at eight-thirty to drive you to your destination. Upon arrival, you’re to check in under the name Jayden’s Slut. Suck a little faster, slut.”

Hollowing out her cheeks, she started moving up and down his cock with more speed.

“Mm, very nice, Catherine. Once you’ve arrived at the location, you have my permission to come when needed as the day progresses. However, you are required to achieve at least one orgasm during each . . . procedure.”

Catherine’s sucking slowed while what he’d said sank in. Master was asking her to be naked and orgasming with strangers. This was going to be humiliating, and oh
, so much fun.

A sharp pinch on her nipple brought her back to focus on the task at hand.


She realized at that point that she was on the verge of orgasming and needed to stop. With a sigh, Catherine removed the puff from between her legs and washed the remaining soap off while she recalled the rest of Master’s instructions.


Stop, Catherine. Assume your ready position.” Master’s voice didn’t waiver; in fact, it seemed almost indifferent.

Master’s thick cock to fall from her mouth, she returned to her kneeling stance, worried that she was now in trouble. He reached forward and pinched her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and began to pull. Catherine offered herself to him by not fighting against the tug. Instead, she delighted in the sting that radiated up into her breasts from his tight pinches—so much that she arched her back.

I don’t want any hesitation from you, slut. Tomorrow is all about pushing your limits. I’ve gone to great lengths to set up this anniversary day. You will experience humiliation and pain, but most of all, I promise you’ll experience great pleasure.”

Catherine couldn’t suppress the shudder that ran through her body at Master’s words. It
prompted him to pull harder on her nipples.

Your attendants have been given permission to play with your body in any way they want – respecting your limits, of course – with the exception that the males cannot put their cocks into My pussy. You will follow their instructions, and you will thank them properly for their sessions with you. Everyone has been asked to record their session with you and email it to me at my office afterward. Do you understand my requirements for tomorrow, Catherine? You may speak.”

She nodded her head and whispered, “Aye, Master.”

“Very good. Now, finish sucking me off, and swallow all I give you. Then you need to get to bed; you have a busy day tomorrow.”

It didn’t take long until Catherine felt the warm jets of his come splashing across her tongue and down her throat while she swallowed with greed.


Hurrying to finish her shower, Catherine shaved
, and then hopped out. Once she’d toweled off, she did her hair and makeup. Last was getting dressed—if you could call putting on nothing but a coat and shoes being dressed.

Stopping in the kitchen, she drank her required glass of water, and then washed up her brea
kfast dishes. A glance at the clock told her it was time to go. She used the bathroom one last time and tidied up, before checking her coat sash to ensure that she wouldn’t display anything indecent to the neighbors.

With a final
, cleansing breath, Catherine made her way down to the curb, holding her head high and her shoulders back. It was 8:29 a.m., and Micah was just pulling up to where she waited. A gust of wind blew one side of Catherine’s coat back, giving him a peek at what was underneath.

came around to open the door for her, and she didn’t miss the adjustment he made to the crotch of his trousers.

“G’morning, Catherine. Ready for an exciting day?” he asked with a shy smile.

“Aye, Micah, I am. Thank you.” Catherine shot him a wink and climbed in, and he closed the door behind her.




watched her
beautiful green eyes blink while they adjusted to the dim interior of the car. He chuckled at her quiet gasp when she saw him.

“Master, you startled this girl,” she whispered.

“Good morning, Catherine. I trust you followed all of my instructions this morning?”

She nodded her assent.

“Very good, Jewel. I have a gift for you, but first I want to play.”

Her breath hitched, and Jayden delighted in Catherine’s reaction. The privacy window began to rise, but Jayden was quick to halt its progress.
“Micah, please leave it down today.”

Over the last two years that Micah had been Jayden’s driver and errand boy, his submissive tendencies had come to the surface
. He’d become Jayden’s pretty, frosted-hair, blue-eyed boy toy, joining Catherine and Jayden’s secretary, Samantha. Micah was aware of Jayden’s lifestyle – his kinks, as it were – and his loyalty would be hard to replace.

However, Jayden knew that getting Micah involved with a new Dom
would be best for both of them, even if that meant he might have to give up a dedicated employee. He had already spoken with his friend, Shawn Carpenter, about the possibility of him taking on Micah as his own submissive. Shawn was looking forward to the meeting.

Micah, did you enjoy Catherine’s little peep show just now?” Jayden held eye contact with Micah in the rear view mirror, but he could still see Catherine in his peripheral vision. She squirmed in her seat at this verbal acknowledgement that he’d seen her wardrobe malfunction.

Yes, Sir,” Micah answered with no shame.

Thank you for your honesty, Micah.” Jayden moved to the seat by the divider window, sitting with his back to his driver. “Unzip your pants, take your cock out, and stroke it,” Jayden ordered. When he heard Catherine’s sharp intake of breath, he knew this was going to be fun.

Thank you, Sir.” The sound of his zipper going down filled the car, followed by a low moan when Micah began stroking himself.

Do you need some lube, Micah?” Jayden asked. It was time to put his plan into action, and let the chips fall where they may.

One way or another, his relationship
with Catherine would be changing today. He knew what he was setting out to do would surprise her. However, that was what today was all about: surprising her and pushing her.

Jayden had decided to ease her into the intense day by being present for her first push.

“Please, Sir,” Micah answered.

Turning his head to watch Catherine, Jayden gave his next command. “Put your hand through the window, Micah. Catherine, moisten it.”

When she hesitated, Jayden grabbed her and pulled her over his lap. He pushed the trench coat up to her waist, revealing her glorious, naked ass. With a quick strike of his hand, he began to chastise her. “When I tell you to do something, slut,” he popped her bottom again, “you are not,” her reddening rump clenched with the next smack, “to hesitate!” The Dom wrapped up the speedy punishment with two more strikes, one to each cheek.

This girl is sorry, Master,” she moaned with a whimper.

Jayden knew that
Catherine was desperate for the release he had denied her all week and that her pussy would be wet from the small spanking. This was one reason why she was his favorite and collared submissive: she was a pain slut. He liked to be rough with his girls as long as they got off on it, and there was no denying that she did. Jayden had never come across a wetter cunt than what he found after cracking his toys over Catherine’s delicate flesh or clamping those perfect, pain-loving nipples.

When he shoved two fingers into Catherine, Jayden found a wet pussy
, like he’d expected. He wiggled his fingers around for a minute, and her breathing picked up. When her thighs parted to allow him better access, Jayden pulled away and slipped his index finger into his mouth.

Delicious,” he taunted while sucking his finger clean. “Open,” he ordered Micah, pushing his coated middle finger into the sub’s mouth. “Isn’t she?” he asked once Micah’s lips had closed on his finger. While Micah licked and sucked, Jayden pushed his finger in and out of his mouth.

Mm, mm-hmm,” Micah agreed.

Micah, I’d like you to join us back here.”

When Micah started to zip up his pants, Jayden stopped him.
“No. You need to remove your clothes before you step out of the car.”

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