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A Leap of Faith

BOOK: A Leap of Faith

A Leap of Faith

T Gephart



Published by T Gephart



Copyright 2013 T Gephart



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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Business
in the Bedroom

Chapter 2 – The Late Show

Chapter 3 – Hired Help

Chapter 4 – Boardrooms and Baked Goods

Chapter 5 – Sugary Seduction

Chapter 6 – Getting Some Air

Chapter 7 – Families, Freebies and Face-offs

Chapter 8 – When in Rome…

Chapter 9 - Confessions

Chapter 10 – Sex in the City

Chapter 11 – Coast to Coast

Chapter 12 – Miami Heat

Chapter 13 – The Treasure Hunt

Chapter 14 - Promises

Chapter 15 – An Unexpected Dinner Guest

Chapter 16 – Labour of Love

Chapter 17 – Pride and Passion

Chapter 18 – Ghosts of the Past

Chapter 19 – Going Back and Moving Forward

Chapter 20 – Analysing DNA

Chapter 21 – Eyes Wide Open

Chapter 22 - Alex

Chapter 23 – Fading to Black

Chapter 24 – Breaking Hearts

Chapter 25 – Finding Lexi

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Chapter 1 – Business in the Bedroom

“We agreed to three songs, with the last song closing the show. You can’t just change it now!” I huffed into the phone.

Alex smiled as he kissed my neck, trying to distract me from my infuriating call. One of his hands leisurely slid up my stomach and cupped my breast while his free hand drew me closer to his naked body. I gave him a pointed look but my smile gave away that I was nowhere near as annoyed as I pretended to be.

“Look, Lexi. Two songs is a great deal for Letterman; it’s a new album after all.” Sheila, one of Dave’s producers smarted back.

“A new album that went number one within days of its release!” I fumed down the line “Sheila, this is bullshit and you know it. It’s the original deal or they don’t perform. They aren’t some one hit wonder and you know it. Three songs AND they close the show. You know I’m not backing down, so let’s save each other the time and aggravation.” I tried to stay focussed as Alex’s hands and mouth continued to move over my naked body.

“Ok, Ok Lexi... Gee you’re a pain in the ass
.” Sheila finally relented. “I’ll email you the schedule. See you in two weeks. Bye.”

“Bye Sheila.” I hung up the phone and casually tossed it to the floor before turning and letting my lips meet his. I ran my hands through his tousled just-fucked hair before allowing them to travel down his back.

“You mad?” Alex asked, a mischievous grin playing on his lips.

“You would like that wouldn’t you?” I grinned back as I pulled his strong, muscular chest closer, kicking off what remained of the bed sheets.

Alex let out a playful laugh as he flipped me onto my back, holding my arms above my head. “Do you know how sexy you are? I love that you are a strong, independent woman who speaks her mind. It is the biggest turn on.”

I pushed against his arms, twisting beneath him till I freed myself. I let my hands roam seductively down his torso as I gave him a loaded glance. “Here I thought it was the mind blowing sex that kept you interested.”

His sensual smile curled the left side of his mouth up, the flash of his even teeth dazzling me. His arms relaxed around me, his astonishingly clear eyes locked me into a hypnotic stare. “I love you Lexi.” There was no hint of humour in his voice.

“I love you too Alex.” I raised my hand and gently touched his cheek. He turned his face and kissed my palm softly before moving his lips down my arm.

“No, I don’t think you understand. I REALLY love you.” He moved his face so that it was inches away from mine, His smile faded and his look became incredibly serious.

“I think I finally see that and I really love you.” I kissed him passionately. I’d waited so long to say those words and now I wanted to tell him every waking moment. I still
marvelled that we had made it this far. My earlier fears and insecurities had threatened to derail my chance at a real relationship. Yet here we were, in each other’s arms - as it should be.

It had been three weeks since our confrontation in James and Hannah’s games room where after I had chewed Alex out in front of his band mates, we had both admitted our love for each other. Meeting Alex and his band Power Station in Melbourne five months ago was something I never would have predicted, let alone becoming a part of their family. Saving their Australian tour from being derailed had landed me with a permanent job and a move to New York as their PR manager. Fate itself had propelled Alex and I together and now the lead guitarist was not just my employer but also my boyfriend; a label I was still coming to terms with, though I was enjoying the process.

Our relationship had been far from easy but it was, as Alex called it, our new normal. After all, we weren’t a conventional couple so a conventional relationship wasn’t on the cards. I thought back to that amazing first night we spent together after our reunion. I had driven back to my apartment where I dutifully delivered Matt’s car. Alex had followed me up the stairs, not wanting to let me out of his grasp even for a second. Matt was sitting at my desk using my MacBook to catch up on work (I felt a pang of guilt knowing he’d dropped everything over concern for me). His beautiful, enigmatic smile beamed as he saw Alex and I, in each other’s arms and obviously “together”.

“So, looks like my work here is done!” Matt had smirked, greeting Alex with a warm handshake and giving me a playful wink.

“Good to see you again Matt,” Alex had smiled. “I believe I am indebted to you for allowing Lexi use of your piece of sh... ummm I mean your car.” I had shaken my head as I watched the two most important men in my life relaxed and conversing in my living room.

“No problem man, anytime. I’m just glad you guys worked it out. I was fixin’ to lock you both in a room till you both came to your senses.” Matt had grinned, his accent thickened since returning home to the Lone Star State.

“Yeah, Yeah.... you were right, I was wrong. Blah...blah...blah.” I had mused as I handed him back his keys.

“Wow the great Lexi Reed admits she was wrong, I’m glad Alex is here to witness it, no one would ever believe me otherwise” Matt had laughed and Alex had barely contained his grin. 

I had left them both to amuse themselves, no doubt at my expense while I packed a bag, desperate to be alone with Alex. We needed to make up for lost time. I wanted that connection, the confirmation that this wasn’t just a strange dream. It felt like I had held my breath for days and now I was able exhale and breathe again.

Matt had stayed the night in my apartment before flying back to Houston the next morning. I had spent that night as I now spend every night with Alex. It wasn’t just sex any more, we made love to each other. It was honest and pure and there
were no walls between us. It was almost as if we had started over and wiped the slate clean, it was so much better than what we had had before. Both physically and emotionally I felt sated.

My phone ringing loudly brought me back to the present. “Ughhhh, don’t you ever shut that thing off?” groaned Alex as he reluctantly allowed me to reach down to the floor to retrieve the offending object.

“It’s my job wise-ass. You are
me NOT to turn it off” I grabbed my phone as I playfully blew Alex a kiss, hoping I could dismiss this new interruption and get back to doing what I really wanted to be doing, namely him!

“Lexi Reed” I answered a little too enthusiastically as Alex shifted beside me, his naked body betraying the thoughts that he too had
ideas on how we should be spending this time. His wicked grin confirmed my suspicions.

“Hi Lexi, Melissa Andrews from Star. We are running a story on hot bachelors in rock. Our sources say that Alex Stone is off the market, just wanting confirmation if he is in a relationship.”

Melissa Andrews was persistent if nothing else, she had been relentless when Alex and his pretentious ex girlfriend Marcy had started “dating” and since their parting Melissa has linked Alex to a string of starlets and models. Of course none of the rumours had any truth to them, it was all speculation based on his noted absence from the New York single’s scene. No one had suspected that it was me who had captured his heart and shared his bed as my constant presence was always easily explained. I laughed at the ignorance of the tabloids, the “mystery woman” was right under their noses.

“Hi Melissa, I have no comment to make at this time regarding Alex Stone’s relationship status. When I do, I’ll be sure to call you!” I rolled my eyes as Alex regarded me curiously, his attention piqued at the mention of his name.

“Come on Lexi! I know you are holding out on us. Just give us a name. We know he’s been seeing
, is he back with Marcy? She was overheard on set talking to him on her cell. Give me
.” Melissa’s tenacity was relentless.

I bit my lip not wanting to explode at this new information. Marcy had been speaking to Alex?! When did this happen? Why? My head began to spin as I struggled to keep perspective.
Don’t give in Lexi, she is bating you. You know where Alex has been, he’s been with you.... he loves you.

I deliberately kept my voice level, repeating my earlier statement, “Melissa as I have already informed you, I have no comment to make at this time regarding Alex Stone’s relationship status.”

“Ok, well if anything changes, let me know. Bye Lexi.” Melissa concluded, I guessed it would not be the last I heard from her but for now she was conceding defeat.

“Thanks for your call Melissa, good bye
.” I responded, my voice devoid of emotion.

I glared at Alex intently as I hurled my phone back to the floor.

“What?” He laughed, “Who am I supposedly screwing this week?”

“A bad dye job in cheap shoes” I cursed as I grabbed Alex’s t-shirt from the floor and shoved it over my head. I knew I was being irrational and childish but I couldn’t help my jealousy.

“Hey!” Alex’s arms reached out hindering my abrupt exit. “No running, talk to me - who ever it is you KNOW it’s not true.”

I folded my arms across my chest, disappointed in myself for acting like a petulant child but there was something about Marcy that still hit a nerve for me. Perhaps it was because she was who he had run to when he was “getting over me” as he had put it.

Alex eased me back into his chest, gently kissing my neck. “So who is it?” he asked, his hands trying to pry my arms apart.

I knew that if we were going to work I was going to have to trust him and for the most part I did but there was still a small part of me that felt that I was eventually heading for heartbreak.

“It’s Marcy,” I muttered as I turned to face him. I wanted to see his expression. Hoping to see in his eyes if there was any truth to it. “She was overheard talking on her phone to you on set. Is that true? Have you been talking to her?” I fought against my emotions to keep my voice level, after all Alex had done nothing to warrant my mistrust.

He closed his eyes and let out a long sigh, “Lexi, it’s not what you think.” I felt my body tense as he continued, “She just called me to see how I was doing. We hadn’t spoken since the day at my Mom’s. She was just concerned that’s all.” His eyes refused to leave mine.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked, more hurt than angry. I searched his amazing blue eyes for confirmation that he was still mine; that I had nothing to worry about.

Alex raised his hand and rubbed his perfectly formed jaw, his light stubble bristling under his fingers. He closed his eyes again before refocusing them on me. “I don’t know, I guess it didn’t seem important,” he answered dryly.

I felt the heat rush through my body as my temper once again flared, “You didn’t think it was important? I’m not just your girlfriend, I’m your publicist, everything you do is important. I don’t like hearing about shit second hand.”

“Why does it matter? It was a phone call. I didn’t leave you for her remember, you were the one who left me. I already told you there was nothing between Marcy and me, it was just a means to an ends. Why does this bother you so much? I’m with YOU, I love YOU.” I saw the frustration as he struggled to understand my issues, he didn’t have the context of my previous bad experience with relationships. Despite us being so close, I still hadn’t told him about my past.

Initially I had every intention of telling him, opening up to him as I had done with Matt but things were going so great that I didn’t see the point. Besides, part of me still believed that by telling him I would be relinquishing all control and giving him the upper hand.

“FINE.” I huffed as I moved off the bed, more annoyed with myself that I had let Marcy get under my skin than angry at Alex.

“Oh no, you don’t!” Alex snapped as he leapt in front of me, the light of the partially opened curtain bouncing of his amazingly sculpted naked body. Even mad he still had the capacity to leave me breathless. His toned chest and arms flexed as he held me still, his tousled bed hair somehow made his face even more alluring. He was incredibly sexy, I never grew tired of looking at him.

A laugh escaped my lips as I realized that I was staring intently at his ripped torso, my eyes moving down his abs to the flawlessly formed V above his hips.

He cocked his head to the side as he tried to decipher my mood. “Are you objectifying me while we are in the middle of a discussion?” A playful smile flirted on his lips.

“I’m sorry.” I smiled as I felt my anger subsiding.

“Sorry for objectifying me or sorry for assuming the worst?” He moved closer, resting his arms around my waist. His smile broadened into a grin.

“For over-reacting. I just really don’t like her. I know you have been with other women, I get that but with her it’s different.” I hesitated as I
tried to clarify my feelings. “It’s just… different...”

“Baby look at me,” Alex pulled me closer, his fingers slowly tracing the line of my jaw as he lifted my chin so that I could look into his eyes. “I am here because I want to be. Marcy was nothing more than a distraction for me, trying to get over you. You are the only one Lexi, there is no one else.”

I saw the sincerity in his eyes and felt the warmth in his voice. I knew this was my hang up and I was going to have to work on it if we were ever going to survive. I moved my hand up to his mouth, he parted his lips slightly and kissed my fingertips, sending shivers down my body.

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