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This man did something to her that was worrisome. He affected her in a way that was exhilarating as well as bone-jarring scary. He had the ability to hurt her in ways that just a few weeks ago she never knew existed. Ways having nothing to do with her physical body or even her heart. Something about him delved much deeper. He could embed himself in her mind, her very soul. and after having just met him that was a very shocking discovery, one that set her nerves on edge.

Alexandra settled herself behind the wheel, expecting him to close her door. She was a little surprised when he crouched low. “The sooner we find my place, the better.”

“I agree.” He would go home then, back to New York and far, far away from her. The thought was a vicious one that made her stomach churn, but it would be for the best.

He touched her face again. This time it was more of a caress, before lifting her chin for a very chaste kiss. His lips barely touched hers, the feel whisper soft. Why then did it affect her all the way to her toes? Why then did she crave so much more?

It was obvious he was a very capable man. He could have buried his hand in her hair and forced his mouth on hers, his tongue plundering and doing exactly what he wanted. He had to have known she would let him, but he didn’t press for more. Alexandra wasn’t sure which scenario disturbed her more or why.

“As soon as we find my place I’ll no longer be your client, and then we’ll be free to see just how much you like my cuffs and collar set.” She had no time to answer as he stood and closed her door.

Alexandra tried not to think about Raith’s words as they drove to the first place. It was an old warehouse-type building that would need a lot of work before it could successfully be turned into anything, much less a BDSM club. Of course, she really had no idea what his vision for such a club was and was afraid to ask in order to find out. Right now things seemed sort of out of reach because she was so lacking in knowledge on the subject. However, once she started collecting information, it would only be a matter of time before she would want to have firsthand experiences. She just couldn’t allow herself to think along those lines where Raith was concerned. It was far too dangerous.

He didn’t say a word as he walked through the building then made a complete circle around it. Alexandra had taken a note pad and pen, thinking he might want to take notes or ask her to do so, but he remained nearly silent until they were back in her car and on their way to the next place on her list. When he did speak again the sound of his voice breaking the comfortable silence made her blood hum with joy.

“What is that place?” He was pointing out her window. Alexandra slowed the car and peered in the direction he motioned to.

“Oh, it’s an old Catholic church. It was used as a homeless shelter for a while as well. Now it just sits there. I believe the county owns the property.”

“I’d like to see it.”

She thought to tell him that an old church was not really the best place to start a club, much less the type he planned to open, but decided against it. “Okay. I’ll make some calls and see who to get the keys from.”

“I meant I’d like for you to stop right now.”

Her gaze snapped back to his. He was turned in his seat still looking back at the church.

“You won’t be able to see the inside.”

When he looked at her his frustration was obvious. “I’m aware of that. The outside will do fine for now.”

Chapter Three

Raith could tell he was irritating Alexandra by the rigid set of her shoulders. Her wide mouth no longer appeared lush and full. Instead, it was pressed flat as if she were trying to hold back from blasting him with her words. Seeing her like that made him want to grab and hold her tight until she finally gave in and melted against him, offering herself up for his kiss just as she had unconsciously done while back at the timeshare.

It took a lot to hold himself in check once she’d parked and they were out of the car, but he managed to do so. He was utterly intrigued by the large stone building before him. It needed loads of work to once again be useful for much of anything, but there was something pulling him, something that made him think it would be worth any amount to see it refurbished.

The front doors were padlocked so he didn’t even bother climbing the steps. Instead, he started a slow walk around the structure, making a mental note of areas of crumbling stone. All but one of the stained-glass windows had been broken or were missing entirely which meant there was no telling what sort of wild life was making the interior its home.

Alexandra didn’t follow him as he circled the church. When he made it back to the front she was leaning against the hood of her car. He smiled when she straightened and then he opened the driver’s side door for her.

She glanced at her watch as he closed the door. Once he was settled into the passenger seat she turned to him. “Would you like to get something to eat while we decide where to go next?”

Raith buckled his seat belt then turned his attention back to her. “Lunch would be great but there’s no need to look at other places. I want this one.”

He wasn’t sure what he expected her response to be, but quiet was not it. She started the car and pulled onto the street without a word. He could tell she had much to say by the charged feeling in the air. Their quiet was not the comfortable companionable quiet of earlier. This silence made his skin feel too tight.

Questioning her to find out exactly what was wrong, because he very well knew something was, would have to wait. He wanted to be seated across from her when they spoke in order to see her face.

They agreed on a little sandwich shop not too far away. He took note of the different shops and places to eat in the general area as well as hotels that could serve for out-of-town guests. Later he would talk to Larry about it all in order to start on a plan of action.

After they were seated and she had ordered something horrendously healthy for lunch, he decided it was time to talk. “Spill it.” Might as well get to the point.

She looked up at him as if trying to figure out exactly what was okay to say. Raith was just about to growl at her to say what was on her mind when she folded her hands in front of her on top of the chipped Formica table and opened her mouth.

“I don’t think settling on the church is such a good idea.”

“And why is that?” He couldn’t help but wonder. Maybe she was a devout Catholic and the thought offended her.

“Well, it is a church.”

She was going to have to do better than that. “Was.”

“People probably won’t like that you want to turn it into a club.”

“I’ll deal with it.” His whole life had been spent doing things others didn’t agree with. It was one of the instances where money worked as a very good incentive and almost always got him exactly what he wanted. With the failing economy, Raith had no doubt this venture would be the same.

“If you’re sure then.” Her tone made it evident that she wasn’t at all.

“I’m quite sure.”

“All right, I’ll call and see who’s in charge of the property as soon as we get back to my office.”

The food was served then and they partook of mundane conversation such as the weather and local things to do. Raith loved to hear her talk. Her voice had a husky quality to it. One he could only imagine would deepen when she was aroused.

He noticed a smattering of freckles in the neckline of her modest V-neck blouse and couldn’t help but wonder if she had the cute little dots all over her body. He intended to find out firsthand as soon as everything was settled and he’d been passed off to some other agent for the sale of the church.

There were still plans in place for a new home, but he had no intention of hiring her for the job until he’d had the chance to taste her, to feel the warmth of her body beneath his and most certainly, to see her bound in his cuffs.

Then and only then would he be willing to be counted among her clientele again. Hopefully by that time Alexandra would feel enough of an attachment to him she wouldn’t feel it necessary to follow her rule of not mixing business with pleasure.

Lunch was good but sped by too quickly. As soon as they were back at her office he felt as if he’d been abandoned. She sat in her office protectively ensconced behind her desk while he paced the room like a caged animal in season. She had the phone wedged between her shoulder and cheek on one side while flipping through papers with one hand and jotting notes with the other.

A multi-talented, multi-tasker she was. Raith couldn’t help but wonder if she could do the same in any aspect of life, especially where sex was concerned. He could easily picture her tied with her legs spread and face down over a sawhorse while sucking his cock and being penetrated from behind by a fucking machine.

The thought of sharing her with someone else, in that exact same position was a huge turn on, causing his cock to swell and throb to life, but he knew it would not happen. Ever. There was something about Alexandra that warned to share her with another would dampen her spirit and go against her morals. It wasn’t a chance he was willing to take. Besides, there was just something about her that made his mind scream

It was a new sensation for Raith. He’d never been the jealous or even possessive type, usually preferring a more open relationship. However, when it came to Alexandra he knew beyond a doubt he would beat the hell out of anyone who tried to touch her once she belonged to him.

Belonged to him?

Where in the hell had that come from? Raith shook his head as if to clear his mind. He stalked out of her office and into the reception area where Alexandra’s assistant was busy filing papers. He was only thinking about taking Alexandra to his bed, wasn’t he? He’d envisioned tying her up and marking her flesh with whatever implements she was keen on trying, but he’d not even considered starting an actual relationship. Especially a monogamous one, so where in the world had that thought come from?

Raith knew from experience that fighting himself would prove to be of no use. He was wildly attracted to Alexandra in a way that had little to do with her looks. If he actually stopped long enough to think about it, she was not his normal type at all. She wasn’t sophisticated. Her curly hair didn’t behave and remain back in a sleek chignon to match her expensive business clothes.

She didn’t kill herself trying to please his every whim, and although he knew she measured what she said, he was also aware she wouldn’t mince words in order to fluff his ego for monetary gain.

He could only explain her as earthy and real. Raith was sure her curves would be soft and not silicone hard. She wouldn’t balk at having his fingers twined in the lustrous strands of her hair, afraid to have it messed up. And best of all, she seemed passionate and full of fire. Her passion would be different though. It was not released in bursts of pent-up energy. Her movements were agile and to the point. Every time she moved it was with an awareness of every muscle in her body. He liked that in a woman. In that one way she did have a similarity with some of the other women who had been in his life.

Raith couldn’t help but wonder if Alexandra was aware of her submissive personality. Did she have any clue at all what that meant to a man such as him? From the looks on her face as she’d fondled his toys he would have to say yes, but in reality he had no clue.

As soon as she hung up the phone and gave word that he was dealing with someone else for the sale of the church he planned to find out.


Alexandra wasn’t sure whether to sigh with relief or to be extremely cautious. Starting the ball rolling on the sale of the church had been much easier than she ever could have imagined, although in the current economy she really shouldn’t have been surprised.

As with most other places, the county was low on funds. Selling property could be of major help. The area was zoned for business so the voices on the other end of the phone hadn’t even balked when she’d explained Raith wanted to turn the old Catholic church into a club. Granted, Alexandra hadn’t gone into detail on just what type of club. She figured leaving that for him to explain would be for the best.

“I thought you were going to have that thing stuck to your ear permanently.”

His voice jarred her out of her thoughts. She laughed. “Some days it seems that way.”

“So what’s the verdict?”

Alexandra motioned him to the chair opposite her own then opened the folder where she had placed her notes. Opening Word, she began typing the notes so they were better legible as well as being in some semblance of order.

“This is your contact. He will be in charge of the sale. I verified the property is zoned for business.” She looked up at him then and could feel a blush stealing over her face. “I only mentioned a club. I decided it would be best to leave the explanation of what sort of club up to you.”

His gaze was intent on her face, making her feel a bit uncomfortable. From the gleam in his eyes he was well aware of his affect on her. Alexandra didn’t know whether to be irritated or amused. Amusement won out and she smiled. Raith sat back in his chair.

“When you do that your whole face lights up. Your mouth begs for me to kiss you.”

He was very forward without being harassing. She didn’t quite know how to answer or if one was even warranted.

“You know I’m going to kiss you, right?”

“We’ve already gone over this, Raith. I don’t date my clients.” God how she was starting to hate that rule.

“Fine we won’t date then, but we will have fun.”

“Same thing. You know exactly what I mean so quit being obtuse.” He was a very persistent man.

Instead of countering her words he pulled a cell phone from the pocket of his trousers, pressed a few buttons and held it up to his ear. He glanced briefly again at the paper where she’d typed all the info he would need.

“Yes, may I speak with Mr. Carter?”

She waited while he spoke to the person on the other end of the line. She caught glimpses of the one-sided conversation and nearly fell off her chair when he announced he would be paying the full asking price of the property in one lump sum. He was only on the phone for a few more minutes before disconnecting the call with a click.

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