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Raith liked sitting next to her in the car on the way there. She was a very competent driver so Raith didn’t feel the need to insist he drive. Instead, he relaxed and enjoyed the view.

Once they reached their destination his mind was on work. He was excited to see the inside of the place, to finally be able to get a really good idea of what it had to offer. Even though he was focused on the building and all it entailed, Alexandra was never far from his mind. She also would not be far from him physically, if he allowed her entrance at all. There was no telling what the inside looked like or what type of dangers it might hold. He certainly didn’t want her harmed, although he would highly enjoy hurting her just a little.

They walked up the steps together. He removed the envelope from his pocket and palmed the key. Folding the envelope, he placed it back in his pocket. The padlock opened easily even though it was obviously rusted. The doors were solid and heavy. Raith shouldered one open wide.

“Would you hold this for a second while I find something heavy to put in front of it?”

“Sure.” Her hand brushed his as she reached for the door.

Raith ventured out into the yard, cursing himself for not having thought to bring a flashlight. He found a rock large enough to work, or so he hoped. Back up on the steps, he lowered it and wedged it at an angle beneath the edge of the open door. It seemed heavy enough.

“You wouldn’t happen to have a flashlight in your car by any chance?”

She was down the steps before she even answered. “In my trunk.”

Raith waited to head into the old church until she returned. He wasn’t sure if he was going to need the extra light or not. He thanked her when she handed it to him then clicked it on.

“Stay out here until I know it’s safe in there, okay?”

Normally he would have given the directive and not bothered waiting for an answer, but he knew Alexandra didn’t take orders very well. She would have followed him just to prove she could. He needed to hear her answer to be sure she understood.

“Yeah. Okay.”

He leaned in and kissed her quickly just to appease his hunger. “Good girl. I’ll be back in a few.”


Alexandra waited by the door. She could hear him moving around in there and see the beam from her flashlight, but otherwise from her vantage point the place was dark, cast in shadows. It had a sort of an eerie medieval feel to it.

Having no idea how long Raith had been gone, she was starting to get antsy when he finally made his back toward her. His eyes were bright with excitement and something else. If she didn’t know better she would swear it was lust she saw there.

Maybe touring the place had his mind whirling with ideas for the BDSM club he planned. Surely picturing it set up the way he wanted it, with people doing whatever it was they did inside such a club, was enough to be arousing.

“Come with me.”

He held his hand out for her, expectation making the lines of his face taut. Alexandra didn’t think twice before she placed her hand in his.

“You have to see what I found down in the basement.”

A slight shudder made its way across her flesh. “Hopefully not spiders.”

Raith looked at her then chuckled. “Nope, not spiders. Although there probably are some.” He squeezed her fingers. “The basement is actually in much better shape than up here is. It is separated by a heavy door and there are no broken windows to allow in the weather and wildlife.”

Oh hell,
Alexandra thought, slowing her stride while looking around her. She hadn’t even considered there might be wild animals taking up residence in the place.

“Come on, Xandra. I won’t let anything nibble on you.” His smile was full of wicked delight. “Well, except for me of course.”

He’d lowered his voice until it scratched over her body, awakening every nerve ending in its wake. She couldn’t see his face clearly, but the flash of his straight, white teeth in the darkened interior had her slick and wet in a second flat.

He had left the basement door propped open, allowing them easy access to the stairs leading below. It got darker and darker as they descended. Raith slowed his pace, staying just a step below Alexandra. She thought the gesture to be very sweet and appreciated his help. She made sure to thank him once they reached the bottom.

“Letting you fall wouldn’t help me accomplish what I have planned.”

Alexandra rolled her eyes and laughed. “And that would be?”

He smiled in answer.

Raith tugged her hand, leaving no choice but to follow. When he stopped abruptly, she bumped into his back. It wasn’t until she peered around his shoulder that she saw he was aiming his light directly on what appeared to be an old confessional.

“It that what you wanted me to see?”

He pulled her around and in front of him until her back was pressed obscenely close to his front. It was obvious he was hard and ready. The turgid length of his cock pressed tightly to the curve of her ass through the thin fabric of her skirt.

“I want you to do more than see it.”

Having no idea what he meant, she chose to remain silent. Not that she could think of much to say anyway once his hands started roaming over her chest to pluck at her nipples through her blouse.

Her body’s reaction was immediate. It was as if she had no control over her hips as they pressed back, rubbing against his length like a cat in heat. Her head felt heavy so she rested it back on his chest, loving the way his size and presence made her feel absolutely cocooned.

Raith took a few small steps forward and, with their bodies in such close proximity, Alexandra had no choice but to move as well. When they stood in front of the wooden box-shaped confessional, he spoke low in her ear.

“Reach up and open the curtain, baby.”

Without thought as to why he wanted it opened, she did as told. The fabric was dusty and stiff beneath her fingers. Torn and tattered, it hadn’t fared well without care over the years. All thought of its condition fled when she felt his hands on her thighs, scrunching up her skirt until she felt the cool air of the basement against her skin.

“Good girl.” His fingers lifted the edge of her panties and sifted through the wet patch of curls covering her mound. “Now put both of your hands flat on the bench.”

Alexandra’s mind didn’t even think about the dust or possibility of spiders. The only thing that came to mind was he wanted to fuck her in a confessional. She was sure she should find such a thing offensive. After all, they were in a church. Her mind whirled. She shouldn’t be so damn excited over doing something so…so forbidden, but she was.

“Is there a problem?”

Thinking about it, she decided there wasn’t. “No.”

“Then do as you were told.” There was that tone again. One she was going to quickly learn she didn’t much care for. Hearing it made her feel as though she were a child being scolded.

The area was small and enclosed. It smelled musty and made her nose tickle. When Alexandra leaned over to place her hands on the bench, her skirt fell back into place covering her hips and ass from him.

Raith growled low in his chest as he moved up close behind her. The sound set Alexandra’s nerves on end. It roared through her blood and upped the nearly overwhelming lust she already felt.

His hands were possessive as they grasped her hips. Without preamble, her skirt was jerked up and pooled on her back. Alexandra heard the sound of his zipper being lowered and the crinkle of foil paper as he tore into a condom. Her breath escaped her lungs in short powerful burst as she struggled not to turn around and launch herself at him.

When he tugged her panties aside, not even bothering to take the time to have her remove them, Alexandra began to shake with excitement. She had never before been with a man so forceful in his desire. It definitely added to the experience.

The last thought to cross Alexandra’s mind as Raith plunged balls deep into her was she was going to have a front-seat ride on a bus heading straight to hell. His thrusts were hard and fast. The sound of skin slapping skin was loud in the otherwise quiet basement, nearly drowning out the sounds of his grunts and groans.

She managed to remain mostly quiet until he buried a hand in her hair and tugged her head back, using his hold as leverage to take her in a way that felt animalistic, raw and beautiful. It was then their sounds mingled. The tingle at her scalp combined with the feel of his cock powering into her from behind had Alexandra on edge.

Her body quivered with the need to come, to explode, and feel Raith do the same right along with her.

“I need to come. Harder. Oh please!” Alexandra had little control over what came out of her mouth. All she knew was her body felt tight and overly sensitive. Her words seemed to spur him on. Raith slowed his pace slightly, making each thrust into her body deep and intense. He kept her head pulled back with one hand in her hair and used the other to reach around and tease her clit mercilessly.

“Come for me now, Xandra. Let me feel you squeeze my cock.” Raith changed from pinching to slapping her clit. The sensation bordered on pain and sent her spiraling over the edge and into a place where she heard nothing, only felt the fullness of her pussy and the next building orgasm. It was a wonderful place to be.

Chapter Seven

It was hard for Raith to believe he’d already been in Tahoe for two weeks. He’d thoroughly enjoyed the time he’d spent with Alexandra. Not only was the sex great but they got along well. She wasn’t afraid to make her opinions known or to stand up to him when she felt it necessary, but she also knew when to submit to his will. Never before had he become involved with a woman such as her.

Larry had picked up on their attraction early on and kept himself scarce although easily reachable in case Raith needed his assistance on something pertaining to the club. Otherwise, Raith had allowed him time off. They were on a vacation of sorts after all.

His time at Mrs. Mcabe’s timeshare was growing short. He was going to need to find permanent housing and some place for he and Larry to stay in the meantime. Those two things had been first and foremost on his mind as he drove to Alexandra’s office.

The morning had been a busy one. As was often the case, money spoke volumes. Raith had been able to buy the old church outright. He’d inspected the place, doing a walk through with contractors who were already busy at work with the changes to be made. Paperwork had been filled out for the permits needed so everything seemed to be on track.

After he and Alexandra had baptized the confessional, Raith decided to keep it and use it in the club. Many people had a religious play fetish and might enjoy the use of it just as they had. If anything, it would make a good conversation piece. He chuckled at the thought.

Upon walking into Alexandra’s place of business, Raith noticed two things. The reception desk was empty and her door stood wide open. She was on the phone, but otherwise alone.

“Morning, baby.” He skirted the desk to nuzzle her cheek and whisper into the ear not connected to the phone.

Her smile was brilliant as she watched him. Alexandra cut her phone conversation short and hung up. “Morning.”

“I missed you last night.” Raith spun her chair around until she faced him then leaned over and kissed her hungrily. He’d had a conference-call meeting and although he assured Alexandra she would not be in the way, she insisted on going home instead of sleeping the night through safe in his arms. He hadn’t liked it one bit.

She was pulling away from him. Raith could feel it. He had no idea why though and was becoming frustrated by the whole thing. He was trying to give her time to think things through and come to the conclusion herself they were good for one another. However, if he didn’t sense she was making an effort to work things through on her own, he was going to press the issue by having a long heart-to-heart with her.

And heart to heart it would definitely be because he was falling head over heels in love with the gorgeous creature sitting before him. In the meantime he would get the ball rolling on his new digs.

“Larry and I are going to need a new place to stay.”

She seemed genuinely surprised by his words. Raith couldn’t help but wonder if she thought he was just going to up and leave the minute things were settled with renovations of the club. If he dared to hope, it seemed as if his words made her happy.

“I’m sure there are others who would be willing to either trade or sell their timeshare space for the right price. If you liked it there well enough I can call around.” All business, she turned her chair back to face forward and picked up the phone.

Raith placed his hands on her shoulder, gently massaging the area. “It’s a beautiful place, but I like it much better when you’re there with me.” He removed his hands from her body before he was tempted to lock the office door and take thorough advantage of her even if he had to bind her to her desk chair to accomplish it.

Of course, that thought conjured up all sorts of dirty fantasies. Raith shook his head, trying to clear it of the highly erotic vision he had just burned into his brain but failed miserably.

“How much time are you looking for?” Was that the sound of hope in her voice? Did she really want him to stay? Was his leaving what had been causing the change in her or was she just not trying to get attached to someone who she thought of as a nice vacation from reality, someone who could make all her naughty little fantasies come true? Raith really wished he knew what she was thinking.

“A few weeks at least.” He answered straight and to the point then watched while she made several phone calls, trying to gauge her thoughts, which was virtually impossible when she was in work mode. The woman was much like him in the way she remained focused on the task at hand while working.

Raith paced her office then made a round through the external office which still stood empty. He idly wondered where her assistant was before heading back only to find her still on the phone. It took several more minutes before she was finished.

“Ok, you’ve just purchased three weeks of time at the same timeshare. It’ll be ready for you tomorrow. Either you or Larry can pay for the time when you check in and get the keys to the new rooms tomorrow.”

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