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“We’re going to turn you over.”

“Turn me over?”

Raith manipulated her body until Alexandra was up on her knees. She was fighting to find a comfortable position for her head.

“Turn it to the side, baby.” He raked a hand down the curve of her ass. “And if your arms start hurting you let me know.”

She tried to nod but must have realized the movement was nearly impossible and so said, “I will.”


Alexandra wasn’t sure what she felt. Embarrassment and discomfort was part of it, but mixed in there was also the ever-increasing knowledge of arousal. She was so turned on by the bondage and her lack of control that waiting to see what he might do next was going to drive her crazy.

A willingness—no, a need—to submit to Raith coursed through her veins at an alarming speed. It was a scary revelation knowing that if prompted she would be willing to do just about anything.

The feel of his hand running along the small of her back, over the swell of her ass and then down the cleft was mesmerizing. She couldn’t see much from the way she was positioned with her ass high in the air. All Alexandra knew for sure was she was very glad there was not a mirror within her view. She could only imagine what she looked like.

Wiggling in a way she hoped was enticing didn’t seem to help prod him into moving faster. He still touched her at his leisure instead of taking her in a rush of heated lust the way she had hoped.

The mewling sound filling the room couldn’t be coming from her, could it? It really didn’t seem possible. Alexandra couldn’t seem to help herself. She wanted to feel the length of his cock buried inside her even more than she wanted to taste him again, which was saying a lot.

Blessed was how she felt when the head of his shaft lodged at her snug entrance.

“Tell me you’re sure, Xandra.”

She’d willingly come with him, driving her car even, and then allowed him to bind her until movement was no longer even in her thought process, and he didn’t believe she was sure? Was the man for real? A sharp smack to her ass, one that burned all the way to her toes warned just how serious he was.

“I’m sure. Very, very sure.”

The rich sound of his laughter filled the room, mingling with the perfume of her sex. She had heard and read about the smell of sex before but never encountered it quite to this extent herself. It was an even bigger turn on that the scent of her aroused body permeated the air and she hadn’t even been fucked yet. To her it just proved his prowess and how well they connected. Two very important aspects for Alexandra in her new journey.

She felt his hands on hers. Or more aptly, on the leather cuffs binding her wrists. He used them as leverage and with one hard thrust was buried balls deep into her pussy. The sensation was overwhelming. He was large and hot and for a second her eyes watered at the intensity of being taken so roughly.

“Damn you’re tight. Been a while, I take it?”

He stayed still buried deep within her. Alexandra wasn’t sure how his comment made her feel. Or maybe it had more to do with the tone of his voice. When she didn’t answer immediately, he pulled completely free of her body. She whimpered in frustration.

“You’ll answer when I ask you a question or you won’t get my cock.”

She wanted to call him an asshole and nearly wasn’t able to choke the words back. His sexual dominance over her only added to the confusing physical and emotional thoughts whirling through her mind.

His hand came down sharp in the exact same spot, causing the breath to hiss from her lungs. “
, it’s been a while.”

Raith once again used her hands for leverage as he powered home. “Much better,” he answered without stopping. Instead of fucking her normally, even if roughly, he pulled completely free from her body before sinking home again. Within a very short amount of time she was deliciously sore.

The next time he slid free Alexandra wondered if she had missed something he’d said. She knew that was not the case when she felt him at her core again, only this time it was the warmth of his tongue penetrating her.

“Oh, that feels so good.” She meant every word. He was a very talented man, indeed.

When his tongue made one long swipe starting with her clit and moving up toward the puckered star of her ass, Alexandra tried to get away. It was impossible considering the position she was in, but she tried anyway and continued to move and wiggle every time he did so.

It felt so different. Embarrassing, taboo. He should stop. She should protest, tell him she didn’t like what he was doing. Problem was she would be lying to the both of them. She yelped when he bit her cheek.

“Stop moving.”

“I can’t. Should you be doing that?”

As soon as the words left her mouth Alexandra felt like an idiot and sounded like one even more so.

“Do you want me to stop?”

. He did it again, this time lingering, flicking his tongue over the sensitive bundle of nerves before he penetrated her with a finger. Alexandra couldn’t seem to form words.

“Until you ask me to stop and we talk about why, I’m going to do what I want with your gorgeous ass. Are we clear?”

Good God. Did he always have to phrase everything as a question and actually expect an answer? “Crystal.” They were really going to have to talk about it.

“Good. Now don’t move.”

His big palms settled on opposite cheeks, evidently making sure she did as told. When his mouth covered her, Alexandra did everything in her power not to stiffen but failed miserably.

What seemed like hours later Raith pulled his fingers from her ass and his mouth from her pussy. Alexandra hadn’t only lost track of time, she also had lost count of how many times he’d brought her to the edge of climax only to stop abruptly, soothing her when what she wanted to do was soar.

“Please.” The plea lacked enthusiasm even to her own ears. She felt like a puddle of goo and her arms were starting to go numb.

“What is it, baby?”

Alexandra took a deep breath, trying to calm her thumping heart. “Please let me come.” It was all she could think of. With each breath, every beat of her heart, every sensation across her skin, all she could think about was the orgasm hanging just out of her reach.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you to make you come.”

She felt him messing with the cuffs at her wrists then groaned when her arms fell free. “Fuck me, please.” She said the words even though they weren’t the ones she usually spoke. There just wasn’t another term she could think of to make him understand what she needed. When he still didn’t move to touch her, Alexandra lifted her upper body onto her elbows and looked over her shoulder at him. “Use me however you want.”

His eyes flashed. His face hardened and the corner of his mouth curved into a wicked grin.

“Turn over onto your back.”

He watched as she struggled to move. It was not an easy task with her legs still bound tight and her arms tingling, shoulders still stiff. He didn’t offer to help. Instead it seemed as if he was enjoying the show while idly stroking his condom-covered cock from base to tip, over and over again.

When she had finally settled onto her back, Raith climbed onto the bed next to her. He reached beneath one shoulder in order to find the long leather strap attaching the cuffs to the collar she still wore. Once he found it, he rotated the collar until the buckle was in front, causing her to keep her chin high. This placed the cuffs over her abdomen. Before Alexandra could protest or beg to touch him, she was buckled into the leather circles.

“Anything I want.” It wasn’t a question, more a statement reminding her of what she was allowing him. His tone might have scared her if she hadn’t already come to trust him. It was dark and dangerous sounding.

Taking in the slight flush of his shaved head before looking him right in his sexy brown eyes, Alexandra repeated the sentence. This time it was a promise. “Anything you want.” She licked her lips, a little nervous by how he made her feel as well as her precarious position.

She was lying with her legs high in the air, still splayed for his viewing pleasure. She could bring her knees together but it did little to hide her attributes given that her calves were still bound to her thighs.

Raith climbed off the bed. Standing at the foot of it he tugged, maneuvering her until her ass was perched at the edge. It felt alarmingly like being at the gynecologist except for the no-stirrups thing. He lifted her hips and wedged a pillow beneath her. The new position brought her ass to the perfect height. He smiled, the look predatory and full of barely leashed control.

“Perfect,” He growled the word as he squeezed lube onto his cock.

She heard the splutter of the thick gel and idly wondered where it had come from. Alexandra didn’t have time to ponder the thought anymore though as he nudged the entrance to her ass with the broad head of his lubed shaft. He wasn’t brutal, but neither was he patient nor slow.

The pain was sharp, intense. Alexandra closed her eyes, fighting it, tightening against the invasion.

“Relax and breath deep, Xandra.”

“Fuck!” She panted out on an exhale as he kept going, invading her inch by thick inch. Alexandra burned from the inside out. She was on fire and going to explode at any moment. The arousal she’d felt before had disappeared only to be replaced by something totally different.

Raith didn’t wait once he was balls deep within her. As he had with her pussy, he pulled free before plunging back home.

Alexandra screamed.

“That’s it, baby.”

He released the grip he had on her cuffed hands only to take hold of one of her nipples. “I should have clamped these so I could have used the connecting chain. I love hearing you scream for me.”

It hit her then. She loved screaming for him. Loved the way she felt out of control, loved the pain that had been overwhelming but now registered as only pleasure. She was falling, spiraling into the black abyss. Her body involuntarily shuddered with an orgasm that affected so much more than her pussy. In the distance she heard Raith’s shout of completion but it was drowned out by her own screams. She was aware in that instant life as she knew it would never be the same.

Chapter Six

Alexandra hadn’t spent the night with him, making it a long and lonely one. He showered and dressed in preparation for the day. Things could go either way. It had the possibility of being a very good day, but there was also the chance she would have regrets over their encounter and act differently. Raith really hoped that wasn’t the case.

When he was ready, Larry drove him to Alexandra’s office and dropped him off. Keys to the church should have been delivered by now. They would be able to take a look at the inside of the place. Raith brought his camera along in order to take pictures. He would then be able to study them and start making plans for its transformation.

This time when he arrived at her office she was waiting for him instead of sitting comfortably behind her desk. Raith liked the change. She looked him in the eye and smiled. Her directness made him sigh with relief. He hadn’t really expected her to act immature over everything that had taken place between the two of them the night before, but he had been worried she might not be receptive to seeing more of him.

“Morning, beautiful.”

He wasn’t just spouting pretty words. She was honestly gorgeous. Her eyes shone bright with health, and if he wasn’t mistaken, emotion. Her lips were smudged pink but he didn’t think it came from fake color from a tube. She once again had on a long flowing skirt. This one was a deep chocolate brown and swirled temptingly around her ankles. Raith was instantly hard as his mind conjured pictures of her sitting on his lap, the full length of his cock buried deep within her warm and wet pussy while her skirt billowed around his legs, draping enticingly over her hips beneath his hands.

Shaking his head, he returned her smile. She was a witch and had cast a spell over him. Her blouse was aqua blue and complimented her pale skin. It was long sleeved but made of a nearly sheer fabric he could only describe as gauzy. Beneath it she wore something else, a camisole or tank top of sorts, he assumed. Raith couldn’t help but wonder if she had bothered to put a bra on and hoped like hell he would have firsthand knowledge before the day was out.

“Morning to you too.” Her smile widened. Raith couldn’t seem to take his gaze off her.

Alexandra turned around to grab an envelope off her assistant’s desk then back to face him. She was so quick it had only left him a moment to check out the curves of her ass. And from the look on her face, he’d been caught. Raith winked and chuckled when an embarrassed flush climbed her cheeks.

“Stop that,” Alexandra said as she batted playfully at his arm.

Raith caught her hand mid-swing and pulled her to him. He just had to touch her, to taste her. Dipping his head low, he licked his tongue across her slightly parted lips. When she whimpered and moved closer, he took her mouth in earnest.

It galled him to let her go, but he did so anyway, releasing her slowly after having one last taste. They had stuff to do and he didn’t want to take things too far in her place of business. “Sorry, baby. I can’t seem to help myself.”

His words seemed to startle her. Raith opened his mouth to say something, but she interrupted. “Here you go. Once you look at it and make up your mind all we have to do is make a final phone call and you’re on your way to being a church owner.”

“My mind is already made up.”

“Yes, but you haven’t even seen the whole place yet.” The tone of her voice was light, joking, but there was something a little off. Raith couldn’t quite put his finger on it. He would be paying close attention today. He had plans for the two of them and allowing Alexandra to deny him out of fear was not among them.

“Let’s go then.” Raith held his palm out to her. Instead of taking it, she handed him the envelope with the keys in it. He thanked her, put the envelope in his pocket and once again held his hand out for her. She certainly was a stubborn thing. He smiled, enjoying the challenge she offered.

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