Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety

BOOK: Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety


The Adventures


Little Miss Notoriety




Penelope Jones

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All rights reserved. 
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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.


"Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety
” contains adult themes, Boss/Secretary fantasy, BDSM, implied cheating, blackmail, domination, submission, dominatrix, anal sex, strap-ons, toys, lots of spankings, and is intended for a mature audience only.


Penelope Jones
Created in the United States of America 
Kindle Edition

First Edition: August
Penelope Jones

About the Author



Penelope Jones
, the Iniquitous Bad Penny, is a saucy little minx who will drive you insane with her naughtiness and cheek!  A writer of super sexy poetry and erotic romance - prepare to love both the woman and her works.  Whether you seek a ‘happy-ever-after,’ or a ‘randy-romp for a night,’ Penelope’s the girl for you.  She’s the sauce behind ‘Naughtyville’ and ‘Little Miss Notoriety,’ so come check out her blog for other writing projects, and what’s next for her at
It’s a visit you’ll never forget!



Honestly this book, this storyline, or Miss Belle Notoriety wouldn’t have even come to life if it were not for a very near and dear friend of mine, Ms. PJ Perryman.  One night we were sitting in a chat room for writers, hiding in private, brainstorming, and suddenly she said, “You’re Little Miss Notoriety! You must write something about her… and between her, Jilly Glass, and me, Belle Notoriety came to life. I hope you enjoy her life in Shagville Heights as much as I do! Thank you both for being the best-est two idea chicks a girl could ask for! I lovers you long time!



Bad Penny






Hello out there,

I'm Miss Belle Notoriety, and I live in Shagville Heights. I’m very pleased to meet all of you.

Penny asked me to share a few things about myself, so here it goes.

I've lovely blonde hair, the brightest blue eyes you ever did see, and I have an ass you wish you could do really naugh
ty things to! And you can if you beg, begging gets you everywhere with me.

I work for the only law firm within fifty miles of here, Jos
eph Switzer and Assoc. I'm Mr. Switzer’s secretary, and whenever he feels like it, his fuck doll.  However, for you and those of Shagville Heights, I’m no slave, in fact, tune in and see just who becomes whose fuck toy!

Psst...I t
hink Bruce the Butcher loses or maybe it was Linda who wins? Hmm… I could be wrong.  You'll have stick around and find out.

e to Shagville Heights; keep your dirty secrets guarded or you’ll end up serving your time with me!

Love and Licks,

Little Miss Notoriety

P.S. You know you want to tell me all your dirty secrets, and by the time you finish reading my story;
You’ll know why!

h. 1





Lick. Suck. Blow

His name's Joe


My funds had
depleted so low

And he
 mad dough


You perverts...


envelopes to mail for him

the carpets with a vacuum

the leaves off the walk-way


Lick. Suck. Blow

No, I'm not a ho

I'm his secretary though


But later...


 him clean, 
 him dry, and 
 his mind.

I'm that
kinda girl...

. Suck. Blow.



I'm little Miss
Belle Notoriety




h. 2

Little Miss Notoriety schools the b




“Where the fuck's my coffee Belle???” Joseph Switzer bellowed from behind his office door. The blonde bombshell nearly jumped out of her skin, along with the seventeen other things on the list which needed to be completed RIGHT now, coffee was somehow forgotten.

Her deepest of blues eyes narrowed at his office door, but she pushed from her desk to stand, her hands slipped down the front of her pristine, crisp white  blouse, and then caressed down to straighten her pin-striped pencil skirt.

Monday's attire, always the same, just like Tuesday and etc. Joe told her what to wear, how to live, and how high to jump, and his little fuck doll did it without much fuss. Today though, she'd gotten bad news regarding her appointment with Bruce the Butcher, leaving her a bit scatter-brained. He was trying to back out, and little Miss Notoriety wasn't about to allow that to happen.

Belle might be Joe's
girl, but Bruce and the rest of the town bowed down to her.  What an odd life she led, but she wouldn't trade it for the world. She moved to Shagville Heights three years ago, and it didn't take Joe long to figure out just how usefully Miss Belle really was, and she spent about the same amount of time finding out all the dirt on any and every town member. She used it to her benefit at every turn.

She didn't knock on her boss's door, she pushed it open with her pert ass, and that dazzling pearly white smile flashed his way, and he snarled like a crotchety bastard. She placed a mug of steaming coffee before him, and turned to scoot while she still had a chance.

“Where do you think you’re going? Did I give you permission to leave, my little fuck doll?”  Joe's words practically purred at her in that quiet Tenor tone of his.

Those last four words were her undoing, she moved like silk in a breeze to her knees, and crawled like an animal. Belle rested her cheek just at his inner thigh, and
he laughed. Belle didn't care; it's all part of their little game, it gets them both jazzed, and eventually off.

“No, Sir.” Her eyes tipped towards him, and a very convincing innocent pout creased the corners of her pretty little mouth. “You were in such a foul mood this
morning; I just knew you wouldn't want to be bothered with me, Sir. I apologize.” Belle's soft melodious tone soothed Joe, it always had, and his fingers lightly stroked through her golden tresses.

“You're never a bother to me
but often just a piece of ass.” His arrogance hung in the air like a lingering odor, and then he laughed again. “Today though, I think you know what I need.”

No words needed to be exchanged at that point. Her face pressed into his straining black trousers, and her mouth gently gnawing at the length of his hard shaft through the cloth.
He smoothly unbuckled his belt, and his pants slipped down his hips. Exactly what he need, and what she wanted was about to occur. Joe's strong fingers wrapped the base of his cock, smacking the head against Belle's cheek making a hallowed thumping sound. Rapidly she blinked, and mewled her need, her want to taste him. Slowly her curvy frame pressed into him; her heaving breasts brushing across his thighs, as she hovered over her delectable prize.

“Please let me suck your c
ock, Sir?” The slapping across her cheek continued until a slight burning sensation began, and her cheek was a lovely shade of blush. And then, like a good fuck toy, she offered the other cheek, while he contemplated permission being granted.

“My mouth needs to wrap around your big dick, Sir. I need to feel you deep in my throat...please Joseph.” The very soft whimper that followed, and the sexy pout was all part of her natural charm. Belle did the
, just by using his name.

“Suck it my little slut
.” He growled. She forced her mouth open, and with a good thrust of his hips, his cock was buried in her throat.

Joseph gave her exactly what she asked for, which NEVER happens,
the impossible
. Belle's greedy mouth gobbled up the entire length of his shaft until her lips pressed just at the base of his shaved crotch. She held her breath and his cock deep within the passage of her airway, before finally her hair was fisted by Joe and yanked, which left tendrils of spit that ran from the head of his dick to the pale pink of Belle’s lips.

It wasn't long before Joe shoved the bulbous head past her swollen lips, and had began a steady pace of his hips screwing her pretty little mouth. Each stroke feverishly delivered pleasure like no other could create in eit
her of them.  Both his hands held fists full of hair, and she gagged, moaned, and played with her own pussy the entire time he used her for his pleasure, until they both felt the edge drawing near.

So very close, Belle teetered, slowing the tempered pace her fingers took as they fucked her pussy inside and out, and up and down her palm bounced on her swollen clit. All the while Joseph raped his little fuck dolls throat, and took what he felt was rightfully his. Over and over until she knew he could hol
d out no longer; he always started talking really nasty to her when he's about to blow his load. She swallowed hard a few times, urging him to deliver. 

“That's it; eat
my cock you filthy whore.” He grunted out as his head fell back, his hips lunged forward one last time, and streams of his hot spunk spilled down the back of her throat soothing the ache inside her.

always been a glutton for punishment, and loved every moment of that face fucking she just took
him. The good girl in her took her medicine, and meowed and howled her own erotic tortures  as her body began to convulse, and Belle's hand pummeled four fingers deeper, faster, harder until she laid in a heap of a mess, half in the floor and half in his lap.

“Clean up...we have
work to do. Chop, Chop.” A swat to her ass was given, and she just shook her head.

“You really are an ass,
ya know?”

Just as she pushed from his lap though, Belle's head thrashed back as his hand grabbed a hold. “And you love me for it.” Joe crushed his lips into hers cutting off any chance of a response. The
kiss sizzled it was so hot, leaving her breathless and needing more.

“I said clean up. This time
... less lip and more action, eh?” Joe's adorable smirk of a grin appeared, and it's Belle's turn to laugh.

“Yes, Sir.
No more lip action. Your heads are sore.” Belle's one cheeky broad, and that's part of the reason she was so adored in this town, yet feared, oddly.

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