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She had never done such a thing. Her hesitation brought a quick slap to her ass. She withdrew her fingers from the warmth of her pussy and put them in her mouth.

“Suck them, and when they are clean, I want you to stick them back in your cunt and keep repeating it until I tell you to stop.”

She wasn’t sure how long it went on, but she didn’t stop until he told her to. She leaned back into him, still breathing heavy. This was the most erotic moment of her life, and he hadn’t even entered her.

“I don’t consider this an infraction against my earlier statement that we would not make love. What we just did was to help each other relieve the sexual tension between us. It cannot even begin to compare to the beauty of making love together with Justin and Jeremiah.”

“Yes, Sir,” she breathed, finally able to speak. I understand. I’m grateful that you allowed me to come, Sir.”

“You were born to submit to me, Kat. This is coming far too easily for you. You are a natural submissive.”

“I want you to desire me, Sir. I want to pleasure you, Sir.”

Jarred smiled as he kissed her neck before releasing her body. She slipped out of his arms and down onto the bed. She lay on her back, still totally exposed for his eyes to view her in the most intimate way. He could see her swollen clit that was still throbbing.

Jarred went into the bathroom. He returned, still naked, his cock now soft. Kat sighed with contentment as he slipped into the bed beside her, bringing her body too close to his own. “Tomorrow you will learn how to please more than one man, and we will continue with your discovery of yourself. Sleep well, my sweet Kat, you will need your strength,”

She felt him nuzzle her neck, his breath warm against her skin. She leaned back into him, her body ready again if he so desired. She heard him laugh softly. “You are a minx, you know that. I can see that you will have no problem keeping up with three healthy males.”

“I will do whatever you need me to do, Sir,” she said, her voice laced with desire. “I want Justin and Jeremiah to desire me, too.”

“They do, my love. Believe me they do. Only they have no idea how easily you will fit with the three of us. They have dreamed of our coupling, but I can honestly say that you are beyond their wildest expectations.”

“Then I am happy, Sir,” she whispered, her eyes beginning to close. A moment ago she was ready to be taken again, and now she could hardly keep her eyes open.

When Kat awoke, she was alone in her bed, however, she could hear Jarred in the kitchen. She looked over at the clock and was shocked to see it was after eleven o’clock. She went quickly into the bathroom and took a quick shower. She wasn’t sure if Jarred would want her dressed or still naked. She felt a bit shy in the light of morning, but decided to do what she thought he would want. She walked naked into the kitchen. “Good Morning, Sir.”

Jarred turned and stared at her. “My God, how is it possible that you’re even more beautiful than I remembered from last night.”

Kat felt her nipples harden under his perusal. She looked down, feeling the heat from the flush of embarrassment on her cheeks.

“Look at me, Kat,” he said gently. Do not be embarrassed because you have a beautiful body. You must never hide your beauty from me. It is mine to enjoy.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said, looking into his blue eyes that held hers. Her relationship with Jarred was giving her such a wonderful feeling of freedom. For the first time, she was proud of her large breasts and the body he wanted her to display to him without inhibitions.

“Are you hungry? I went out this morning and ran a few errands and at the same time picked up some sausage biscuits and coffee. One of my many indulgences, but I do love fast-food breakfasts.”

“So do I.” She giggled, sitting down at the table and reaching in the bag for her biscuit. “I also love the hash browns.”

“Eat up and enjoy. When you’re done, I have a few things I want to show you, that I picked up this morning at a specialty store not too far from here.”

Kat felt excitement running through her body. She ate her sandwich in record speed, gulping down her coffee. She was on pins and needles waiting for what Jarred had planned for her next.

Chapter Fourteen

Jarred pulled out a light-blue plastic shopping bag from beside the sofa and opened it. He reached in and pulled out what appeared to be a pair of earrings. “These,” he said, holding them up for her to see, “are nipple clamps. They are a wonderful toy that will bring you much pleasure.”

Kat felt her eyes widen. The thought of Jarred attaching them to her nipples was quite seductive. She touched her nipples and pulled them outward anticipating the feel of the toy.

“Yes, that’s it, my sweet,” Jarred said huskily, his eyes focused on her breasts. “Touch yourself whenever you wish. I want you to feel your body’s response. It will help you to better understand your desire for this type of play.”

Next he pulled out what he called butt plugs. There were three of them. She knew immediately what they were to be used for. She also knew if she were to be able to pleasure all three of her men at the same time, she would need to open herself to being fucked anally. How easy it was for her to think using Jarred’s words. He had told her he wanted to say the word that best described the sexual activity or body part in its basest form.

Jarred just smiled as she nodded. “You’ll find I am a patient man, Kat, especially where you are concerned. This is simply to prepare you, however, it will only happen when you are ready.”

“Thank you, Sir,” she said, wondering what he was going to pull out of the bag next.

The next item was a rather large vibrator. “Do you have one of these, Kat?”

Again she found herself blushing. Jarred’s eyes never left her own as she forced herself to continue to look him in the eye. “I have something similar, a bit smaller.”

“Very good. This one will be more useful to you once you have enjoyed our cocks inside you. We are larger than the majority of men. I in particular have a cock that will stretch you. When you are masturbating as I will instruct you to do, this will help to bring you pleasure while I watch you come.”

Kat heard the intake of her own breath. His words alone were almost enough to make her come. She could visualize herself fucking her cunt with it while he watched her. It was agony sitting calmly next to him on the sofa when all she could think about was his hands on her body. She tried to stifle a moan, but she couldn’t. She leaned into Jarred, who immediately drew himself away from her.

“Kat, I didn’t tell you to move any closer to me, did I?”

“No, Sir. It’s just that I need you to touch me. Please touch me, Sir?”

“No.” His voice was firm and uncompromising. He pushed her gently away. She moaned again, but this time turned her head.

“Your body responds well to my words that have provided you with a visualization that you find pleasurable.”

She simply nodded, afraid to say anything in case another moan escaped from between her lips. She was in such a state of need that she crossed her legs to try and stifle the aching between her legs that had her clit throbbing.

“Open your legs.”

She immediately opened her legs.

“It’s time you learned to position yourself for me, Kat.”

“Kneel before me,” he commanded.

Doing as he told her, she immediately knelt before him.

“Spread your legs wider.”

Kat did as he instructed. She watched as he stared at her without moving. She trembled slightly as she waited for him to speak. Minutes went by and he did nothing but stare at her. She licked her lips, her eyes locked with his.

“Lower your eyes.”

She immediately did as she was told. She could see his shoes. One of them moved closer to her and slipped between her spread legs. The tip of the shoe touched her outer labia. She moaned softly, biting her lip. She wanted to press herself into his shoe but knew he wouldn’t like that. She trembled with her need for him.

He moved the toe of his shoe into her, pressing it into her swollen clit. She wanted him desperately. She arched her back, slightly trembling. She didn’t know how much more she could take before she started humping his leg like a wild animal.

“Don’t even think about moving, Kat.” Jarred’s voice was gentle but firm. “Stay in position. No matter what I do to your body, do not attempt to move.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said, her voice cracking slightly.

She saw his foot retreat as he got up off the sofa. He walked away from her. She wanted to see where he was going, but he had told her not to move. Her entire body felt like it was about to explode. Her nipples hurt and her pussy was aching. Minutes passed and she waited. Finally she heard him come up behind her. He reached around her, and with a quickness that made her gasp, he affixed one clamp to her right nipple. She yelped.

“I wish to clamp your other nipple, Kat. Will you allow me to do that?”

“Yes.” It hurt but she wanted it. She wanted to feel the cool sharp little teeth bite into her nipple. Her cunt was wet and getting wetter by the second.

“Good girl.” She worked the muscles between legs to bring her some relief when she felt the second clamp capture her other nipple. She groaned with desire.

“Now turn and bend over, Kat.”

When she was in the correct position, he came up behind her and opened the cheeks of her ass. She felt some lubricant on his fingers. She shivered with fear and excitement.

“I am going to insert this butt plug into your tiny hole, Kat. It will hurt a little but I promise I’ll do it slowly. I’ll leave it in for an hour and then you’ll have a break. We’ll continue to do this throughout the day, increasing the size when I think you’re ready.”

“Yes, Sir. I want to eventually feel your cock in my ass, Sir.”

“I know you do, Kat. And you will feel mine, Justin’s, and Jeremiah’s.” His voice husky, he continued, “This is a latex plug, and it’s small, so there is no need to worry about anything except the sensation of feeling yourself filled.”

Kat felt the head of the plug that Jarred pushed gently into her anus. She was surprised that it didn’t hurt more.

When he was satisfied it was inserted fully, he rubbed her ass gently. “How does that feel?”

“I feel full. Will it be hard to remove?” she asked him somewhat hesitantly.

“No. You’ll be able to expel it easily. Do you trust me, Kat?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Jarred lifted her into his arms and held her tightly. “You are doing so well. I wasn’t sure how you would respond, but you’re doing better than I could have ever imagined. Are you sure you haven’t been with a Dominant before?”

“You know I haven’t,” she said softly. “You’re the only man who I’ve ever been this free with or had this type of enjoyment, Sir.”

“I’m honored, Kat. Truly honored that you have given yourself to me with such trust. I promise you I will never abuse that trust.”

Jarred turned her so her face was turned upward toward his. When his lips descended to hers, she all but melted in his arms. His kiss was gentle at first, exploring her mouth with his tongue. She responded by using her own tongue to explore his mouth. He groaned as his kiss became hungry and demanding. Her entire body was feverish with the desire she felt for this man. Was this the reason she had never been able to give herself fully to any one man before? Had she been waiting for a man like Jarred to awaken her body and mind to a type of lovemaking that until now had been foreign to her? She had fallen in love with his brothers and now him. He was preparing her for the love of all three men, and she tingled with the thoughts of having all three of them make love to her. She knew Justin and Jeremiah were not Dominants, but that made the anticipation of their lovemaking even more enticing. What she had with Jarred would always be special, but in her heart she knew it would only enhance the love she would experience with his brothers.

BOOK: Alexander, Kalissa - Katlynn in Training (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
13.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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