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An Erotic Baptist Story

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An Erotic Baptist Story

By Franklin Eddy

Copyright 2012

Chapter 1

greatest sin according to the Bible is adultery,” Preacher
Leroy Smith said. “In the old testament it says to stone women
to death who are caught in adultery. Of course in our sinful secular
society, that is no longer allowed.”

It was Sunday
morning, and my wife and I were attending the service at Wayside
Baptist Church.

I listened to him
for a few moments and then got to thinking. If there was anyone that
had a reason to commit adultery, it was him. I glanced over at his
wife, Betty, who was a skinny woman with a stern look on her face.
Frankly I couldn't conceived of anyone wanting to have sex with her,
but she did have two small children, so I guess that the preacher had
had sex with her at least twice.

I put my hand on
my Judy, my wife's leg and slowly rubbed it up and down. She was a
beautiful brunet in her mid 20s, and we had been married for two
years. She let my hand remain on her leg for a couple of minutes and
suddenly realized that she was in church. She smiled and took my
hand in hers as she leaned over and said, “Be good. You are in

I glanced down the
pew at my friend Ron who had been watching me. He smiled and gave me
a thumbs up.

I looked over at
Sharon Wilson. She was the church secretary and was extremely sexy.
She was divorced and not dating anyone right now. She had sang a
song for the service this morning and had a wonderful voice.
Everyone in the church liked her since she was friendly and cheerful.
If I was going to have an affair and commit adultery, I would
consider her. Of course, I had no reason to commit adultery since I
had a beautiful wife that gave me plenty of sex.

That got me to
thinking about adultery. To commit adultery a person would need
certain things like desire, opportunity, and be a risk taker. I
didn't have desire for other women since my wife took care of my
sexual needs. I actually didn't have much opportunity anyway since I
was an accountant and mainly worked with spreadsheets and financial
statements. There wasn't a lot of opportunity to meet women. A
person that worked with people would have the best opportunity
though. People like preachers, teachers, social workers, and
politicians that were around people a lot had the most opportunities.
Now as far as risk taking, I was more conservative and didn't
believe in taking risks that could ruin my marriage.

Now the preacher
had opportunities so would be an excellent candidate for committing
adultery. As far as desire and risk taking, I was not sure of that.
He seemed to preach on that subject a lot. Maybe he secretly lusted
after Sharon. I didn't see what she would get out of it though since
he wasn't that good looking or rich.

I closed my eyes
and dozed off. Judy punched me and whispered, “Wake up.”

“I was
praying,” I responded, trying to look innocent.

I glanced down at
my watch and noticed it was already after 12 o'clock. Baptist
preachers tend to be long winded, and this preacher was no exception.
Finally it was over, and we walked out the front door. The preacher
always shook hands with everyone as they were leaving.

“It was an
interesting sermon, Preacher,” I said, “but I don't have
any reason to commit adultery, so it was wasted on me.”

he responded, “but anyone can fall into sin. The Devil is
always waiting for opportunities to pull the child of God into his

Ron and his wife
Ann were waiting for us. “Do you guys want to go out to eat,”
Ann asked.

We nodded and were
soon at a nice Mexican restaurant that we liked. Since the preacher
had gone over on the time, the restaurant crowd was already slowing
down, so we found a table easily.

After we were
seated, Ron said, “Well, that ordeal is over for the week.”

I nodded my head
since I agreed with him. The waitress came over, and we ordered.

I looked at Ron
and said, “Do you think that Preacher ever committed adultery?”

He thought about
it for a moment and said, “I think he would like to try. Of
course, if he did, he would blame it on the devil rather than

“I don't
think either of you like that Preacher,” Ann said.

“He is not a
bad guy except for being a prick,” I said.

“I think he
is probably a homo,” Ron said. “If he had sex with a
man, would that be adultery?”

We all looked at
each other. Where does Ron come up with these things?

“I think
that adultery is only with a person from the opposite sex,”
Judy said.

“So you and
Ann could have an affair, and it wouldn't be adultery,” Ron

The women both
look confused.

“Well, if
Judy was going to have an affair,” I would rather it be with
Ann than the Preacher,” I said.

“I don't
plan on having an affair with either one,” Judy said.

“So you
don't think that I am sexually desirable,” Ann said.

“Oh, you are
sexually desirable but not to me.”

“Well, I
think you are sexy, Ann,” I said.

She smiled and
said, “Paul, I think you are sexy too, but I would never commit
adultery with my best friend's husband.”

“Hey, I bet
the preacher would be pleased that we are discussing his sermon,”
I said.

Judy smiled at me
and said, “I think we are making fun of it rather than taking
it serious.”

Soon our meal
arrived. The food looked delicious, so I picked up my fork to dive
in. Judy put her hand out and stopped me. “Ann is going to say
grace.” So we lowered our heads as she prayed. I hoped that
she wouldn't pray long, so the food would get cold, but she was
considerate, so we were soon eating.

“Do you say
grace at home before you eat, Judy?” Ann asked.

“At first we
did, but Paul is in a hurry to eat, so we stopped doing it.”

“I throw
grace in when I pray before going to sleep at night,” I said.
“That is a more efficient way of doing it. Hold all prayers
until night time and get it done quickly.”

“I think
that prayer can be overdone,” Ron said. “Ann even prays
before we have sex.”

“Wow! I
have never heard of anyone doing that before,” I said,

“What do you
pray for?” Judy asked.

“I pray that
I will have an orgasm.”

“Does it

always,” Ann said. “Lots of times I don't get an orgasm
at all. Ron is in too much of a hurry.”

waiting until you are done praying, I am really horny so can't wait
to get right to it,” Ron said.

“Well, I
spend my prayer time doing foreplay,” I said, “So Ann has
lots of orgasms.”

“Maybe, I
will do my foreplay while Ann is praying,” Ron said. “Then
she can pray as long as she wants.”

“How could I
pray with you fooling around with me?” Ann said,

quickly,” Ron said, with a wicked smile.

“I have been
thinking of doing grace before I have oral sex with Judy,” I
said. “Dear Lord, bless this delirious morsel that I am about
to partake of.”

“Well, it
makes sense to say the blessing before you eat Judy,” Ron said,

Judy got all red
and said, “I think we need to change the subject. I don't know
why either of you men go to church since it doesn't seem to do you
any good.”

“I go
because you make me go,” I said. “I bet Ron goes for the
same reason.”

“No, I go
because I love to go to church,” Ron said.

“No, you
don't,” Ann said. “You would quit in a minute if I let


Sunday afternoons
we always made love in our bedroom. I had on loose fitting shorts
with no shirt. She had on loose fitting shorts too with a bra top.

She stood by the
bed in front of me. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her to
me and kissed her deeply. Then I slipped her bra off and sucked on
her nipples.

She sighed and
said, “That feels really nice.”

I reached down and
slipped my hand under her shorts and then under her panties and found
her moist slit. I pushed my finger into it as I kissed her. I
continued moving my finger in and out until she gasped with an

“I heard
that christian women enjoy sex more than non-christian ones,” I

christian woman loves sex, but I can't speak for any others. Now I
would like some oral sex.”

She pulled her
shorts and panties off and climbed up on the side of the bed and lay
on her back with her heels resting on the side of the bed. I got a
pillow and put it on the floor beside the bed.

I admired her
pussy for a moment then reached over and licked her pussy lips a
couple of times. Then remembering, I said, “I forgot to say

“Well, say
it and get started,” she said.

I closed my eyes
and said, “Lord, bless this delicious meal that I am about to
partake of.”

Judy laughed and
said, “That was a great prayer. I thought you would have said
Bless the lunch and pass the pussy.”

I smiled as I
spread her pussy open with my fingers and took her clitoris between
my lips. I sucked on it for a moment before she trembled with
another orgasm.

“That wasn't
much of a prayer so maybe I should enlarge it,” I said. “Dear
Lord, that you for Obamacare.”

She started
laughing. “Where did that come from?”

“I was
watching the news and the newswoman was talking about Obamacare.”

“Is that the
lesbian newswoman that you like?”

“That is the
one,” I responded. “I think she is sexy.”

“I bet she
gets plenty of oral sex like this,” Judy said.

“Maybe, but
it is a shame that she only gets it from women. Men could give her
better oral sex. Her partners probably also don't say grace before
they eat her.”

Judy raised up and
sat on the side of the bed and pulled me to my feet. She felt inside
of my shorts and took hold of my rigid penis. I slipped my shorts
down since my penis had gotten pointed the wrong direction and was

She moved it up
and down. “Does it get rigid sometimes when it is in the wrong

I said. “It seems to have a mind of its own. It even gets
hard in church even though it should know better.”

“In church,”
she said. “That is so sinful.”

“The first
time that I saw you was in church. It was the first time that I had
gone to that church. You were so pretty sitting in the choir. I
couldn't keep my eyes off of you. Then my penis got stiff and rose
up at an awkward angle. Luckily, I had a large Bible that I covered
my lap with. Then I put my hand inside my pocket and managed to get
it straighten up.”

She laughed and
said, “I noticed you squiring around and wondered what was
going on.”

laugh,” I said. “It was very embarrassing.”

She smiled at me
since she thought it was funny.

“Stop moving
your hand for a moment since it is distracting. Then I waited on the
sidewalk in front of the church, so I could introduced myself when
you came out.”

“I noticed
you had a hard on so were obviously interested,” she said,

“I didn't
have a hard on at the time. Once I got up and walked around, it

“Well, I
think it was a little rude, to take one look at me and get a hard

“Judy, you
invited me back that evening to the youth fellowship. We sat
together and had a great time.”

She looked
thoughtful and said, “I felt the same way about you as you did
toward me. I got moist just looking at you.” She started
moving her hand up and down again on my penis.

“Lay down on
the bed,” I said. “I want to have some real sex with
you. I am not going to pray though.”

I climbed on top
of her after she lay down and was soon embedded within her. I
started moving inside of her and pushing in and pulling out. I
stopped after she shuttered with an orgasm.

“I can't
believe that Ann doesn't always have an orgasm or only has one,”
Judy said.

“Maybe she
gets distracted from praying and can't get into the lustful mood,”
I said.

Judy started
moving under me. I just kept still and let her move.

“I don't
think that prayer and sex works too well together,” I said.
“Of course, I guess it is proper to say grace before I eat

She shuttered with
another orgasm. “Are you about ready to finish?”

I said, as I started moving rapidly in and out of her. Then I
ejaculated within her. She met my orgasm with one of her own.


On Wednesday
evening we went over to Ron and Ann's apartment for dinner.

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