[Atlantean's Quest 03] Redemption

BOOK: [Atlantean's Quest 03] Redemption
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By Jordan Summers

Chapter One

Ariel blew out a ragged breath. Relief curled in her belly like a satisfied cat wraps around your legs. Her people were now safely on Zaron—well almost all of her people. She’d find Coridan and get back here as soon as possible, then her duties to her people would be complete. Ariel paused, imagining what her new life would be like on the planet she’d never seen. Would Zaron be as beautiful as Earth? Would it possess the wonder this lush blue planet held for her? There was only one way to find out.

She closed her eyes for a moment as emotion overwhelmed her. The vision she’d had the night before of a warrior streamed through her consciousness like the currents of the wind, rustling the branches of a tree. Her stomach clenched. Surely, she had been mistaken. Her fate lay with her people, didn’t it?

Yet she knew better than most, her visions could not be ignored. Psychic from birth, she trusted them with her life.

A white-throated toucan squawked with distress nearby, as if something approached its nest. Ariel looked in the direction of the cry, but saw nothing out of the norm. She brushed away the feeling of uneasiness that accompanied the loud caterwauling.

Ariel shifted one of the marked stones, effectively shutting down the device. She stared at the transport longingly for a few more moments, before reluctantly turning back to the village. She picked her way down the narrow trail, brushing past aromatic ginger flowers and purple orchids, soaking in their comforting fragrance, all the while cataloging the odor in her memory as things she would miss about this planet.

After a few moments, she reached the abandoned clearing. A light breeze caught at her blonde tresses, brushing the locks gently from her face and across her bare breasts.

It was quiet—too quiet.

The birds’ songs no longer filled her ears with music and not being able to hear the chatter of her people caused excruciating mental pain. In that moment she realized that being left alone on this planet, no longer able to use her telepathic abilities to communicate, would drive her and any other Atlantean insane. Abandonment was tantamount to death.

She and her people had unknowingly sentenced Coridan to death. The thought had Ariel’s lungs seizing, crushing inward with a pain rivaling the icy fear she felt, but refused to examine too closely.

Her skin prickled as a rustling noise came from inside her dwelling, drawing her thoughts back to present. At first it had sounded like a breeze, moving the flap, yet the air was not powerful enough to move the heavy hide. Tension filled her lungs, making it difficult to breathe. A cry from a primate shattered the silence. Ariel relaxed.

Monkeys may have already taken up residence in her hut, goodness knows she’d had a difficult time keeping the curious creatures out when she had lived there. The noise grew louder and something crashed to the ground in her hut. Ariel inched nearer. Perhaps Coridan had sensed the shift in energy that had taken place with the Atlantean exodus, and had returned.

She decided not to call out to him, some things were best done in person. Her heart swelled with anticipation—and fear. It was time to meet her destiny. She stepped forward and threw back the hide flap, a tentative smile painted on her face.

“How nice of you to join us, my dear,” the red-haired man’s voice purred menacingly.

Ariel felt the blood drain from her face, the normal warmth replaced with cold. She raised her hands to defend herself, but before she could fire off a single energy burst, two men stepped from the shadows, shackling her with their hands. Ariel struggled to no avail, the men easily keeping her subdued.

Her full breasts bobbed as she put all her strength into escape. The brown hands holding her arms tightened, threatening without words to snap bones if necessary. Sweat beaded her brow, and dripped lazily down her chest. Her gaze narrowed on the devil sitting behind her small table.

As if in a trance, his gaze followed the movement of the perspiration droplets as they caressed her pink nipples and rolled down her abdomen. Ariel ceased her struggles. She didn’t want his eyes roaming any lower.

The professor’s ruddy face split into a cold snake-like smile. She could see no teeth, but knew without a doubt he could and would bite if provoked. “You’re not exactly who I was hoping for, but you’ll do.” His voice coiled around her.

“You must be Professor Donald Rumsinger.” It wasn’t a question. She knew from Queen Rachel’s thoughts that this man could be no other. Ariel watched the man stand and come around the table. He looked at her as if she was a mere insect under glass. “What can I do for you?” she asked, willing her voice to remain calm.

He reached out with fat groping fingers and ran the rough pad of this thumb over her nipple. Her sensitive skin puckered and beaded under the abrasion. “There are many things you can do for me.” He licked his cracked lips. “But most will have to wait until I get more equipment.” He flicked her nipple as if he were tossing a coin in the air and then returned to his seat. The wood creaked under his weight as he sat down.

“I am a lowly tribal member. I’m of no use to you. My people may not even miss me.” Ariel tried to act as humble as she could, given the circumstances. It wouldn’t do for the red devil to realize who she really was to her tribe.

“You’d better hope they do miss you.” The threat in his voice was apparent. “I’m counting on them to come looking for you.” His bushy eyebrows arched, challenge sparking in his expression along with anticipation. A native entered the hut and walked straight to the professor. He leaned down and whispered something in the red-devil’s ear, then turned and left without paying her any notice at all. Rumsinger stood abruptly.

“Speaking of your people…Where are they?”

Ariel shrugged.

His gaze narrowed, pinning her in place with the hatred she saw swimming in the brown depths of his eyes. “Don’t lie to me. I’ve grown tired and impatient, tramping around in this godforsaken place.” He all but growled. “If you don’t tell me where your people have gone, I’ll let my men take turns plumbing that tight ripe cunt of yours.” He leaned across the table, nearing her face. “Do you understand me?”

Ariel swallowed her immediate response. He dare threaten her? Did he not know she was the seer, holy woman and guide to the beyond? Of course he didn’t, she’d just told him she was an unimportant tribal member.

If she had access to her potions, Ariel would have him believing he was a frog within minutes. She paused. Maybe a frog was too good for this wart of a man. Perhaps a slug…Ariel smiled to herself. Unfortunately, for now she’d have to go with another plan since he wasn’t buying her lowly position.

“If you or any of your men fuck me, then I’ll be unable to aid you. I am the seer. My power is great, but cannot be tainted by a male cock.” Her statement was the truth, for the most part. Now that her people were no longer on the planet, she wasn’t exactly needed in the same capacity, but he didn’t know that. Ariel watched as her words sank into the slug’s twisted mind. His thoughts were instantaneous.

What if she’s telling the truth?

She smiled, this time showing him. “Rest assured, little man, I am telling the truth.”

The professor’s face grew as red as an overripe berry, before he finally released an anger-filled breath. “Take this blonde whore to the hut located on the furthest branch. Bind her, and then post yourselves on guard duty. If she tries to escape you have my permission to sample any part of her flesh you like, but save her ass for me.” His brown eyes narrowed and he grinned, anticipation plainly written on his vile face. “You’ll learn not to lie to me, bitch.”

Ariel’s blood seemed to thicken in her veins. The man’s mind raged with torturous thoughts. For a few seconds, she saw herself bound by vines and suspended up in the air, her long legs pulled apart to the point of pain, exposing her pussy and back orifice to his turgid cock. He’d like nothing more than to plant his deranged seed inside her, not because he found her attractive, but because it would be one more successful experiment. This man truly enjoyed hurting people.

Too bad the mere act of fucking her wouldn’t do it. Only a true-mate could impregnate her, and then only after they’d built up enough power to perform an energy bind.

The professor held no care for others, only himself, like a parasite growing from its host’s body. He devoured souls instead of blood. His sole focus was on locating the famous lost tribe and he had. They were simply no longer here. He’d planned on plundering their wealth, and bringing back a male specimen for experimentation and breeding purposes.

The male would have made the professor famous amongst his peers. He’d worked the whole thing out. Rumsinger would start by parading the poor caged specimen around, showing him off to all the famous scientific minds of the world, until the male was no longer of use to him. Then he’d run a barrage of tests on the male to determine his origins. Death would follow and it would not be swift.

Panic slammed into her chest, she desperately tried to drag air into her lungs. A slow chill came over her body and Ariel shivered, unable to draw warmth. She could not let this human demon near the transport or Coridan…if he was still alive. She would die before she allowed her people to fall victim to his deranged mind. Escape was the only answer.

The men jerked Ariel’s arms behind her back and quickly bound her. The vines bit into her tender flesh and she winced. They led her out of the hut, over to the lift, and then placed her into the basket. She didn’t miss the hungry looks the two natives gave her as the basket lifted into the air. Ariel smiled to herself. She might be able to use their lust to her advantage. She considered no woman her sexual equal. In fact, she’d yet to meet a man who she thought could stand up to the demands her body would place on him.

Well perhaps one man…

* * * * *

Coridan wandered through the jungle aimlessly. His scratched body bled, but he refused to heal himself. What was the point? He’d be dead within days. The endless silence was like the slice of a razor across his mind, cutting out pieces of his sanity. Soon, there would be none left.

They were gone—all gone.

He’d sensed the energy shift a couple of hours ago, signaling his people’s departure, leaving nothing but gaping emptiness behind. In that moment, blind panic the likes of which he’d never experienced, lanced through him. A scream had torn from his throat, a primal wounded cry emanating from the depths of his bowels. Coridan had clawed at his flesh like a frenzied beast, allowing insanity to embrace him for a moment, before reining himself back from the edge of the abyss to clear thought once again.

He was alone.

Damn his selfish behavior. What had started out as admiration turned into jealousy, until he was no longer able to tell right from wrong. Now he paid the price. Exile. He pushed a fern out of the way, wending his way deeper into the jungle. He’d continue to trample through the vegetation, not caring whether he destroyed the plant life, until madness overtook him. It would not be long now.

Coridan prayed to the goddess that his death would not be drawn out. He didn’t bother asking for her mercy, for he deserved it not. He’d acted out of frustration. The frustration that comes when a man realizes there is no chance of finding his true-mate.

Now Jac was gone.

Gone with Ares—her true-mate.

Coridan hadn’t wanted to admit it to himself at the time, but today the truth was as clear as the azure color of Jac’s fiery eyes. The moment she’d taken to the river, risking life and limb to save Ares, he’d known that beyond a doubt she’d never been his true-mate. He’d been wrong about her. Coridan snorted. He’d been wrong about many things. There was no point dwelling on his past mistakes. He’d find no redemption here in the middle of the jungle, without his people.

He pushed on, ignoring the pain surging through his muscles. He’d been walking ever since he’d voluntarily left the Atlanteans, refusing to allow his body to seek nourishment or rest. Soon his limbs would collapse and he’d have no choice but to allow exhaustion to claim him. Until then he’d journey on, getting far away from the reminders of his shame, as far as his legs would carry him. Maybe then, he’d find a small modicum of peace.

* * * * *

The men shoved Ariel into Eros’ old hut and followed closely behind. They stroked her ample breasts and plucked at her nipples until they engorged; bolstered by the fact they were concealed from the professor’s prying eyes. She sensed their pent-up frustrations. It wasn’t difficult to amplify them in the men’s minds.

Ariel made herself stand still and even lean into their clumsy caresses. Her tongue darted out in mock appreciation, leading the two men to believe she wanted their attention. She could easily convince them to please her and once she was free, she’d blast the cocks right off of these two.

The thought almost made her giggle. A bit of Jac must have rubbed off onto her. The men began to argue in their native language. From what she could see of their thoughts, they were trying to decide just how far they could take their fondling, before the professor’s wrath came down upon their heads.

Ariel became even more docile, shifting her legs slightly so that the musky odor of her sex reached their nostrils. She shimmied until her skirt dropped to the floor. The men’s lustful gazes locked onto her shaven pussy, an Atlantean tradition that affected human males and warriors alike.

BOOK: [Atlantean's Quest 03] Redemption
13.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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