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To my sons:

I'm proud of the men you've become




There's an infection going around that the medical profession won't acknowledge. It's the vampire's bite.

     Vampires were around for many centuries, taking their victims. Some were random, some chosen, but the bite was deadly. The body goes through all sorts of changes. Their senses are heightened: sight and hearing especially become acute. Breathing becomes shallow; sometimes, non-existent. And, once bitten, they share memories with the vampire. This is to name just a few.

     The vampires of old were hunted down; a stake driven into their hearts; beheaded, and, oft times burned. People feared their existence.

     Today, modern culture reveres them, emulate them; wanting to be them. The irony of it all, they were still thought of as fictional characters. Although there are a lot of wannabes out there, believing they're truly a creature of the night; even as far as drinking blood but not biting their victims. At least, that's what I believed until I was bitten by one.

     I'm Lucy Blake and this is my story.



     I live in the East End of London. It has always been a hub for vampire culture. I'm talking true vampires. The East End, though it's being built up, still isn't the nicer sections but it was what I could afford on my freelance writer's wages. It was a walk-up studio apartment and it suited me just fine.

     Weekends, I usually treated myself to a night at the club scene. The particular one I visited, Tasmania, was managed by my dear friend Donnie. I knew him since we were adolescents. We gravitated to one another because we were different. I enjoyed Goth at a time it was just coming into existence and he lived an alternative life style.

     The last thing I expected that particular Friday night was to be attacked and bitten.

     Heads turned when I walked through the club to the bar. I was no slouch. I was petite but well endowed. My hair was fiery red and past my shoulders. My eyes were a sharp, almost emerald green veiled by long, copper lashes.

     Here, at the club, my Goth mode of dress was the mode of fashion. I loved my short, black skirt, red corset top and knee high, heavy black boots. My skin was already pale with a dusting of freckles about my nose, so the dark ringed eyes and deep burgundy lipstick complemented nicely. The corner of my right brow was pierced with a small ring, as was the right corner of my bottom lip and of course, my ears with silver hoops.

     My friend, Donnie, served me a warm pint. "Everything going okay?" he engaged, even though we had just texted one another an hour ago.

     "The same."

     I was in a rut. I thought my life was droll. Well, I was about to get an awakening!

     Donnie returned to serving the customers and I took my pint of beer and found a small table in the darker corner of the club. I pulled out my laptop and started working on a blog that I'd been running for over a year. Guess what it was about? Right, the existence of vampires! I liked vampires. I secretly wished I was one; or so I thought. That was if they were real, which I believed weren't.

     In the midst of writing, I sensed someone staring at me. Not the stare I was accustomed to but the kind of stare that prickled my skin. I glanced around me. In the dim light and crowd, I couldn't discern who it was. I sipped from my glass and continued working.

     The barmaid brought me another pint before mine was empty. I thought it from Donnie until she said, "It's from the gentleman over there." She gestured to a distant table.

     I couldn't discern his features but there was something mysteriously attractive about him. I told the barmaid to thank him for me but not to send me anymore. Believe it, or not, I preferred to be alone in the club. Writing at my corner table with a pint of beer relaxed me.

     A little while later, Donnie joined me at the table. "How do you ever expect to meet anyone sitting here alone? Most people come here to socialize."

     "I don't want to meet anyone. I'm content to sit here and write; you know that."

     "What about that guy that sent over the pint?"

     "I told him not to send anymore over. Look, if you're here to lecture me, don't."

     He sighed despairingly and walked away.


     Three pints and pages of work later, I closed up my laptop and stood. I put on my mid-calf black leather jacket I'd slung over the back of the chair when I first came in, put the computer in its carrying case, slipped it over my shoulder and started from the club, waving to my friend as I headed for the door.

     The weather was nippy and damp; not unusual for fall or for London. The whole way I walked for the tube, I got the chilling feeling I was being followed. I nearly made it, when, as I passed an alleyway, I was grabbed from behind and dragged back into the alley. My scream was muffled by his hand over my mouth. As I shook my head, my hair fell off my shoulder, baring my neck. He caressed it. I heard a feral growl and then felt the pain of something sharp break the skin.

    My heart pounded wildly in my chest. My breathing grew rapid. I was lightheaded and dizzy as I felt him sucking blood from my vein that was pumping faster than usual.

    The sound of people walking and talking made him let me go and run. I fell back against the wall, panting. My neck was wet. When I pulled my hand away from the wound, there was blood.

I waited, as the people passed by, desperately trying to compose myself. Reaching into my carry-all bag, I pulled out a few tissues and wiped away the trickle of blood. After a few moments, I made my weak legs move and I pushed forward to the tube.

      I hopped into the train just before the doors closed, and plopped in a seat. When I glanced out the window, I caught my breath. A man, looking very much like the one from the club, stood on the platform, staring at me. I was grateful when the train pulled into the tunnel.


     My hand was still shaking as I fished out my keys and opened the front door of my building. My legs shook so bad, I clung to the bannister to pull myself up the four flights of stairs to my flat.

     Once inside, I dropped my keys on the small table by the door and shrugged off my coat, hanging it on the coat tree. I crossed into the living room and plopped on my sofa bed. Too exhausted and weak from my experience, I managed to only pull off my boots. I wrapped myself in the afghan over the back of the couch and laid down.

     It took some time for me to settle and not feel or see that psycho who bit me but I finally fell into exhausted sleep.



     I woke with a throbbing headache and the pounding on the door exacerbated it. With a groan, I dragged myself to the door. Donnie was on the other side of it.

     "You look awful."

     "Cheers to you too." I wryly returned and walked away.

     He closed the door behind him and followed me into the small kitchen. I filled the red kettle with water and put it on the burner to boil. Donnie pulled out a chair and sat down.

    "What's wrong?" he asked.

    I placed my hand to my aching neck. "I think I'm coming down with something." I excused. I didn't want to upset my friend. He'd want me to go to the police and I didn't think they'd believe me.
didn't believe it happened!

     "You should forego coming to the club tonight." He suggested.

     "I didn't plan to come. I was going to rest up."

     The kettle whistled and I turned off the burner. I poured the scalding water into the mugs with the mesh tea balls I had prepared. It sizzled and hissed. I carefully set the mugs on the table and sat down.

     Donnie started to spoon sugar into his tea. "So, did anything more happen with that guy who brought you the beer?"

     "No. Besides, I'm seeing someone."

     Aiden Harper was a fine, well-toned, well-built man of dark persuasion, sporting a bald head and a goatee. We had met a few weeks ago at the grocery store in the produce section. I know, very cliché. But, it's true. We'd only gone out once but we hit it off. Still, I was cautious; having been burned before.


      "That guy Aiden Harper."

      "I didn't realize you were dating."

      "No, there's a lot of things I don't tell you,
." I jeered.

      "Wait, is he the guy you met at the super market?"

     I nodded. "We only dated once."

      "You really need to get out more and socialize. And, I don't mean come to the club with your laptop and write."

     "Unlike you, I don't jump in bed with every guy I just meet."

     A salacious grin touched his lips. I shook my head and sipped my tea.

     "Just because you were burnt by that guy Bobby last year doesn't mean you have to become a recluse."

     I groaned and put my fingers to my brow.

     "Head hurting?"

     I nodded.

    "You should take something and lay down."
    "I will, as soon as you leave."

    He held up his hands. "I'm going. Just rest and consider what I said. It isn't good for you to lock yourself up in the flat all the time. You've got to mingle."

    "Good bye, Donnie."

    He sighed and departed.




     I woke a little after four o'clock. The shadows of dusk fell across the flat. My headache was gone and I felt better. I decided to shower and order take-out: Chinese. As I was about to stand, the phone rang. I lifted it off of the lamp table.


     "Hello, Sweetness." Came the deep voice I recognized as Aiden.

     I smiled, "Hi."

     "How about we go out to dinner?" he offered.

     "Actually, I was planning to stay home tonight. I'm really tired."

     "Would you like company?"

     "If you don't mind sharing Chinese."

      "I love Kung Pao."

      "Then I'll order some. Give me an hour. I just woke from a nap and I've got to pull myself together."

      "See you then, Sweetness."

      "Bye." I bid and hung up, holding the receiver in my hand with a dreamy grin. I shook myself from the pending euphoria. I didn't want to get too involved.

      I put the receiver on its cradle and got up, heading for the shower.


     The shower revived me and I was looking forward to seeing Aiden again. I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and swiped my hand over its foggy glass in a circular motion. I gasped. Over my shoulder was the face of the man who attacked me.

     "You belong to me." He whispered close to my ear.

       I sharply turned but no one was there. I faced my reflection again. The image was gone.

       I grabbed the sides of the sink and hung my head, trying to gain my composure. I drew in a deep breath and lifted my head, staring back into the mirror. I opened the cabinet and took out the toothpaste to brush my teeth.


      The Chinese food came right before Aiden. I hurried to answer the door. He stood on the other side, a charming smile on his face. He looked so handsome in the blue knit, v-neck shirt and black jeans. I wanted to throw my arms around him and kiss him which surprised me.

     "Hi." I greeted.

     "Hello, Sweetness."

     I gestured for him to enter. I closed the door behind him. "The food is here."

    "Good, I'm starving."

    "I thought we could watch a movie while we eat." I figured it was a good way to keep things light and easy.

     "Fine with me."

     I went in the kitchen and picked the bag up off of the table, bringing it in the living room. I set it on the black coffee table.

     "So, what movie are we watching?"

     "Do you like vampire movies?" I queried, holding the DVD in my hand.

     Aiden shrugged. "Sounds good to me. As long as it isn't some sappy chic movie."

    "Yeah, I don't like them either. This," I waved the case. "Is an oldie but goodie:

    He assessed my outfit, make-up and earrings and with a smile replied, "Yeah, I figured you for something like that."

     I smiled and put the disc into the DVR.

    Aiden started taking out the food and setting it up on the table. He handed me a set of chop sticks when I sat beside him. He smelled delicious. I really needed to get it together around him. His charm was disarming. I was determined not to fall for this guy. Not yet, anyway.

     The movie started and we relaxed with dinner and light conversation; all the while wishing he would take me in his arms and ravage me. I couldn't believe these sudden urges coming over me. I usually am in great control. But as the evening continued, his nearness was making me sweat. It took all I had not to want to take him then and there.

     My head started to throb, my stomach churned. My clothes began to stick to me. I needed air. I needed to be alone.

     "What's wrong?" Aiden curiously asked, seeing my discomfort.

     "I don't know. I just suddenly started feeling sick."

     "Maybe it was the food. I feel okay though. Why don't I make you some tea? That usually settles my stomach."

     I really wanted him to leave. I didn't know how much longer I could control myself in his presence.

     Aiden got up to make the tea but I grabbed his hand, pulling him down and locking lips. He didn't fight it. He gladly went along with it. Next thing I know, we were shedding our clothes and going at it on the sofa.


     I woke up curled in his arms on the couch. Someone was knocking on the door. What time was it? And how long had we been asleep? I carefully slipped off the sofa without waking him and hurried to the door. No one was there. I shrugged, closed the door and turned, smack into a large man shrouded in a black hoodie; his features in shadows. He grabbed hold of my throat and lifted me off my feet.

     "Did you think I wouldn't find you?" he seethed. "I told you, you belong to me."

     Fangs gleamed when he opened his mouth and I cried out.

     Aiden jumped. I was seated upright, trembling. He put his arm around me. "It's okay, you were just having a bad dream." He consoled.

     "What time is it?" I asked, confused and dazed.

     He glanced at his watch. "A little after two."

    I rubbed my face with my hands. What had I done? I acted like a total sex fiend with this stranger. After all, I only went out with him once. I was so embarrassed. Of course, he didn't seem to mind.

     "How are you feeling?" he asked, caressing my bare arm.

     "I could really use that tea now."

     He softly chortled and stood, unabashed by his nudity. And, why shouldn't he be? The man was a god. As he went in the kitchen to prepare the tea, I slipped on my panties and t-shirt, and wrapped the afghan around me. I didn't want to sit there and stare at Aiden prance about the kitchen so I reached for the remote and turned on the TV.

     A woman reporter filled the screen. She was talking about the gruesome murder of a prostitute found in an alleyway earlier that evening. Her throat had been torn apart. What puzzled the medical examiner was the fact she had very little blood left in her body.

     I shuddered. Was that the same man who bit me? If it was, that could have been me. Should I consider myself lucky he left me alive? Time would prove I wasn't so lucky.

    "Here's your tea." Aiden spoke into my thoughts.

    I accepted the mug, avoiding looking at his genitals. He put on his black boxer briefs.

    "That was grizzly." He commented on the news report. "She was the second body we found like that in a matter of weeks. The case has law enforcement stumped."

     "Did you actually see it?" I asked and sipped at my hot tea. It felt good going down.

     "I saw the first one when my unit was called out to it." He sat down beside me. "Are you doing any better?"

     I nodded. "How could a human drink all of that blood? He would die."

    Aiden frowned. "Drink?"

    "He did tear open her throat. What else did he do with the blood? There was none found at the scene except around her neck."

     "The man is definitely sick. There is a disease where people actually drink blood called porphyria. But I think he drained his victims with some sort of medical device."

      "Maybe he's a vampire." I half-heartily joked, just to gauge his reaction.

      He tossed me a wry glance. "Girl, you like vampires a bit too much. You do know they're fictional."

      "What if there are genuine vampires lurking about London?"

      Aiden softly laughed. "I think you need to stop watching so many
movies." He took the remote from me, "And gruesome news stories." He changed channels to some old comedy show. He leaned back on the sofa, putting his arm around me. "There. We'll watch a little TV until you finish your tea and try and go back to sleep."

      I quietly agreed and leaned back into his arm and watched the show as I drank the tea.

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