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A strange warmth flooded her as he wrapped her in his arms. “What rule?”

“You’re against workplace dating.”

He cursed under his breath. She’d been staring at the floor, and then he was in front of her, his thumb brushing over her cheek. The heat from his bare chest warmed her, and as he uncrossed her arms, he said, “You know what they say about rules, right?”

She saw the desire in his eyes and hoped he meant something about breaking them. When he opened the side table’s drawer and pulled out a pad of sticky notes, she asked, “What are you doing?”

“Rules are meant to be broken, and I’m looking for a pen so I can write down on paper how certain I am I want to break them.” He continued to shove around items in the drawer.

“I have one in my purse.” She unsnapped her clutch and handed him a pen.

He took it and read the inscription. “The Fresh Bean. Nice.”

“It’s my favorite one.”


“Rule breaker.”

He scribbled something almost illegible, and she grinned when she read it.
Both parties, by signing this sticky note, do hereby agree to mix business with pleasure.

After signing and dating the sticky, he handed her the pen. She signed it and then with a playful little smile, she slid out of her skirt, standing naked except for her heels under the chandelier. “Trick or treat.”

Blake’s gaze followed the fabric to the floor, and he groaned. “You’re killing me.”

Before she could respond, he grabbed her and anything she might have mumbled disappeared when his mouth covered hers, warm and with just enough force to cause her to forget the foyer décor.

“I’m taking you to bed. Right now.” He covered one hand over her eyes. “You can look around later.”

She let him steer her forward to the left, around something, and then her heels stopped clicking and she could tell this room had plush carpet. He removed his hand
She blinked. He scooped her up and spread her on the bed, and as she fell, she hoped she’d remember this was just temporary in the morning.

“Now, where were we?” He nudged open her legs and braced one hand on either side of her head.

“Yes.” Kira nodded, unable to think of a single thing to say besides yes.

Blake’s gaze trapped hers for a moment and then his mouth curved in a devilish smile. “Stay.”

She obeyed as his tongue trailed between her breasts and over each nipple, shocks of electric pleasure sending currents rushing through her. When his tongue reached her core, she arched and gasped, her hands automatically reaching for his head. The suction on her sensitive flesh shot stars behind her eyes, and as she panted, she begged, “Take me. I need you inside me.” She clutched on to him and begged. “Please. Now.”

He slipped on a condom and took his time as he entered her, inch by inch. She wanted to thrust her hips to rush him, but he placed one open palm on her lower abdomen and pinned her in place. Wiggling didn’t help, and he apparently decided to ignore her pleas.

With an evil grin, he said, “Don’t rush this.”

She growled, an aggravated sound that turned into more gasping as the tight ache climbed to an unbearable torture. “Please.”

He must have sensed her desperation, because he chose exactly the right moment to increase his speed, pumping into her with long strokes and reaching between them to rub the sensitive flesh. She screamed his name, her muscles flexing wildly, until all the energy drained from her body. With the heated rush still subsiding, Blake continued to glide into her and work his fingers along her exposed skin.

The air caught in her lungs, and even having just come with so much force, the building pressure caught her off guard. Within moments, Blake tensed and his body jerked, and then a second orgasm tore through her, leaving her breathless and shocked that she’d just experienced the infamous multiple orgasm.

She collapsed against the pillows and stared at the ceiling. “That was—” She covered her face with her hand.

He slid out of her, and she wanted to protest but couldn’t find the energy. Instead, she listened to the water run and her stomach rumble.

He exited the bathroom and positioned himself between her thighs, his head by her stomach. “Hungry?”

As if on cue, another grumble sounded. “Guess so.”

She closed her eyes but felt the mattress move as he shifted his weight. “Stay here. I’ll find us snacks.”

Too curious to stay put, she hopped out of bed and followed the lighted hallway to the kitchen. He looked up, an adorable but guilty expression on his face, and as she registered his closed mouth, puffed cheeks, and hint of laughter, she glanced at the counter and saw an open sleeve of coconut macaroons.

From the beginning, Blake had managed to surprise her, acting out of character from the image she’d had of the CEO in her head, and this food-foraging Blake was no exception. She joined him at the counter and pinched a macaroon between her thumb and index finger. “These are my favorite. Just so you know.”

She meant to pop the entire cookie into her mouth, but before she could, he snatched it and put half in his mouth, offering her the other half with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

She had to rise on her toes to take her treat, and when their lips collided, she closed her eyes and moaned, rocking into him. “Delicious.”

He licked his lips and then kissed his way from her mouth to her neck and back to her breasts. She dug her fingers through his hair, arching into his hot mouth, and begging him to suck harder.

When his hands cupped her ass and lifted her to the counter, she squeaked and spread her legs, allowing him easy access to her already moist flesh. He wiggled his eyebrows as he told her to pass him a macaroon.

“What?” She giggled.

Without waiting for her to comply, he leaned into her, forcing her back until he stretched over her enough to slide the sleeve closer to him. “You’re so sexy when you laugh like that.”

“You’re just plain sexy.”

He took the cookie and crumbled bits on her thighs and in between her legs. The sprinkles looked like sugar crumbs, and she tried to figure out just how exactly she could pay him back with something similar. Then, his tongue lapped at her flesh, and she lost all thought and just felt. With unabashed pleasure, she spread her legs as he licked his way to her most sensitive spot, and with the granules manipulating her tender bud, she came with a fierce growl that had her bucking against him and then lying back seeing stars.

“Oh my.” She flung her hand over her face and sucked in air, still processing what the heck just happened.

He tugged at her wrist and shot her an evil grin. “I’m not done.”

No way could she handle any more excruciating pleasure from this man. Not while her body was still reeling from coming three times. But he’d already produced a condom from somewhere, and she perked up, eager to have him back inside her.

With renewed energy, she scooted to the edge of the counter and welcomed him into her slick folds. He stared up at her, his expression dazed. “God, you feel so hot.”

She clung to his tight biceps, gripped his broad shoulders, dragged her fingers down his taut back, all the while fighting back the rushed wave of pleasure aching to explode, and when she felt him tense and then plunge into her, anchoring her to him with one firm arm around her hips, she followed him over the edge without a care as to where she’d land.

She’d thought she’d known what good sex was, but clearly she’d been playing with amateurs. Why on earth would any girl leave when the sex was that good?

And then she remembered he was the one who left them…

Chapter Eleven

lake frowned at Kira’s back as she worked at her desk on Monday. They hadn’t had a chance to speak since Sunday morning when she’d woken him with a rushed excuse, a quick kiss. Something about needing to pick up Sadie the Shih Tzu from the vet, because one of the other volunteers had car trouble. He’d offered to drive her, but she’d already called a cab, and he’d mistakenly believed her when she’d told him she’d call him later.

He couldn’t admit that it bothered him she hadn’t called, because while sitting in his office, he’d been tempted to use work as an excuse to send her a text message. Then he’d found a significant error in the contract he’d been reviewing and all thoughts left his mind but redlining entire sections of one of his client’s documents.

He’d expected some time to chat with her this morning, but he’d been thrown into an unexpected meeting with a client.

Once she placed the phone in the cradle and picked up the message slip
he approached her. “Do you want to talk about Saturday night?”

She handed him the phone message and smiled. “You’re going to be late for Mrs. Ferguson and her yoga studio.”

“Third floor?” He’d never known a woman less likely to want to talk about anything.

She winked and his gut tightened at her playfulness, slowing his comprehension as he processed her words. “Yes, and for the record, I’m trying desperately to keep work and play separate. I heard it’s safer that way.”

“And you’re so into safety?”

“With you, I have to be.”

That intrigued him. “Let’s discuss this when I return.”

“Sure thing, boss.”

He clamped his mouth shut from the retort and stalked toward the elevators.

ive hours later, Blake returned and gestured for Kira to follow him into his office, stopping just inside
in order to shut the door after she entered. She faced him with a closed-mouth smile on her face, and it drove him crazy that he couldn’t read her. She emitted such a simple, carefree attitude, but she sent complex signals hinting at deeper emotions. He didn’t doubt she had many layers, and after Saturday, he wanted to make figuring her out a priority. As a cut and dry guy, he wanted to know why she presented such a puzzle.

He reached out and pulled her to him, caressing his hands up her waist, inhaling her floral scent, and leaning in to taste her lips. She gasped and stiffened, and as he stared down into her face, he sorted through a dozen different thoughts and admitted, “You’re gorgeous.”

It would be easy to let himself get distracted by her, but the pull was too much to deny. Every time she entered his radius, the tension between them demanded to be addressed, and after Saturday, after knowing what hid beneath her cute sundresses and closed-mouth smiles, he wanted more. But the wary look she shot him warned him he had to take a different route than a bulldozer.

As soon as he released her, she shuddered an audible breath and retreated to the corner, where the latest foster puppy slept on a plush cushion. After her quick departure Sunday morning, he’d expected Sadie the Shih Tzu, but she’d shown up with a Pomeranian, Duchess. Duchess came from a puppy mill. Animal Services had rescued her and her three brothers.

After she leaned over and checked the water bowl, she took the armchair opposite his desk. Instead of sitting in his executive leather chair, he took the seat next to her. Her look of surprise was enough to get the conversation started, and he crossed an ankle over his knee and said, “I enjoyed Saturday night.”

“So did I. Thank you.”

“You’re thanking me for Saturday night?”

“For everything.” Her gaze dropped from his. “For not being weird about this. For helping me with the building. For letting me keep the puppies here.”

“I love that I get to be more involved because of you. I’ve always loved dogs, but I’m not around enough to own one. Fostering is the perfect compromise.” He wasn’t ready to discuss her building, though. During the meeting he’d received a text message that the new plans for downtown had arrived, but he still hadn’t heard back from two of the board members who usually took his side. He didn’t want to get her hopes up until he was certain he had the vote in his favor. He’d hate to disappoint her because he wanted so much to please her. To see her smile and celebrate with her after he broke the news that the board had swung in his favor
favor. He wasn’t sure when her happiness had become so important to him, but it had.

Her face immediately brightened. “Really?”

Damn, if it was that easy to make her happy, he hit the lottery with her. “Really.”

She sucked in her lower lip. “I’m not sure how to handle crossing the line. I’ve never done this before…”

He found her admission sexy as hell. “Neither have I.” He didn’t know what he was trying to tell her, so he plowed forward.

“I’m sorry if I made it awkward by coming on to you just now.”

She retracted her knee from his and sat up straight. “Not at all. I was just…surprised.”

He placed his palm on her thigh. “It’s hard to keep my hands off you, but I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

She giggled. “Last time I was uncomfortable, I was wearing that tailored Lois Lane shirt and had to take it off.”

“You did mention something about office sex.”

That comment had her smiling.

She chewed on her lower lip and then said, “We should seal this with a kiss and maybe another sticky note.”

He laughed out loud. “I agree.”

She sank to her knees in front of him, and he automatically spread his thighs to allow her closer proximity. She leaned into him and offered her upturned face, her lips relaxed, slightly parted, and tempting him in the worst way possible. He slid his arms around her slim waist and tugged until she fell into him with the cutest little huff. When she wrinkled her nose, he kissed the tip of it, and then he moved lower to her mouth.

She tasted like coconut, and a memory hit him hard of how they’d snacked on coconut macaroons after their first round of sex—so explosive he’d lost his breath. How had they created a memory so soon? After just one encounter.

ith Blake’s chair lowered all the way, Kira found the perfect height to lean on his chest and kiss him. The weight of his arms around her back pinned her in place, and when his palms flattened on her ass, she sighed into his mouth. “If you need me to stay late tonight, I can order in pizza.” She ran her palms over his biceps and wondered if office sex could be a possibility.

He tapped a finger to his lips. “You and I working late together. Alone. Could be interesting.”

She shook her head. “We’re both adults. We’ve stayed late before.”

When he cupped her face between his hands, she let him, helpless to do anything but appreciate the delicious feeling of his warm palms on her skin. Leaning into him, she let a small hum escape.

His lips pressed against hers, and she forgot all her insecurities. When he pulled away, he said, “I want to make sure you’re okay with this.”

“I’m fine.” Maybe he’d kept work and pleasure separate because he didn’t want to cross a line, but now that they’d smudged that line, she didn’t want him to have any regrets either. “But just to clarify, we’re not—” How did she ask something she didn’t want answered? Perhaps ambiguity would be her friend. He raised a brow. She swallowed. “We’re keeping this quiet, right?”

“If that’s what you want.”

“I think so.” She winked at him. “Want to see if I prefer to keep it quiet on this desk?”

He growled at her and stood, lifting her by her hips and placing her on the edge of the desk. “Don’t move.”

He strode over to the door, flicked the lock, and then positioned himself between her thighs. “Quiet, right?”

“Complete silence.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

The ringing phone startled them apart, and she slipped off the desk to skip around to the other side.

“Blake Whitman’s office.”

After listening to a woman rant for a minute, he moved to stand by the phone. His proximity distracted Kira again, but as she inhaled his tantalizing aroma, she finally placed the caller. His sister, the councilwoman. She mouthed the name to Blake, and he gestured for her that he was available.

“Councilwoman, Mr. Whitman just walked into the office. May I put you on hold and then have him pick up the line?”


After punching the hold button, she left Blake to his sister with a small wave. She returned to her desk and opened her email. Blake’s door was still shut, and she could hear the deep baritone of his voice resonating through the wall. Whatever was being discussed sure sounded heated, and she didn’t envy her boss his stress levels.

But she had her own issues to worry about, like how to handle the fact that she was now another notch in Blake’s bedpost.


He glanced up and waved Kira to enter. He pointed to the Bluetooth in his ear and nodded as if the caller could see his gesture of agreement. “Yes, yes, that’s fine, Krystal. Thank you.”

He tapped the earpiece and stood. “Guess what?”

Her face lit with a smile, as if sensing his excitement. “What?”

“Krystal found a home for Duchess. After only an hour on the website.”

He watched her smile fade and her gaze shift to the gated area in the far corner. “Oh.” She nodded. “That’s good.” Her ponytail swayed as she walked over to the Pomeranian and picked her up. “Isn’t that good, Duchess?”

Something bothered her. The whole point of fosters and the rescue was to land the dogs in permanent homes, so finding out that Duchess was going to be adopted should have excited Kira.

“What’s wrong?”

She turned her face away from him. “Nothing.” Then, “Why did Krystal call you?”

“She said she tried your cell, but I guess she doesn’t have your work number.”

“Oh. Right.” Still, she didn’t look at him.

When he heard her sniffle, he hustled across the room. “Tell me what’s wrong

“I try not to, but I get attached to the dogs I foster.” She sniffled again. “I don’t know what my problem is, because I know I’m a temporary caregiver. So, really, I’m happy for them.”

“Do you want me to come with you?”


“The rest of the message was Krystal asking if you could meet her at The Fresh Bean. She’s hoping to trade you for another foster.”

Now she did look at him, and he couldn’t mistake the sadness flashing in her dark eyes. Without thinking, he wrapped her and the Pomeranian in a hug. “It’s going to be okay.”

“I’m so happy Duchess is getting a home.”

If this was Kira happy, then he hoped to never see her sad. “Come on. We can walk. The office can spare us for an hour.”

They packed up Duchess’s supply bag and hooked her into the leash. The small dog wagged her tail and hopped around. On the mile walk to The Fresh Bean, Blake couldn’t help but notice how Kira gripped the leash and slowed her pace as they rounded the final block. She’d been silent up until that moment, but as soon as The Bromwell Building came into view, she tensed
and he heard the fake cheerfulness in her voice as she blabbed to Duchess.

“So it’s going to be so great for you to get this new home. And you’ll be with someone forever and ever. No need to worry at all. I’m sure your adoptive parents are going to love you and take care of you.”

He hated how hesitant she seemed walking next to him. Today she’d worn her usual sundress and sweater set, but instead of stilettos she had on a pair of strappy flats, making her shorter than usual. Her features were refined and delicate, and in her sadness, he thought she looked vulnerable. He swallowed back the urge to protect her from her pain.

In just under fifteen minutes, they’d arrived at their destination. Krystal sat with one of those wrinkly dogs by her feet, and both the dog and the woman stood upon noticing them. Duchess tugged forward, forcing Kira to speed up her reluctant steps or choke the Pomeranian.

“Thank you so much for meeting me here!” Krystal hugged Kira and then looked up at Blake. “I can’t tell you how thankful we are for your generosity. I’m floored by your commitment. Absolutely stunned.”

He flushed under her gushing, but he smiled like a gentleman and shook her hand. “It’s the least I can do, and I have Kira to thank for pointing me in the right direction. There are so many worthy causes.”

She bent and stroked the top of the other dog’s head. “This one’s mild-mannered, aren’t you, girl? You’re ready to walk back to the office with Blake and me?” She looked up at Krystal. “What’s her name?”

Krystal frowned. “You walked here?” To Blake she said, “I told you I could come to your office.”

“It’s not a problem.”

“It is, but I can drive you. This is Honeybear. She’s a Shar Pei with a heart condition.”

“Oh no!” Kira grabbed both of Honeybear’s ears and stroked them. “Bad heart, baby? Are you on medication?”

“She’s on two different heart pills. I can fill you in on the ride back.”

Kira chewed on her lower lip and looked at him. “Would you mind if I ran up and said hi to someone? I promise to be quick.”

He nodded and turned to Krystal. “I’ll help you load the car with these two. Unless you’d like to get a coffee first?”

“I’m good. Do you need one?”

“Sure.” He popped into The Fresh Bean, ordered and received his two regular coffees, and met Krystal back outside. Still no sign of Kira. “Let’s go load your car.”

He helped her move some paraphernalia into the trunk from the backseat, and just when he almost volunteered to enter the building and retrieve Kira, she exited, tissue in hand, eyes slightly puffy, and a smile pasted on her face as she climbed in the back seat with Duchess and Honeybear.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

It was killing Blake. Kira hadn’t been gender specific when she’d said she wanted to see someone, but he had no right to ask whom she’d seen. He didn’t like the uncomfortable feeling, but he wouldn’t pry—it wasn’t his business. Before Kira, women had come and gone; he’d never thought twice when they’d moved on.

BOOK: Blurring the Lines (Men of the Zodiac)
8.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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