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“So you didn’t just leave without a word?” I spoke softly so only Daniel would be able to hear me. He looked over, holding my gaze captive with his sapphire eyes. He reached up, and stroked my cheek, his eyes darkening slightly.

“No Kathryn, I didn’t. If my dumbass mate had given you that message we would have talked every day of the last three months. I thought you hadn’t wanted to call me.”

“Believe me, that was never it.”

He grinned and I answered with my own smile. A slight cough from further down the table broke my focus and I glanced at Joey who was grinning at me.

“Well clearly there are no hard feelings from that side of the table so you ladies can give my head peace.” Joey smirked at his wife and got a spoonful of mashed potatoes on his nose for his efforts. He grabbed Cora and rubbed his face all over hers. She squealed and tried to push him away but he had her tight against him and wouldn’t let her go. The whole table burst out laughing, egging Joey on. When he caught her in a deep kiss the kids groaned and started making gagging noises.

I was laughing so hard tears were running down my cheeks. Their obvious affection and passion for each other was something we were all very used to by now. I loved them for that, but couldn’t help the deep ache of longing it caused. Even when Sean was alive he was never one for open shows of passion or affection. He was a military man after all, very stoic and conservative. The most I ever got in public was a small kiss, even in our own home I might get a hug or kiss but there was never any heat and never lasted more than a couple seconds. I looked down at my plate of food, suddenly not as hungry as I once was.

The table erupted into the normal discussions, everyone telling each other about their week’s activities. Jamie, Lauren, and Lena were telling Lily and Tyler about their school and the upcoming concert they were all a part of. And Joey was asking Daniel about what was going on with the movie he was apparently filming in Vancouver, the reason he had to leave on such short notice or so I thought.

“Did I hear that Lynn was in the hospital a few months ago?” Cora interrupted Joey, as if she had just remembered something she had wanted to ask.


I felt Kathryn tense up when Cora asked that question and I glared at my longtime friend. Why couldn’t she have asked me that later when we were alone? I had to answer it now though, just had to explain it properly.

“Yes, Cora she was. About three months ago, she was the reason I first left Paris.” I heard the small intake of breath from Kathryn but she didn’t make any other sounds and when I glanced over she was focused solely on her food, mixing her mashed potatoes and corn. I smiled at that new information. The woman was seriously adorable.

“Another suicide attempt?” Joey asked casually, I shook my head and sighed, running my hands through my hair.

“No. It was another drunken car accident thing. I was the only one listed as her emergency contact. The doctors needed someone to take responsibility for her. I flew out, talked to the doctors and handed her over to her mother who was extremely reluctant to take any further responsibility for her daughter.”

“Jesus, what a mess. I tell you, Daniel since you left her that girl is all kinds of a fucked up mess, I’m pretty sure she has never gotten over you.” Cora punched Joey in the shoulder. “What? What did I say now?” She glared at him but he was clueless.

“It isn’t Daniel’s fault she is a mess. It’s her choice to be that way.”

“Of course it is. I didn’t mean to imply in any way it was your fault mate. I was just making an observation.”

“A dumbass observation.”

Joey grinned and nodded. “Yeah probably.” Joey and Cora started going back and forth, in their own little bickering world where we just weren’t ever invited into. I smiled at them then turned to the silent woman beside me.

“Are you okay?” I whispered quietly for her ears only. I got a simple nod but nothing else. I grabbed her hand that sat on her thigh but she pulled back and stood up.

“I need to go check on dessert. I’ll be right back.” She walked quickly out of the room. After a few minutes, I stood up and followed her with some muttering of wanting to help though it was unwarranted. No one was paying any attention to me. She wasn’t in the kitchen so I searched the bottom floor before heading upstairs. I found her in the last room I looked in. She was standing by a tall window next to a four-poster queen sized bed. She had her arms wrapped around her stomach and I stepped up behind her, wrapping my arms around her as well.

“Tell me what’s wrong.” She shook her head.

“I’m fine, just needed a minute.”

“Ah, Kathryn. I know when a woman says they are fine more often than not they actually mean they are far from. Are you upset that I left you to go to my ex-wife?” She took a deep shuddering breath so I knew I was close.

“No. That would make me selfish and it isn’t like I have any right to be possessive or jealous, we only had one night together. You went to her when she needed you. I wouldn’t want you to do any less.”

I turned her gently to face me, bringing her chin up so her eyes met mine.

“Ah grá, it wouldn’t make you selfish and I want you to be jealous.” Her eyes widened and I smiled. “That means that you have feelings for me, and since I am finding myself more and more enthralled with you, that wouldn’t be a bad thing.”

I pulled her tightly against me, loving the feel of her soft curves against my hard body. Her eyes darkened slightly as I placed my mouth softly against hers. My tongue swept against her lips, asking for permission to enter. She opened to my questing tongue quickly, and I swept in, moaning at the taste of her. I deepened the kiss, one hand reaching up and pulling her hair out of her ponytail so it hung loosely over her shoulders and down her back. My other hand traced her body, reaching her ass and pulling her tight up against my growing hardness. My mouth captured her gasp as her core met my cock and she could feel just how hard she was making me. I pushed her up against the window behind her, deepening the kiss even further before I pulled back trailing hot kisses down the side of her neck. She arched up against me, her hands weaving into my hair. I reached one hand underneath her shirt, cupping her breasts in my hand, I unclasped her bra, needing to have her bare and in my grasp. She groaned when my fingers found her nipples and squeezed.

“Fuck woman, three months is entirely too long without you.” I bent and took her nipple into my mouth, pulling the cotton of her shirt in my mouth as well. Just then we heard Lily’s voice calling for her mom. She pushed away and ran to the walk in closet where she flung off the now wet t-shirt, fixed her bra and was grabbing a new t-shirt when Lily came into the room. She only saw me at first and frowned.

“Do you know where my mom is?”

“Um, she spilled something on her shirt and had to change.” I grinned when Kathryn stepped out of her closet and smiled shakily over at Lily.

“I’ll be right down, you know how clumsy I am sometimes.” Lily still frowning looked from me to her mother, curiosity written all over her face but she had the good sense not to question either of us further. She turned and started back down the hall. Kathryn turned to me, blushing prettily and I laughed while I walked up to her and hugged her. She punched me on the arm

“It’s not funny, what if she had walked in?”

“Well she would have found out real quick her mother is more than just a mother, but also a gorgeous desirable woman… Or she would have been deeply traumatized.”

She shook her head and pushed away from me, leaving the bedroom. “No she would have found out that you are just a horny old man.” She shot over her shoulder, her laugh floating back towards me. I growled as I followed her back down the hall and down the stairs toward the kitchen, only making her laugh harder.

I would get her back for that but first I needed to figure out a way to get her all alone so I could taste her properly. Three months was definitely too long to be away from her, it was too long since her long legs were wrapped around my waist and she was screaming my name.
Soon, my gorgeous woman, very soon.

Chapter Six


After everyone left for the day, Tyler and Lily dispersed to their own rooms to do whatever it is they did on Sunday nights and I changed into my flannel PJ pants and tank top to curl up on my bed with my Kindle. I had downloaded quite a few books and was eager to get started reading. I had just plugged my phone in and gotten comfortable when my phone started buzzing. I glanced over and grinned when Daniel’s face popped up on the screen.


D: Don’t think you got away scot-free grá. I want to see you again before I leave.

K: Well you know where I live…

D: Is that an invitation?

K: Take it however you want it.

When I didn’t get another reply I set the phone back down and turned back to the hot men on my Kindle, they had been keeping me warm all these years, they never let me down. As I settled into my comfy bed I remembered that I forgot my tea downstairs, muttering to myself I walked down the dark stairs to the kitchen. I grabbed my tea off the counter where I left it, sipping it to make sure it was still warm before heading back to my bedroom. As I passed the front door I saw a shadow against the window making me jump, spilling warm tea down the front of my shirt. Panic set in seconds before there was a firm knock. I took a deep breath and asked who it was.

“Your dreams come true.” I rolled my eyes as I opened the door. Daniel was standing right there on my doorstep. It had started to rain and apparently he had walked the few blocks from Cora and Joey’s house, where he usually stayed while in Paris, because he was soaking wet, his dark hair falling in his eyes, and his white t-shirt and jeans clinging tightly to every muscle, leaving nothing to the imagination. My mouth watered as I stood still just staring at him. I didn’t realize I had stopped breathing until he stepped up against me, taking my bottom lip and pulling it gently from between my teeth, bending close so his lips were inches from mine and whispered.


Then he closed the distance to press his mouth against mine. I reached my hand up to curve against his jaw, holding him there as he gently kissed me. It was a soft sweet kiss that stirred things in my heart long dormant.


I stepped back from her, oddly and deeply moved by the gentle kiss and her soft hand on my jaw. I gazed down into her deep amber eyes, reaching up to tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear.

“Hi.” She grinned up at me.

“Hi, yourself.”

“You said to take it however I wanted…I wanted to take it as an invitation.”

“I see that. Did you seriously walk over here in the rain?”

“It wasn’t raining when I left.” I glanced up at the dark clouds and frowned. “I didn’t even know rain was in the damn forecast.” She laughed and stepped back into the foyer, gesturing me to follow her.

“Well since you are here, you might as well come in and get dry. Come up to the bedroom and I will give you a robe you can wear and I will throw those clothes in the dryer. They won’t get dry plastered on you the way they are.” Her cheeks flushed as she said that and she turned away to lead the way up the stairs. I grinned, suddenly extremely thankful it had started pouring halfway to her house. She led the way back to her bedroom, disappearing into her closet for a few minutes. Out of curiosity I followed behind her just as she yanked her tank top off. I couldn’t help a groan as her gorgeous body was suddenly naked from the waist up, making her shriek and grab the tank top from the floor in an attempt to hide her perfect 36C, if I wasn’t mistaken, chest from my eyes.

“What are you doing? I need to change my shirt!! Go away.” I stepped up close to her and shook my head, reaching up slowly and grabbing the tank top out of her grasp.

“Ah grá. It isn’t like I haven’t seen you, and dreamt about you for months. I want…no need to see you.” I placed my forehead on hers, using the tips of my fingers to gently trace up her arms, leaving goose bumps in their wake. I skimmed them up her shoulders, across her collarbone and then down to her breasts, watching fascinated as her breath quickened and then stopped as my fingers drew closer to their target.

“Breathe Kathryn.” I whispered against her lips just as I captured them in a kiss meant to steal her breath away and my fingers finally closed over her breasts, squeezing them and massaging them as I deepened the kiss even further. She moaned against my mouth before finally relenting and putting her arms around me, pulling me closer. When my wet clothes hit her skin she yelped and jumped backwards. I grinned down at her mischievously.

“Am I cold?”

“Um… Yeah, just a little.” She reached behind her and grabbed a big white robe off the top shelf and handed it over to me, then grabbed herself a t-shirt and yanked it over her head, covering up her deliciousness, at least for now. “Now go in the bathroom and strip. I will run your clothes down to the dryer.”

“Bathroom? Seriously?” When her eyes were on me and before she could protest, I grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt pulling it up and off. Her eyes widened and she gasped. “See something you like?”


I bit my bottom lip and nodded at his question. Taking in his strong arms, the tight muscles of his chest, down to his six-pack abs, and narrow hips with his jeans riding just low enough so that I could see the small trail of dark hair that disappeared below his waistband. My mouth went dry, while my entire body warmed up quickly pooling low in my belly, and I could feel my pussy getting damp. When my eyes lifted back to his face I saw his eyes darken to a deep sapphire and he growled, the sound sending shockwaves across every nerve ending in my body, ending with the one right between my legs.

“Keep looking at me woman and I won’t care that we are in a closet, I will push you up against those dresses and fuck you until you scream my name.” His Irish brogue was extremely thick, making my body react even further. I closed my eyes tightly, willing him to finish undressing quickly and to cover up. I heard the sound of a zipper and wet material hitting the floor. I waited a few more seconds before taking a peek over at him, breathing deeply in relief when I saw him covered up in the robe. I grabbed his clothes and the tank top I spilled tea on, then hurried to move around him to leave the closet. He turned with me so my chest rubbed against his, making us both groan at the contact. I didn’t look back as I hurried out of the room and down the stairs to the small laundry room beside the kitchen. I used the few minutes I had to catch my breath and steady my heart rate. The things that man could do to me with just his voice and the look in his eyes were dangerous, what he did to me with the rest of his body was terrifying. It was only supposed to be a one night thing, a get him out of your system because it could never lead to anything permanent type of thing. Now he was in my bedroom, dressed only in a simple robe.

“Jesus, Kathryn get a grip. Get up there and deal with this.” I started the dryer then started back through the kitchen, stopping when I remembered my headache meds and took them quickly. Who knew if I would be back here tonight, and I would rather not have to deal with a migraine tomorrow. Those thoughts helped calm my nerves even more as I made my way back to my bedroom. I took a few minutes to check on both kids. Tyler was studying while listening to music with his headphones. Lily had her music up loud, giving herself a mani-pedi. She grinned and waved when she saw my head pop in.

“Hey momma!! Hot pink or blush pink for the toes?”

“When in doubt, always hot pink.” She grinned even further and nodded. I shook my head then closed her door again and walked down the hall to my own. I paused outside to make sure my breath and heart were back under control then walked inside. He was standing by the window, looking out at the rainy night, but he turned when he heard my footsteps enter the room.

“How are the kids?”

I looked at him questioningly.

“I heard your footsteps going down the hallway and stopping a couple times. Figured you were checking on them.”

“Oh, they are fine. Tyler is studying, and Lily is painting her nails. Surprised we can’t hear her music actually. Thank god for soundproofing.”

He laughed.

“Yes, that can be a good thing. For many reasons.” I blushed under his warm gaze causing him to laugh even more.

“Ah your blushes are going to kill me woman.” I walked quickly in the opposite direction of Daniel, climbing up on the bed, sitting cross-legged at the end of it.

“Want to watch a movie while we wait for your clothes to dry?” He walked slowly to the bed and sat beside me, looking closely over at me. I stared down at my hands where they were clenched in my lap. He reached over and lifted my chin up to look over at him. He searched my eyes for what, I had no idea. He sighed.

“Is that what you would prefer we do?”

“I don’t know.” I whispered, my confusion evident.

“Talk to me.”

I sighed deeply, pulling away, climbing off the bed and moving towards the window where he was just standing. I wrapped my arms around my waist like I always did when I was nervous or worried. He stayed where he was watching me from the bed. Finally I turned to him and blurted out what I was thinking.

“It was supposed to be a one night thing. You are Daniel Kaehe, the hottest actor of Hollywood and London. You have had countless beautiful women at your beck and call. I don’t know what you want from me. I am a 42 year old mother of two, far from those gorgeous women you usually choose.” He stood up and walked over to where I stood, his eyes staring deep into mine. He reached up and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear, a move that tugged at my heart like no other.

“I am just a man Kathryn, like any other. I appreciate beauty, and you my gorgeous grá are selling yourself short. I am also 42, so age is just a number and has no relevance unless of course you were under 18. Then we might have a problem.” He grinned wickedly down at me. “You are the perfect mother of two amazing kids but again that has no relevance between us. You could have a hundred kids or none and I would still want you. As for what I want from you, I am not completely sure of that myself but I want to figure it out, you and me together. None of those other women were anything compared to you, and clearly they didn’t appeal to me for long or else I wouldn’t be standing here.”


I watched her eyes carefully, willing her to hear me, to listen to what I was telling her. I could tell she still didn’t trust or believe that what we had was something more than just a one night or passing thing. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was that was pulling me towards her and what that meant but I knew I couldn’t just let this go. Couldn’t just let her pull away and not give us a chance when I had been waiting for this my entire life. The spark, the connection that I had only found with the auburn haired woman in front of me.

I wrapped my arms around her, and pulled her into my chest tightly. I buried my face in her soft hair, breathing in the apple sunshine smell of her. I felt her breath against my chest just seconds before she lifted her arms and wrapped them around my waist. I pulled away slightly, using my fingers to tilt her head back so I could see her eyes. I saw the sheen of tears and knew she was still scared but she smiled up at me anyway.

“Okay Daniel. Me and you.”

I sighed deeply then lowered my head to capture her lips in what was supposed to be a simple acknowledgement of her words but turned quickly into an all-consuming fiery kiss meant to melt any further reluctance she may have. When I heard her whimper and felt her knees weaken I knew I had her. I scooped her up in my arms and laid her gently out on the bed, her legs still hanging off the side. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and yanked it up over her head quickly. I didn’t let her have any time to start thinking again before my lips were covering one of her nipples, the other getting attention from my fingers. I tweaked her stiff peaks gently with my teeth and suckled her until she cried out softly, grabbing the back of my head in her hands, holding me closer against her. I grinned against her chest before I moved to lave at the other nipple with my tongue, then moving down her stomach, dipping my tongue briefly into her belly button, chuckling at her strangled gasp. I looked up at her, her amber colored eyes dark with passion. I stood up suddenly and walked to her bedroom door, flipping the lock.

“Just in case.” I winked at her and she laughed softly.

“Joey was wrong, you are wise.”

It was my turn to laugh as I remembered Joey saying that a few times over my lifetime.

I walked back to her, bending down and pressing a kiss to her neck in that one spot that always made her weak before I grabbed the waistband of her flannel pajama pants and shoved them down past her hips and ass to the floor, taking her panties with them. Her legs still hung off the side, in the perfect position for me to do what I was planning next. I followed her pants to the floor, kissing my way up from her right ankle to her knee, moving tantalizingly up to her thighs, covering every inch of her inner legs with small love bites that I soothed quickly with small kisses. When I reached the apex of her legs, instead of moving to where I really wanted to be I moved back down and started the sweet torture on her other leg. Relishing the small gasps and moans that were coming out of her sweet mouth. When I reached the apex again I took a deep breath.

“Mmmm Kathryn, you smell so sweet. Shall we see if you taste as sweet as you smell?”

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