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Breathe (34 page)


1 year later


I glanced out the windows of our cottage and grinned. Lena and Lauren were spinning as fast as they could, their arms out to their sides. Then they both fell over into a laughing pile of coats and black hair. I shook my head and walked out the back door, two glasses of Guinness in my hand. I handed one to Joey who was sitting at the little table out back and took a long drink out of my glass.

“Feels good to be home doesn’t it?” I breathed in the moist ocean air, smelling the earth and rain underneath it all.

“Yes it is good to be home.”

“Where is your wife?”

I looked around. Cora was helping Jamie chase the puppies the girls had insisted on bringing and showing me and Kathryn and the girls were still lying on the ground watching the clouds scuttle across the sky, probably too dizzy to stand up.

“You don’t have a clue.”

I laughed and shook my head. “Probably took a walk. She does that a lot lately. Trying to keep up her strength and all that. She is taking to Ireland like a duck to water.”

Joey nodded then took another long drink of his draft. “How are Lily and Tyler doing with their mum over here?”

“They are taking it pretty well. Lily is busy with her school, she was accepted to the Fashion Design School at NYU but you already know that. Tyler is about done with the project he has been working on for over a year. He is excited. It’s an adjustment for all of us but we are getting there.”

“You know mate, I always hoped you would find the other half of your heart, just didn’t think you would have a ready-made family all sitting there waiting for you.”

“I know but I wouldn’t want it changed. I love those kids as if I had helped create them this past year has been a learning experience. Even grown kids are tough.” The sounds of Cora cursing and puppies whining made us both turn and bust out laughing. Apparently Cora had tripped over two puppies, and fell backwards into the only puddle of mud left in the yard. She was drenched and covered in med from the top of her head to her stylish boots.

“At that, I better get my family home and cleaned up. Tell Kathryn bye for us.” He walked over, scooping a squirming Cora up and carrying her yelling form the short distance to their home, a quarter of a mile down the road. You can really tell she is from New York when she gets pissed. The accent came out and so did the slang. I couldn’t help the chuckle as I watched my two best friends walk down the road, a line of giggling kids and yapping puppies at their heels. What a picture.

I turned back to the view from Kathryn and my backyard. We were right on the coast, a short walk from the cliffs. I could see the ocean and cliffs from where I stood and I knew exactly were my wayward wife was. I set my drink down, grabbed a jacket and pulled it over my sweater. Grabbing Kathryn’s from where it sat on the chair she had been setting in before I went inside for the beers. I followed the well-worn path towards the rocky cliffs feeling the wind start to pick up and pull at my clothes. As I topped a small hill and looked down a ways I saw her solitary form standing exactly where I always found her right at the edge, the wind whipping around her still form as she looked out to sea.

The path the rest of the way was rocky and steep but I had walked it several times with Kathryn and in search of Kathryn so my feet followed it without missing a step. When I got closer she turned and grinned at me. Her brown eyes sparkled even more than they ever had, her cheeks were pink from the wind and the cold, her auburn hair being whipped around her face. She was breathtaking normally but the pure joy that shone from her made her even more so.

“My grá, must you always forget your jacket?” She brushed her hair away from her face, trying to tame the locks behind her.

“I’m not cold. It’s just a wee bit chilly is all.” I wrapped her jacket around her and kissed her cold nose before wrapping her in my arms. She snuggled against me, both of us watching the roll of the ocean beneath us. Enjoying the peace and each other.


I knew he would find me, he always did. I breathed in his scent, the minty, maleness that was uniquely Daniel Kaehe as we watched the crash of the waves against the cliffs. I could almost feel the spray on my face and I felt freer than I ever had in my life. I thought if I ever had to leave my kids for any reason I would dry up and float away into oblivion. The opposite was the reality. I knew they were safe, that they were happy, and I was able to pursue what I wanted to. What I wanted to right now was stand right here with this man, and take in the peace that was Ireland.

“You remember what you told me at Joey’s gallery back in Paris?” He shook his head. “You said you breathe a little easier when you are home, here in Ireland.”

“Yes I guess I did.”

“I feel like I am finally breathing. Not just because we are in Ireland, but because…” I stopped trying to find the right words. “Wherever you are is home, and I am finally home. Now I can breathe.” He pulled me close, kissing me deeply, pulling back just long enough to whisper.

“Then breathe my grá.”





My dear friend Leigh Stone who has held my hand during all of this and done such a wonderful job as my mentor through the land of Indie writing.  You have inspired me to take this final step to accomplish my dream of being a writer and a simple thanks will never be enough.  You are my soul sister from Ireland and my life was changed forever the second we meet on that random Facebook page.  Thank you for everything you have done.  I am truly blessed.


My best friend and number one cheerleader, Nik May.  You have been with me through thick and thin.  I love you to the moon and back.  You listening and advising and talking me through this book has made it the masterpiece it is.  Thank you for your friendship, and the heart that you put into everything that you do.  Without you keeping me sane and giving me the support I needed as well as the distractions I needed I would have never gotten through this.


My momma for inspiring me to follow my dreams no matter what life throws at you.

My grandma for gifting me with the love of literature and the stubbornness to never give up.  I kept my chin up and one foot in front of the other until I got there!


My husband, though he says he will never read this book, for his support and love through all the late nights up writing.  You are my soulmate and my life wouldn’t be nearly as fun without you.


My two beautiful kids who inspired Lily and Tyler.  My life is pure magic with you in it.  Every day is a new adventure full of love and laughter.  You are my life and my inspiration. 


My life is full of wonderful people who have shown me love and support, allowing me to reach for my dreams.  I am blessed and this book is the first of many.  I hope you all enjoy this story and those that follow.


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