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Breathe (13 page)

“I will make you forget all about Rhett my dear. He has nothing on me.” He whispered seductively against that sensitive spot just behind my ear, making me shiver as the rough sound of his voice caressed the deep part of me, making my pussy wet and ready. He then proceeded to prove his statement. All thoughts of Rhett Butler were completely wiped out of my mind as his mouth captured one nipple, he drew it in his mouth softly, sucking and licking around the little peak until my body was writhing underneath him, my legs rubbing restlessly against his. I gasped when he started to undulate against me, rubbing his jean-covered erection against my wet core. The only thing separating us was his jeans and the thin silk fabric of my panties.


The way she was responding to me was driving me quickly out of my mind. She was so responsive, the scent of her arousal and the noises she was making pushed me closer to losing my control. I had to leave tomorrow though so I was determined to leave her with enough to last until we could see each other again. I trailed my lips from her breasts down towards her legs. I came to her panties and looked up at her. She was watching me, her amber eyes dark with arousal and desire. I place my nose against her moist panties, taking a deep breath, closing my eyes and moaning. The aroma of her arousal was enough to make my cock throb even more, my heart race even further, and I growled against her. She cried out as the vibrations stimulated her already oversensitive clit, sending her closer to her own orgasm. I grinned at the effect I had on her. I ran my fingers around the edge of her panties, fisting my hands around each side and forcefully pulling, satisfied when the thin material ripped away from her, leaving her open for me. I dipped my head down, licking her from bottom to top, before settling on her clit, sucking it gently but forcefully in my mouth grabbing her ass to hold her up against my mouth as her hips started thrashing. She threw her head back, her hands reaching above her head as she arched her back crying out when I sent her spiraling over that precipice. Every muscle of her body stayed taut for a few seconds as she rode across the crest of the orgasm and then settled back against the bed as she came back down.

I stood up, yanking my jeans down my legs quickly and climbing up between her legs. I placed my painfully engorged cock against the moist soft entrance of her pussy. My hands found hers, interweaving my fingers with hers and holding tight. I waited until her eyes met mine before I slowly eased it in, inch by inch. Our eyes held and clung to each other as I slowly began to move. Taking my time, using my body to show her what I wasn’t ready to admit to myself just yet, what I was sure she wouldn’t want to hear just yet. I bent forward to capture her mouth in a soft kiss. The frantic lust from earlier had been replaced by the need to wring every second, every moan, every gasp, every ounce of desire from her and replace it with my own. When I felt her getting close to the edge again, I stopped the movement of my hips, focusing on kissing her slowly and gently until she came down a little. Then I continued the in and out movement of my hips. I did this several times, leaving her moaning and helpless and completely overwhelmed beneath me.

“Daniel please! Please let me come.” She whispered, followed by her loosening a hand from mine and grabbing my hips, pulling me closer into her finally snapped the control I had been cultivating up to this point. I leaned down, and placed my forehead against hers.

“Your wish is my command.” I released my other hand, withdrew all the way, then slammed back into her, over and over again. The force of my thrusts moved us across the bed, pushing her head up against the headboard. I pulled her legs up higher against me, her legs wrapped more firmly around my hips. I reached down between us, knowing she was close, rubbing small circles around her clit. Pressing down more firmly with each circulation, slamming in her a little harder and faster with each thrust. “Come for me grá. Scream my name baby.”

As if on command her body tensed again, my name ripped from her throat in a scream that turned into a mantra. She said it over and over again as her orgasm went on and on. I thrust deep inside of her, throwing my own head back and letting go, letting the blinding orgasm rip through me as I buried my seed deep in her womb. The walls of her pussy pulsing against me for what seemed like an eternity, milking every ounce of cum out of me.

I collapsed next to her, trying to steady my heart rate and catch my breath after the most massive orgasm I had ever experienced. The intimacy of our lovemaking had created something that I had never felt before, and I had no clue what to do with it. I reached towards her, yanking her up against me. I felt her tears on my chest so I sat up slightly until I could see her face, reaching up a hand to wipe the tears from her face gently.

“Kathryn? Are you okay?”

She nodded, burying her face even further against me. “It’s just… I mean…” I sighed and pulled her even closer, she wrapped one arm across my waist and threw one shapely leg across mine, clearly needing to be as close to me as I needed to be to her. We lay there in silence, keeping our thoughts to ourselves as we each tried to figure out what the hell just happened. I pulled the sheets up to cover our nakedness once I felt her breath even out enough to know she had fallen asleep.

I lay in the silence and darkness of the house. Running through each moment that I had been with Kathryn, each smile, each touch, every emotion that she had brought out in me. I also thought about all the other women I had ever been with, including Lynn, none of them had touched me as deeply or as quickly as the woman beside me had. Had I finally found the one woman I could live with and love for the rest of my life? That question would have to wait until I was able to examine it all alone and without her warm sweet body beside me. I let my own body sink into the soft bed, soaking in the essence of Kathryn, enjoying being in her bed and in her arms. Those questions would just have to wait.


Chapter Nine


The sun streaming in through the curtains pierced through my eyelids, making me groan and wince at the pounding in my head. I cracked my eyes open just enough to discover Daniel was already up so I moved slowly to a sitting position, taking deep breaths against the pain and nausea. I forced myself to move to the bathroom where my medicine bag was, slamming the door quickly when I heard Daniel’s voice in the hallway. Groaning as the sound vibrated through my head causing me to sway with the wave of nausea that hit me.

“You okay, my grá?” I struggled to find my voice, clenching my teeth against the pain.

“Yes, I will be out in just a minute. I am going to take a quick shower.”

“Want me to join you?”

“No!” I hollered out then regretted it when another wave of nausea and pain hit me. Thankfully he didn’t take offense. I heard him chuckle and move away from the door. I held my hand out and stumbled to the cabinet and my medicine, taking out two of my prescription pain meds, and swallowing them quickly with the bottle of water I always kept with my medicine. I started the shower, undressing, and standing underneath the cool water, praying that the meds would kick in long enough for me to say a proper good-bye to Daniel. He was going back to Vancouver today to finish up his movie, then he was headed to New York for promotions. I leaned my head against the cool tile of the shower, letting the colder water flow over me until the pain receded enough for me to wash my hair and quickly scrub my body. I climbed gingerly out of the tub, and drying off slowly. The pain was becoming manageable but I didn’t want to chance making any sudden moves that could make it come roaring back. It was akin to handling a tiger, just when you think you have it under control and it’s doing what you want it to, it can spin around and go for your throat. Picturing that analogy I walked into my closet via the bathroom door instead of going out into the bedroom first. I chose a loose sweater, and loose pants, knowing I was going to be changing back into PJs as soon as Daniel was gone.

Finally once I thought I could handle seeing him, I left the closet and found him sitting on the bed, Lily next to him. They were looking at something on her tablet, laughing and talking like they had all the time in the world to relax and enjoy each other. They both looked up when I walked into the room. Daniel’s eyes moved heatedly over my body making me squirm. Lily’s however went straight to my eyes and frowned. I caught her look and shook my head slowly, asking her with my eyes not to say anything in front of Daniel. She frowned more but didn’t say anything.

“Well missus, the time has come when I need to say my good-byes and head out. Joey and Cora will hate me if I leave again without saying bye, plus they still have my bag.” He grinned over at me mischievously and I couldn’t help but smile back, putting a little bit more shine behind it to keep him from knowing the pain I was still in.

“Well I will leave you two to say your good-byes in private.” Lily stood up from her spot on the bed and hugged Daniel. “It was good seeing you again. Hopefully you will still be in New York when we come home in a couple months.”

Daniel hugged her back and pulled her ponytail. “I think I can probably arrange that.” He winked at me over her head and I smiled. He watched Lily walk out of the room, chuckling when she shut the door behind her.

“She’s a smart girl.” Then he turned his full attention on me, pulling me into the arms that had just been hugging my daughter. I snuggled against him, breathing in his scent, and soaking up the feel of his strong arms around me. He kissed the top of my head as I held him tight. Finally he pulled away a little, using his hand to push my chin up so he could look down at me. “Hey now, this isn’t good-bye for always. We will see each other again and now that I have your number I will be calling all the time. You will be so sick of me.”

I shook my head and stood on my tip toes so I could brush a soft kiss against his lips. He growled and took control, deepening the kiss with a sweep of his tongue, invading my mouth and taking possession. I clung to him desperately returning the kiss, not able to shake the sadness that wrapped itself around me. I kissed him as if this was the very last time.


I pulled out of the desperate kiss and looked down at the gorgeous woman in my arms. I saw the pain in her eyes and took it as the pain of having to say good-bye. I pressed another kiss on her forehead then pressed mine against it.

“I promise Kathryn, this won't be me gone forever. This thing between us is not some passing fancy. I have no clue what the hell it is, but I do know I want to find out.” I stepped back, bringing her chin up so I could meet her amber colored eyes. “You said you wanted to figure it out with me. Has that changed?”

My heart stopped as I waited for the answer, I had no idea how important it was until the silence dragged on and I watched her face intently, trying to figure out what her feelings were. Finally she shook her head slowly.

“No I haven’t changed my mind.” She reached up and kissed me again softly. “We will figure it out, together. But right now if you don’t get going you’re going to be late for your flight and you still need to get to Joey and Cora’s house for your bag.”

I grabbed her in another hug, swallowing her gasp and smiling when she moaned against me as I captured her lips in another deep kiss. I bent her over my arm, wrapping the other one tightly around her waist and pulling her up tightly against me. I wanted to feel her soft curves against me one more time, wanted to taste her sweet mouth one more time. This would have to last me a couple months until I could see her again. When we were both gasping for air I pulled away and walked to the door, stopping and looking back at her one last time.

A tear slipped out of her eyes and traveled slowly down her cheeks, over her swollen lips and finally falling against the loose blue sweater she wore. Her hair was still damp from her shower, hanging down her back, some dry strands curving just under her breasts. She was simply breathtaking. I memorized the sight of her just like that before I turned back to the door and walked quickly down the hallway and out of her town house. Joey had sent Mark with the SUV over to grab me and take me to the airport, and he was waiting at the curb for me. I opened the door but before I climbed inside I took one last look at her home, catching movement of the curtains on the upper left corner. I looked up and saw her standing there watching me. She lifted a hand up against the glass and smiled down at me sadly. I winked and blew a kiss up at her that she quickly returned. I caught it and held it against my chest making her laugh, then I ducked into the car and asked Mark to head to Cora and Joey’s to say my goodbyes there and grab my bag.

I watched the townhouse disappear behind me, knowing I wouldn’t see it again. I would see Kathryn again however; this was not the end for us that I was certain of. I leaned back against the seat and closed my eyes, smiling as I remembered how she looked last night with her auburn hair all around her as I made her come, made her scream my name as I plunged inside of her over and over again. Yes, this wasn’t over.


I watched the black SUV until it disappeared around the corner, and then pressed my forehead against the window pane.

“Good-bye Daniel.” I whispered softly with my eyes closed against the lingering pain of my headache and the sudden ache in my heart as well. I was sure this would be the last we saw of Daniel Kaehe. We would be leaving for New York soon, Tyler will start work at his new Engineering firm and Lily will for once be settled in for a while with her show. I don’t think Daniel Kaehe made it to New York that often.

“Momma? I made you some tea. Tyler and I are going over to Cora’s here in just a little bit. Final photo shoots start today for the catalog.” I turned to see Lily standing at my door, a mug of steaming liquid held in her hands. She had taken her hair down and brushed it straight down her back. She was wearing a plain yellow t-shirt and jeans, knowing she would have to change once she got to Cora’s. I sighed, there was no way I would be able to make it through the noise and activity of a photo shoot but I hated sending Lily and Tyler alone. I walked back into my closet, changing back into my pjs and climbing back into the bed that still held the scent of the man who had rolled me around in it last night.

“I will call Cora and have her swing by and grab you two.” Lily had set my tea down on the table beside my bed then she sat next to me.

“Will you be okay without us today?” I nodded and brushed a stray strand of her blonde hair behind her ear. “Why didn’t you want Daniel to know about your headache?”

I frowned and looked down at my hands. I didn’t have an easy answer for that. I never wanted to really discuss it with anyone but the thought of Daniel knowing was even more terrifying. We only had a short time I told myself, there was no reason to ruin it with my issues. I didn’t say that to Lily however.

“There was no reason to make him worry and ruin his good-bye. I will be fine after some rest.” She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek before climbing off the bed and walking out the door to get Tyler.

I reached to the table and grabbed my phone. Dialing Cora.

“Hey sweetie. What’s up?”

“Can you swing by and grab the kids on your way in today?”

“Of course. Do you need anything?” I loved how I didn’t even have to explain anything, Cora just knew. There was only one other person outside of my two kids who knew me well enough by just hearing my voice that I had one of my headaches and that was Taylor. She had been the first real friend I had made after Sean enlisted. Her husband served in the same platoon as Sean, and while they had become close friends so had Taylor and I.

“No, I already took some of my meds. I didn’t have to go too drastic yet. I am just going to rest and let it run its course.”

“Okay,” I heard a commotion on her end of the phone. “Hold on sweetie. Give me a sec.”

I heard Joey in the background, then closed my eyes tightly when I also heard Daniel’s deep brogue answering him. I heard the excited voices of the children all hollering and wishing Daniel a good trip. Telling him they wanted pictures of moose. Apparently there are a ton of them in Canada. I smiled and shook my head.

Suddenly Cora was back on the phone. “Okay I will be leaving as soon as Daniel leaves and I will come get Lily and Tyler. Are you sure you don’t need anything?”

“Is that Kathryn? Why would she need anything?” There was some scuffling noises then Daniel was on the phone. “Grá is everything okay?”

I groaned, his deep voice rolling over me. I closed my voice against the wave of desire that hit me with just the sound of his voice.

“Yes, Daniel I am fine. Just tired. Someone did keep me up most of the night. Wonder who that was.” I knew he was grinning without having to see his face.

“Alright, I will call you when I reach Vancouver. Get some rest. You will need it for the next time I see you.” I heard another scuffle and heard him yelp, assuming that Cora hit the back of his head and stole her phone back.

“What a bloody jackass. Stealing my phone.”

I giggled hearing Cora adapting Joey’s phrases. I couldn’t help how adorable I found those two. “I will be by in a few minutes Kathryn. Make sure they are ready for me.”

“I will, and Cora? Thanks.”

“Anytime sweetie. You know that.” She hung up but not before I heard her yelling at Joey and Daniel to stop wrestling they were going to break her new antique dress form. I chuckled again as I put my phone on the table beside me.

“Momma?” I looked up to see my eldest child standing at the door to my room. His hair was a mess as always, his hands pushed deep into his jean pockets, a black hoodie over his t-shirt. “Lily and I are ready to go. We will wait for Cora downstairs but I wanted to make sure you were really okay.”

“I am Tyler. I am just going to sleep while you two are gone. Grab some sandwiches on your way home for dinner. Okay?” He nodded then walked across the room to press a kiss to the top of my head just as Daniel had done not too long ago, and just how his father used to do when my head hurt really bad.

“Okay but if it gets worse call me. I will have my phone with me in every pair of pants Cora forces me in.” I nodded at him, grinning at the look of disgust on his face.

“I will be fine Tyler. This is the last stretch, you are almost done.”

“Thank god. Not sure I could prance around frowning and simpering for much longer. Why women think a man frowning is sexy I will never in a million years understand.” I chuckled and pulled him in for a quick hug.

“You are handsome, just deal with it.” He returned the hug then pulled away walking towards the door.

“I blame you for that curse.” He threw over his shoulder as he walked down the hallway. I heard Cora honk a few minutes later and both kids hollered a final good-bye up the stairs. I listened until I heard the car doors shut and the sound of a car pulling away had settled back into complete silence.

I snuggled down into my bed, pulling the pillow Daniel had used into my arms, breathing in the minty male scent that still clung to it. Closing my eyes and letting the meds and my exhaustion pull me deep into a dreamless sleep.


I got up and climbed out of the plane at yet another airport. Reshoots were finally done and we had moved on to promotions. Unfortunately a last minute change of plans had us starting in Los Angeles first, then Las Vegas of all places, Dallas, Orlando, and now finally New York was our final leg. I was tired of hotel rooms, airports, and bloody planes. My assistant and I fought our way through the cameras that seemed to know more about where I washing to be then I did.

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