Broken Lies (Broken Series)

BOOK: Broken Lies (Broken Series)


To my husband who works so hard for the family. Thank you. We love you.


I’d like to thank
from the bottom of my heart, my good friends Gloria, Amee, and Diana, for their help and inspiration during the creation of Broken Lies.


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Azure Boone


Author's Notes:

This book contains explicit scenes of sexual activity between a couple committed to exclusive, monogamous relationships.


Copyright Azure Boone 2013



Chapter One

Daniel watched Sofia take yet another batch of cookies from the commercial sized oven. He rinsed the last pan at the sink, pretty sure now how he would punish her. Slow teasing foreplay. She’d worn one of those cute skirts made for easy servicing. With pink lace panties. But he’d specifically and politely requested the black.

Daniel’s cock twitched as images
came of him pounding into her. He dried his hands then went to the front of the store and locked the door after flipping the
sign to
. Going to the bathroom, he got ready for her, then made his way back into the kitchen.

The second he came around the commercial sized island
, she froze. Her gaze dropped to take in the lone black apron wrapped around his naked groin. “Oh?” She bit her lower lip and raised perfect brows, eyes locked on the now tented apron. “Lunch time already?”

He gave her a slow grin. “Finally. Come here.”

She licked her lips and obeyed but Daniel noticed right away the look she had. And the last time she had it, he ended up holding her down and fucking her. Might have been considered rape except for the fact she laughed her ass off. At least up to the point where he drove his cock in. He’d never seen anybody transform into ecstasy so quickly.

She stood before him with that mischievous grin.

“On your knees,” he said.

She raised one perfect brow. “You didn’t say the magic word.”

God he loved playing with her. He considered refusing but really wanted to fuck her like…two hours ago. “Sofia.”

turned her eyes to the ceiling like she were considering if that were good enough. She shot her hand out and pinched his nipple then ran. His heart raced at the idea she wanted what he gave her last time. Why else would she provoke him?

“Oh Sofia…
” He shook his head. “You’re going to pay for that.”

She bit her lip and giggled
, already breathless as she held on to the far end of the island. Watching his body for which direction to flee, her giggles turned to laughter with every calculated step he took toward her.

He launched into a run and she screamed,
darting to the front of the store. Seeing where she headed, he jumped over the counter and blocked her path.

“Daniel!” she screeched as he rushed forward and grabbed her. She squealed a
s he wrestled her to the floor and during his attempt to restrain her hands, her nail streaked across his face. He grabbed his cheek and she gasped in wide eyed shock. Brining his hand away, he found blood on his fingers.

“Oh my God, Daniel, I’
m so sorry.” Her voice filled with genuine remorse. “You want to spank me?” 

The sweet offer
speared his heart. He stared into her bright, eager to please eyes. “I do want to spank you,” he whispered. “I always want to spank you.” He wondered how she always did this to him. He’d fantasize about all sorts of sexual scenarios with her and when it came down to it, she’d say or do something and turn his emotions into a myriad of surprises. He leaned and placed a tender kiss on the edge of her mouth and she wrapped her arms around his neck, a small moan setting his heart racing.

His heart. That was it.
She was slowly rewiring him into something he really liked. And it made fucking her better than anything he’d ever experienced. Before it was all physical, now…he slid his lips back and forth along hers…now he was addicted to Sofia. Nobody else could make him into a man the way she did. Nobody else could make him feel.

Daniel kissed her
, the ritual still new and near sacred to him. His tongue glided along hers, at first rediscovering. She began making those soft sounds of desperation in his mouth, hitting the high voltage switch, the one that made him lose himself, lose control of who he thought he was. He hated the vulnerability but was without a doubt, hooked to the feeling.

slid a hand under her lower back and pulled her body into to his, molding it to his runaway need.


The whimpered moan in his mouth torpedoed a current of heat through him. He broke the kiss with the intention of gaining control and going slower but his lips refused to leave her silky skin. He lifted her blouse and pushed aside the lace on her bra before feeling his way into her panties. Teasing his fingers between her folds, he buried his finger deep in her heat with a growl while filling his mouth with her thick nipple.

His hunger was officially out of control at the cry she gave
when he nibbled the bud and fluttered his finger against her G-spot. Didn’t take long at all for their breaths to become ragged with that
all at once and now
need, the one that brought what she called rough sex. In near desperation, he pulled his finger out and turned her over. He flipped her skirt up, yanked her panties off unceremoniously and spread her legs wide. She lifted her perfectly perky ass for it and he angled his head with a groan, looking at her sweet sex in that position. He slid his finger over her slit. “So wet.” He tickled her clit just barely.

She looked back.
“Fuck me Daniel.”

, it was the same as a beg. His weakness.

fell forward, hands on either side of her head. He reached down and slid his cock along her entrance, groaning when she pushed her ass up against him and mewled for it. He slid in and they both cried out from the first impact of his cock deep inside her. He kissed her cheek as he pumped with short deep thrusts against her G-spot until she was undone with high pitched moans.

Before long, h
e was desperate to see her face and breasts.

He pulled out and turned her
, planning to put her legs on his shoulders, but before he could, Sofia wrapped them around his waist and drew him into her. She pulled his upper body to hers and embraced him tight, her gasps in his ear. “Oh God, fuck me Daniel, please.”

Jesus. He pumped his hips
, her cries in his ear setting a vigorous rhythm almost immediately.

“Don’t stop don’t stop,” she cried, raking his back then ass with her nails.

Oh but he had to. He had to see her play with herself. Another addiction. He lifted his upper body. “Rub your clit Sofia.”

didn’t waste a second and brought her hand between them. He moved onto his knees, holding her waist as he watched her wiggle her middle and ring finger over herself. The sight of their engagement ring sent him over the edge. His fiancé. She was his. Forever.

“Do it baby,” he rasped. “Come all over my cock.”

That was always her weakness, when he said those things. She cried out and began squirming with her orgasm. Daniel gripped her waist tight and jerked her on and off his cock with rigorous abandon, making her scream with it. The heat in balls and shaft rose hotter, harder and he didn’t stop the debilitating fury. He fell on her and roared as he finished his climactic strokes, skin to skin with Sofia feasting on his mouth, tasting his climax as she called it. But the real heaven was feeling and hearing
I love you, I love you,
on his lips during his final gasps.

What he wouldn’t do for this woman
. She’d given him her heart and he planned to cherish, protect, and love her with a vicious passion and loyalty. And if anybody dared threaten what they shared, he would kill. Even his own flesh and blood if he had to.

“Your brother will be
back here soon.” Sofia held his face and nibbled his lower lip.

Especially that little eye roving fucker.

“Are you still glad he’s here?” she whispered sweetly.

“Of course I am baby.” The lie was easy, silky. He hated being dishonest with her
, but he never dreamed Sofia would take her Google therapy as far as she had, rejoining him with the brother he’d claimed to miss.

Daniel’s lies were merely damage control. The less she knew of how
flawed he really was the better. It was bad enough she knew about part of the sexual dysfunctions he’d gained while growing up. She didn’t need to know any more than that. And now his
was there watching her ass every chance he got.

But he had plans for him. A spitfire Romanian named Dara, scheduled to arrive in one week for the wedding next month.
And Daniel couldn’t wait.

Chapter Two

“Are there no family members you want at our wedding?” Exasperation bled through Sofia’s casual plead as she made her eyes bright and hopeful. “I bet there are cousins or—”

,” Daniel said, not hiding his frustration. “Please baby, don’t push that. You can have anything you want,
at all, it’s yours, just…not that.”

The deep anguish in Daniel’s eyes made Sofia feel terrible
. God he was so handsome sitting across from her in the huge tub for their Saturday morning bath. She’d turned it into a delicious ritual. “At least you have your brother.”

The odd flash in his eyes occurred like it always did whenever Sofia mentioned his brother.
She kept her eyes locked to his blue gaze, hooded with secrets he still kept from her. She saw them amid the flames that burned when he looked at her. And while she liked that the fire was for her, the secrets she loathed. She could feel them like an invisible wall, keeping her from having all of him.

So how are you enjoying your brother? He seems happy to reunite with you. And he gets to be your best man?”

Daniel smiled, but Sofia saw the lack of ease. “Thrilled. But if he looks at your ass one more time, I’m going to kill him.”

Excitement fluttered in her stomach at the raw, possessive male in his tone. Made her want to be possessed. Rigorously. She processed what he’d said and refocused. His brother looking at her ass? No way. She finally had the sense to show her surprise. Oops. She’d taken too long.

“You like that?” His face turned instantly black.

Sofia snapped her brows together. “No!”

He stared at her, seeming to bite his tongue
on things he’d regret.

“What I like
is how that bothers you.” She licked her lips. “I like that you’re possessive and…I like…being possessed by you.”

His anger
dissolved under the sudden flame in his eyes.  “You

Her clit pulsed with the absolute statement
. “Yes.” The single breathless word demanded she be possessed by him. Now.

e read her like an erotic book and his devastatingly fiery orbs took a leisure stroll across her skin, setting fire to it, making his next intentions known. “Stand up.” His eyes rose to hers before he whispered the magic word, “Sofia.”

Her heart fluttered inside her chest. She stood, wanting to play easy to get
, so ready to be gotten.

Even though Daniel made her feel like the most
beautiful woman on planet Earth, she still squirmed when he devoured her with his stare. By the time his hooded gaze made it to her breasts, she trembled with anticipation.

He opened his legs
until his knees were against the tub, and grabbed the base of his hard length with one hand.

“Put one foot on the tub.” His voice touched her like soft fingers.

She moaned softly, doing what he said while watching him stroke slowly up and down his hard shaft.

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