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Brolach (Demon #1)

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Volume One of The Demon Series


by Marata Eros



Volume One of The Demon Series

Copyright © 2013 Marata Eros



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Adult Reading Material

The material in this document contains adult material and is intended for mature audiences only. In addition, this novella contains elements of the following: erotica, horror, non-con themes and romance.


Though this is the first installment in the dark erotic Demon Series,
reading both Druid and Siren first
, might deepen the reading experience.







Lucas' hand clenched around the thick throat of Fred, his half-human, half-demon liaison for the human dredges, and shook him with neck-snapping hardness. His short ebony talons made quarter moons on the pale red flesh of his neck.

Fred stuttered, his partially human skin sizzling against the tunnel wall he was pressed against that led to the very bowels of Hades. Fred had no true wish to venture that deeply. He wanted back in the land of humans, to oversee the scum of his small shrine of decadence under the guise of an exotic dance club.

But he'd need to first suffer at the hands of Lucas, a full-blooded Demon warrior of Hades. Fred would be pressed to tell all or be tortured. Both choices were bad ones. Then there was the fact that he'd let that bitch Ruby slip through his fingers. But how was he to know about Brolach?

“I will ask you one last time,
,” Lucas said, enunciating his name like a curse word. He shook him again, plastering him against the stone walls of the tunnel and Fred's teeth rattled in his head like loose marbles.

Master...” Fred said, choking on his own placating, “I've tried to tell ya.”

Lucas' face drew nearer, their noses a hairsbreadth from contact and Fred felt the heat from Lucas' skin rise and suffocate his nose hair like a swamp of scalding vapor. “Try. Harder.” Those fingers squeezed down on his Adam's apple and Fred had a surge of panic.

Lucas smirked, suddenly releasing the squirming Fred. He slid down the scalding wall in relief even as second degree burns erupted over his back and anywhere his skin touched the rough wall. He rolled away from the burning surface on his hands and knees, the floor the only cool place.
Heat rises
, he thought randomly.

Your first, Brolach... he's an angel, my lord.” Fred prostrated himself on the ground in front of the fire lord, his palms flat, steam clinging and swirling on all the surfaces. Lucas' anger beat down on Fred and he cringed, the silence being worse than the demon lord's words.

I do not believe that lie. It sounds as if you make up a falsehood to buy yourself time with your skin intact....”

Fred knew that Lucas meant to filet the skin from his body. He put his forehead on the floor, his sweat dampening the ground beneath him. “Please, master... I'm not lying. Brolach spared the half-breed female with wings from heaven...”

“Do not name that place!” Lucas hissed. He swung his leg out and it connected with Fred's flank, breaking one rib and cracking the one beside it.

Fred gasped, his entire body arced in an exaggerated hiccup as his hand clung to his injured side and he held up the other under the subjugation of his demon master. “From
!” Fred squealed like a pig on a spit, “from
, master,” he repeated, his voice breaking into a plaintive whisper.

That is better, Fred.”

Fred whimpered, hoping that it was the meat of the punishment and there wasn't more to come. Fred took a deep breath against the hard floor.  He usually guessed incorrectly what his punishment would be.

Lucas put a leather boot underneath Fred's shoulder and rolled him onto his back and Fred yelped as his ruined rib protested the movement. “Speak,” Lucas said, that foot a terrible presence at his shoulder. Fred looked up at Lucas, his bright red eyes deeply set in the matching scarlet of his skin, horns like polished alabaster stood at attention toward the back of his head on either side. Fred's eyes flicked to the barbed tail as it gave an agitated swish behind him. Those burning eyes narrowed and Fred spoke before there was additional painful encouragement exacted.

We left him, sire. None of us have warrior's blood. None of us have experience enough to deal with 'em. Those...”

Lucas ground his heel into Fred's shoulder and he mewled like the animal he was, panting. “Those that come from above...” Fred could be a slow learner, but when pain was present, he seemed to be a little brighter. He hesitated before he said the offensive word:
. Progress.

Lucas smiled and steam rose from that mouth, small black teeth appeared like onyx cubes in the light red of his mouth. “Go on, minion.”

Fred licked his cracked lips, his mouth parched. “They're too powerful, master.”

They are not so powerful to one such as I.”

Fred lowered his eyes. “Yes, master. I know.”

“So you ran?”

Fred could only nod.

Lucas dropped his foot from the half-breed's shoulder and exhaled in frustration.
Dammit it all to hell
, he thought, then smiled. Ah yes, he
in hell. A fine place to be. Lucas palmed his chin as Fred watched him like a feral cat poised to flee. Lucas whirled and Fred gave a gratifying flinch. “And what of Damon?”

He's outside waiting,” Fred said, still not meeting his eyes.

Lucas nodded, studying the minion at his feet. Fred peered up at him from the floor. “What? Ask.”

Fred took a deep breath. “Why did Brolach have black wings?”

Lucas scowled. He would much rather tell a pretty lie than an ugly truth. But in this, Fred was lowly and undeserving. Yet Lucas understood the threat that, if his recounting was accurate, Brolach was as Fred said; from

His eyes found the lesser man's. “He is of warrior blood.” Lucas held up a finger to ward off another verbal faux pas but Fred just shook his head.

“But how... how would an,” he swallowed, hesitating, “
one from above-
fuck one from below?”

Lucas gave the first true grin of the encounter. “Carefully.” His expression darkened. “And my lesser demon, most surreptitiously.”

Fred's brows furrowed.
, Lucas thought. Out loud he clarified, “In secret.”

Fred nodded, a little too rapidly. “He's taken the half-breed, Damon's spawn. We won't receive the virgin reward...” he whined.

Lucas jerked him up by his greasy hair and Fred howled in immediate horror. “That reward is not for you and yours.”

Fred grimaced, his scalp on fire. “You promised, my lord,” Fred said with a bravery he didn't feel.

Lucas smiled. Steam rose from his eyes, nostrils and open grinning mouth. “I lied-- fool.”

He flung Fred against the wall, his skull smashing into the unforgiving rock. Fred slumped down the blistering surface, not noticing the hard bite of the wall, his bell soundly rung.

“I do reward my faithfuls, Fred,” Lucas said softly, snapping his fingers, and sparks like embers crackled above his fingertips. “However, do not forget it is on my terms, my time line.”

A demon female appeared. She was colored similarly to Lucas, deep red flesh; her hair-- the pure red of the full-blood. Though not the most desirable combination, she did possess the heart-shaped tail that was the most coveted of their kind.

Fred's head began to clear. Her nakedness had brought him out of the stupor the rough kiss of stone had given him.

His eyes took in the beautiful slit between her legs, a shade darker than the surrounding skin and even injured, he moaned with desire. Fred crawled to her and wrapped a hand at her ankle. Fred could smell her female heat and it crawled underneath his skin like an addiction. He began to shake with his lust, his demon side roaring to the surface in a primitive rush of biology and hapless purpose.

Fred had never had a demon female. They were rare, he had to be satisfied with the lower human females, such as Irene, his dancer from his slum club,
. The rare half-breeds were utterly disallowed. Oh how he'd wanted to fuck that stuck-up bitch, Ruby. But Fred maintained just enough intellect to understand what would have happened to his dick if he stuck it in that particular hole. He'd thought it was a swell idea to take her with the part-demons who worked at his side, in the club. His lust had overrode his sense. Thankfully, Brolach had interceded or he would not be alive now to think about it. He shuddered at the thought of a slow death by the hands of those whose only job was to torture. Fred shivered when the female began to pet his head like he was her new dog.

And Fred was. He was a dog in the hierarchy of demon, low minion on the totem pole. Even this female was above him. And that singular thought bit at his ass. However, he wanted demon pussy worse than salving his bruised ego. He'd lap whatever crumb Lucas threw at him. There really wasn't a choice anyway.

“You could never partake of the virgin half-breed. However, for your loyal service... even though you did not kill Brolach,” Lucas spit out and Fred cowered beneath him, knowing full well that Fred and his other minions could never have taken the demon warrior. That bit of unfairness was of no concern to Lucas and he continued, “I shall reward you with female demon flesh.”

Fred spoke from the ground, his raging hard-on pressed uncomfortably against the stone floor. “What of my cock, fire lord?”

Lucas gave a cackle and it singed Fred's ears. “Not demon enough? Well, we shall see.” Lucas waved his concern away. “For a taste of female devil, you can heal your staff.”

Fred nodded. He would go in his pants if he didn't have her. Even the threat of burning his prick off couldn't put the fire of his need out.

“Rise, Fred.”

The female wrinkled her nose. “Lucas, he is half-human,” she commented with a sultry pout of her wide scarlet lips.

Lucas scowled. Jerking her close, he allowed his talons to grow, and though he was fully demon, many generations ago, a Druid vampire had his way with a demon female of his line and that one genetic anomaly provided a special protrusion on the tip of the index talon of his dominant hand. He used it now, finding the female's slit and burying that nubbed tip inside her hot pussy. She gasped, grabbing onto his broad shoulders as he pulled his finger in and out of her clenching heat. Lucas increased the friction until that finger with its four inch long appendage was a blur of color as it dove and pulled from her core.

The demon female's legs parted and Lucas rammed her harder, her breaths coming in irresistible gasps and exhales. Lucas' eyes shifted to Fred, never stopping his work inside her snatch and he instructed, “Get undressed.”

Fred did as he bit his lip to stifle the pain of his injured rib.

Cum for me, Mia,” Lucas said as he buried his finger in a thrust he knew would pierce the opening of her womb and she shouted in pain and emptied her orgasm around that deeply embedded talon, her vaginal walls closing in a painful fiery cocoon around Lucas' hand, burning him. Lucas' head kicked back and he hissed in pleasure.
Always fucking perfect to touch a demon in her darkest heat.
Lucas laid her down on the cold stone floor and Mia looked up at him, his finger slowly pulling out of her on a sigh of their heated union of flesh.

No, it is too much the favor Lucas,” she said in a voice that was stolen of its strength after the orgasm he'd forced from her, the pulsing of her walls a dull ache of heat and need.

Not too much of one, and,” Lucas said, licking her hot juices off his soaking talon, “you shall take all that I will into your body.”

Fred moved quickly to the demon female and she moved to close her legs, barring his entrance.

“Open your fire hole, Mia,” Lucas warned, his tail flicking from phallus to barbed in an instant. She shook her head, eyes catching sight of the dangerous protrusion at his tail's tip. “You wouldn't,” Mia whispered, her eyes showing too much of the white, too wide in the scarlet of her face.

BOOK: Brolach (Demon #1)
11.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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