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Authors: Neneh Gordon

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Captured For The Fairy King II

BOOK: Captured For The Fairy King II
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Neneh Gordon


Copyright 2012 Neneh Gordon

French Letters Press


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Captured For
King II




“Hey, fatty.
we’re going for a walk.” I dodged Dean’s attempt to grab me and giggled as he
got out of his chair.

“I’m not fat!”

No, he wasn’t anyone’s definition of fat. He was tall, dark
and solid, but it was all muscle. “You will be if you sit in front of the TV
all day.” It was beautiful outside, but all he wanted to do was watch the
highlights of yesterday’s football. “You know all the scores, why do you have
to watch it?”

He rolled his dark brown eyes and I laughed. There was no
way we were staying inside when the sun was shining and the birds were singing.

“It’s nearly finished. I’ll come afterwards.”

I gave him a long look,
the television off. “Okay. It’s finished.


“You know you love it.”

And just like that, he was up searching for his trainers. He
knew better than to turn the football back on. When he was all laced up, I
bundled him out of the door before he could change his mind.

“Where are we going?”

“The woods.”

He rolled his eyes again and gave an exaggerated groan. I
gave him a shove in the back and he turned around to tickle me under the arms.

I wasn’t fast enough that time. He tickled a torrent of
giggles out of me before I managed to get away.

“Enough! Enough.” I held my hands up in surrender.

“Good, now you behave yourself.”

“Yes, sir.”
I couldn’t resist
pinching his bottom.


“Maybe we could find a quiet spot away from the path,” I
whispered as we got off the pavement and walked between the first of the trees.

“I knew there was a reason I agreed to this.” He flashed me
a wicked smile and cupped the cheek of my ass in his hand.

I’d only been joking, but his touch prompted me to think
more seriously about it. We’d never made love outside. I looked him in the eye,
trying to see if he really meant it. He squeezed my ass and I started to think
that he did.

“Have you ever fucked a girl in the woods before?”

“Is that a euphemism?”

I poked him in the ribs. I already knew he’d fucked a girl
in the ass before.
From personal experience.

As we walked on, we came to a dirt track leading into the
bushes. “What about down there?”

He took a few steps in that direction and looked in. “You
really want to do this?”

“Why? Don’t you?”

In reply, he came back and swept me up into his arms. I
squealed at the fun of it.

“Just remember, this was your idea,” he said and gave me a
very steamy kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and enjoyed the fact that
my boyfriend was big, strong and sexy as hell.

As he carried me down the track the greenery got denser and
the sounds of the city trailed away. It was like our own little Eden in there.
With just the odd plastic bottle and discarded crisp packet to
spoil the illusion.

“You do remember the way back, don’t you?” I certainly
hadn’t been paying attention.

“Relax. This place is too small for us to get lost.”

I suppose he was right.

Stop,” I patted him on the
shoulder and he came to a halt. It was the perfect place. “Look.”

He let me down and we both stared at the clearing we’d
found. A shaft of sunshine broke through the treetops like a spotlight, picking
out the huge bed of moss that covered the floor.

“That is seriously weird.”

We grinned at each other and I pulled him close for a kiss.
He pushed me over on to the moss and I let out a long “
when I found out how soft it was. He crawled over me, pinning my wrists to the
ground and taking another lingering kiss. I groaned as his tongue darted around
inside my mouth. He covered my breast with his hand, crushing it through my
t-shirt and I closed my eyes. My panties were a soggy mess. I put my hands on
the base of his spine, wanting to feel his cock against my crotch. If I was
that wet, he must have been hard.

Dean pulled away. I waited a moment, thinking he was about
to undress me – or himself – but nothing happened. When I opened my eyes to see
what he was doing, he wasn’t there any more.

Well, he was still there, but he wasn’t on the moss with me
– he was standing a couple of feet away between a freaky looking
. The three of them were staring at me in particularly
creepy way, so I sat up and pulled my clothes down.

“What’s going on?” If I’d come across a couple about to do
it in the woods, I would have carried on walking. Or maybe found a secluded
spot where I could watch. What the hell were these two hippies doing?

And they did look like hippies. All pale skin, long hair and
wispy clothes. He was taller than Dean, but a lot more slender. She was a bit
shorter, with a similar build. In fact, they looked enough alike to be brother
and sister.
Maybe even twins.
Their eyes looked
strange, like they were wearing purple contact lenses. The more I looked at
them, the faster my heart went.

Nobody answered me. Not even Dean.

“Hey, what is this?” I started to get up, but then the woman
took a step forward and I couldn’t do anything but stare at her. She was
breathtakingly beautiful.
High, fine cheekbones, slanted
lilac eyes and long silver-blonde hair.
Just like her brother.

She glided towards me, each bare footstep more graceful than
the last. Movement behind her caught my eye and I saw that she had wings.
Huge, membranous wings that glittered with all the colours of the
The man had them too. At first, I thought it was some elaborate
costume, but the wings moved so organically they couldn’t be mechanical. What
were these people?

dress that she wore was
a lighter shade of lilac than her eyes, and cut low in the front, revealing the
swell of modest breasts. I’ve never had any lesbian tendencies, but my I
couldn’t help watching the sway of her body as she came towards me. All of the
thoughts in my head went away and I held my breath, waiting for her to reach

“Don’t be afraid.” She hitched up her skirt and got down on
her knees in front of me. Her delicate hand went to my cheek, brushing a lock
of hair out of my face. Her touch was warm and gentle. I leaned into her
caress. The scent of flowers hung on her skin.

“Who are you?”

“You would call us
fairies.” Her smile warmed me.

The wings.
I couldn’t quite process what
she’d said. I was too aware of her soft curves so close to me.

Dean. What about Dean? I looked beyond her and saw him
standing similarly rapt, gazing into the eyes of the man who held him by the
wrist. I felt a moment of jealousy, then she stroked my cheek and the envy

Her eyes drew me back in and she came closer. Her full lips
parted and I forgot to breathe. When her lips touched mine, it was like the
first sip of water after a long distance run. I opened my mouth and let her in,
tasting the sweetness of her mouth. She was intoxicating.

I let her push me down on the moss, eager to have more of
her. She straddled me, her tongue still in my mouth. Her hands went to the tail
of my t-shirt and she pulled it up. We stopped kissing long enough for her to
take it off, then her hands were on my breasts and I collapsed back on the
floor. The way that she touched me made my pussy stream with juice. I fumbled
at my skirt, desperate to give her access to every part of me. She leaned back
and shrugged off her gossamer dress.

Her body was luminous. Her fair skin glowed with a
glimmering life energy that brought my fingers up to touch her. Before I could
lay my hands on her shapely breasts, she got up, pulling me with her. “Not
yet,” she said and guided me back over to Dean.

My boyfriend was standing with the fairy man, staring into
his eyes. Both of them were as naked as the fairy girl and I. Dean’s cock was
hard as an iron bar, but his impressive erection was put to shame by the one
his fairy was sporting. Looking at them like that made my pussy burn red hot. I
didn’t know who I wanted most out of the three of them. In the end, I realised
that I wanted them all.

“We are the king and queen of
The man spoke with such calm authority that I didn’t doubt him for a moment.

“We could sense your heat. Will you share it with us?” The
fairy queen held out her hand. I wasn’t altogether sure what she was asking,
but I knew I couldn’t refuse her. I slipped my hand into hers and the king took
hold of Dean. I had a moment to register the tingle of electricity that passed
between us and then she drew me into her arms. She held me tight, our breasts
squashing together between us. Then she kissed me briefly on the lips and then
we rose into the air.

I didn’t feel the take-off, but in an instant we were rising
above the trees and the wind was blowing against my naked skin. Her wings
fluttered as fast as a hummingbird’s, making a low buzzing sound as we left the
ground behind. Beside us, the fairy king flew with Dean cradled in his arms. I
could see their stiff cocks and another wave of liquid gushed between my legs.
What was happening to us? It couldn’t be real. If it was a dream, it was the
best one I’d had in a long time.

We flew on over the trees until we came to a river. Dean and
I had never gone that deep into the woods before. The sound of rushing water
grew louder as our fairy guides took us closer to the bank. They landed lightly
and set us down on our feet. I let go of her reluctantly, wishing that our
bodies were still pressed together. My hands were itching to get back to her
soft skin, but her manner told me it wasn’t what she wanted from me right then.

BOOK: Captured For The Fairy King II
7.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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