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"Fuck yeah,"
he says, groaning. "Whatever the hell you're doing, don't stop."

Reassured, I bury my
face against him once again, reveling in the way he grunts and groans
as I tease him with my tongue. I lave the sensitive area around his
anus for a minute longer, then pull away. My fingers are still wet
with lube, but I put a little more on just in case. The last thing I
want to do is hurt him--not any more than it has to, anyway.

Slowly, I insert one
finger into his ass. He's so damn tight I can barely fit, but he
makes it worse by tensing up. "Relax and push out," I tell
him. "Trust me. It helps." His hands are fisted by his
sides and he lets out a low groan, but he does as I tell him and
relaxes as I push inside.

It isn't long before
I slip another finger inside and spread him open. He pants, but from
the way he's starting to buck against my fingers I'd guess he's at
the point where it's starting to feel good. Just a little bit longer
before he's all lubed up and as stretched out as I can get him with
my fingers…

Enough. "Up on
the bed now," I tell him. My cock is like steel as I watch him
get into position. I never thought I'd see him spread out on my bed
like this, but now that he's here it just feels right. I settle
behind his hips, taking a moment to admire the view before lining my
cock up with his hole. "Ready?"

"As I'll ever
be." There's a note of impatience in his voice that makes me
smile. If nothing else, having him needy and wanting like this takes
his mind off his problems.

I slide in as gently
as I can, telling him to push out again so I can bury myself deep
inside. He's like a vise around me, but at last I'm in. "You're
so fucking tight," I tell him, "but it feels so good…"
He's sweating and so am I, but I hold still for a minute, letting him
process the unfamiliar sensation of being filled.

He lets out a low
curse and shifts restlessly underneath me. I think back to my first
time, remembering how it felt as though every nerve in my body was on
fire for a minute, unable to decide whether the sensation was painful
or pleasurable. I drape myself across his back, brush his hair away,
and lay a gentle kiss on the nape of his neck. "It's about to
get so much better," I promise him.

Finally, he nods. I
take that as a sign and pull out as slowly as I entered him. When I
thrust back in, he pushes against me. "Harder," he moans. I
speed up, letting him guide me until I am nearly slamming into him.
God, he feels so good, so hot and tight around me. I'm going to come,
but I don't want to yet. Not until he does.

In desperation, I
wrap my hand around his cock and start stroking him, jerking upwards
in time to my thrusts. Everything seems hazy, my focus narrowed until
there's nothing but me and him and how damn good it feels to be
inside him. He's cursing, his pleas turning to long, wordless moans
and gasps. I know he's close, so I stroke him faster, harder. "Come
for me, Drew," I groan. "Fucking come for me…"

It's like saying
that sends him over the edge and he explodes, his come pooling hot
and sticky around my fingers, his muscles clamping down around me.
It's what I need, too. I can feel myself passing the point of no
return and right before I go over, I growl and bite down hard on his
neck. It's something primal inside me that drives me to do that as I
come, and I hold him still until I've spent myself inside his body.
When at last I slide out of him, I let go, wincing at the red mark
I've left on his skin. I'm not sure what to do next, so I lie on my
back next to him, still breathing hard.

He collapses next to
me, but he doesn't say anything. Why won't he say anything?

I turn my head to
look at him and find him staring at me, his green eyes slowly
returning to their normal color. I don't see any sign of regret in
his face, which gives me hope that I haven't royally screwed up.
"So," he says after what seems like an eternity, "what

"What now,
indeed." I sigh and turn away. "What do you think?"
Please don't tell me you're leaving. The words hover on the tip of my
tongue, but I don't want to give him any ideas, so I just wait.

"I think--I
think I'm willing to try this. On a temporary basis," he adds.

My heart is singing.
It doesn't matter if it's temporary. I'm convinced that if he just
stays for a little while, he'll see how right we are together. He
won't run away from me again, yet, and that's all that matters. I
roll over and kiss him again. I don't think I'll ever get enough.
"Please stay," I whisper.

"I can't make
any promises." He runs a hand through my hair gently. I think
it's the first time he's caressed me like that and the realization
brings up a surge of emotions I'm not ready to deal with yet. "I'll
try. Best I can do, buddy."

All I can do is nod.
Can't push him too much yet, but soon…

He smiles at me then
and laughs a little. "It's a good thing I've lived with you
before. I'm used to all your bad habits."

"I don't have
any bad habits," I say, indignant.

does," he says. "You're not so bad, though. You can't cook
and you're bad at doing dishes, but that's about it." Damn. He's
right. I want to tell him that I've learned to cook, but really all I
can do is boil water and that's all. Suddenly, my stomach rumbles
loud enough for both of us to hear. "Hungry much? I'll make some
breakfast, if you want."

Oh, I want. We're
still sticky, though, so I suggest a shower instead. It all feels so
comfortingly domestic that it's hard to believe I was lonely and
hurting just a few hours ago.

For the first time
in over a year, I'm at peace.


Taken by the

My stomach is in
knots as I knock on the front door of the mansion. I'm lost somewhere
in the middle of nowhere and this creepy looking place seems to be my
only option. At least the lights are on, so someone's probably home.
Maybe I'm just creeped out because it's dark and foggy, but this
house sure is something else. The way it's hidden behind the trees
and all reminds me of a haunted house or something. Curse my
overactive imagination.

Of course, if I
weren't lost and my car hadn't broken down in the middle of nowhere,
I wouldn't be here, wondering if I'm about to come face to face with
a serial killer. That's just the type of day I've had. I flip my cell
phone open again while I wait for a response. Still no signal, damn
it. I'd rather call friends for a ride than knock on some stranger's
door. "Stupid piece of shit," I mutter. I should be at Ian
and Drew's place relaxing and maybe having a beer, but no. I'm
stranded in the middle of nowhere, waiting in front of a random
house, freezing, and I bet the owner's creepy as fuck and--I lose my
train of thought when the door opens.

Holy shit. All I can
do is stand there with my mouth hanging open while I stare at the
gorgeous man before me. I take back whatever I was thinking a minute
ago. This guy is--just as far as you can get from the creep I was
imagining. Damn. He's standing there with his eyebrows raised,
dressed in nothing but sweats…his body's amazing, he's got the
most handsome face, and as far as I can tell he's seriously packing.
My mouth goes dry when I realize he's basically everything I want in
a man--physically, anyway.

"What's going
on?" Oh shit, I realize I've been standing here staring for at
least a minute and now he sounds irritated. Did I wake him up?

Great start, genius. I shake my head and clear my throat, hoping to
find my voice. "My name's Nathaniel…My car broke down and
I was hoping I could use your phone? My cell doesn't get reception
out here…" Fuck. I sound like a babbling idiot.

He leans against the
doorway, arms crossed over his chest, and just looks at me like he's
figuring out what to do. Under his stare, I feel like prey and I
shift from side to side, uncomfortable. It's then that my wolf sits
up and takes notice at the same time I catch his scent--werewolf.
I've been too distracted by his good looks to notice before now, but
not only is he a wolf, but a strong one. He practically radiates

Acting on instinct,
I bare my throat to him. I don't know who he is or exactly how
powerful he is, but I know that I'm not as strong. Not even close.
"I'm friends with Ian and Drew--do you know them?"

He nods and steps
away from the door. "They're part of my pack. I'm Chris, the
Alpha." He cocks his head and studies me, eyes glittering. "Now
that I think about it, they've mentioned you once or twice. You went
to college with them or something? What pack are you with now?"

Hill? And yeah. College." Good grief. I've never felt this
intimidated around my Alpha.

"Well, you're a
guest of our pack as long as you don't cause any trouble."

I stick my hands in my pockets and walk into the house. At least it's
warm and dry. It rained while I was trying to look at the car and my
clothes are still a little damp, so the heat is definitely nice.
Right now, it's all I can do not to shiver. I should've expected it
to be colder up here, I guess.

Chris leads the way
through the enormous entryway to one of the nicest kitchens I've
seen. Granite countertops, hardwood floors, table for fifty…I
am so out of my depth here. I wonder if he uses this house for
meetings or if he lives here alone?

A sudden chill works
its way up my spine and I shiver. "Hey, do you have a towel?"
I need to dry off, if not get a change of clothes. Then, too, there's
the way my pants are clinging to my cock. I'm pretty sure that my
growing hard-on is on full display, but Chris doesn't seem to notice.
Or wait--maybe he does. He's staring at me with a sort of half-smile,
his eyes heavy-lidded like he's sizing me up.

He hands me his cell
phone, but his fingers linger on mine a second more than they need to
before I snatch my hand away. I'm really not sure what to make of
this. Of him and the way he makes me feel. "I'm going to get you
a towel and something dry to wear," he says, nodding at my damp
clothes. "My stuff might be a little big for you though."
He sweeps his gaze downward, landing on my crotch, before looking up
at me again. Now I'm sure he knows--and maybe, if I'm lucky, he wants
me just as badly as I want him. As he walks away from me, I enjoy the
view for a moment before calling Ian.

Ian answers on the
first ring. "Hey, Chris."

I pace back and
forth, making my way to the relative privacy of the entryway as I
talk. "Actually, it's Nathaniel. My car broke down and I ended
up at Chris's place…"

"Shit, what
happened? I knew your car was a piece of crap."

I sigh. "I
don't have a clue what happened to it. You know how much I know about
cars, right?"

He chuckles, and for a moment I'm a little jealous. He sounds so
happy and relaxed since he's hooked up with Drew… "So,
you have to tell me how you ended up with Chris."

"Got so lucky,"
I say, then realize how that sounded when Ian laughs at me. "Not
like that, I swear. It's just that his house was the first one I
saw." I lower my voice and cup my hands over my mouth, hoping
Chris won't hear what I'm about to say. "You didn't tell me that
your Alpha's built like a Greek god," I say. "That would
have been nice to know."

"Hey, now. If
you've got a thing for Chris, you're playing with fire, buddy.
He's--well, he's really intense, you know? Kinda overwhelming. And
you're just his type."

Shit. The room's big
enough and empty enough that everything echoes. I retreat to the
doorway and lean against the wall. "Keep going," I say.
God, if I really have a chance with him, I might take it. Then again,
maybe Ian's right and he'd be too much for me to handle.

"Not too tall,
fit, kinda pretty…you fit the bill perfectly." My face
heats. Can't a day go by without someone calling me pretty? "You'd
be in way over your head, though. I wouldn't try anything if I were
you." My mind wanders for a second as I wonder what he means by
that, but when I come back to reality I realize I've missed something
crucial. "--anyway, that's why I can't get you tonight."

"Wait, what?"
My heart pounds. Stay here? With the man who's so tempting and yet so
bad for me? Could be dangerous.

"I said it's
going to freeze. Doesn't happen often here and my car can't handle
it, so it's better if you stay there overnight at least." He
laughs when I start sputtering, rendered temporarily speechless by
what he's told me. "Hey, just stay out of his bed and it'll be
fine. Or don't. I hear he knows how to show a guy a good time. Have
fun and tell me all about it, okay?" I picture Ian winking in
that way he has and I growl, but he's hung up already. Damn him. He
never says goodbye.

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