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Greene?" I offer my hand. His handshake is solid--firm, but not
too firm--and he doesn't linger. Still, there's something. A
connection, maybe. From the gleam of interest in his eyes, I know he
feels it, too. "I'm Brian," I manage to say, "Brian
Sheppard. Asheville's Beta?"

He smiles then and
cocks his head as if trying to remember something. "Ah," he
says. "I thought you looked familiar. We met a while
back--seven, eight years ago, maybe? I was still a teenager back
then, so you probably don't remember…" His voice is warm,
rich, just the way he looks. Then I realize what he's said.

Aw shit. I scratch
the back of my neck, embarrassed. "Damn," I murmur, "and
here I thought I wouldn't be able to forget a man like you. You're
so--" Stunning? Gorgeous? Someone who could screw my brains out
anytime? "--well, you make quite an impression," I finish.

"So do you,"
he says, grinning again. "I had quite the crush, but I'm sure I
blended in with the crowd back then." That smile…I am so
glad he smiles often. It's like his face lights up and you would do
anything to keep him that happy.

"Yeah, well."
I clear my throat as part of what he said registers. I am so slow
tonight. A crush? Maybe I can salvage this. Eventually. "Anyway,
I just wanted to offer our help, if you need it. To keep things in
line and all. If you ever have any problems, Mr. Greene…"

"I'll call
you," he finishes for me. "I won't need your help, but
thank you for the offer. Oh, and call me Joe."
I can handle that.

"Sure thing."
He's turning away, though, as something else catches his attention.
Dismissed already, am I? Well, there goes my night. At least I get to
watch him walk away. Mmm-mm. That ass. So fine. I know who I'll be
dreaming of tonight.

It's at least an
hour before I'm done making the rounds. Every now and then I catch a
glimpse of Joseph--Joe--and once, our eyes meet. For a moment, I let
myself wonder what kind of lover he might be. Would he be the
intense, domineering type, or would he stay playful the whole time?
The latter, I hope. Or maybe some mixture of the two. I frown,
remembering the night I got drunk and ended up in Chris's bed. Now
man is domineering. Too bad whips and chains aren't for me, or I
might have been tempted to repeat the experience. Then again, maybe
that's for the best…

Fantasizing about
Joe and how much I want him to fuck me probably isn't the best idea.
Thinking about him and how I probably won't see him for another year
is making me cranky, so I slip away. The river isn't that far and the
cold water is probably a good substitute for the cold shower I so
desperately need.

There's a few people
swimming already, so I head downstream hoping to find some place less
crowded. I came here to get away from other people, after all. Even
werewolves want to be alone now and then. A few minutes later, I find
a secluded area. Lots of shade, no one around, and water deep enough
to swim in, but no strong currents as far as I can tell. Good enough.
There's even a small patch of sand.

The evening is
pleasantly warm, with a cool breeze that skates across my heated
skin. It's a good night to hunt if I could stay awake long enough, I
muse as I take off my shoes and socks. Then, because I have the
sudden urge to feel the wind on my bare skin, I strip off my shirt
and jeans, until I'm standing in my boxers. And then I think, 'what
the hell,' and take those off, too. I'm not too worried about anyone
finding me. This is private property and werewolves are pretty
comfortable with nudity. Have to be when shifting means you're
running around naked every full moon. All the same…I raise my
face and taste the scents on the wind. No one's heading my way, not
as far as I can tell.

Feeling confident, I
wade into the water, wincing at the cold. The shock to the system is
what I wanted, but still…I shiver and stare at the water,
wondering if it would be a good idea to go slow or whether I should
dive in. I've just about made up my mind to dive, when a sound
catches my attention. A branch cracking, which means someone's here.
Who? I turn around to see…

And fall into the
water with a loud splash as someone tackles me. Jesus. I have time to
grab a quick breath before I go under, then all I can think about is
how fucking cold the water is and how much I want to strangle whoever
pushed me under. I open my eyes and get a brief impression of brown
hair, fair skin…that and the hard body--hard male body--
pressed against me before I emerge with a sputter.

My attacker surfaces
behind me a second later. "What the fuck?" I curse as I
turn around. I'm too slow. The man moves with me and covers my eyes.

"Guess who?"
he says in a husky whisper. Damn. I know exactly who it is.

"Joe," I
say, and curse again. This isn't the place or the time…I
wanted him in my bed, but instead I'm here, naked, in water so cold
my balls and cock want to shrivel up and die. Way to make an
impression. He lets go of my eyes, then pulls me against him. He's
hard, his cock pressed to the crease of my ass.

His breath tickles my ear and I shiver again. I can't control the way
I react to him, especially not right now. "You looked like you
needed some help getting in, so I thought I'd have a little fun."
His throaty chuckle gets me going again and despite myself, despite
the cold, blood rushes to my cock. There's no way to hide like this,
but I try anyway. Instinct, I guess.

"So were you
thinking about going swimming, or looking for me?" I'm ignoring
the fact that he was able to sneak up on me that easily. It's easier
to think that he's just that smart but I have to be honest--I was

As I turn to face
him, he shrugs. "I saw you leave and thought maybe I could talk
to you some more. I had to cut it short earlier, remember?" I
do. But anything I might have said is stuck in my throat. The way his
wet clothes cling to him like a second skin steals my breath away. If
that wouldn't have done it, his cocky grin would have. "You look
a little flustered."


"Don't you like
to play?" He arches an eyebrow at me and lunges, but this time I
manage to dodge so he loses his balance and falls into the river.
With a laugh, he emerges and lets me help him up. "Good job."

"I'm not going
to let you catch me off guard twice in a row," I mutter.

Fuck. I can tell he took that as a challenge by the sudden fire in
his eyes. Still, he surprises me when he pulls me in for a kiss. His
mouth is demanding as he moves his lips over mine and I can't help
melting against him. He demands entry and I give it to him, wanting
to taste him for the first time. And then, just when I'm really
getting into the kiss, he pulls away. I don't care if it's cold, I'm
rock hard and my body wants more.

"Thank God,"
he says as he leans against me. "I thought you were interested
but then I thought maybe I was reading too much into it and--"
He takes a deep breath and looks at me before continuing. "You
are interested, right? 'Cause that was some kiss…"

"I'm naked, I
kissed the hell out of you, and I've got the hard on from hell. What
do you think?"

He laughs. "You
were naked before I got here, and I kissed you, not the other way
around, so…" I groan against his shoulder as his hand
finds my erection. He's bold. "The only part of what you said
that I know for sure is that you're rock hard. Is that all for me?"

"No, it's for
the other man in the water with me," I tease. He makes a face at
me, then grins. "Does it seem strange that I've been thinking
about you for hours now? I thought I'd be going home alone tonight
and it would just be a fantasy…" It becomes increasingly
difficult to talk when Joe's hand closes around me. I find myself
bucking against his hand, willing him to just move already. His eyes
are hooded as he looks at me. When he lifts his eyes to mine, there's
a question in that beautiful gaze that I can't find the words to
answer. Instead, I thrust into his hand and lean into him. His lips
curve into a smile before he starts moving again.

Part of me wants to
be rational, but an even larger part just wants to revel in the
moment. I moan into Joe's neck, trying to remember that sounds carry
better over water, but I can't keep quiet. When he tugs forcefully on
my shaft, running his hands up and down in a steady rhythm, I don't
have a chance. I kiss his neck, his shoulder, his face as he works
his hand over me.

It feels like my
blood is boiling as he moves faster, then starts rubbing the
sensitive skin under the head. I groan and beg for more.

Then he claims my
mouth again, his tongue dancing with mine in a primal rhythm that
mirrors what he's doing with his hands. It's savage, this kiss,
bruising almost. I nip his lower lip, then trace it with my tongue
before diving back in.

The muscles on his
back ripples under my hands as he strokes me. I'm so close…

"You like
that?" Joe whispers. "Just wait until later, when I can get
inside you. Fuck you till you can't walk straight." Oh God. This
feels--it feels--

"I'm going to
come," I groan. So close, just a little more, harder--he pumps
once, twice more, and I'm gone. I cling to him like he's my lifeline
while I explode, shooting come over his hand and into the water. For
a moment, I just sag against him, let him hold me close.

After a moment, I
try to stand on my own again. "Jesus," I whisper, "you
aren't the patient type, are you?" My heart is racing, yet my
desire for him hasn't abated. Something about this--about doing this
where we can get caught--appeals to me and to my surprise I start to
stiffen again.

"Nope." He
leans forward and nips at my ear. "Not at all. As a matter of
fact, I'm going to take you right here."

I'm already wading toward shore, thinking that I'll get dressed and
maybe we can do this somewhere else. Somewhere more comfortable, if
not more private. Joe's right behind me, though, and before I can
grab my clothes he pins my hands to my sides.

"Here," he
says. "I want you here." I turn and he's stripping,
shedding his dripping clothes with this casual ease that drives me
wild. At my first glance of his naked body, my mouth waters. Dear
Lord--he's every bit as gorgeous as I imagined he'd be--all sleek,
wet muscle and that cock…I groan, imagining him stretching my
ass. It'll feel so good. I can't wait either.

"Fine," I
say, licking my lips, "here sounds good." Great, fantastic,
amazing, I should have said. "But what about--" Other
people, I start to say before Joe cuts me off.

"Worried we'll
get caught? Guess we'll have to be quick." He strides toward me
with a wolf's easy grace as he speaks. "You don't mind it
getting a little rough, do you?"

"No," I

"Good, because
we don't have any lube," he says, grinning, "and I'm not
waiting. Get on your knees for me."

I steal another
glimpse at Joe before turning over onto my hands and knees. Glorious.
He's looking at me with heavy-lidded eyes, his cock already leaking
pre-come. I almost expect him to just go for it, but instead he
crouches down beside me and offers me his fingers. "Get these
good and wet." I take his fingers into my mouth and suck on
them, pretending I'm sucking his cock instead. All the same, knowing
that I'm helping him prepare me like this is sexy on its own. He
meets my eyes and strokes my hair with what I'd like to think is
affection--but maybe I'm reading too much into it. "Good
enough," he says after a minute.

Before I know it,
he's kneeling behind me and I brace myself for his fingers, knowing
it'll feel different without lube. "Oh, God," I moan as he
stretches me open. It burns more than usual, but like always it feels
like nerves all over my body are firing all at once. So damn good. I
buck against Joe after a moment, wanting more. "Please," I

He pulls his fingers
out and I feel empty--but not for long. "Relax," he
whispers as the head of his cock pushes against my entrance. I try,
but then he drives into me with a force that almost makes me lose my
balance and I curse under my breath. I clutch at the sand, trying to
adjust. In seconds I've gone from feeling too empty to feeling
invaded, too full. It's too much for my brain to process, so I bury
my head in my hands and breathe through my nose until I can think

"Too fast?"
he murmurs into my ear. "Don't say I didn't warn you." The
heat from his body as he leans over me is a comforting counterpoint
to the lingering cold of the river water. "You feel so good,"
he moans.

I groan. I'm so
ready for him now. Just needed a moment to adjust. "Keep

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