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"But did you
want me? Before you knew it was me?" I need to hear him say it.
If he won't admit what he felt then, how will I ever get him to open
up to me?

Drew shrugs
carelessly. "Maybe." He swallows hard, but I can smell the
desire that spikes through him. It's a heady scent that drives me
crazy, but I'm also relieved now that I know I'm not the only one
feeling it. Drew crosses his legs to hide his erection, but his
movement only makes it more obvious.

"Maybe?" I

"Fine. A lot,
okay? It was weird and it freaked me out. It still freaks me out."
He rakes his hands through his hair, leaving it adorably mussed. "I
mean--this isn't, it's not normal," he says, gesturing at
himself. When I arch an eyebrow, he flushes. "I can't help being
turned on around you," he mutters.

Eureka. My chest
relaxes as I let out the breath I've been holding. This is a start at
least. Now all I have to do is calm him down, win him over, and
convince him to stay. I want to slake my desire to fuck him, too, of
course. Maybe, after all of that I can let all of this confusion and
anger go and just be.

I get up from my
seat to cross over to his side of the table. "I remember you
being pretty popular with the college girls," I muse as I lean
against the edge, "but I've never seen you with a guy before."
I'm so close to him right now--all it would take is a step or two
before I could pull him in for a kiss the way my wolf wants me to.
Fuck, he looks so good and his scent is so fucking intoxicating I
just want to bury myself deep inside of him…but not yet. Have
to be patient.

"No, you're
right. I've never been with a guy--never thought I'd…" He
shakes his head and clenches his jaw.

"So what freaks
you out more? Wanting a guy, or wanting me?" I'd never hurt him
but he doesn't know that yet. I get the feeling his life as a
werewolf hasn't been too great, so it'll take him a while to trust.

"Both," he
says after a moment. "I just don't know what's happening to me…"
For a moment he seems lost in thought, but then he seems to pull
himself back from whatever is haunting him. Drew looks up at me,
determined. "I need you to know something, Ian. After that
night, I ran and all, but I didn't stop wanting you. I just kept
getting more freaked out about how you'd react when I came back, but
then I couldn't stay away. I don't know if you'll forgive me, but I
need to know what the hell is going on here."

I know exactly what
is happening, but I'm not sure whether telling him will scare him or
not. Honesty wins out, though. He deserves it from me. "I think
that we're mates--like soul mates, I guess. Or we could be, anyway,"
I add, suddenly unsure. I've been told that you just know your mate
when you see her--or him, in my case--but not one's mentioned whether
you have to accept it, or what happens if you don't. "No
pressure or anything." I attempt to smile, but I'm not sure how
it turns out. Feels more like a grimace.

I can't resist
anymore, so I move behind him and wrap my fingers in his hair,
reveling in the silky feel of it against my fingers. I don't know why
Drew lets me do it, but he relaxes and almost seems to lean into my
hand. "Drew," I groan, "do you trust me?' The room
seems hazy as blood flows to my cock. So damn hard to focus right

He swallows hard and
tilts his head to look up at me. "Yes," he says, leaving
his throat completely exposed. Oh God. He might not know what he's
doing--I have to remember how little he knows--but baring his throat
like that…it's a gesture of submission and it's such a fucking
turn on I can barely breathe. It means a lot coming from him.
Truthfully, I think he's stronger. It's only my experience as a wolf
that let me take him down before.

"You'll be with
me? Let me fuck you?" He's breathing in short, shallow breaths,
his pulse racing as he looks at me again. Finally, he nods.

"I'll try
it--anything you want," he says, his voice hoarse. "I don't
know why I want you, but I'm sick of running from it." That's
all I need. As much as I want to bend him over the table, I don't
have any lube in this part of the house. Bedroom it is, then. I haul
him out of his chair and lead the way, only one thing on my mind
right now.

When we reach the
room though, I can't wait. I grab Drew as he comes in and pin him to
the wall. I've waited too damn long for this and whatever control I
had is long gone.

"What the
fuck--" Drew starts to ask, but I cut him off by covering his
mouth with my own. He could push me away, but instead he pulls me
closer and moans low in his throat. Oh Jesus. His lips are soft,
full, just as good to kiss as I imagined, but the way he kisses me
back is deliciously rough. When he opens his mouth and lets me
inside, I discover that his taste is spicy and sweet, just like his
smell. In other words, amazing.

Caging him in like
this means that his body is pressed tight against mine, so close that
I can feel the hardness of his cock rubbing mine through my jeans. I
grind against him, needing the friction. Well, I need him naked, but
this will do for now.

I remember that I
wanted to go slow, so I break the kiss and pull away reluctantly.
He's breathing hard, and so am I, but we've barely gotten started. I
rest my head on his shoulder for a moment, thinking how good it feels
to be close like this. Finally.

"Fuck, Drew,"
I say, "I can't stand this. How--tell me what you want."

He laughs softly,
but it's a little desperate, and the way he's still rubbing against
me…hell. "I told you," he says, strained, "any
way, anything you want…"

"And if I like
it rough?"

Biting his lip, Drew
looks up at me. "I trust you." He smiles, the first time
he's smiled since he walked back into my life. My eyes are probably
all crazy lit up with how I feel right now, but I can only hope that
I don't scare him off. I do like it rough, normally, but not this
time. Can't go too hard on him when he's never been with a man.

"Let me know if
I go too far," I say before stepping away. My clothes are too
tight, too--hell, there's just too much in the way. I tear them off,
starting with my shirt, which I toss behind me, then unbuckle my
belt. It's only a moment before I've got my jeans sliding down my
hips and then I stand naked before him. My cock still aches, but at
least it's free now. I curl my hand around the base and stroke
lazily, then smile as Drew's eyes stay glued to my prick. He reaches
for his zipper, but I grab his wrist.

"No," I
growl, "not yet." Instead, I push him down to his knees in
front of me and place his hands on my hips. "Keep them there,"
I say.

Drew looks down at
his cock ruefully, but he doesn't fight me. Good. He licks his
lips--oh man, those lips--before meeting my eyes. "I hope you're
easy to please," he says with a catch in his voice. He's
nervous, I remind myself.

"Extremely, as
long as you don't wait too long," I say, and wind my fingers in
his hair to bring him closer. "You said anything," I remind
him, and he takes a deep breath before lowering his head to my aching
dick. The heat of his breath on me is sheer torture, but the
tentative way he leans forward and takes the head of my cock in his
mouth feels so damn good it drives me crazy.

"Oh, fuck.
That's it." I try to encourage him as he takes my cock in
deeper, but then he goes to work with his tongue and all that comes
out are a string of curses and a groan that could have come from
someone else. Dear lord, he's flicking the spot under the head with
his tongue--I can't--

Control, I remind
myself. That's what I need right now, so I grab his head and hold him
still. He's still doing crazy good things with that clever mouth, but
now I get to set the pace.

"Hold still and
take it," I tell him and I swear he smiles, at least as much as
it's possible to smile with a cock in your mouth. His lips are made
for this. Damn, they look so hot with my dick nestled between them.
Close to losing it, I thrust deeper into his mouth and he just opens
up for me. "You're a fucking natural," I groan as I slide
down his throat. Some guys might freak out the first time they try to
deep throat someone, but Drew just moans around my cock, sending
vibrations all through the shaft. It's almost game over for me at
this point, and something about the idea of Drew swallowing my come
just drives me wild, so I fuck his mouth harder. He looks up at me
and smiles like he loves it and wants even more…

Oh fuck. As I
explode into Drew's mouth and he swallows it all down, I realize that
this moment, right here, is my dream come to life. That face--the way
I fucked his mouth, it's real. I groan and slide my dick from his
mouth reluctantly, feeling more at peace now that the rough edge of
my hunger for him has been sated. That and the fact that I've seen
this before--that has to count for something, doesn't it?

Still, I'm far from
done. Drew needs to know he's mine. I need to mark him all the down
to his soul so he doesn't run again. I shake my head and look at Drew
as he leans back against the wall and smiles at me.

"I thought that
was only satisfying if you were on the receiving end." His voice
is husky, like his throat's raw. Can't tell if it's from me or if he
just feels that turned on, but I have to wonder if I was a little too
rough. I don't plan on stopping unless he tells me too, though, and
right now he practically glows with satisfaction. And lust, no doubt,
since his cock still strains against his jeans.

I offer him my hand
and pull him up to his full height so I can kiss him again. The taste
of myself on him is unexpectedly sexy, and I can feel my semi-hard
prick stiffening again between us. That's one of the benefits of
being a werewolf that comes in handy now and then…like right
about now.

Drew grins as I tug
at his shirt. "Impatient much?" He pulls it over his head
and my mouth waters. Good grief. He's always been lean, but now he's
sinewy, the muscles in his chest and abs showing more definition than
I've ever seen on him. And that trail of hair that disappears into
his jeans…so fucking tempting. I want to ask him if he's been
working out, but then I remember he's been on the run. I'll ask him
later, when it won't kill the mood.

"Lean over the
bed," I tell him. I want him like that while I stretch him out a
little. He huffs at me, but leans over like I asked when I push down
on his shoulders. Though I need to see him naked, his jeans are still
in the way. Wrapping one arm around his waist, I use the other to
work at his zipper, then slide his jeans off. That ass…damn. I
whistle when he's finally bare in front of me, enjoying the view. I
need more, though, so I reach around and caress his cock.

God, he's so hard
it's like granite and the tip is already slick with pre-come. What a
turn on. He bucks against me as I caress him, groaning softly. If I
weren't so eager to fuck him, I'd get him off right now, but I want
us to come together, so I pull away. Feeling suddenly affectionate, I
lay a kiss on his bare back, then leave him naked and trembling while
I rummage through a dresser drawer to get some lube. I haven't needed
it in a long time, but it's here…somewhere.

From the corner of
my eye, I take a peek at Drew as he leans over the bed, his erect
dick jutting proudly away from his body. He's watching me, his eyes
all glazed with lust. I want to fuck him badly but my ass feels empty
all of a sudden. How long has it been since I let someone fuck me? A
couple years, maybe? Someday, I want him to take me the way I'm about
to take him. I'm in control, for now, but I don't want it like this
all the time.

When I get back, I
need to touch him. "You're too sexy for your own good," I
murmur into his ear as I run my hand down his back. "You ready
for this? I'm gonna take it slow but it might feel strange at first.
Might hurt a little, even."

"Jesus, man,
look at me. How much more ready can I get?" I laugh softly.
Yeah, he looks like he's about to burst, but he doesn't even know
whether he'll like this or not. I hope he does, but at the same time
I worry that he'll reject me. Again.

Slicking my fingers
up with lube, I start to run my fingers through the crease of his ass
but think better of it. I want to taste him. It's this sudden, primal
need that has me spreading him open so I can flick my tongue around
the edge of his puckered hole. The taste is salty, musky, but not
unpleasant, and it drives me crazy.

He makes a sound
that's somewhere between a strangled gasp and a groan as my tongue
makes contact with his skin. "Oh fuck. What are you doing?"
He looks back at me, his eyes wide.

I chafe at the
interruption, but pull my head away long enough to say something. "I
just want to make you feel good," I say. "Does it?" I
know from experience that I like being rimmed, but I've never done it
to another man before and I'm suddenly insecure. I think he'll like
it--but what if I'm wrong?

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