Cheating Husbands and Wives - 18 Hot Short Stories

BOOK: Cheating Husbands and Wives - 18 Hot Short Stories
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The Meeting


She sat on the train watching the world fly by, just like time had done. Twenty years in fact since they had last been together but in her head it felt like yesterday. Her phone lit up – another text message – he was leaving for the station – he would be there to meet her. Her mouth was dry. She licked her lips as her eyes danced over the words, heart pounding in her head and her nipples brushing against her carefully selected black bra. She crossed her legs feeling her pussy stir in her silk black panties – the gusset pressing on her shaven lips as she felt herself becoming more aroused.

She checked the illuminated sign for the toilet – Vacant. Lifting her handbag she walked towards the doors, she passed a man who smiled at her, glancing at her large breasts in her V neck jumper. She knew he wasn’t looking at her face, but then again she didn’t care.

Pulling down her trousers and panties she crouched to pee in the small confined space – the train jostled and jolted as her hand slid into her vaginal lips – she could feel the wetness seep onto her hand and the smell of her body lotion and wetness intermingled with her aroused scent. She closed her eyes and let the image of them fucking enter her inner being – his tongue lapping her juices as she inserted her finger into her damp hole. Slowly tingling, tenderly exploring her pussy she moaned and bit her lip. She began to move her hand faster into herself finger-fucking, her head thrown back as her orgasm rocketed through her – over and over her hand moved as she came over and over again, her juices all over her hand.

Jolting into the station the train suddenly stopped – she came back to reality, washed her hands and pulled her panties and trousers up, fishing in her bag for lip gloss and finally ruffling her hair. She smiled at herself in the mirror and walked back to her seat.

She checked her watch, 30 minutes until she arrived. He’d be there waiting – on the platform. God – they hadn’t been together for 20 years. They had talked about it, dreamt about it, even masturbated over the phone to each other, but now she was here about to be with him again after so long.

Suddenly she panicked, she wasn’t the girl he had made love to all those years ago. She had given him her virginity, it had been so special and then they had lost each other – circumstance and logistics had made it impossible for them to remain together – they had parted – lost one another for what seemed a lifetime and now here they were about to be together again.

She fiddled in her seat – checked her phone, her watch, her makeup over and over minute after minute as they idled away slowly each one feeling like an hour.

The tannoy bellowed as she realised the train was pulling into the station, her heart leapt and then again she panicked, she waited for everyone to get up and leave their seats – then slowly gathered herself and walked towards the door.

A hand reached up to help her disembark, she lifted her head to thank the kindly stranger, but he didn’t let go of her hand, looking up she saw it was him. Eyes dancing, smiling at her, he kissed her hand and then took her face in his hands, cupping her chin as he pulle
her towards him. No words, not a sound just gazing into each other’s eyes, a tear ran down her face. He wiped it away with his thumb. Their lips met, her heart lurched and suddenly as he embraced her. She knew she was home.

He pulled away to take in her face; smiling again he kissed her and then grabbed her hand pulling her away from the train doors. He led her to his car and opened the passenger side. She smiled and got in – pulling the seatbelt over her chest – nipples rubbing the inside of her bra as she once again felt the throbbing resume in her groin.

He moved to the driver’s side and started the engine – her hand moved towards his thigh and rested there, she gently rubbed as he drove towards the hotel. His breathing was shallow as they chatted like they had never been apart, the only thing making her sad was the gold band on his left hand but she had the same thing on hers. Today was their day – but would not be forever – both of them knew that. They had to make the most of what they had.

They checked in and paid cash, taking the lift quickly to their room. As the doors closed he turned towards her – their lips met in a crushing kiss, his hands moved down to her nipples – teasing the hard points and the one hand moving down to her crotch. She moaned as he pressed against her mound – wanting him to take her right there and then – the doors opened.

Moving, almost running they laughed as the key card clicked in the door. Pushing her inside with a playful shove, he pressed the door closed. They were alone.

She cocked her head to one side as she took her shoes off.
 Moving away from him so she could see him, as he gazed at her with longing eyes and a huge bulge in his pants. He fumbled with his jacket and laid it on the floor, pulled each shoe off and fiddled with his socks. Then walking towards her, he cornered her against the wall once more kissing her until she thought she would never breathe again – their tongues danced, their hands roamed and their groins thrusting again each other’s – she could feel his hard cock bursting to be released. Teasing she traced it through the fabric – he moaned into her mouth as he moved a hand from her waist to her breasts – pulling her jumper over her head he buried his face into her cleavage – his cock was hurting it was so hard. He could feel the moistness of his pre-cum on the tip oozing into his pants as he pulled her hand down and under the waistband of his trousers. Rolling her nipples with his fingers he kissed her neck wanting to bite her but knowing he couldn’t leave any marks on her.

She grunted as he played with her nipples – he slid the straps from each shoulder, looking at her with love and desire with each stroke. He wanted her to know he loved her – impossible though their lives were this was not just a sordid fuck – he wanted her, she wanted him and now he had chance to show her just how much.

Her breasts now free he looked in amazement as her nipples stood to attention – he bent to kiss each one – taking it in his mouth and sucking in it – until the peaks became hard jutting knobs of crinkled flesh. His cock twitched as her hand moved inside his trousers, she loosened the belt, opened his fly and pulled out his hard weeping cock.

He pushed her over to the bed – their eyes locked – breath shallow and bodies screaming out for more. She opened her thighs as she sat on the bed he was on his knees in front of her – her breasts still the centre of his hands attention, but his head was moving south. He wanted to taste her, to lick her juices and make her cum. He trailed wet soft kisses over her tits and onto her belly, not flat and firm as it once was – she was warm and curvaceous, a curvy woman and so fucking sensual.

His hands pulled her jeans down her bottom and onto the floor, his head was now in between her legs his hand left one breast and moved to tease the fabric of her panties, she was already wet with anticipation, her pressed his fingers through the lace and touched her, she moaned and threw her head back, grinding herself into the bedspread as he began to move his head towards her wetness.

His breath on her inner thigh, she shivered, his tongue began to probe towards her lips, he could feel her wetness on his lips as he again moved into her most sacred area.
 Suddenly her thrust his tongue into her hole – she screamed – her legs like a vice around his head as he lifted her up – legs over towards her head to gain better access to her sex hole. Licking and probing – she grabbed her own tits as he again began to roll her clit over his tongue. She could feel her orgasm rising in her – her neck flushed as she began to cry out – wave after wave hit her as if with a crushing force – she shuddered as he continued to eat her out – her pussy ablaze with cum, he licked her, every last drop and then moved his head, pushing her up onto the bed – in the same movement he slid a finger into her wetness and began to slide it in and out – fucking her with his digit, his hard cock pressing against her stomach.

She wanted him inside her – she opened her legs wider as he slid another finger in, fucking her faster and faster, sliding his hardness over her until he ached.

He moved so his cock was near her mouth, still finger-fucking her slowly as she squirmed under him – she opened her mouth to take his full length as he began to thrust his hardness into her open mouth.  He continued to lick and finger her at the same time as she greedily sucked on his hard cock allowing him to touch the back of her throat with each movement of his hips. He gently caressed her as he licked her wet pussy and drove his tongue into her as she cupped his balls with her hands. Squeezing them and pulsing them as she lapped his pre-cum and sucked his hardness. He began to tense his arse cheeks as he began to come – she writhed under him as her orgasm rose – he thrust harder and shuddered as his shot his load into her wide mouth – she cried and jolted as she came hard – her juices flowing into his mouth.

They lay on the bed and kissed juices and flavours mingling together as they just held one another – happy to be together and longing for more – but for now they just lay in each others arms – eyes drinking each other in and smiling.

He got out of bed and in a truly British manner made a cup of tea – she looked at him in his nakedness his semi hard cock bobbing as he walked and she remembered back to when they were young – they had spent a night in a B&B – discovering each other and making each other feel amazing – they were truly in love, besotted even though everyone seemed out to destroy their happiness – eventually of course they had done but for now the memories were sweet and she smiled as she watched him.

He handed her a cup and let his gaze rest on her breasts he drank in her feminine curves – he had told her over and over again how much he really did love her – if he could see a way for them to be together without leaving a trail of mass-destruction he would do anything in his power to make it so. But she knew he loved his wife and family that she wasn’t his reality and that they could never really be. Thinking about it and holding back the tears, she bit her lip, she looked so vulnerable and yet so damn sexy, her glance dropped to his cock, it was standing proud wanting her to take it and take him with it to heaven.

He bent to kiss her the warmth of her lips meeting his as their tongues explored their mouths – hands placed either side of the pillow he lay on top of her and eased her thighs apart – he knew she was wet, ready for him without foreplay, she was still oozing her sex from their earlier fun and she moved her hips towards him, guiding his hardness towards her wanting puss.

He looked into her eyes as he placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her hole, she writhed underneath him and with pleading eyes begged him to fuck her. Moving slowly and deliberately he waited, and then with a thrust entered her completely in one movement, making her gasp as he filled her to the brim. He bit her nipple as he licked and played with her tits, pumping slowly and passionately wanting this moment to last forever, he let out a huge sigh, he had wanted to be here for so long, he was where he needed to be.

He began to pump harder and with more vigour, she reached down to cup his balls, not daring to close her eyes unless he disappeared into the ether. He kissed her hard, his tongue darting into her mouth.  As he moved into her over and over again,  feeling her tremble underneath him. He moved her legs taking them around his neck so he could pump in deeper – his thumb caressed her clit as she began to writhe under him. She could feel her orgasm being to rise as he entered her she cried out her back arching as let herself go.

She moved her legs down and pushed him back, still in her onto his back as she began to grind on top of him. Holding his chest as she moved his hard pole into her, he smiled and held his hand out to take hold of her huge tits as they bounced. Smiling she looked at him and threw her head back once more to allow another orgasm to wash over her.

Beads of moisture ran between their legs and torsos as they moved. Getting up she took his hand and led him to the bathroom, sitting on the loo she skewered herself onto his cock placing her legs and puss either side of him as once more she pumped herself onto him. She felt his hardness, he knew what she was going to do, the anticipation made his cock twitch.  She began to feel her climax rise inside her she was losing the ability to focus as it began to rack her body again, crying out she felt herself come and at the same time let her pee go. Her sweet juices gushed over his cock and thighs, as he could no longer hold his own cum, he cried out pumping his seed into her waiting hole over and over, thick strings of cum spewed into her and ran out mixing with the other juices. Spent she collapsed onto his lap and kissed him hard, he smiled she had fulfilled her promise and he loved her for it.

After a few minutes she got up from his lap and turned on the shower, she stepped into it letting the warm water soothe her aching body, still feeling amazingly horny she offered an open hand for him to join her. He stepped into the water, taking soap to cleanse himself and as he moved to cleanse his dick she moved her hand to soap his balls. His tired aching dick began to stand to attention again, wanting her so much and not able to waste this precious time she turned to face the wall as he placed a soap cover hand and massaged her aching pussy lips.

She took his hand a guided it towards the bud of her arse, soaping the hole and his dick he gently eased into her tight hole – she gasped as he began to fuck her, one hand moving onto her pussy as he took her from behind, her ass full of his big hard cock. He loved the feeling of her over tight hole, it held his cock like it was in a vice, he had never really enjoyed anal sex before but this was amazing her shaven pussy butting against him as he thrust into her dark secret.

BOOK: Cheating Husbands and Wives - 18 Hot Short Stories
8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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