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He should have never let his thoughts wander there. Now he was so hard his head hurt. Damn.

“You guys are silly.” Lori finished her coffee and handed Alex the mug. He set it on the dresser and moved closer to the bed, getting on his knees slightly to her side. Lori cast him a startled glance, so he smiled. He knew what he looked like -- probably something like a wolf right before he ate the little lamb he just caught -- but damn it, enough was enough. She was theirs, she needed to understand that. “Okay, you win. I promise not to sneak out anymore, all right?”

“Right.” Alex grinned. “I just bet you won’t.”

“Damned straight she won’t,” Michael finished. “She’ll be too busy trying to keep us off her to sneak out. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I plan on doing anything and everything she lets me.” He grinned wolfishly. “Of course, I plan on coaxing and tempting her into letting me do all kinds of things.”

Lori groaned and twined her arms around Jack’s neck as if seeking his protection. Alex knew better, though. She was beginning to relax and accept what had been inevitable since they’d first staked their claim the night before.

* * *

It was about to happen. Lori knew it with every fiber of her being. Her whole relationship with the brothers was about to change and she wasn’t sure she could stop it. Or if she even wanted to.

Alex reached out a hand to her, eyebrows raised as if asking for her permission. Lori took his hand without hesitation but looked warily at them. Her heart raced. This was it. It was strange, really. It was like she was looking over her life and knowing there was something missing that they were about to complete.

She almost groaned as unbidden images from her most erotic fantasies sprung to her mind. Sweat erupted over her as Alex helped her lie on the bed. Her stomach did a little flip. This was her house, damn it! She should be inviting them into her bed, not the other way around.

“Don’t you think it’s a little presumptuous for you to think I’d want you in my bed?”

“No.” Jack didn’t miss a beat. “I don’t. It wouldn’t matter, anyway. Actions speak louder than words, and I can tell just by looking at you you’re as into this as we are. Besides, I’ve found over the years that people say and do things when they’re drunk they may not normally do, but always wanted to. You let us know in no uncertain terms you wanted us.”

It was desperation on her part, and she knew it. She had no will to fight these men. Why would she? She might lose her heart in the process, they might be playing a cruel joke on her, she might be reading more into the way they intruded on her privacy, but she didn’t have the strength of will to force them out. If there was even the slightest chance this would lead to them spending the night with her in that big bed of hers, she’d let it unfold as it would. Even if it crushed her heart.

In all the years she’d known them, they’d only ventured up here when they knew she was hurting. All three of them, at one time or another, had lain with her in her bed and held her when she needed it. When her father had been gone for weeks at a time, or forgotten to attend a piano or dance recital, one of them would let themselves into the house and make their way up here. They never said a word, only held her until she cried herself to sleep. When she’d wake up, they’d be gone. But only one of them. Never all three of them. Having their big bodies here now, surrounding her like a pack of wolves going in for the kill, made her normally spacious room seem incredibly small.

She felt her face heat, and she broke out in a fine sweat. They were right, of course. She wanted them badly. All of them sported jet-black hair and the bodies of Greek gods. All towered over her fragile five foot, three inch frame by a good foot, and she totally idolized them. Had since she was, like, six. This wasn’t something she could walk away from now that she had the chance. She just hoped they didn’t tread on her heart when they left. They might promise forever, but she knew better. Nothing was forever. She’d learned that lesson when she’d lost both her parents. Her mother to a car crash, her father to a broken heart. She’d been on her own for most of her life. As much as she wanted it different, she knew this was likely just a passing fantasy for them.

But she’d damn well live the dream as long as they’d let her.

While she considered Jack’s words, Michael tugged her closer to him and bent to kiss her lips. It was gentle and tender at first, but as soon as she started to respond to him, his kiss became ravenous and hungry. Before she realized fully what she was doing, she was clinging to him, desperately kissing him and thrusting her tongue into his mouth even as she sucked his.

She felt hands on her waist, tugging her robe off. Michael gave the belt a yank, and it fell away. Taking her arms from Michael’s neck, but never breaking their torrid kiss, she let the garment fall from her arms even as she felt her robe slide from her body.

Michael’s big hands came around her back, sliding down to her ass, where he squeezed the soft globes, and lifted her with little effort. Still fully clothed, Michael ground his pelvis into hers, leaving a wet spot on his jeans where her cunt had wept.

“Get undressed, Mike,” came Jack’s voice. “There’s no rush. We’ve got all the time in the world to play with her.”

Michael raised his head from hers and paused a moment. “You’re ours, Lori. The sooner you realize that, the better off everyone who tries to stake a claim will be. We’re the only ones who get to see this delectable little body ever again.”

“That’s fine,” she answered a little breathlessly. “No one’s ever seen it, anyway. Well, other than my girlfriends at sleepovers or in the gym locker room.”

All three of them broke out into huge grins.

“Perfect.” Mike grinned before kissing her once again. He stood then to remove his clothing, and all that bronzed skin made her fingers itch to touch and her mouth water to taste him. All of him.

“I knew all that hard work would pay off one day,” came Alex’s reply. “Do you have any idea how hard it was to keep the hounds at bay, Lori?”

At her confused look, Jake added, “You don’t honestly believe there weren’t tons of men out there just itching to get in your pants? Not counting the ones you actually tried to date, there were a great many others.”

“Yeah,” Alex added. “We’re just too vicious and mean. They knew to keep their distance.”

Lori laughed. “Well, I’d hoped it wasn’t just me. It was kinda cute, actually, until I reached my eighteenth birthday, and there seemed no hope in sight of losing my virginity.”

Alex and Jack had already undressed and immediately filled Michael’s position. Alex settled himself between Lori’s legs and breathed in her essence while Jack sat beside her, palming her plump breasts.

“She’s gorgeous, don’t you think, Alex?” Jack asked.

“Oh, yeah. She has a cute little bald cunt. When did you shave it, Lori?” he responded.

“I-I’ve shaved it since it started getting hair. I didn’t like the way it looked.” She was getting really hot. They were driving her nuts! She never imagined she’d get to play out this little fantasy. Ever.

“I’m going to suck these fantastic tits, and Alex is going to eat that wet little pussy of yours until you scream. When Michael gets back over here, you’re going to suck his cock and get him ready for your cunt. Then the fun will begin.” With that, both dark heads dipped, and she became one writhing, moaning nerve ending.

Lori had never felt such pleasure before. It wasn’t just their loving of her body, it was their words, too. She’d never really considered erotic talk to be, well, erotic, but damn! They had her hot!

Jack sucked her nipples until the dark little points stood out a good inch and begged for attention, while Alex lapped and sucked at her cunt, making growling sounds like an animal, raising his head occasionally to tell her and his brothers how good she tasted and how he couldn’t wait to stick his dick in her tight little cunt.

When Michael offered her his cock, she opened her mouth, taking in the head. It was too big for her to get much more than the head inside her mouth, but she probed it with her tongue and sucked him in when he pushed forward slightly. He threw his head back on a groan and tangled his fingers in her wealth of raven hair.

“Yeah, baby. That feels

“You should see how wet she is,” came Alex’s voice from between her thighs. “She’s fucking dripping wet!”

“Stretch her a little, Alex,” Jack instructed. “Spread her with your fingers so Michael doesn’t hurt her too much when he takes her.”

Ever the obedient brother, Alex inserted first one finger, then two into Lori’s drenched canal. Her hips arched into his questing digits, and she groaned her pleasure around Michael’s engorged cock. Another finger joined the two, then another, and Lori’s pussy began to burn from the invasion.

She let Michael’s cock slip out of her mouth with a loud pop and said, “It’s a little uncomfortable, Alex.”

“Careful, not too much,” Jack said in response.

“Sorry. She’s so goddamn wet!” With that, Alex buried his face back between her legs and began sucking her clit as he slipped one of his four fingers out of her pussy and continued to fuck her with the other three.

“Have you sucked cock before?” Michael asked a little breathlessly.

“Only once,” Lori said around a mouthful. “I didn’t like it then, but you’re yummy.” And she could say no more because her lips slid easily back around Mike’s big dick.

“God! She sucks like a pro!” Michael seemed to be in heaven as she worked her lips, tongue and teeth around him. Taking her cues from him, she gave him all the pleasure she could while her other men made her sweaty.

Jack nipped and licked at her nipples and neck, encouraging her when she reached for his cock and started to stroke it. “That’s it, sweetheart. Make me ready for you.”

Jack was really getting into this. He was actually going to make Lori his. Any qualms he’d harbored before went out the window the second she confessed to wanting to see him naked. He’d have pushed the issue, anyway -- he was too far gone not to -- but he might have felt the tiniest bit bad about making her face the fact that they all wanted her. If he’d been a moral man. He wasn’t, at least not where Lori was concerned. He wanted her. He knew his brothers wanted her. And, damn it, he would take her any way he could get her.

Alex raised his head. “I think she’s ready. She’s about to come. I can feel her muscles clenching my fingers.”

“You know, I never thought having the smallest dick in the family would ever get me anywhere.” Michael laughed. “But I get to deflower this beautiful woman because of it, and I can only be grateful.”

Lori burst out laughing. “Smallest dick? Michael, I could barely get my lips around the head of you!”

“Hey,” he said as he moved into position, “I said smallest of the three of us. That doesn’t mean I’m smaller than the average guy.” His grinning face was handsome, and she smiled back at him. “Ready, sweet?” he asked.

She nodded, her breath coming in shallow little pants. If he didn’t get on with it soon, she was going to have to hurt him.

He lowered himself as his brothers moved away to either side of Lori. Michael kissed her. She responded eagerly, pushing her body against him and clutching his back even as she wrapped her legs around his hips.

“Easy, Lori. I don’t want to hurt you,” Mike rasped. She was really driving him crazy with her responsiveness.

“I never knew it would feel this good. I want you inside me, Mike. I’ve been waiting for this forever!”

Mike dropped his forehead to Lori’s. “Are you sure you want this? Are you sure you want me to be your first? You have to know that I’m never letting you go once we start this. None of us will.”

“You guys have been there for me as long as I can remember. You’ve all taught me about a lot of things, and I can’t think of better teachers for this. You care about me and about how I feel. Most guys probably don’t give a damn. So just shut up and fuck me.”

“Oh, you’ll definitely have a good time. We wouldn’t settle for anything less,” came Jack’s reply. “Now, Mike. Take her now.”

Mike spread her legs open again, guided his swollen member to her slick entrance and pushed the head inside. She tensed and sucked in a breath, wide eyes never leaving his face. Letting her adjust to the sweet invasion, Mike paused a moment. “Okay?”

“Yes. I want it all.”

In one smooth stroke, Mike sheathed himself inside her juicy cunt. Lori yelped when the sharp sting signifying the release of her virginity tore through her, but the brief pain was soon gone, and she relaxed as Mike began to slowly move within her.

Jack and Alex let them move together for a moment without touching, as Lori got used to the feel of a man inside her. Then Jack laid his massive cock against her cheek and said, “Suck me.”

Lori smiled up at him while Michael gently stroked within her, then she opened her mouth to receive Jack. The large head was all she managed to take, but that was okay with Jack. The feel of her warm mouth and the sight of his brother fucking her was more than enough to make him ready to partake of her sweet cunt.

* * *

Alex watched as he stroked himself. This was a lovely sight indeed. Lori was even more responsive than any of them had hoped for. She moaned around Jack’s dick, pushing her hips back at Michael and wrapping her legs around him once more, bringing him closer to her.

“That’s it,” said Alex. “God, you’re so fucking beautiful!”

Lori groaned and sucked Jack’s cock all the harder. She reached blindly for Alex’s as well, so that all of them touched her. It was a heady experience for Alex and he knew his brothers loved it as well.

“Here, Alex,” Michael gasped, pulling his cock out of Lori with a wet suctioning sound as she whimpered her protest. “I don’t want to come just yet. She’s so wet and tight…” His statement trailed off, and Lori saw him shiver slightly, goose bumps popping out all over his body.

“Oh, yeah. Let me.”

Lori was on her back, legs spread and mouth still around the head of Jack’s cock while her hand pumped him as he was instructing her. Alex thought she looked sexy as hell. Her other hand came between her legs to dip into her pussy and rub her clit while Alex settled himself into the cradle of her hips and plunged home with a grunt.

BOOK: Claiming Lori
6.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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