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“I expect a man wanting to date my daughter to ask me first,” he muttered as Nicholas maneuvered him up the steps.

“I’m not dating Julia, sir. I just gave her a ride home from work.”

The man yanked to a stop at the door and pulled free, the porch light revealing his bloodshot glare. “You think you’re too good for my Julia, is that it?”

“Dad,” the woman under discussion hissed, opening the door.

“Come on, Daddy,” her sister said, pushing on her father as Julia pulled. “Let’s get you inside before you catch a chill.”

Mr. Campbell shrugged off both girls, then grabbed Julia’s
arm and gave her a shake. “This is why you can’t get another man,” he growled. “And why you lost the good one you had. How many times I gotta tell you to show some proper gratitude when a man’s nice to you.” He pushed her in front of Nicholas. “I say driving you home in a snowstorm deserves a kiss.”

Julia and her sister gasped in unison and Nicholas stiffened at the realization the man was serious. And if Julia’s father had placed her in an untenable position, he’d put Nicholas in a quandary. If he simply turned and walked away, the drunken idiot would likely get angry at
And if he leaned down, instead of slapping his face she’d feel compelled to kiss him.

“And not some shy peck on the cheek, either,” Mr. Campbell continued, nudging his frozen daughter hard enough that she stumbled forward.

her sister growled, grabbing Julia’s jacket to tug her back.

Well, hell. Nicholas pulled Julia into his arms, lowered his head as he lifted her onto her toes, and kissed her—making sure to linger just long enough to satisfy the bastard that she was properly grateful. “You’re welcome,” he murmured as he released her and straightened away. He gave a slight bow then turned and walked down the steps, got in his truck, and backed around and drove out the road.

Definitely not his business, he decided as he touched his tongue to his lips—which he noticed now held a taste of peppermint.

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