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“I’m going to change. I’ll be right back.” She kissed his lips gently.

She had one of those old fashioned screens and she changed behind it; propped her other clothes over top. She came out with a sailor hat, a navy blue wrap dress, and navy stilettos. He let out a long whistle as her heels clacked across the wooden floor.

. I don’t have any Marine attire.” She winked as she bent over in front of him and put her fingers under his chin. She went to get something else beside her bed, behind him.

, you’d look good in anything. Get over here.”

She went back to hi
m and put her foot on the chair. She slid her stiletto under so it grazed his crotch, still trapped by his jeans. His eyes opened wide from the pinch. “It’s Mistress Cristal and I give the orders.” She looked down at him as her foot pressed on his crotch; she saw him gulp. His eyes glanced to her hand at the small crop in it and then dart to her intense eyes fixated on him.

“Yes ma’am, I-I mean Mistress.”

She smiled.

He was tense, so tense.

“Relax Spencer.” She released him from the pain and sat on one leg. She kissed his, soft clean shaven face it felt so nice along her hands and lips. Normally she tried not to use their names, no attachments. She pulled away; nipped along his jaw line.

“Mistress may I ha
ve my hands?” He yanked at the ropes that contained him to chair.

moved his leg, as she slid against it. She moaned at the sensation of the secret pearls rolled beneath her pussy. “Not yet.” She whispered. She liked to ensure they knew she was in control. She moaned as more pleasure raked across her sex.

“I promise to please you, to behave, and do as you ask.” She
saw his biceps ripple and flex; she kissed them as they danced. She ignored his pleas, until finally, “Mistress may I lick your pussy?”

Her head turned up to him with a grin. She stood and untied her n
avy barely there dress and revealed her pearl outline bikini underneath.

“Good God!”

“They’ll be no mention of God. I want to hear my name, Cristal.” Her eyes narrowed.

“Mistress is that your real name?” She couldn’t help but smile; it crep
t all the way to her ears.

, Crystal is my real name.” She remembered how the girls at the bar teased her, saying she had no imagination. How they knew so little about her.

“It’s beautiful like you are. Your eyes…awe damn these
ties.” He said frustrated as he tried to break free. “I just want to touch you.”

She giggled. She got up and knelt behind him, re
leased them.

“Remember you-” She didn’t get to finish. “Ooh.” He carried her over to th
e faux granite bar top; knocked everything to the floor. Excitement fizzled over every part of her body, like she had been submerged into a bath of champagne. The pure unadulterated lust she saw in his eyes made her moist with anticipation. She laid back and closed her eyes. He kissed her lids, moved to her cheekbones and then her ear. His tongue caressed behind her ear; and as much as she wanted to reach for him she kept her hands firmly pressed to the bar; the crop still in her clutch. He turned her head and worked down that small tendon on the side of her neck and tickled her so she would bend her neck to him.

, you smell so fucking hot.” He whispered with a heavy breath in her ear. She looked at him finally. “There you are…Sorry Mistress.”

She nodded and tried
to be stern, but he was taking her out of character.
How was he doing that?

“I am going to please you.” His rough fingers gently ran ov
er each pearl that lined her pelvis, it teased her. His tongue twirled her nipple ring. “This is new, nipple ring. Hmm.” He brought it fully into his mouth and then pinched the other.

“Oh God!” She bolted up. It had been so long since that sensation rippled across her and through every nerve ending.
I need more of that.

“I thought his name wasn’t to be uttered tonight.” He grinned as he repeated her words.

“Yeah sorry. I mean, hey!” She gave him an angry look. “Just make me come Cowboy.”
He did it again. Shit! What was happening?

“All in good time Mistress.” He pressed her back down and continued to work o
n her nipples, getting a feel for them. He flicked his tongue and made her squirm as she felt the quick bursts of pain shoot down her belly to her crotch.

His tongue moved down her navel and her hands
were on his head now pushed him; begged; commanded him and pleaded with him some more. She was clean not a speck of hair on her and his tongue roamed around the plains but had yet to dive in.

“Cowboy!” Cri
stal sat up and saw his face, he grinned. She jumped down from the bar, still in her stilettos; he followed her. She slammed him into the chair again. “You need punishment? Fine!” She took her small crop and smacked him right on his crotch, probably harder then she needed but she was angry at this point.

“Yes Mistress.” He choked out a wince. She saw the red ris
e up his throat. “I promise no more teasing.” He breathed heavily, and coughed slightly. She pulled him by the collar of his open shirt as he stumbled out of the chair and followed her to her bed.

She slipped off his shirt completely now, which revealed even
more of his body glazed by the sun, as well as a USMC tattoo on his shoulder.
Pure solid muscle.
She licked her lips.

“Lay down!”

He obeyed. Crop in hand; she kneeled above his open and willing mouth. He wrapped his arms underneath her legs and put his hands on her; spread her folds apart. His tongue lapped up and down her already wet labia. She groaned and trembled under his touch and fell forward onto the bed; pressed further into him.

He bent his knees up as if to support her and pushed her back. She felt quick pulses as his tongue moved in and out as she gyrated on his face. His teasing had brought her so far along. Her head jerked to the left as she sucked in a quick breath.
Her juices squeezed out with each contraction. And like a good submissive he was drinking it all up. She rolled over out of breath.

“I’m not done Mistress.” He looked at her
and his eyes pleaded.

She reached over;
ran her finger down his strong jaw and nodded. Next he pressed two fingers inside her. She was still recovering from her last orgasm; still feeling contractions from it. He built her climax back up slowly at first. He had a rhythm going and then his mouth sucked her clit that was already erect and called out to him. “Oh damn.” She whispered. A hot flush moved across her chest. He added another finger and then she sat up to feel his fingers deeper and doubled over his back. She dug her nails into him and then she came again.


She took a deep breath that shuddered as she drew it in. She flushed it out and lay back down. “Good job Spencer, another.” She pointed to the condoms on the bedside table.

, Mistress. How?”

“You tell me what you want. Anything you want.” She came behind him while he
turned to reach for the condom she began to unbutton his pants.

“I want to please you.”

“What would please me is to make
fantasy come true.” She took the condom. “Tell me what you want.”

Crystal. I mean-” She touched his lips still coated with her sweet come and stopped him from saying more. She removed her pearl outfit and dropped it and the crop to the floor.

“Anything.” She looked at him. “Well
, I’m only one girl so you’ll have to be happy with that.” Her lips curled into a playful smile.

He kissed her
, forced his soft tongue that tasted like her inside. “You’re all I need. You taste like honey, you look like a rock star and you talk dirtier then any girl I’ve ever been with.” His full weight bore on top of her.

“So anal?” She offered.

He laughed and his head pulled back again to gaze down at her.

“Oral? Both?” A grin came over his face as he looked down at her. “Your wish is my command.” She insisted.

“Wait.” He looked at her. “Just how many times can you? Orgasm I mean?” She shrugged.

And there he went again; this time he tested the anal waters. He probed his finger inside her slot and then
into her ass. She lay there, stared directly into his eyes and enjoyed every second.

“Yes Spencer please, f
aster.” She bucked on his face, and began to feel that burn that soreness on her pussy. But it was met with an equal burn; desire and need to come again. His fingers slid and rubbed between the layers of skin inside her.

“Fuck yes!” She cried out as that pain pleasure mixture finally gave way to an orgasm.


Finally it was his turn. He rolled her still sleepy body to her stomach, sleepy from orgasmic overload. “Ready?”

“Wait, I thought oral first?”

“Tomorrow.” He winked.

“Oh you think sooo…” He slid inside her slit as she spoke. “Oh my!” He was large. “I’m not sure Spencer.” She looked back. He continued to thrust into her and hit her cervix so hard inside. He had to hold her up she was so weak in the knees. “Spencer, oh sweet Jesus.” He reached around and spun her clit lightly in circles. She jumped in overstimulation. “I can’t take it.” She had tears now. “Oh please.” She cried, but he didn’t relent. The tortuous pleasure continued. She kept drawing breaths in; she couldn’t breathe. Then she began to scream until, “Holy Shit!” finally escaped her lips.

He pulled out still raging hard. He massaged her anus with his thumb
. “Spencer,” She was still trying to catch her breath. “I’m really not sure.” She looked over her shoulder at him. He leaned down and began to lick from her dripping pussy from her taint to her tight ass. He pressed his tongue inside. “Oh yeah, yes.” She pressed her face into the pillow. She felt every nerve ending that had yet to be excited now be ignited.
How could this even be possible?
She had lost track of how many orgasms she had. W
as it five or six? Who cares.
Her teeth clenched as his penis head flared inside her. She mumbled some swears into the pillow and he ripped it away.

“I need to hear you Mistress. Am I pleasing you?” He still hadn’t moved any further.

“Get the fuck inside me!” She pushed her ass back and heard him growl.

Slowly he glided in and out, stretching her. Wetness began dripping down the insides of her thighs. “Oh Spencer. Please pull back.” He did and she got up.

“You alright?” He looked concerned and she turned to him full of want. She knocked him down kissed him hard. She mounted him, slid him back in; guided him back in. “Good God girl!” She took him, all of him and let out a slow long moan and as she did it her eyes locked onto his.

She leaned back; rocked
slowly as he pinched her nipple ring with one hand and rubbed her tender and sore clit with the other. “Pinch it! Harder.” She insisted. As he did she shuddered and quaked. Her eyes rolled back in her head as yet another orgasm escaped her sex.

She heard him finally moan
as his release pulsed out of him, he thrust into her a few more times as his body quivered. “Oh Crystal, you’re so fucking hot!” He wrapped those sweaty sexy biceps around her and it made her cry out a little as he pulled her down. She was so tender. Oversexed.

She rolled over and barely remembered falling asleep.


She awoke to the smell of fresh coffee and the sound of the shower running.

She made herself a cup and went to find him. “What are you still doing here?” She leaned on the doorjamb as she watched that eye candy step out behind the shower curtain.

“Couldn’t leave without what you promised me.” His hazel eyes twinkled in mischief.

“What’s that?” She sipped her coffee.
He made good coffee

“How quickly we forget.” He dried himself. “Do you have an extra toothbrush?”

She nodded and rummaged though the small bathroom closet to find one, it was purple. “Sorry.” She winked.

He just shrugged and brushed.
She turned to go, but he grabbed the tie on her robe, untying it. “So.” He drew the word out and it gently played in her ears sweetly.

She gave him a coy look, unsure what he wanted.

“You gonna punish me some more Mistress?”

She licked her lips. He took her cup and drew her to him. “No fair, I haven’t brushed.” Her hand grazed on his barely there stubble.

“Get on your knees.”

Her eyebrow quirked up.

“A promise is a promise.” He winked.

She nodded and allowed her robe to drop. He watched her as she slowly sunk down. First she took one
testicle into her mouth, tugged it playfully as she sucked on it and then the other. She dug her thumbs on the inside of both of his thighs.
Command me huh?
She nibbled and then bit him lightly along his rock hard shaft, yep as long and thick as she felt it last night.

BOOK: Cristal Blue (Sweet Valentine Treat's)
4.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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