Cristal Blue (Sweet Valentine Treat's) (3 page)

BOOK: Cristal Blue (Sweet Valentine Treat's)
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He had to steady himself on the sink and adjust his footing. “Fuck!” He grabbed her.

“Hey.” He picked her up and carried her under his arm. “Where are we going?” She bounced on her bed with force.

“Keep going.” Spencer growled at her with
a hard look on his face. He kneeled over her now. She grinned and grasped his testicles hard, it made him call out her name; beg for mercy. She released him and saw that he now had a grin on his face. He found the crop and flipped her over. The crack was so loud on her ass. “Oh God. Did I?”

She turned slightly to him, so completely turned on now. “Again.”

He did, on the other cheek.

The sting spread the excitement through her sex. “Eat my pussy Spencer, gently though.” She said softer. She scrambled for his cock and lapped the precum
that now coated the tip of his penis.

“Oh yes.” He moaned from her touch

I could tease him bad, so bad. But he ha
d to leave soon. He couldn’t be AWOL for sex, for me.

His stubble grazed and scratched at her inner thigh and she allowed him to find his rhythm on her before
she engulfed him fully. He groaned so loudly inside her, the vibrations tickled.

“Mmm.” She returned the favor vibrating his cock in her mouth. He was so
big she couldn’t breathe as he began to reach climax. She allowed him to delve deep inside her throat because she loved the noises he made. She clung hard to him and made him come down her throat. He sprayed hot seed down her throat as he pulsed in her mouth.

He returned to her, he had been just a little distracted. He flipped her back around now and gently spread the folds back. His tongue spiraled around; tr
ied to coax her nub out farther. He pressed with the palm of his hand as his fingers forced their way inside. “Do you have a vibrator?”

She l
ooked at him and nodded and pointed to her naughty drawer. There was much more then that in there.

“Christ! Which one?” He said shocked and overwhelmed.

“For what?”

“Your ass.”

She rolled over and pulled out a glass dildo full of bulbs. “Not a vibrator, but-”

His eyes were full of amazement. He slid it
first inside her vagina and it made her sigh. The cooling sensation felt so nice against the burning pain, but then he continued to pump it.

“Oh yeah.” She be
came breathless. He pinched her clit at the base. “Yes, yes, right there, don’t stop. Please don’t stop!” She squeezed her eyes shut. Her head jerked and she sucked in that last breath. “Okay, okay.” She pushed him away, but his mouth went on her so gently.

“Let me taste you.” He spoke softly. His tongue softly explored her and she gripped
his head so tight. It was so much overstimulation, but somehow he pushed her through it and to a second orgasm. Her juices shot out of her.

“Mmm. That’s what I wanted.” He licked her carefully.

“I–I-oh my-oh boy.” She put her hands over her face. That was a marathon unlike any other, and with a stranger no less.

They lay there breathless in sweat for a few moments
, in the room that felt like they’d kicked it up a few degrees with just their body heat.

“When do you have to go?” She asked
; she didn’t open her eyes.

“Soon I’m afraid.” He ran his rough hand down her body and over every curve.

“Let me take a shower, make you breakfast.”

“No time.” He kissed her gently on her cheek and felt the shift of his weight leave the bed.

“K.” She opened her eyes.

He was already getting dressed.

Reluctantly, she pulled on a robe and sandals. They took the elevator down in separate awkward silence, same as the ride up. Only this time she didn’t smile. She turned her gaze to the ground.

“Hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day.” He smiled at the door outs
ide; his day old stubble dusted his face. “Mistress.” He added as he slid his hand down to her pussy for one last taste.

She grinned.
“I did, and you?”

“The best. I’m sorry to have to say goodbye. Would it be w
eird if I asked for your number?”

She nodded. She was a one night stand kind of gal, who never stayed in one place very long.

“Goodbye Cowboy.”

“Good bye sweet Mistres
s.” He kissed her gently and tugged at her lips, as if he wanted to go another round. “I’ll never forget my sweet Valentine treat.” He winked and set his cowboy hat on his head.

She watched him flag a yellow cab down and drive away.


BOOK: Cristal Blue (Sweet Valentine Treat's)
2.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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