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Authors: Jerrice Owens

Tags: #capital punishment, #hex, #cult horror adventure teen adult content, #voodoo murder mystery, #curse removal, #revenge and betrayal, #gypsies and carnival, #governors race, #death and demons, #death and suffering

Damned for Eternity

BOOK: Damned for Eternity
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By Ben Burgess Jr. & Jerrice Owens
Damned for Eternity ©2013 Ben Burgess Jr. &
Jerrice Owens
All Rights Reserved

John bursts into a local tavern as if
being chased by a swarm of bees. He constantly swats at the air
around him as the force continues its invisible attack. He sweats
heavily. His breathing is erratic. A look of pure fear dons his

The men inside stare at him, not sure
what to make of it.

He locates Simon sitting in a corner,
rushes toward him, and drops to his feet.

With a face that’s filled with agony,
he stares at him with tears in his eyes.

“Please,” he pleads. “Have mercy on me.
I’ll do what you ask, just make it stop.”

Simon slowly shakes his head. “Tax
collector, you made your choice.”

He swallows the remainder of his drink,
stands, and quickly exits the tavern.

John shouts after him. “Please

He turns to the patrons.

“Somebody help!”

He screams in anguish, and suddenly,
burst into flames.

The patrons are shocked and terrified
as fire chars his convulsing body. The smell of burnt flesh makes
most nauseous. One man grabs a bucket of water.

He swiftly throws it onto John, but the
fire refuses to extinguish. The heat from the flames starts to
increase, changing its color from yellow to blue.

A moment later, he’s completely
incinerated; everything’s gone, including the ashes.

Everyone vacates the bar in a panic.
It’s the strangest thing they’ve ever seen.


“Yeah, keep doing that,” Phillip cries
out as Angie throws that pussy back on his lap.

Through calculated breaths, Angie asks,
“you about ready to let it go?”

“Yeah,” he nods in ecstasy.

“Me too, let’s do it together this

She quickens her pace.

“On the count of three.
One…two….three….” she grunts.

Their sounds form a beautiful chorus as
both experience orgasmic release.

“Shit,” he cries once it’s

She pats his shoulder. “You needed

He nods in agreement. “Yeah, I did,
especially on tonight of all nights. It’s tough going through this
type of pressure, not knowing where you’ll sleep for the next four

She pulls on her panties. “I’m sure it
is baby,” She looks at her watch then cries out, “Shit! We better
get back to the others.”

They hurriedly dress and leave his

They rejoin the crowd five minutes
later, his girl Kate and best friend Sam amongst them. They’re
laughing and chatting within the bunch.

Angie crept up behind Sam, turned him
around, and kissed his lips. It was good that she didn’t suck
Phil’s dick; otherwise there’d have been an aftertaste. As much as
Phillip had on his mind, he’d made sure to play things safe
tonight. He wasn’t trying to get caught up. That would make things
more nerve racking.

Phillip had always felt somewhat
guilty, fucking his best friend’s girl behind his back. Cheating on
his own hurt him too, but not enough to make him to

Kate hugged Phillip around the waist.
She was sweet for the public, but he liked the freaks. Yet, being
the governor’s son, he had to maintain that wholesome

Phillip’s dad was the first black
governor, and folks watched them like flies on shit, which meant
the crew that he hung out with had to be a respectable bunch. His
dad did the same when picking his company, and had kept that up for
the past four years.

With his father up for re-election, he
prayed the sacrifice had paid off. They’d worked their asses off
campaigning, but today was the day folks went to the

According to what was on the screens,
his dad Governor White was currently leading by twenty percent, and
while it presented a pretty big gap, it could still stall and his
opponent could bridge it.

“Don’t worry,” his boy Sam told him.
“We got this bro, I can feel it.”

Sam offered a comforting smile while
Phil merely smirked to himself. He’d been fucking Angie three of
the years they’d been together, but Sam didn’t seem to suspect a
thing. Chalk it up to innocence.

Sam and Kate were part of the
governor’s abstinence campaign and seemed naïve to a lot of things.
The main thing, in Phillip’s opinion, was that good piece of pussy
standing right next to him.

He got hard again just thinking about
it and hoped that Kate did not take notice.

He laughed to himself. He was sure she
wouldn’t. She probably didn’t know what a dick, let alone, a dick
print looked like.

If they won, he figured he’d keep her
around, possibly for the next four years. After that, he’d dump the
hoe and get a girl that knew how to work it.

Phillip woke up the next morning at
ease in his apartment sized room at the governor’s

The race had officially ended at ten
and his dad had won by that same twenty percent. That meant Phillip
wouldn’t have to pack and start searching for one of the dorms on

The election had drained
most of the staff and seeing as to how it’d ended so late, after a
victory glass of champagne, they decided
wait to celebrate.

His dad had probably planned something
formal, but Phillip really had other ideas. He and his friends
would rent a yacht and cruise out on the reservoir.

He strategically picked up Angie

On the ride over to Sam’s house, he
held the wheel steady with one hand. With the other, he furiously
fingered her, enjoying the feel of her warm cunt.

She grinded and twisted all on his
knuckles, right before she creamed on them.

“You nasty bastard,” she said to him as
she watched him suck the juice from his tips.

He gave Sam dap with that same hand,
stopping by to get him next.

Last to get in the ride was Kate, and
by then he’d eaten at least three Altoids. He gave Kate a smooch on
her cheek in case they hadn’t done the job.

Phillip was used to being in the news
all the time, especially in the last twelve months. Even so, he was
more than aware that some people didn’t know who the hell he

Always being the only black dude among
three white people did seem strange.

As the dock hand walked around showing
them yachts, he only seemed to pay attention to them. That of
course was until Sam looked back and said, “Phillip’s paying. What
do you think?”

All of a sudden, the dock hand felt
like an ass and started treating Phillip with more respect. It was
nothing new to Phillip though. Power and money made people your

“I apologize Sir. I assumed that the
young gentleman here was purchasing the rental," the man said
pointing at Sam.

"You know what they say about assuming,
you make an ASS out of U not ME," Philip said pompously.

The man laughed.

"Very good Sir. As a precautionary
measure, I assume you can all swim?”

"Duh, what do you think? On top of
that, I used to be a life guard, so you have nothing to worry
about," Angie said smugly.

Philip, Sam, and Kate looked at Angie
with confusion and shock. She had never told them about her past as
a lifeguard.

"Well, if that's the case, you guys
enjoy your time out. Please Sir, follow me so we can handle the
payment. Oh, I have just a few more things to ask. None of you plan
on bringing weapons or alcohol aboard the yacht, right? Those items
are strictly prohibited."

"No! Just give us the fucking yacht
already," Sam yelled agitated.

The man looked flustered by Sam’s blunt
response, and walked quickly to the office while Phillip followed
to pay. Before Phillip returned to his group, he walked to the
trunk of his car, pulling out two huge bags filled with a variety
of alcohol. Phillip strutted back to his group with the bags. The
sound of the bottles clanking together got everyone's

"Didn't the guy just say that alcohol
wasn't allowed?" Kate asked.

"What he doesn't know won't hurt him,"
Phillip said winking at her.

Sam and Angie laughed. When Sam and
Kate weren't looking Angie winked at Philip and seductively licked
her lips.

They filled their cups to the brim,
enjoying the combination of the warm sunrays and the cool ocean
breeze on their skin. Drink after drink they lost all inhibitions.
Empty bottles of Ciroc, Hennessey, and Whiskey rolled on the deck
of the yacht as they told jokes and fooled around. In the distance,
two smaller boats could be seen. As they moved in closer to the
first, Phillip recognized that it belonged to Brian Worthy, the man
his father had defeated in the election. Brian sulked as he looked
up and saw Phillip.

"Hey Brian, it's too bad for your loss.
I guess you weren't worthy!'" Phillip laughed while pulling down
his pants and mooning him. Mr. Worthy shot Phillip the middle

Sam and Angie laughed. Kate stood off
to the side, feeling embarrassed and shaking her head.

"Whoa! Nice ass!" Angie

"Was that really necessary?"Kate

"You're fucking up my buzz, relax!"
Phillip responded.

Phillip and Sam continue to taunt Brian
as they passed his boat. They gradually approached the second boat.
Three strange men dressed in black hooded robes chanted and circled
each other on the deck of their boat. Green smoke and flashes of
light formed as they continued to circle each other. Their chanting
got louder. Clouds started to form.

"Look at these weirdoes," Phillip
laughed. "Sam, bring us in close. I'm going to pee on these

As soon as those words escaped his
lips, one of the hooded men shot a look at Phillip, and the sky
opened up. Rain poured down on them. The waves began to rock the
yacht forcefully.

"Shit," Phillip screamed out as he
flipped over the railing, and landed into the water.

"Oh fuck, don't just stand there, Ang,
help him," Sam yelled.

"I...I... can't. I lied. I was never a
life guard. I don't even know how to swim," Angie said.

"Oh my God, he's going to drown," Kate

The water was rough, tossing Philip’s
body around like a rag doll. Philip’s head bobbed up and down in
the water. The shock from the fall and the chill of the water hit
Phillip so quickly that he began to lose consciousness.

"Stop fucking standing there you two,
and help me look for a life vest,” Sam barked at them.

They searched frantically for anything
that could be used to rescue Phillip from the water. The three
hooded men watched as the water engulfed Phillip. One of the men
dove into the water and swam out to grab him.

"He caught him," Kate yelled

"Help me throw the yacht’s ladder
over," Sam instructed.

Sam, Angie, and Kate struggled to toss
the ladder over the side of the yacht. Sam climbed down the ladder
and helped the hooded man to bring Phillip on deck.

"Oh my God! He's not breathing!" Kate

"Do any of you know CPR? I don't know
it," Sam said.

"Shit, neither do I," Kate

Angie shook her head no, and started to

"Relax," the hooded man instructed

The man in the robe made circles with
his hands, chanted, and struck Phillip three times in the stomach.
Everyone screamed in fear with each strike. Things seemed grim
until Phillip began to cough up all of the water that was trapped
in his lungs. Phillip’s eyes opened wide. He was wheezing, and
extremely cold. Kate rushed back with towels to wrap around him.
They all helped to pick him up and lay him down on the bed that was
in the cabin of the yacht. Kate stayed with Phillip.

BOOK: Damned for Eternity
2.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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