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"What was that you used to save him
just now?" Sam asked.

"My family and I practice a craft
called earth magic. We use it to protect ourselves and members of
our family...When your friend fell, I felt obligated to use it to
help save his life."

In the back of their minds, they all
believed that the hooded men were responsible for the weather and
Philip’s fall. They didn't want to anger him and risk getting hurt
also, so they stayed quiet.

The boat he was riding on approached
the yacht.

“Well, we’d better get going,” Angie

Sam nodded. “Yeah,” he

Without saying another word, the hooded
man returned to his boat. The crew let out a sigh of relief as the
hooded men sailed away and out of their sight.

“I think we should head back to shore,”
Kate suggested.

“Yeah,” said Sam, looking at his watch.
“It’s getting late.”

The dock hand smiled when they came to
the rental office. “So how was your excursion my

“Fine,” Sam told him. “All except that
scattered shower that just came down.”

The man looked at him

“What scattered shower?” he wanted to

“Dude,” he said, pointing off. “You
didn’t see when the sky opened up?”

He shook his head. “Not a sign of rain.
And I promise I’ve been out all day.”

Brian and his crew were hitching their
boat. “He probably saw things; they were getting drunk.”

“Mind your goddamn business!” Sam
screamed out.

“Is that true?” the dock hand asked

“Fuck no,” Sam replied.

Luckily for him, Angie had crept to the
water. She filled two bottles to the brim with it.

She held them up. “This is what he saw.
We were only collecting water samples and this is what we put them

He pointed to Phil, who was in Kate’s
arm. “Why doesn’t your friend look so good?”

“Sea sickness,” Kate replied. “You know
how boats can make people nauseous.”

Stumped, the guy let them go. They
hurried back to Phil's car.

“I’ll drive,” Kate volunteered. “I’m
probably the most sober anyway.”

“Great,” said Angie, “I’ll take care of
Phil. Don’t worry Kate, he’s in good hands.”

Phil’s car was a stick
shift. Kate wasn't use to driving stick so she was under deep
concentration while Angie fooled around with Phil’s
". Behind
Kate and Sam's backs, Angie grabbed Phil's crotch, jerking him off
intensely with every movement of the ride.

Phil gave her a perverted smile, loving
every minute of it.

The moment was disrupted as they pulled
up to the mansion.

“Damn, who are all these people?” said

Phil raised his head and peeked out the
window, seeing crowds of angry people holding up protest

“Shit,” said Sam, recognizing what it
was. “You're already down, now you have to go through

He cracked the door.

“Well, we got you,” he said.

Everybody got out of the

As the group went through the swarm of
bodies, they brushed and bumped against various folks.

Finally, they came upon a female
reporter who extended her microphone out to Phillip.

“Phillip White, as a member of the
governor’s family, less than twenty four hours after his win, how
do you feel about the change of events and the recent uproar with
what’s going on?”

Phillip made a face. What was going on?
Not being sure, he remained tight lipped.

The hired help let them inside.
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

When his father saw him, he rushed
over. “I’m glad you finally made it home. Kids, I’m not quite sure
when they’ll leave. They could literally be camped all night. We
have spare rooms. And you’re welcome to stay,” Mr. White said to
Phillip’s friends.

Angie’s smile crooked up at the thought
though she still wasn’t sure what was happening.

“Can you tell us why they’re here?”
asked Phil. “They aren’t trying to recount your ballots

“Well, it does center around the
election, but no. I won that race fair and square. The state warden
though never did like me, so he decided to start some serious
drama. A prisoner who’s waiting to be put to death had his
execution upped to early next week.

Those folks you see out there on the
lawn are people protesting capital punishment. They want me to
overturn the decision, but I honestly don’t know the case too

“So you’ll have to look into

“First thing tomorrow, when things
quiet down.”

He took a peek through the

“At least I hope it does.”

“Yeah, we should stay,” Kate then

Governor White put them up in separate
rooms, housed in a wing designated for guests.

Secretly, before turning in, Angie and
Phil agreed to a late night romp. He would come down and stay in
her room because he knew the mansion much better than

Ordinarily, after an exhausting day,
Phil would usually conk out by midnight, but his eager ass was
unable to sleep. Coochie literally flooded his mind.

About two in the morning, he tipped
toed out, ready to get some more of that pussy.

He moved past Sam’s room and felt a
little bad, but like always, the feeling subsided.

He made three light knocks on Angie’s
door, twisted the knob, and eased it open. He made just enough
space to slide on through then he gently closed it back.

He knew that she was pretending to
sleep, because she was sprawled on her back with her legs spread

He guided a hand under the blanket and
gently started to caress her thigh. He didn’t feel a panty

All this did was excite him more. He
quickly disrobed and hopped into bed.

The first ten minutes was sheer
fucking, nothing tender, just animalistic.

After a rest, they made love, over and
over ‘til the sun came up.

Phil put his pajamas back on and headed
back from where he’d come.

He only got two hours of sleep and was
the last to head down to the breakfast table.

The other two came individually and let
him in on obscured suspicions.

First, it was Kate, who whispered to
him. “Don’t tell anybody, I told you this, but last night I heard
Sam in Angie’s room. And I think they made love right here in the

Then it was Sam, who said later on,
grinning at him as he admitted, “I heard you walk to Kate’s room
bro, and also heard noises from up the hall. I know you were
getting it on, but it’s cool with me; I won’t tell

As predicted, the protestors had all
gone home by now, but Phil’s father didn’t doubt that they’d be

“I’m gonna drop off my friends,” Phil
told his dad. “I’ll be by your office a little later

“Okay, we’ll be expecting you. Do not
talk to the media!”

There were two lights on the way to
Kate’s house. At the second one, she noticed a flyer.

“Hey, check it out,” she said. “The
carnival’s coming to town. You think this’ll all die down by

“Hard to say,” Phil replied. “We can
only hope this shit’ll end soon.”

Before letting Kate out, he kissed

Kate pulled away and studied his

“What?” he asked.

She shook her head. “Nothing,” she
said, as she exited the car.

The door slammed shut with aggressive

Sam jumped. “What’s wrong with

Phil shrugged his shoulders and pulled

“For real. After last night bro, I’d
think that things would be good with you.”

He caught Angie’s eyes in the rearview
mirror. She couldn’t help smiling back at him.

Phillip strolled into the office a
little before nine. His dad was seated amongst several

“Phillip,” he called, noticing him.
“They were just about to brief me on this case.”

Phillip nodded and took a

The attorney general opened a

“This concerns Mr. Zebediah

He extracted a mug shot and showed it
to all.

.a naturalized immigrant
who’s lived in the state for the past five years.”

“So that means he must’ve come in under
Rainey. Damn him and his push for citizenship!”

The guy continued. “Anyway, Mr.
Governor. From what we know, he comes from Jamaica, and traveled to
the states with three of his sons. It’s been reported to local
authorities that they practice some form of earth

“So how does it all tie in to me? And
why is he sitting on death row?”

He displays another picture, of a
well-dressed businessman.

“It centers around his wealthy
neighbor. This gentleman is Wesley Crum, who owned several
companies within the area. He went missing almost three years ago
and his body was found near their property. It was literally hacked
to tiny bits, each with demonic symbols upon it. Police believe he
was sacrificed in some sort of satanic ritual.”

“More evidence?”

“It’s all circumstantial.”

“And what about these sons of

“They had traveled back home at the
time of the crime. And while it stands as their alibi, it also
leaves him void of a witness.”

Phil’s dad sat back and

“I’m starting to see the problem
myself. I’d hate to kill an innocent man. See if you can contact
the victim’s family. Set up a lunch as soon as today. We’ll see if
we can’t work this out. At the very least, we can get him

All his officials nodded at him then
began to vacate the office.

“Stay a minute, Phil,” he said as he

Phillip reclined back in his chair and
allowed the rest of the crowd to disperse. Finally, when it was
just him and his dad, the governor’s facial expression

He slid a folder across to him. Phil
opened it up and let out a gasp.

“You wanna tell me whose ass that

He started to speak but got cut

“There was only one black one there on
the boat, and I certainly recognize the ones that are

His brow furrowed deep.

“I’ve told you son! You can’t be doing
shit like that! Our family has an image to protect!”

“How’d you get it?” Phil asked

“Brian brought it to me personally. I’m
glad he did instead of the press, but that would have been his very
next stop. For a nice little fee, he sold me the pic. Enough to
fund his next campaign.”

“I’ll work it off,” Phillip

“You damn right,” his dad told him. “No
more simply ‘dropping by’. I want you at this office for half a

“Done,” Phillip said,

“Good now, I need you to make some
calls. After that, the two of us are going to lunch. You’ll have my
back when I meet the family.”

He nodded again and then left

Phil and his old man sat side by side
in an upscale restaurant located in the heart of the capital. They
were awaiting the arrival of Beverly Crum, the spouse of the victim
Wesley Crum.

Neither was familiar with how she
looked, and for that reason, she crept up on them.

“Governor?” a blonde woman with a
shapely figure said with a smile.

“How do you do?” the Governor

She extended a hand. “I’m Beverly

Then she pointed to a man beside

“This is Pastor Avery Judd.”

“I’m aware,” he nodded. “We’ve met in

He arose and pulled a chair out for

“Both of you please. Take a

Once everyone was settled again, an
awkward silence filled the table.

“Care to order?” the governor

They all perused the long

A waitress approached. “Is everyone

“It’s all on me,” the governor

“In that case,” said the Pastor. “I’ll
have a steak. Medium rare with a side of veggies.”

“A salad for me,” Mrs. Crum

“Burger and fries,” Phil said after

The governor cut his eyes at him. “I’ll
have the house soup,” he responded embarrassed.

BOOK: Damned for Eternity
6.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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