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BOOK: Dancing With Danger (BWWM 2015) (BWWM Billionaire Romance)

It had a scooped neck that would show off a good, but tasteful, amount of cleavage with the right bra, and would look great with the right jewelry. It was sleeveless, but she had a wrap that would go nicely with it, and even better, she was pretty sure she had a red cropped jacket that would really stand out against the black of the dress.

Now she was in business.

No one had mentioned anything about there being sex after the date, but Andrea was a woman who believed in being prepared, so her before date bath had included shaving and moisturizing until she was smooth and soft and ready.

Her hair got re-straightened and brushed until it fell in a glossy curtain over her shoulders. She considered twisting it up into some elegant updo or something, but ultimately decided against it, instead using a clip to pin back one side.

She went light on the makeup, just enough to make her eyes stand out and bring attention to her lips, preferring a more natural look. Her mother had always caked on her make up when Andrea was younger, and she’d never understood why people thought that was an attractive look on anyone.

Besides, Dorian had seen her without make up plenty of times and still seemed to like her fine, so she was just going to go with that.

Once the whole look was put together and she was dressed, she stood in front of the mirror, giving herself a once over.

Andrea rarely had any reason to get dressed up these days, and she had to admit that looking nice felt good. It did wonders for her confidence, and the fact that she was wearing probably the only set of matching, lacy underwear that she owned under her clothes (complete with thigh highs, of course), only helped matters.

She glanced at the clock and saw that she had fifteen minutes to spare, so she went down to the kitchen to have something to drink instead of pacing her room like an idiot.

Anita was cleaning up from her dinner when Andrea entered, and she whistled low when she saw her.

,” she said. her eyes lighting up. “You look fabulous. I’m not sure Dorian deserves a lady like you on his arm.”

Andrea blushed lightly and sat down at the island, pleased at the reception of her outfit. “You don’t think it’s too...I dunno, plain?”

Anita shook her head. “Never. You’re a vision. Show those upper crust ladies that you can wear something other than beige and look gorgeous doing it.”

“She’s right, you know,” Dorian said from the doorway, and Andrea nearly fell off her stool turning to look at him. “You’re positively stunning.”

Compared to him, Andrea didn’t think she was anything to brag about. Dorian looked amazing in a crisp white button down shirt and sharply pressed pants in black. What really made the look was the rich brown vest he’d put on over the shirt. It hugged his figure and made him look lean and classy in a way that had Andrea wanting to mess up all that proper finery.

“You’re one to talk,” she said, licking her lips and then blushing lightly. “I mean. You look great.”

Dorian smiled and held out his hand to help her up. “David and Libby will be accompanying us tonight, under the guise of another couple out for an evening. To give us some illusion of privacy. Carlos is bringing the car around now.”

Andrea nodded and took his hand, letting him pull her close for a moment. “Sounds good,” she said, hoping her voice wasn’t as breathless as it sounded. “Shall we?”

“We very much shall.”


As expected, the restaurant was a fancy affair. All muted lighting and dark woods, classical music playing over the speakers while diners sipped their wines and cocktails and ate off plates rimmed in gold.

David and Libby were seated close by, close enough that if something were to happen, they wouldn’t be too far away to spring into action, but far enough away that they couldn’t hear everything Dorian and Andrea said.

The food was positively amazing, and even though something (probably her pride) twinged in her when Dorian told her to order whatever she wanted, she managed to enjoy her meal. Dorian kept the wine coming, and even though she knew nothing about wine, she enjoyed the rich red that he’d picked out.

The conversation was the easy part. Neither of them had ever been shy around each other, and they laughed and traded stories and teases each other until the check came.

From there it was a simple matter of texting Carlos to bring the car to the front and then they were heading back to the manor.

With David and Libby in the car, they were limited to what they could do, but when they got back to the house and Dorian took her hand, Andrea knew the night wasn’t over yet.

“Would you like to see my rooms?” Dorian asked, accent and tone smooth and hopeful.

“I’d love to,” Andrea replied with a smile, and then followed him up the stairs. His rooms were in the opposite wing from hers, and he led her through a set of mahogany doors and into his suite.

“Holy crap,” she said. If she’d thought her own rooms were nice, it was nothing compared to Dorian’s.

Everything was lavish and expensive looking in the sitting room, and from what she could see of the bedroom through the partially open door, things were the same in there. Also, he had a massive bed.

Dorian was shrugging out of his vest and he smiled at her. “Would you like a drink?”

Andrea made a decision right then and there. Dorian might have had the money, but that didn’t mean that he had to have all the power as well. She shook her head and then crossed the distance between them in three strides, fisting her fingers into his shirt front and yanking him into a kiss.

All of the kisses they’d had before had been nice, deep and lovely, but this was more than that. This was a kiss with intent. It was a kiss that was meant to lead somewhere. She bit down on his bottom lip and gave it a tug, delighting in the low noise Dorian gave her in response.

His hands came alive at that, moving to push her jacket off and down her arms so it could slide to the floor. He seemed to be hesitating for a moment, but then he let his hands slip down her back to her bottom, and he grabbed twin handfuls, sending sparks of pleasure up her spine. She moaned into his mouth, their tongues coming together to tangle and meet again and again until they both needed a break to catch their breath.

Dorian’s eyes were heated when he looked at her, and Andrea met his gaze, licking her lips and pressing closer. Making it clear what she wanted.

“Bed?” Dorian asked her, and she nodded eagerly.

She’d expected him to lead her through or even do some gentlemanly thing and tell her to go in first, but instead he practically pushed her through the door and then manhandled her over to the bed. Her eyes were wide when she landed on the plush covers, and Dorian was smirking at her from where he was standing.

“You’re not the only one who can play rough, miss,” he said, and somehow hearing him say that in his refined accent was a complete turn on.

“Really?” Andrea fired back. “Care to prove it?”

There was a spark in his eyes, and he was on her in a second, grabbing her wrists and pinning them above her head with one hand while the other slid down her body, pausing to cup her breasts through her dress and bra before making its way down to hover between her legs. Dorian looked at her then, and it only took her a second to realize that his inner gentleman was shining through again and he was asking for her permission to proceed.

“Go on,” she urged him, and apparently he didn’t need more than that.

He cupped her through her panties, the lace doing very little to shield her from the heat of his hand. Already she could feel herself getting wet for him, and her legs fell open wider spreading herself so he could rub her clit through the lace.

“You’re beautiful,” he said, eyes locked on hers. “And so wet for me.”

For him, he’d said, and Andrea was breathless with the truth of it.




Chapter 9: Trouble in Paradise


It was amazing how some things came back to a person as easily as everyone said riding a bike was supposed to. Dorian hadn’t had time for romance or sex lately, with the death of his father and then moving to America, but having Andrea under him was proving that there were some things a person never forgot how to do.

Like bite a woman’s neck and feel her arch and tremble under you.

Or slip her panties to one side and slide two fingers into her sopping wetness, working them in and out until she shivered and begged for more.

Or lowering your head to kiss her hot and hard while you thumbed her clit, making her gasp your name like a prayer.

It was exquisite, and he loved every minute of it, pressing for more with each moment that went by.

They were still mostly clothed, him in his trousers and shirt, and her in her dress, though the fabric of the skirt of it was bunched up around her hips, showing off the lacy tops of her thigh highs and black lace of her knickers.

She smelled incredible, and Dorian was seized with the desire to see if she tasted just as good. There was something amazing about doing this while they still had clothes on. Even though he was sure they weren’t going to be interrupted, it made it seem more urgent, like they had to have each other right then and there and didn’t have time for getting undressed. They probably had all night, but Dorian wasn’t thinking about that. He was thinking about how much he wanted to bury himself in the wet heat he revealed when he peeled Andrea’s knickers off, tossing them over his shoulder carelessly.

“I am going to need those back, you know,” she said, giving him a grin, and he smiled back, letting go of the grip he’d had on her wrists to part her legs wider with both hands.

“Let’s worry about that later, shall we?” Dorian replied and the dipped his head down to lick along her folds.

The gasp he got in return was high and breathy, and it sent shivers down his spine that demanded he do it again.

So he did, going slower this time, dragging his tongue along the crevice of her and pausing long enough to swirl his tongue around her clit and savor the noises she was making for him.

With her hands free, she was able to bring them down and tangle her fingers in his hair, not forcing him deeper between her legs, but holding on and rocking against him. He didn’t stop her, either. Instead responding by licking faster and deeper, working his tongue into her core and moaning at the flavor and feeling of all that wet heat.

It had been quite some time since he’d done this, but Andrea gave him excellent cues, curling her toes and moaning when he was doing something right. He swirled his tongue, dipping it in and out of her, practically making love to her with it, aware that her juices were coating the lower half of his face the more he went on, and not caring one bit.

Dorian didn’t stop until her legs were shaking. Until the tone of her voice had changed, making it more than clear that she was getting close to coming for him.

But he didn’t want her to come like that. No, he wanted her to come with him buried to the hilt inside of her. So he raised his head, making a show of licking his lips and meeting her eyes while he did so.

Andrea swore vehemently. “God, you’re too good at that.”

“You can just call me Dorian,” he replied with an innocent smile that was somewhat at odds with what they were doing.

She rolled her eyes and yanked him in for a kiss, her tongue sliding inside of his mouth. It was such a turn on to think that she was tasting herself in the kiss, and he pushed his tongue into her mouth, giving her more of it.

When they broke for air, Dorian was well aware of how hard he was in his trousers, his cock pressed against the front of his underwear and leaking wetly.

Apparently tired of just laying there and taking it, Andrea sat up as best she could, a mischievous gleam in her eye as she undid his belt and fly and slipped her hand into his pants. “Well, well,” she said with a grin. “What do we have here.”

Dorian opened his mouth to reply, but that was the very moment when she wrapped her hand around him, warm, slender fingers stroking his shaft and making him moan. It had been so long since he’d had anyone who wasn’t him touching his cock, and he was already worked up from going down on her, and he knew that this wasn’t going to last very long.

“One of these days,” Andrea was saying, her eyes hooded and dark with her desire. “I’m going to return the favor and find out what you taste like. But I don’t think either of us has that in us right now.”

He shook his head. “I believe there are more pressing matters.” Dorian rolled his hips, groaning in pleasure when his cock slid deeper into her hand. “Like how much I want to be inside you.”

Andrea nodded, and it was obvious that she wanted it, too.

It took only a moment to prepare once his cock was out of his pants, and soon enough he was pushing into her, sliding home inside the tight warmth of her and groaning with how good it felt. She was wet and hot and apparently greedy for it if the way she spread her legs wider and rolled her hips was any indication.

Dorian had to take a moment to calm himself down once he was buried deep inside of her, catching his breath so he didn’t embarrass himself by coming before he’d made her come. That wasn’t gentlemanly at all, and more than anything, he wanted to give her a reason to want to come back and do this again.

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