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Chapter Seven


The girls stayed over again last night but are gone by the time I wake up. I’m worried about Winter, she is different, I wonder what happened. She used to smile and light up the whole room, now her eyes don’t sparkle.

I need to get my own place, being 25 and living at home is a no-no. My brothers have said that I could stay with them but, eww, gross, no thank you, they’re man whores! I have money in the bank from my seven years in the Military and money that mom left me when she died. It’s a lot of money that I haven’t touched; I have about three million in there. I have no clue as to what to do with it. Today I have to sort out a job, I hate not doing anything.

I’m in the kitchen making a cup of coffee when my dad walks in, “How you doing baby girl?”

“I’m a lot better now that I can exercise, and going to see Smithy helped my focus.” He looks at me and for the first time since seeing him when I was in the hospital he looks happier.

I went to the doctor yesterday, I was given the all clear, I can now exercise, which for someone who usually runs every day and hasn’t been able to, is heaven.

“I’m so happy Soph, I can’t believe how close we came to losing you. What are you doing today?” I smile at him, I really missed him while I was gone. I love my dad to death, but he is not going to like this conversation.

“I’m going to try and sort out a job and a place to live. What about you?” His face changes from that happy smile to an angry shade of red.

“What the fuck do you mean you’re looking for a place to live? What’s wrong with living here?” Great here comes Steven Dallas’ big lecture.

“Baby girl, the world is a dangerous place, I should know I see it first hand, being a homicide detective I see the worst that people do. You’re my daughter, I don’t want anything to happen to you. Yes, I know you’re old enough to make your own decisions, but I know what the real world is like. I need to make sure you’re okay, so you staying here is the right solution.” I look at him and I smile, I know he’s looking out for me, but it’s time to live my own life.

“I know dad, I know what this world is like, while you’re there to see the aftermath of what people have done, I have seen what they are doing first hand, I’ve seen them do it. I know exactly what this real life is like dad, but hiding away is not going to change that. So yes, I’m moving out and dad you have to let me.”

His face changes again this time he looks at me wistfully “I forget how much you have grown up. I still remember the day we got you, you were so different. You have become such an amazing, strong, independent woman. I’m so proud of you Soph, I know your mom would be too. You’ve done what she asked baby, Dream Big, Live Bigger.”

I laugh and walk over and give him a hug. “I know I have. I’ll be around dad. I’m not leaving the state,” I say on a laugh.

“You’re not allowed to; I’d place a BOLO out on you.” He says with a serious face and then bursts out laughing. “Right baby girl, I’ve got to go to work, murder waits on no one and I got paperwork to do. Have a great day.” I smile and kiss his cheek.

“Bye dad, have a good day and stay safe.”

“Always Soph, Always.”

As I’m getting out of the shower I hear my phone ping in the other room. I throw a towel around my body and grab one for my hair. I walk into my room and pick my phone off the bed. I have a text from an unknown number

Unknown: Dinner?

Me: Who is this?

Unknown: How many people asking you to dinner?

I know it’s Nathan, because he’s right who else would be asking me to dinner? I text back.

Me: How do I know that you’re an actual person? You could be an Alien for all I know.

Unknown: How the hell would an Alien use a phone?

Me: Did you not watch E.T?

Unknown: What’s E.T got to do with anything?

Me: E.T phone home? What’s wrong with you? You have got to be an alien; nobody in their right mind doesn’t know that E.T phoned home. I can no longer text a person who knows nothing about E.T, let alone go to dinner with them.

I’m messing with him; I just want to see if he has a sense of humour.

Unknown: That freak, damn babe, please tell me you’re not into watching that shit. And you’re real funny babe. I know you know who I am. Anyway, dinner tonight?

Me: I knew who it was, it depends when do you want dinner? And is it a date?

I change his name on my phone. Just as he replies

Nathan: Funny. Tonight and yes

Me: I do try, I’m not sure what I’m doing today and fine.

Nathan: We could make it a late dinner?

Me: Fine 9pm?

Nathan: That works. The Steak House?

Me: Hell Yes, Meet you there?

Nathan: Perfect, see you then gorgeous.

OH MY GOD!! I’m like a fucking 10-year-old girl. I need to stop this, that man knows how to throw me off my game. I get dressed and head out to meet my team. Seeing how we’re all unemployed hopefully we can come up with some way for us all to get a job, then I’m going to a realtor.

I meet the team at a local coffee house, Sugar Coffee, it’s a great place. It’s not busy so we can talk in peace. I walk in and everyone is already here, a chorus of “Heys” goes around.

“Sorry were you guys
waiting long?” Skye smiles.

“Nah, hasn’t been long since I got here myself.” I order an Americano, no fru-fru coffee for me, I hate that shit.

“So anyone have any idea as to what we’re going to be doing?” Everyone looks at each other except Sarge, he’s sitting back with a smirk on his face. “What are you smirking about?”

He sits up and pulls a file out of his bag and throws it towards me on the table. “What’s this?”

He rolls his eyes, “Just fucking open and read it Dallas.” So I do.

“What the fuck? That bastard wants us to work for him?” Sam says. I turn and see they’re all reading over my shoulder.

“I’m with Sam on this, Commander Hutchinson is a wankshaft, I’m not working with him and he doesn’t get to dictate to us anymore. We don’t belong to Uncle Sam anymore.” I say adamantly.

Everyone around me is quiet, “What?”

It’s Sam that speaks first, “Wankshaft?” Oh, fucking Winter and her catchy fucking words.

“Yes wankshaft, got a problem with that?” They start laughing.

“No, I love it. It suits him.” Sam says.

We spend the next hour formulating our own plan, and we decide to start our own agency. We want to not only work in intelligence but also in security, we decide to call it Smithy International. Turns out I’m not the only one with money in the bank, Sarge and Oscar do too. The thing is I don’t know fuck about setting up a business.

“Now are you going to tell me what’s got you all on edge?”

They look at me like I’m fucking mental. “Don’t give me that look, what’s going on? You’re all looking like you’re ready for an attack, so spill.”

Sarge sighs, “Fuck, okay, we believe that we were sold out?”

I must have a bewildered look on my face because Skye says, “We believe someone told the Taliban where we were, we believe that they gave us up.” I’m fucking shocked.

“Why? Who the fuck would do that?” They all shake their heads.

“We don’t know for sure Soph, it’s just a feeling.” I stand up. I tell them if they need me to call me because I need to find a house. I leave the coffee shop. I need to clear my head. Someone sold us out? Some fucker is the reason why that asshole killed Smithy. I’m going to kill them. I need to think, I need to know who and why? What have we ever done to them to sell us out? I get in my car and drive to meet the realtor.

I decided to bring Scott with me, he isn’t allowed to say much more than yes or no. Scott loves redesigning things, so he can see potential in every house. I, on the other hand, want a project that needs some things done to it but not a whole revamp.

She shows us three houses that afternoon, and it was the last one I fall in love with. It’s a four bed, four bath detached house in the Upper East Side. It needs so much work. I ask Scott what he thinks.

“It’s up to you Soph, but this needs more work than what you wanted. I think it’s a great house at a great price but it’s you that is going to be living here.”

I tell the realtor I want it and I want it now. She smiles and walks off while going for her phone. I take in the house; a sense of home is what I get from it.

The realtor comes back to me, she’s good, I can’t read her face. “Okay, so do you want the good news or the bad news first?” Here we go.

“Bad news first.” She nods.

“Okay, so before we go any further you need to get a structural engineer out, this house hasn’t been lived in for going on 10 years.” I look at her.

“Do it.”

She smiles “I thought you would say that, I called the firm we use, he will be here later on.”

I smirk at her “The good news?”

Now she’s all out smiling. “If the engineer gives us the green light, you will buy a house in the upper east side for $575,000.”

Yeah I know right! “Awesome, now let’s hope we get that green light. I’ll have my lawyer get everything ready on my end, and get the vendor to do the same. We can hopefully have this wrapped up soon.” Scott comes over to me and wraps his arms around me.

“You’re making the right decision. This house will look amazing once it’s fixed.” I smile at him. I’m glad he feels the same as I do about the house.


I’m out shopping for my date; I go back to Kat’s Fashion Boutique. I love this shop; they have something to suit every style. I look around but nothing stands out, I’m about to head out the door when I spot the perfect dress, it’s a silvery grey halter neck. It’s a longer dress than I usually would wear, but I have to try it on. I head back to the changing room and try the dress on. It’s perfect and fits like a glove. I love that there is no back to it. I get changed and go pay. The lady at the checkout has a big smile on her face.

“That just came in today; it will look amazing on you.” I smile and thank her as I pay and leave the store.

Just as I’m back in my car, the realtor calls “Sophia, we have the green light, the engineer says the house is structurally sound. Also the couple have had their lawyer draw up the forms, we’re good to go.” I have the biggest smile on my face.

“Perfect, I’ll speak to my lawyer, we will get this done as soon as possible Thank you for all your help Miranda.”

“It was my pleasure. I’ll be in touch Sophia.” I hang up.


I’m getting a house and I’m getting a job.

This day has been really productive. I make it back to my dad’s and it’s 7pm, time to start getting ready for my date with Nathan.

I put on the dress, I know my back is showing, and I’m really nervous. It’s not really noticeable, the skin graft looks shiny compared to the rest of my back, it’s also a shade lighter than my skin colour.

I have to be comfortable in my own skin, and doing this, wearing this dress, is a step in that direction.


Chapter Eight


Its 8:58 and I’m outside The Steak House waiting for her. I’m turning into a pussy; I’ve not stopped thinking about her. I need to man the fuck up. I hear a car pull up, I turn towards the sound, it’s her. She’s wearing a long dress that hugs her in all the right places, it’s a silvery grey colour that ties up around her neck and falls down to her feet. She’s wearing sandals today; she looks so much smaller when she’s not in her heels. She’s fucking beautiful. Her hair is tied to one side but falling down past her breasts. I’m mesmerized with every step she takes. She finally reaches me.

“Hi.” She says smiling at me, she comes to my pecs; I lean down and kiss her cheek,

“Hi.” She smells unreal. She smells like a mixture of vanilla and coffee; it smells fucking phenomenal.

I take her hand and lead her to the door. I open it for her and let her go through. Fuck, I almost swallowed my tongue, the back of her dress dips to the bottom of her back. Oh shit she’s not wearing a bra.

I place my hand at her back and follow the waitress to our table. The heat of her skin against my hand is amazing, touching her feels right. I can’t control my body’s reaction to her, I’m constantly fighting my dick to stay down and it’s a losing battle.


I rub my hand on her back. I feel a slight bump on the top of her back, between her shoulders. I look and don’t really see anything. I rub my hand over the spot again and it feels different. This time I lean in, the skin is two different colors. I wonder what happened to it?

We take our seats, and we settle on drinks, she’s drinking water because she’s driving, so I do the same.

“So how are you?” I ask and she takes a sip of her drink and smiles at me, it is a very sweet smile. She looks fucking beautiful when she smiles.

“I’m really good thanks, how are you?” She replies and her voice is like fucking velvet. I smile back at her. I feel relaxed around her.

“I’m fucking fantastic, I asked this gorgeous woman out on a date and she agreed.” I tell her, sounding lame.

She has this cheeky look in her eyes. “So what am I? A filler?”

“I’m not like that.” This girl fucking confuses me.

She laughs a little laugh, it’s cute. “Relax Nathan I’m only joking. You need to lighten up.” Her eyes are sparkling with mischief.

The waitress comes and we place our order, and order another glass of water each. “So what’s put you in a good mood?”

She looks at me and replies, “I have my job situation sorted and I put a down payment on a house, and my dad is okay with me moving out. My best friends seem to be happy and I’m on a date with an extremely hot man. What’s not to be happy about?”

She thinks I’m hot? “What job did you get?” She looks at me weirdly, and then sighs.

“I guess this has to be done, so first off, great control.” I lift my brow; I haven’t a clue what she is talking about. “You not asking if I think you’re hot, or making a big deal about it.”

I laugh, “Secondly?”

She sighs again “Ok, so when I turned 18, I went to basic training after signing up to join the military, Army to be precise.” Wow, this tiny little thing was in the army?

“Yes I was in the army; no I cannot talk about it. I have been out of the army about two months, give or take.”

Okay, wow, she really is amazing. “Ok so why did you not want to tell me?”

She sighs and turns her head to the roof and back down to the table she looks vulnerable, I don’t like it. “Because when men find out I was in the army, it’s a turn off that I’m stronger than some of them. Also knowing that I can kill someone without blinking turns them off” she says it like it doesn’t mean anything, yet the look on her face tells me a different story.

I look at this beautifully amazing contradiction of a woman and wonder how she can be so sure of herself in some aspects but in others be completely vulnerable. She pulls me from my thoughts.

“What are you thinking so hard about?”

I smile at her; she looks like I’m about to reject her. “I’m thinking that they are morons, and how amazing you are. That you have so many layers, and for the life of me I don’t know why, but I want to unravel every piece of you. I want to treasure you, I want to fucking worship you, but the main thing I want? I want to protect you, so that haunted look that’s in your eyes disappears and never comes back.” I know I’m coming on strong, but my feelings for her are like a force I can’t control. One thing I know for sure is she will be mine. When I know what I want, I get it.

I hear her gasp and see she’s staring at me like I’m some sort of anomaly. “I want you to be mine Sophia, what I’m feeling for you, I have never felt like this before, it’s something I want, and I want to pursue it. I want you, what do you say Sophia?”

She smiles at me “Yes, I want to try, but you don’t own me Nathan, don’t lie to me either. That is one thing I won’t accept.” Okay, now’s the time to tell her.

“Sophia, I don’t just work as a bodyguard, I own the business. I’m the owner of P.I.G.S, I don’t usually tell people because, every time someone finds out about what I do, they just see my money.”

She stares at me for a few seconds, not talking just staring; her damn eyes feel like they are piercing my soul. She finally nods. “I understand, me and my brothers know that all too well. What it’s like to have money and people think of you for it.” She mentioned her brother was a bodyguard in the club.

“Yes I have two brothers, one of them you know; well you may know both, let me introduce myself properly.” Damn can she read my thoughts? She has a massive smile on her face, it lights up her face and I’m so mesmerised that I almost miss her next words.

“So I’m Sophia Dallas, my friends call me Soph, I’m 25 and have two older brothers, Luke and Scott Dallas. You know Scott as he works for you.”

My mouth drops; she’s Scott’s baby sister? He talks about her all the time, she was injured recently! “What happened? How were you injured? Scott just said he has to take personal time because his sister was in the hospital.”

She looks at me with that damn sad smile. “I can’t talk to you about how I got injured, I’m fine now though.”

My stomach drops thinking how much this woman has been through, she looks at me expecting me to demand her to answer my questions, but she can’t talk about it and I accept that as I can’t talk about my cases. I wonder if that is what happened to her back?

“Ok my name is Nathan Slade, I’m 28, a former FBI agent. I now own my own business. My dad is Conrad Slade an architect and my mom Kitty Slade is a house wife.” She’s smiling that big smile again. I continue.

“I have a brother who is a police detective in homicide too. Please if you tell your dad about me; tell him I’m nothing like Brody, cause that man is a moron.” She’s laughing now.

“And then there is Katrina, we call her Kat, she owns a boutique downtown called Kats Fashion.”

“I love that store, it’s where I bought the dress that I wore last night, and the dress I’m wearing tonight.”

“They’re fucking amazing dresses; they show off your best assets.” I say and start getting hard thinking about stripping the dress off her.

“Oh yeah and what are my best assets?” She says with a smile and I laugh.

“Your tits and ass.” She giggles at my answer.

The waitress comes with our food; Sophia ordered the same as me, the rib eye. The way she cuts up her steak is so feminine, so dainty. She notices me watching her and smiles, she places her fork into her mouth. What the hell is wrong with me? I’m in a damn restaurant and I’m getting hard from watching her eat. I shift in my seat, my dick rubbing against my zipper; I look at her and see her smirking at me. Fuck that, two can play that game.

I reach over and wipe the crumb from the side of her mouth with my thumb, I see her swallow. I then place my thumb into my mouth. She reaches for her glass; her hands are unsteady. Fuck, this girl is amazing, she looks so fucking sexy just sitting there.

“Not very nice Nathan, getting me worked up.” She’s giving me a stern look whilst trying to hide her smile.

“Now babe, you started it, sitting there moaning.” She smirks at me.

“Fine, so what case are you working on at the moment?” she asks and I forget the fucking question. She bites her lip and brushes her hair back from her face. I’m fucking mesmerized.

“Earth to Nathan, hello?” she’s looking confused. “You okay? You kind of spaced out.”

“Yeah babe, you’ve got me distracted.” She acts so shy to compliments. Her cheeks have a slight red to them.

“Right back at ya, Nathan, you have me tied up.” Fuck, the thought of her tied up on my bed has me fucking rock hard again.

“Damn baby, don’t say things like that in here, not when I can’t do anything about it.” She ducks her head and continues eating. I’m fucked, when it comes to this girl I’m done.

We’re leaving the restaurant and I’m walking her to her car. She stares up at me, I look down at her and see her lips. I promised myself I was going to be good.

I lean down, just a quick taste. I press my lip to hers, she gasps and I push my tongue into her mouth. The kiss that was meant to be a quick taste turns carnal, we’re devouring each other. I put my hand to her hair and pull so I can get better access while pushing my erection into her stomach. She’s grinding into me, her bag is long gone and her hands are running all over me.

I pull apart from her reluctantly, place my forehead against hers, and growl “Next time we do that, we’re doing it behind closed doors, that way I can rip your clothes off your body and sink my dick into your hot wet pussy.”

Her eyes dilate, her chest is heaving, good she isn’t as immune to me as I thought. “Not tonight Sophia, tonight was just a taste of how good we could be.”

I kiss her on her forehead, bend down and pick up her purse and keys and open her car door. “In you go baby, text me when you’re home.” She drives off and leaves me rock hard yet again. This girl, I’ve only met her twice, but she means so much to me already. She feels like home to me.

I make it home and hop into the shower. I keep thinking about that kiss, how she felt grinding into my stomach. I start jacking off thinking about her lips, how they would feel wrapped around my dick, wondering if she deep throats or is she a gagger. The thought of her deep throating me has me so worked up, my cum shoots all over the shower stall.

I dry myself off and get into bed. I fall asleep thinking of Sophia.


BOOK: Deadly Hunt (Deadly #1)
5.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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