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“Yes I am sure Leo.  It is something I need to do.  I will see you again.”

“You bet your ass you will.”   She fell asleep quietly as he watched her drift off.

Leanne had woken up a couple of hours later.  Reaching out she thought that Leo would be there.  When all she got was air she sat up.  On the pillow was a letter.  She opened it up and as she did a king of hearts fell on the bed.  She read the letter.

My love,

I don’t do goodbyes.  One day you will be the queen to match my card.  I am always within sight and hope you find what you need.



She gathered the letter and had quickly put her clothes on.  It had been him all along.  She would never accept the help that he tried to give her so he had left envelopes of money and food not ever telling her it was him until he found out she was leaving.  Maybe he thought there was no reason to keep it up.  That was the last time she saw him as she had packed her and Denise’s things and moved them to another city.

Leanne sat up and realized that night had been almost 17 years ago.  Time had flown by.  It was amazing how fast.  She wondered where he was.  He had been her first love and the only person she had during some of the darkest moments in her life.  He was probably married with 3 or 4 kids by now.  Men like that were grabbed up quick.  She just hoped he was happy.

Dinner was great and Denise found out that she really did like Demarion.  The next three weeks flew by.  It was the night before their wedding and Demarion had come to her bed.  They had spent every night together since he had returned.  They had decided to go with the blue bonnets and white roses that Denise had mentioned.  Leanne had asked Mick to walk her down the aisle since her father was not there to do it.  She thought she saw tears shimmering in his eyes when he told her he would be happy to.  Brad stood in for the best man and of course Denise was to be her maid of honor.  She laid in his arms snuggled tight. 

“You know I am going to have to go back to my room.”

She sat up quickly. “Why?”

“It is bad luck to see a bride on her wedding day before the wedding.  I will see you tomorrow but first I want to give you a gift.  No now don’t say anything except that you will wait until I am in my room before you open it.”


He kissed her quickly before he slipped on his pants and walked to the door. “Remember everything I have told you when you open it.”

“Ok.”  She said it quietly and started to unwrap the box when he shut the door behind him. 

Leanne sat there looking at the contents of the box in shock.  Inside the box laid a row of pictures her and Leo had taken when she was around 17.  Underneath the pictures was a piece of paper.   When she opened it up a king of hearts fell out as well a queen of hearts.  On the paper was one little line:

I am glad you finally are going to become my queen.


Demarion Leonardo (Leo) Delvinci

It all clicked in place at once.  The reason Leo had always known they were in trouble.  How he could afford the money and food.  How Demarion knew so much about her.  Everything fell into place.  She quickly pulled on a robe and walked to his door.  Not even knocking she walked into the room.  He was standing with his back to her looking out the window.

“Why didn’t you tell me?  You could have saved yourself a lot of trouble you know.  That is why you would never tell me your last name when we were kids.”

“Yes I was ashamed of my family even back then.  I never told you now because you never said it back.”

“I never said what back?”

“How you feel.  You never said how you feel Leanne.”

She quickly ran to him and jumped into his arms kissing him deeply.  “I love you.  I loved you back then and I have fell back in love with you over this last month of being with you here.  I am glad I have found my king.”

He groaned deeply as he gathered her close.  “My queen.”  He whispered before he kissed her deeply.  He then went on to show her how much he cherished her and showered her with the love he had been holding in and saving for years.  “You have always been the only one for me.”

The wedding was beautiful.  They had it at the manor in the beautiful back yard.  Tents had been set up where guests were seated at tables.  She had been extremely happy when Jeff their chef for the day had told her he would definitely be having lobster alfredo on the menu.  There were over 200 people there with all the family and friends.  Leanne had her sister, Maura and Mick which was all she had needed.  Her gown was made of white satin with small beads everywhere and spoofed out at the waist like a ball gown.  It had small shimmers of baby blue sewn in it and Leanne felt like Cinderella in her very own fairy tale.  She looked over to see Maura and Mick dancing with each other.  He leaned down and whispered something in her ear as the woman blushed red.  Hmmm.  Interesting.  She never saw that coming.  She had the pleasure of meeting the Delvinci family and instantly disliked most of them but Demarion told her that she didn’t need to worry about it since they wouldn’t see them very often.

She suddenly felt two hands slide around her middle and smiled when her husband kissed her cheek.

“What’re you thinking about beautiful?”

“Just how beautiful everything is and how I feel like Cinderella.  I’m waiting to wake up and find it is all a dream.”

“You look gorgeous today my love.  And it is very real.  I didn’t wait all this time for it to be fake.”

“So now that I know who you really are.  What should I call you?   Demarion or Leo or Mr. Delvinci?”

“You can call me whatever you like as long as I am inside you and you are screaming it.”

She gasped and blushed as the words soaked in and he gripped her waist.

“Be careful about gripping my waist.”

“Why did I hurt you last night?  I knew I was too rough.  Are you sick?”

“Well you could say that I may be sick for the next 9 months or so.”

“Nine months that is a hell of a long t…..”  He spun her around to look at her with wide eyes.  “We’re having a baby?”  At her nod he hollered so everyone could hear.  “We’re having a baby.”  Laughing he gathered her close as she smiled at him.  Soon they were surrounded with people wishing them well and telling them their congratulations. 

Leanne and Demarion snuck out a few hours later.  Even in her big dress they weren’t missed by anyone except Mick who nodded towards them when Demarion saw him looking and smiled.  They quickly hopped into the limo.  The party was in full swing and there was so much alcohol and dancing and food that they knew it would go on for a while.  Mick had promised her that he would keep a close eye on Denise and would make sure no harm came to her.  He gathered her up in his arms as he took the steps up to the private jet.

“Welcome to OUR private jet Mrs. Delvinci.”

“Do I have to take your name?”  He was thinking about it apparently when she swatted at him and laughed.  “I’m joking.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Well, all jokes aside.  Have I ever showed you the bedroom in our plane?”

“There’s a bedroom too.  That’s handy.”  She grinned up at him still in his arms. 

“yes my dear let me show you just handy it is.”  He walked to the back of the jet and opened a door carrying his wife to their new life together.

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BOOK: Deception and Lace
6.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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