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“Deeds” Broken Deeds MC #1

By Esther E. Schmidt




Copyright © 2016 by Esther E. Schmidt


All rights reserved.


No part of this book may be reproduced in any form, without permission in writing from the author.


This book is a work of fiction. Incidents, names, places, characters and other stuff mentioned in this book is the results of the author’s imagination. Deeds is a work of fiction. If there is any resemblance, it is entirely coincidental.


This content is for mature audiences only. Please do not read if sexual situations, violence and explicit language offends you.

Cover design by:
Esther E. Schmidt

Jeroen de Beer


Cover Model:
Dennis van der Wal



Christi Durbin & Fran Gray

I’m never letting you go, you know this, right?!

‘Cause you both add the awesomeness… like the cherry that’s nothing without the cake kind of thing. I can’t say it enough… I love you both… you fucking bitches.

Chapter 1




A cold blast of air conditioning greets me as I stroll out of the locker room. For a weekend, it isn’t too busy, and the sound of metal clanking against metal mixes with the occasional grunt. I make my way to the stairs to wait for my best friend to come downstairs so we can workout together.

To kill time, I scroll through my phone and click on the last text message I received. Smiling when I re-read it. The dick that sent it is so freaking funny. Annoying, but funny. I have no clue who he is, that’s why I call him dick. He, on the other hand, calls me Hotlips.

“Hey! Texting Mr. TakeAMessage again, are we?”

I turn and see Blue coming down the stairs. Her apartment is attached to the gym that she co-owns with Areion Fury MC, the motorcycle club my brother, Zack, is the president of.

Smiling at her, I give her the truth. “Nah, haven’t heard from him in over an hour.”

“Wow, over an hour! Well, there might be something wrong with his phone then, right? Or he’s dying in a corner or something.”

Giving her a shove to the shoulder, we both burst out in a fit of laughter while we start toward the treadmills. My head turns away from Blue and my eyes meet the most perfect man I’ve seen in my whole life. Coming to an abrupt halt, I put my arm up to stop Blue. I’m sure when she looks at me she sees drool coming from my mouth.

I just can’t help myself. Just a few weeks ago, Blue was at the gym late at night. There was a hot guy training there. Or so she said, so I made her send me a picture to prove it. One look at that picture and I baptized him my dream man. That same hot guy is here, right now! Working out again with a training mask on. Looks like he’s boxing except there are dumbbells in his hands, and he’s just punching into the air in front of him. It doesn’t matter that I can’t see part of his face, because it’s hidden behind that mask. For me, that just adds to the hotness of the complete image.

I can’t help myself when I say. “Mmmmmm my dream man! He’s here, not just a picture this time! Re-fucking-ality. Now him. His cum, I’d swallow.”

Blue gives a snort and asks. “Yeah? No burping or gagging?”

“Oh, fuck no! Look at his skin, slick with sweat and muscle. Oh God! That ink. Even his legs are covered and disappear right into his shoes, I bet even his feet are covered. That mask…”

He turns as he stops his workout and steps closer to us. He sets the dumbbells back on the rack and takes off his mask. I whisper to Blue. “He’s hot as hell, with and without the mask.”

He gives Blue a slight nod. That’s when our eyes meet and lock. Just one look in his eyes and heat flows through my body, making it flame up inside.

“Hello, lovely ladies. You enjoyed watching me.” It was more of a statement than a question.

My brother comes up from behind and grabs Blue in a tight hug. He sticks one hand out in front of him, towards the hot guy. They grab each other’s hands and pump once before letting go.

“Deeds, good to see you, my man. You’ve already met Blue. This here is my sister Lynn. Lynn, meet the president of Broken Deeds MC.”

He keeps looking into my eyes while he takes a step closer to me. Slowly, his eyes slide down my body and back up again, landing on my lips. That’s when I see recognition flash in his eyes. Fuck, no. A memory flashes through my mind of a picture I sent that dick that’s been texting me. A close-up of my middle finger in my mouth. Yeah, I sent him that picture to flip him off after he asked me to send a picture showing my tits.

“Hotlips.” He smiles brightly while his eyes now fill with hunger and satisfaction. Like a freaking dog who just found his favorite bone.

The heat flowing through my body now turns to ice. This can’t be happening. He can’t be the dick who’s been texting me all this time. My stomach twists into a knot.

“Fuck! I need to throw up,” I mutter as Blue’s head turns to me and I can see her thinking things through.

“So two minutes ago you felt the need to swallow his cum without burping or gagging, but now you know who your dream man is you need to puke? You’re funny…and he should put the mask back on.”

“Blue!” That freaking bitch has a nasty habit of thinking out loud.

“Oh fuck, I said that out loud again, didn’t I?”

“You need to learn the difference. That shit ain’t funny!”

I’m furious while Deeds, the fucker chuckles. “I disagree with you there, Hotlips. And you need to put your mouth where your words are.”

Zack’s booming voice fills the gym. “Back the fuck off Deeds. That’s my sister you’re talking to and about. Off-limits. Not. Gonna. Happen. Pal.”

Deeds’ body language gets defensive as he throws back his shoulders and draws up to his full height. Making a visible stand against my brothers threat. “That’s where you’re wrong Zack. She was mine the moment she answered my call for a sit-down with you. That was your request; you’re the one who hooked us up in the first place. So…. thanks, I guess.”

I can’t take this shit. This is so not happening. Turning on my heels, I practically run toward the women’s locker room. I cannot believe the guy who’s been texting me for the past several weeks is the president of a fucking MC. Christ, I'm so stupid. How could I not have known?

Sure, I knew he was a biker. An arrogant, filthy-mouthed dick, calling for a sit-down with my brother, the president of Areion Fury MC. Fuck! The president of Broken Deeds MC, himself! Why the fuck would he text me all day, every day, for weeks? What the hell was my friend Blue thinking when she gave a random guy my cell number? I shouldn’t have let her answer the phone after I hung up on the rude asshole. Calling me a cunt. Mother fucker. I gave him hell after the first few words he said to me over the phone.

Oh, how I hate that word. Cunt. I don’t care who says it, just don’t ever call me one. Fuck! Me and my big mouth. Okay, so I might have enjoyed his messages. Just a fun distraction, that’s all it was, right? Me calling him Dick, him calling me Hotlips. On. My. Phone. Fucking hell! Why did I have to run into him?

And to discover who he was when my brother introduced us? Shit. For him to know who I am? That… that… dick! A Prez. No wonder I’ve been calling him dick, he really is one. I mean, doesn't he have ho's all over his dick? I mean clubhouse. Ho’s that keep him and his dick occupied? I am so, so fucked. God, how could I be so, so…


With a grunt, I shove open the door to the locker room. Two girls gasp when I burst my way inside. I mumble an apology and they both tie their shoes and walk out. Taking a deep breath, I’m thankful that the locker room is now completely empty. Enough with the humiliation. I need to change and get the fuck out of here.

Heading over to my locker, I grab my bag. Kicking off my sneakers, I strip off my workout pants so I’m down to my lime green thong and black sports bra. I toss the pants back into my bag and as I reach for my shorts and tank top, I hear the door slam shut and the snick of a lock. Shit, that can’t be good.

Turning around to face the door, I see Deeds standing right there. I have no control of how my body reacts to him. Though I keep my breath steady, my heart is pounding in my chest. There’s no way around him, no escape. He’s slowly walking toward me while his eyes scan my body, from my face to my bare feet. They linger way too long on my thong before moving up to my tits. I drop the bag and cross my arms in front of my chest. Pushing up my tits, I act like I'm fully dressed. I refuse to be intimidated by him.

It's fucking over. I could have been texting with anyone for that matter. Just like those social media scams. You think it’s a hot guy, but in reality it’s just a tiny old wrinkled man wanting naked pictures.

Except in my case it
a freaking hottie. Ink all over, cut muscles, gorgeous face, solid chest. I mean this guy is built but moves with so much fluidity. And he’s freaking flexible. Yeah, I noticed all of that when my eyes locked on his body for that shortest of moments watching him train. So hot! That is, until my brother introduced us and we both realized who the fuck we were.

It was just words from one phone to another, right? There was nothing between us to begin with. I sure as fuck ain’t getting involved with anyone from another chapter of Areion Fury, let alone someone from another MC. I’m sure as fuck not hopping into bed with the president. My father was a president and a huge dick. Pure alpha caveman, just like his son is now. I grew up in a house full of bad boy alphas and they’re annoying as fucking hell. Besides, my brother would rather lock me in a barn way out in the country than let me date this guy. Oh, who am I kidding? These guys don't date. They grab your hair and fuck you till you’re screaming and…

"What are you thinking? I like the sounds coming from those sexy-as-fuck lips."

Fuck, how embarrassing. Was I moaning at the thought of him grabbing my... Stop! I need to stop and focus. "What the fuck are you doing here? Deeds, was it?"

"Yeah, babe, Deeds." He steps closer and his chest bumps against my arms.

Pushing my shoulders back, I straighten my spine, lifting my chin as my gaze locks with his.

"Don't fucking call me babe. You dicks always call pussy those bullshit names. Babe, Sweetheart, Darlin’, Sugar. You know what? Don't call me, period. Not. At. All. No need to text, call, email… Hell, don't even send smoke signals. Nothing. Just fucking leave and get back to the ho's you guys like to stick it in and be all happy and shit."

I sidestep him and grab my bag off the floor. But before I can even take one step, my back is up against the lockers. My bag hits the ground and my hands are pinned on each side of my head by his hands.

His face is already close to mine and he inches even closer. "Such a mouth on you. Do you know that was the first thing that turned me on? The moment I heard your voice utter those filthy words. So rattle on, Hotlips, stroke my ears as if you’re stroking my cock."

He grinds his hips into me and I feel his hard length. Holy shit, he's huge! He licks my lower lip and with the tip of his tongue, flips the metal stud from my snake bite piercing. I have one on each side of my bottom lip, near the corners of my mouth.

Starting on the right, his tongue traces my upper lip to the other side as he now gives my other piercing the same attention. Sucking in a breath, my mouth opens slightly, and I’m surprised by the jolt of desire that runs through me. This is a very bad fucking idea, but I can’t help being extremely turned on by him right now.

He takes advantage and licks into my mouth, tracing my teeth with his tongue. Giving in to temptation, I let my tongue meet his. He moans loud and long when he discovers my tongue piercing as he pushes his body into mine. He slides my arms above my head and switches his grip, placing both of my wrists in one of his huge hands. He strokes his free hand down my neck, over my collarbone, brushing my nipple, past my belly and over my hip to grasp my ass.

His grip tightens as he pulls me forward and grinds his hips at the same time. The friction sends a jolt through my clit and I gasp in his mouth. A rumble of satisfaction vibrates from deep within his chest. He leaves me no time to react as his hand slides from my ass to the edge of my thong, tracing it down to the lips of my pussy.

His fingers slide up and down as I feel myself getting wet. His actions shoot jolts of pleasure through my body. I'm sure my thong is drenched by the time he pushes two fingers inside me.

"So wet and ready. All this for me?"

I can't seem to think of any words. I don't even think I can find my voice right now. Fuck, what's he doing with me? My body seems to react automatically. I want him. Can't think of anything else. Well, except for the fact that this is a very bad fucking idea. Oh, what the hell! Just once and then he's done. It's a fucking fantasy that's been built from all those fucking texts back and forth. We just have to fuck it out of our system and be done with it. Somehow he's managed to free his cock and enters me with one hard push. Fuck. Me. That feels so fucking good. I’m so damn full I’m stretched like a rubber band ready to pop.

"Fucking tight, Hotlips."

His hips stay still as his mouth moves to my ear. He bites down on my earlobe and releases a deep breath.

"I knew you'd feel this good. Just fucking knew it. The kind of cunt that's a special edition. No, make that a fucking limited edition, created just for my cock.”

I squeeze my inner muscles at the sound of his words. He bites my neck in response and pulls out half way and slams back in. Each time he thrusts he grinds himself deeper. I need to grab him, touch him, get my nails into his skin. Pulling at my trapped hands, I let out a frustrated sound.

"Not the one in charge here. I am. "

He keeps pounding as fire starts to grow inside me. I'm about to come when he bends slightly with his knees and pushes harder upward. Hitting me at just the right angle, my head slams back into the lockers and I scream his name. I’m lost.

"Deeds! Fuck. Move that ass. Oh! YES!"

He pumps a few more times before biting down hard on my neck and sucking my skin into his mouth. His hand on my ass holds me still as his body freezes and it feels like he's showering my insides with his cum.

He moves his hips slowly as if he's pumping the last of his seed. Making sure every last drop is gone. At last, he releases my neck and his tongue laps a few more times at the sensitive spot. By the feel of it, I'm pretty sure he left the imprint of his teeth on my fucking neck.

BOOK: Deeds: Broken Deeds MC
5.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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