Devious Submission - Episode 1 (An Erotic Thriller) (2 page)

BOOK: Devious Submission - Episode 1 (An Erotic Thriller)

Nate ran his hand down my naked body from my neck, between my breasts and down my belly. His touch was electric and sent chills throughout my body. He continued to gently carcass me, purposely avoiding any particularly sensitive spots. I sensed he did this to lull me into a false sense of security. At any moment, Nate might do something amazingly pleasurable or deliciously painful.

Nate, however, continued to stroke me and he soon had me breathing deeply and moaning. He would stop occasionally to undress himself. First, he removed his dress shirt, revealing his athletic torso. Nate placed it on a single nail protruding from the wall. I longed to touch his chest and trace my fingers down his well-defined abs. After a few more moments of his soft touch, he removed his expensive dress shoes and socks. He tucked his socks neatly into each shoe and set them aside. That was followed by yet more teasing. I was sure if Nate kept this up I could almost climax, but he continued to pause so he could undress.

Next, Nate unbuckled his leather belt and unbuttoned his slacks. He stepped from them, folded them neatly and laid them on his shoes. He began touching me again and I watched as his growing erection filled his briefs. I was on the edge of pleasure yet Nate’s slow, soft touch wasn’t quite enough to push me over the edge. I squirmed and writhed within my bonds. How could this man arouse me so with his simple touch?

“Are you enjoying this?” Nate asked and I nodded, unable to respond with the gag in my mouth. “I sense you’re near climax. Would you like to orgasm?” he asked. I nodded again. I desperately wanted to come. “I think you already know that isn’t going to happen, not yet anyway. You’ll be even more desperate to orgasm soon. If I determine you’re worthy of release, you’ll end up begging me to stop,” Nate explained.

It wasn’t the fact he was going to tease me or force me to orgasm until I begged him to stop. It was what Nate said, almost as an afterthought. It was the “if” in his explanation. It was the possibility of not being allowed to orgasm that drove me mad. I could handle the teasing and the forced pleasure but Nate leaving me unfulfilled terrified me. Just the threat was incredibly arousing and frightening, but I knew without release keeping my eye on the prize would be so much more difficult.

Nate slipped his briefs down his legs and when he stood, I saw him in his full glory. He was slightly taller than average, perfectly proportioned and athletic. Women dreamed of men like him, including me. He exuded strength, power and experience, yet he had the body of a man half his age. I suspected he might have the stamina of a young man too. His chest had a patch of soft greying hair but otherwise he was smooth and tan. I felt myself open for him as I became even more aroused.

Nate climbed onto the bed and straddled my torso. He began caressing me again, but this time he massaged my breasts and played with my nipples. It felt so good but I ached for more. Nate continued, running his hands though my thick, dark hair and caressing my face ever so softly. I began pumping my hips involuntarily but Nate reached back, pressed them to the mattress firmly and shook his head.

“None of that, Kimmie. Lay still or I’ll be forced to take further corrective action,” Nate admonished. I nodded and he resumed his gentle touches. I forced myself to lay still but soon I was lost in Nate’s touches. Suddenly, he took my chin in his hand forcefully and I realized I was bucking my hips again. I was frightened. I knew he was going to punish me, but would this be enough for him to decided I wasn’t worthy of orgasm?

“I told you no. I don’t like having to say things twice,” Nate admonished, his voice hard and icy. He reached back behind himself and spanked my pussy hard. I jumped and squealed, though the gag muffled the noise. Nate did it again, even harder, but left his hand against my bare, wet flesh. I could handle the pain, but having him touch me like that without bringing me off was almost too much to handle. I wanted to move my hips and rub myself against his hand, but I dared not. I knew he was testing me.

“Will you mind me?” Nate asked. I nodded and he pulled his hand away. A part of me wanted to cross him just to feel his hand against me again. However, my desire to obey him was more powerful. I wanted to please Nate and allow him to deny me any real pleasure. I found I wanted to submit. If only he would let me free, I would pleasure him in any manner he desired. God, what was he doing to me? I forced myself to remember why I was here.

Nate moved down and between my legs. His erection inches from my hot, engorged folds. He began caressing my tight belly and sensitive sides, slowly working his way down to my thighs. I felt my skin erupt in goose bumps as I panted and moaned through the gag. Nate’s eyes followed his hands, as did mine. For several minutes, he teased me finding my inner thighs were highly sensitive and focusing on them.

Then he took his hands away and for a moment, I thought I’d done something to displease him and he was going to punish me. Instead, Nate began slowly stroking his cock. He didn’t just simply stroke himself, however. His free hand roamed over his muscular torso as he slowly pleasured himself. Soon he was moaning and his cock began to leak. I had no idea watching a man do that to himself could be so arousing.

“This feels so fucking good. Do you want to take over, Kimmie? Do you desire to pleasure me?” he asked but I didn’t respond in any way. I watched, mesmerized as Nate did to himself what I wished I could do for him. My needs didn’t seem so immediate anymore. I wanted to pleasure Nate. I longed to wrap my lips around him, or push him to the bed and slide down his hard cock, not for my pleasure but for his. I wasn’t sure what was worse. Being denied pleasure, or being denied the opportunity to pleasure Nate.

Nate began fondling his balls as he stroked himself faster. Nate closed his eyes and breathed harder as he enjoyed his own touch. I could only watch though I longed to do so much more. Suddenly, Nate’s eyes flew open and he bared his teeth. He began panting and I watched as his cock swelled in his hand. I was sure he was displeased with me in some way and he was going to deny me pleasure even as I was forced to watch his. At the last moment, however, Nate pulled his hand away and he leaned forward, his hands on his knees.

“That was nice. I could see the need in your eyes, Kimmie. It’s rather arousing. I wonder if you would choose your own pleasure over mine?” Nate pondered aloud. I shook my head. My need was no longer as insistent. I wanted to please Nate desperately. “You’ve been good so far. I’m going to fuck you, Kimmie. You are going to lie still and allow it. You won’t move or make a noise. Most importantly, you won’t come. Is that understood?” Nate explained. I nodded but had no idea how I might be able to follow his instructions.

I wasn’t allowed to ponder it for long. Nate took my hips in his hands and roughly sank his cock into me. I gasped and Nate took me by the chin and shook his head. I knew that was my one and only warning. I was overwhelmed as Nate slowly slid his entire length in and out of me. I was so wet and it felt so good. At the same time, I felt a rush of humiliation. I was bound to this bed, allowing this man to tease me and have his way with me. I was doing everything I could to resist the urge to let go and orgasm, scream out in pleasure and writhe in ecstasy. I just hoped the payoff would be worth it.

Nate slowly increased the speed of his thrusts and soon he was fucking me hard and fast. I bore down, forcing myself to resist my need. I clenched my fists and curled my toes. Every muscle in my body tensed as I fought within myself. Nate’s cock was so warm and hard and I could feel him leaking inside me. I wanted so much just to let go but at the same time, I didn’t want to disappoint him. It wasn’t just the money any longer. I truly wanted to please this man. How had he managed so quickly to work his way into my heart?

Nate began to play with my nipples. He was testing me, I knew. He wanted to see how much I could take. I resolved to show him that I was worthy. Nate then pinched and tugged at my hard nipples and I wanted to scream out, but I bit my lip and remained quiet and still. Then Nate grinned, an evil grin, and began rubbing my clit with his thumb. I managed to remain motionless and resist making a sound by digging my nails into my palm.

Nate rubbed me harder and faster, his hips slamming into me, our flesh making obscene noises, as he fucked me. I was going mad, but I needed to win this battle. I had to show him I was worthy. More importantly, I needed to resist my emotions. Resisting my pleasure was one thing, but it would have been so easy to submit to Nate emotionally. I needed to remember why I was here but it wasn’t going to be nearly as easy as I had hoped.

Finally, Nate pulled out of me and left me breathing hard and perspiring. “You’re a tough one, Kimmie. I’ve never had girl that didn’t lose it and require correction. Most simply break down completely. You’re a special girl,” Nate told me and it felt so good knowing he was pleased with me. “However, you’ve got to show me more to convince me you deserve release,” Nate said ominously.

He began unchaining my legs, then pulled them up and over my head and fastened them to the metal tubing of the headboard. I was now more exposed than ever, my legs spread wide over my head and my body bent in half. Nate climbed back into position and sank his cock deep inside me again. However, he didn’t fuck me. Instead, he pulled out of me and rubbed his wet cock on my anus. He did it again and again before he began sliding his finger into my ass. He took his time and over the next five minutes or so, he prepared me to take his cock in my ass.

I’d done it before, even enjoyed it, but not like this. I tried to figure out how I could take Nate like that and remain silent and motionless. My shoulders already ached from being bent as I was with most of my weight pressing down on them. I wanted to give up. I wanted to demand he set me free. Nevertheless, I reminded myself why I was doing this. I couldn’t get what I wanted if he was displeased with me and banished me from his house.

I’m sure many of the girls that submitted to Nate’s kinky demands hoped he might fall for them and make them his wife, or at least his mistress. As far as I could tell, they had failed. I wasn’t looking for love and affection. I wanted money and power. However, this was a dangerous game. I struggled to resist my urges. I could have easily fallen for Nate. Even knowing what I did about him, I wanted him. I wanted to submit and please him. It took almost everything I had to submit to his demands but I still had to steel myself against my own feelings for him.

Finally, Nate began pushing his cock into me and with all of his preparation, he had little trouble. It felt so fucking good having him inside of me despite the pain, though outwardly I showed none of it. Nate pulled his cock free of me and immediately pushed back inside. I got no time to adjust to the unnatural intrusion, however. Instead, Nate began fucking me furiously.

I tensed and my knuckles turned white as I squeezed my fists. Nate pounded my ass relentlessly and I did everything I could to resist my need to react, if not outright climax. This was torture, denied release but not the pleasure than demanded it. Nate seemed to enjoy my predicament, grinning as he caressed the back of my thighs. I couldn’t do this much longer. I couldn’t continue to pretend this wasn’t deeply arousing. I couldn’t continue to deny my lust for this man.

Soon he was using my garters to gain leverage, occasionally spanking my exposed pussy or rubbing my clit for a moment. The pleasure was overwhelming and not being able to express myself was agony. This could have gone on for a minute or for an hour. I wasn’t sure. I took it one moment at a time. I promised myself I’d resist just one more second and then one more and then another. I focused all my thoughts on following Nate’s direction. I needed to prove myself to him. Finally, however, Nate relented.

“Scream for me. Go crazy. But you still can’t come,” Nate told me and I lost it. I screamed, growled, and cried behind the gag. I writhed, bucked, finally openly enjoying the pleasure. Even though I couldn’t come, no longer having to deny my excitement was intensely gratifying. Nate fucked me as hard as he could, but only for a moment before he pulled his cock from me. I began panting and sobbing. “Noooo!” I screamed in my head.

“You didn’t think I’d let you enjoy that for long, did you?” Nate asked as I sobbed. I wanted to curl up and cry. I was a wreck and my emotions were winning out. With the ability to express myself came a rush of emotion. It was all I could do to keep some shred of control. It would have been so easy in that moment to lose myself completely. I could have lost myself in this game and I wondered if I would ever escape.

The feelings I felt for Nate were deep and strong. I needed to please him. He was doing things to me no man had ever done and even though I knew better, I tried to tell myself Nate could love me back. I fought the feelings, remembering my motives and what kind of man Nate was. I could do this. I could resist my feelings for a little while longer. Soon I would be free and I could forget about Nate. At least I hoped I could.

“You’ve done surprisingly well. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve never allowed a girl to orgasm in this room. Never. You, however, might be the first. I must say I am deeply impressed. I’m going to remove your bonds. I’ll allow you some freedom, though I’m going to chain your collar to the bed. I’m also going to remove the gag. You will only speak when spoken too. You may scream, shriek and sob all you want, but no words unless spoken too. Understood?” Nate explained.

I nodded as he began to free me. I lay still as he did, letting him move me as necessary. I wasn’t going to fuck this up. Hearing that I was so close to the reward, made it easier. I hoped coming might help me deal with my emotions, though I knew it might only make their hold on me stronger. Finally, I was free save for the chain connecting my collar to the bed frame. Nate removed my gag and I worked my sore jaw back and forth. He stood next to the bed and gazed upon me. I could see the lust in his eyes and that made my battle all the more difficult.

“Remove the stockings and heels, all of it. I want you completely nude,” Nate demanded and I removed my clothes. He took them from me and tossed them aside. Then he stood before me, his cock hard and wet. I knew what he wanted and I wanted it too. I didn’t care where it had been. I needed to please Nate and prove to him that I deserved release. I wanted so badly to please Nate and prove myself. I wanted it for my own purposes, but increasingly it had nothing to do with me. Increasingly, this was about Nate.

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