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Bennie rolled her eyes and then slipped her arm through
. “Girl, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Besides, that old house is too big for just me, and it’ll be like an adult sleepover all the time.” Bennie grinned. “With wine binge parties, stuffing our faces with greasy fattening food, and watching gay porn on occasion.”

burst out laughing. “You couldn’t handle gay porn. It’s too hot for you.”

Bennie snorted, but grinned again.

They made their way up to the front door, with Bennie’s heels clicking and
boots hitting the pavement. She started to get pissed the closer she got to that door, but she pushed her emotions aside and focused on why she was here: to get the rest of her shit and leave. Once at the door Bennie removed her arm from the crook of
and patted her on the back.

“No homicide today, okay.” Bennie smiled, and her red painted lips stretched over her straight white teeth.

“Did I ever tell you that you’re awesome?”

“Yes, but you can tell me that anytime you want.” They both started laughing, and
reached for the spare key she still had and unlocked the door.

“Let’s get in and out before he gets his ass home.”

“Agreed,” Bennie said in a sing-song voice, but
knew that she was just as serious about getting this shit done as

They entered the house and immediately went into the back bedroom she had shared with Rob. God, she could practically still smell the nasty perfume Tally wore, and could even see them still fucking right in the bed.
“Those nasty fuckers.”
She said it more to herself, and hadn’t meant to say it out loud at all.

“You have stuff in the bathroom?”

grabbed one of her small bags and handed it to Bennie.
If you could go through anything that doesn’t look like it belongs to that douche I’d appreciate it.”

Bennie left the bedroom, and
got started tossing the rest of her clothes that were in the closet and in the drawers into her bag. Aside from those material things she had no jewelry, no family heirlooms, and nothing that she hadn’t bought over the past year that she couldn’t buy again. Just as she was coming out of the bedroom Bennie came out of the bathroom.

“I was tempted to dip his toothbrush in the toilet.” Bennie grinned, but before
could sit on that very tempting idea the sound of the front door opening and slamming shut had them both looking down the hallway.

“That motherfucking cocksucker,”
said under her breath.

Rob yelled out, and there was clear anger in his voice, which further pissed her off. He had no right to feel anything but shame and self-disgust for being such a prick.

“Come on,” she said to Bennie and led the way down the hallway, not about to get into anything with Rob. She was done with this and him, and although she hadn’t committed herself to another man yet, she was anxious to see where this new chapter in her life led. She rounded the corner only to come to a stop when she saw Rob standing by the front door.

“You’re here.”

“Just to get my shit, but now I’m gone.” She moved forward and tried to push past him, but he reached out and grabbed her arm.

Snapping her head in his direction, she bared her teeth. “If you want to keep your balls and the option to have children later on in life I suggest you let go of me.”

Rob let go over her, because if the past year had taught him anything it should have been that she didn’t fuck around or make idle threats. But then again he cheated on her, so he either didn’t care or he was just an idiot.

please let me explain—”

“Rob, if I were you I’d just shut the hell up and get the fuck out of the way.” Leave it to Bennie to grow impatient, too.

“Bennie, stay the hell out of this.”

“You have no right talking to my friend that way. You brought this on yourself, fucked up big time, and now you’re dealing with the consequences. I hope you like jerking yourself off from this point
or maybe you can have that bitch Tally handle it for you.”

“I’m not seeing Tally. I stopped whatever was happening between us because I want to change. I only want you,

stared at him but kept her humorless laugh inside. “You broke it off with her?
For me?”

Rob smiled, obviously thinking that she was thrilled with the idea. “Of course I did. I love you.” He tried to reach for her again, but she slapped his hand away.

“You stupid asshole.
Now it looks like you really are going to have to jack off.” She shook her head. “You know, you say you love me, but you never once said it during our relationship.” She adjusted the bag on her shoulder. “Let’s be honest, Rob. There was never any love between us. This was a physical relationship, and when I stopped putting out like a damn sex fiend you went to the next easy lay.” Yeah, their relationship had been mainly physical, but she had actually let herself trust him even if it didn’t feel real. “Then again, faking it was getting old anyway.” What she had with Rob for the last year didn’t even compare to the night she had experienced with
. She stared at Rob, feeling sick and disgusted over wasting so much time with him. Served her right for not listening to her heart, and letting her need to have someone overrule her. “This whole fucking Tally in the bedroom was an eye opener, and one I desperately needed. I’m never settling again because I am sick of being alone.” She turned and looked at Bennie. “Let’s go.”

“So what, you’re just going to leave me and jump in bed with that fucking biker?”

turned back around. “Fuck you, Rob. What I do, or in this case
I do is none of your damn business. You lost the right to care about what I do when you stuck your dick in a tramp.” She turned and left him standing there with a scowl on his face. Once they were outside Bennie took her hand and stopped her.

“Who do you think told that POS about you and the biker?”

She shook her head. “I think the better question is who didn’t tell him. This damn town is like high school girls on speed when it comes to gossip, especially when it comes to The Vicious Bastards. But if I was worried about what people said I would have conformed a long time ago.” She smiled, squeezed Bennie’s hand, and went over to her car.

“How about we order take-in and get drunk tonight? We can watch some horror movies where the dumb sluts get killed first.”

started laughing. “You read my mind.” She climbed into the car, and once Bennie pulled out of the driveway she glanced once more at the front door.
“So long, old chapter in my life.”

Chapter Seven


entered the clubhouse and was feeling pretty damn good about himself. Yeah,
had agreed to have dinner with him, and although it certainly wasn’t breaking news to stop traffic, to him it felt fucking incredible. He stepped up to the bar and slapped his hand on the counter. One of the prospects was cleaning glasses, but stopped and glanced at him. He got
a beer without him having to ask, and once the cold Sam Adams was in his hand he turned and stared at Scars speaking with Ranger in the other room. Ranger was an old fuck of a member that was as ancient as the club. He might not go on runs with them anymore, but he did ride with them in town, participated when needed, and kept the club pussy happy. Even for as old as he was Ranger fucked like he was a hormonal teenager. That had
grinning like a fool. He knew if any of the guys saw how fucking happy he was they’d bust his balls. It wasn’t like he got this way often, rarely in fact.
tipped his beer bottle back, and although it wasn’t quite noon yet, the beer tasted damn good on his tongue. Maybe he was just feeling this surge of emotion inside of him, like he was also a hormonal teenager and he had just gotten his dick sucked for the first time? That had him grinning even wider.

“What the fuck has you so happy this damn early?” Little leaned up against the counter of the bar, reeking of alcohol and cheap perfume.

“You need a fucking shower, man.”

Little lifted his middle finger and flipped him off. “Get me a beer,” he said to the prospect without looking at him.
“And a shot of whiskey.”
He looked at the prospect then.

lifted a brow in Little’s direction, but the other biker didn’t look at him and just flipped him off again.
chuckled and stared straight ahead as he drank his beer.

“But seriously, what in the hell has you so damn happy?”


“You’re a lying sack of shit.” He glanced at
, watched the man toss the shot back, and then chase it with the beer.
“Rough night.”
He didn’t phrase it like a question, because it was clear the man was hung-over, and when one of the club pussy women came stumbling out of the back hallway it was clear he had partied in his room, too.

I didn’t close my eyes until past four.” Little scrubbed his hand over his face. “I had to show her why they called me
.” He looked over at
then and grinned.

“You’re a sadistic asshole.”

Little straightened and turned around to stare at the woman that he had clearly fucked last night.

“See how she is walking all fucked up.” There was almost pride in the sick bastard’s voice. “She found out real fast that
is the opposite of what I am packing.” He grabbed his crotch in an obscene manner, but that was the way of the club. The guys didn’t mince shit, and said it like it was.
“Baby, you ready for round two tonight?”
The club pussy stopped and looked at him, and her cheeks heated. She was a newer girl, one that had been hanging around the club cleaning up, but then wanted to take it a step further.

“I can hardly walk as it is.”

“Oh yeah, that’s fucking right.” Little drank from his beer bottle and set it on the counter before sauntering over to her. The asshole might be still slightly drunk from last night, but whatever he was whispering into the woman’s ear had her melting against him and sighing.

turned away before he had to witness them dry humping each other, and saw Ranger leave the room where he was talking to Scars. The Bastards president leaned against the meeting table and grabbed a cigarette out from inside of his cut.
face held a hard expression, and
knew something was up. He made his way toward the meeting room, and once inside shut the door behind him.


Scars looked up and lit his cigarette while staring at

“Hey, man.” He tossed his light on the table, inhaled deeply, and exhaled just as forcefully. After pulling the cigarette away and looking at it, he took one more hit and snubbed it out. “I really need to quit this shit. I told Stella I would, and look at me smoking.”

“It’s a hard habit to kick.”

Scars nodded.

“What’s up? You look like you got something on your mind.”
pulled out a chair and sat down a little ways away from Scars.

“It’s nothing.”

waited until he looked his way again. “I’m your VP, your second in command, and I have known you longer than anyone else in this club.” He left it open like that, letting the other man know that they were close, and therefore needed to trust each other.

He sighed, ran a hand through his dark hair, and finally nodded. “Yeah, man, I know. I guess I am just feeling my age.”

“You act like you’re Ranger’s age.”
grinned, and was at least glad when the other biker grinned in return. “But seriously, what’s up?”

“I just think I need to get away for a while, maybe head up to the cabin and just relax.”

“Not a bad idea. You live and breathe this club, and while that is what we need, you also need time to yourself or you’ll snap and end up taking out a prospect.”
chuckled, because that wouldn’t be the first time one of the members kicked a prospect’s ass.

Scars stared at him for a moment and finally sighed. “Marriage is next, man.”

“No shit?”

Scars shook his head but didn’t answer that question. “I’m happy for my baby girl, I really am, and feel like a bastard father for feeling this way.” He sounded stunned. “I mean I still remember her running around the clubhouse throwing peanuts at the guys.” Scars started laughing as if picturing that moment.

“Kids have to grow up, man.”

BOOK: Dirty Girl
4.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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