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Disciplining the Maid

BOOK: Disciplining the Maid
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Disciplining the Maid




Zoe Blake



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Disciplining the Maid



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The New Maid


"We run a strict household here," huffed Mrs. Oliver as she marched up the back staircase to the servant's quarters. 

“Yes, Madam,” Lily replied, following the elderly housekeeper down a long narrow hallway with small doors on both sides. Mrs. Oliver opened the third door on the left and motioned for Lily to enter. 

"Your wages will be eight pounds a year plus board and a tea allowance.  Male visitors will not be tolerated," Mrs. Oliver warned sternly.  "You are required to attend services every Sunday evening.  You will have one half day off each month.  We have a small household - just myself, the butler, a cook, a footman, Lord Stockton's valet of course and you."

"Yes, Madam,” Lily dutifully answered, looking about the small room containing a bed, a bureau and a spindly chair.

"The blue uniform is for morning duties, the black for afternoons while serving tea.  I expect both aprons to be crisp and clean at all times." 

"Yes, Madam." 

"His Lordship will determine what you shall be called when you are presented to him later this afternoon."

"Yes, Madam," answered Lily automatically.  She was used to being arbitrarily renamed, as it was the custom of the aristocracy to give servants the names of their predecessors so they’d not have to learn new ones. It was how she’d come to be known as Lily. Having come straight to service from an orphanage where no one had bothered calling her by her Christian name, she’d quite forgotten it

"I understand your previous positions were with families," Mrs. Oliver droned on.  "This is a bachelor household.  Lord Stockton keeps later hours and entertains more often, and as he is a member of the peerage, there will be many influential and powerful guests. Your discretion will be expected."

"Yes, Madam,” Lily softly replied as she placed the small valise containing all her worldly possessions on the bed.  Sadly, despite her eighteen years, she had only the dress on her back, a tattered book of romantic poems and a few underthings to call her own.

"Leave your things and come along." Mrs. Oliver interrupted Lily's musings.  "His Lordship insists that all staff be cleaned inside and out before beginning work in his household."  Mrs. Oliver led her back down the staircase until they came to a large room. Inside was a massive enameled cast iron tub, and at the far end and along the side wall a long table covered with a rubber mat. 

With quick efficiency, Mrs. Oliver turned the spigot on the tub,
then crossed to the table with the rubber mat to begin to pull out various strange looking items.  Watching as steam rose from the water pouring into the tub, Lily realized this must be one of those fortunate London homes with a heated water tank on the roof, which would make her maid-of-all-work position much easier.

"Alright then, off with those clothes," instructed Mrs. Oliver as she rolled up the long sleeves of her starched dress bodice.  Lily stood and stared, not sure she heard the housekeeper correctly.

"I do not like repeating myself," said Mrs. Oliver with a great deal of annoyance.  "Take off that rag you call a dress."   

"Yes, Madam," Lily said with trepidation, not wanting to anger the formidable housekeep
er on her first day.  "If I could get some privacy?" 

"You are in service," barked Mrs. Oliver.  "There is no such thing as privacy.  Now I am fully aware you were dismissed from your last position without a reference because the housekeeper thought you were too cheeky with that quick temper of yours.  You were very fortunate to find yourself having met Lordship's special requirements. Had you not, you’d be out on the street. Now get out of those things!"

Lily bit her tongue, resisting the strong urge to defend herself with the truth. She’d not been dismissed from her previous position for cheekiness. She’d been dismissed from her because the lady thought her husband was taking too much notice of Lily, although if she were honest, her temper did not help.  The end result was the same – she’d been turned out without a reference, which made it next to impossible to find respectable work. Lily knew Mrs. Oliver was right; she’d been fortunate indeed to find another position. And she could not afford to lose it. Resigned, Lily slowly started to unbutton her simple linen gown. 

"Every stitch," said Mrs. Oliver, her patience thin.  "Don't dawdle." 

Lily stood in the center of the cold room as she awkwardly tried to cover her breasts with one arm and between her legs with the other.  Mrs. Oliver, ignoring the young maid’s obvious embarrassment, motioned for her to walk over to the long table. 

"Up on the table, on your knees,
" Mrs. Oliver instructed.

"Why?" a
sked Lily, horrified. 

"Don't question your betters!  Up on the table!” Mrs. Oliver grabbed Lily by the upper arm and pushed her forward.  Lily climbed up and sat back on her haunches, still trying to shield her breasts. 

"Down on your elbows, bum in the air!” Mrs. Oliver pressed on Lily's upper back between her shoulder blades to force her into position.  "Do I need to strap you down or are you going to behave?"

Lily could not imagine why she would need to be strapped down.  "I will...I will behave,” she answered hesitantly.  With a decisive nod, Mrs. Oliver moved to stand behind her as Lily twisted her torso to glance over her shoulder. 

"Eyes straight ahead,” Mrs. Oliver barked as she opened a jar of ointment.  She swooped two fingers in, coating them.  Pressing both thumbs into the crease between Lily's pale globes she forced her bottom cheeks open.  Lily, surprised at the unexpected contact, screamed and pitched forward.  Leaning on her hip and tucking her knees into her chest she stared at Mrs. Oliver with wide, startled eyes.

"Get back into position!"  Mrs. Oliver snapped.

"Why did you touch me there?”  Lily asked in alarm, clutching her knees to her chest.  “What are you going to do?"

"I have already told you," snapped Mrs. Oliver who had clearly run out of patience.  "Lord
Stockton demands his staff be thoroughly cleaned inside and out.  Now get back into position!" 

"But what are you going to do?"  Lily pressed, feeling hot tears prick her eyes.  She could not afford to start off on the wrong footing with the housekeeper, but she had to know.

"I am going to give you a nice soapy enema to clean your insides,” Mrs. Oliver stated, clearly not used to having to explain herself to subordinates.

"But I don't want one,” whined Lily in a small voice.

"You have no choice," Mrs. Oliver said with finality.  "It's this or the sack." 

Lily hesitated for only a moment before tearfully getting back on her knees.  Mrs. Oliver was right.  She had no choice.  She flinched when her butt cheeks were once again roughly spread open.  A sob burst from Lily's lips at the unwelcome sensation of Mrs. Oliver's ointment-coated fingers circling her small puckered entrance.  Lily clenched her fists against her mouth, stifling a frightened scream. 

"Arch your back more," barked Mrs. Oliver.  "Push your bum higher."  She placed her left hand on the small of Lily's back and pushed down, forcing the younger woman’s ass up. "I want you to bear down as I push my fingers into your bottom hole.  I need to loosen you up for the nozzle."  Having no idea what Mrs. Oliver meant by bearing down and frightened by the prospect of some object being pushed into her body, Lily began to shake in fear. 

She felt the blunt tip of Mrs. Oliver's finger as it slowly pressed against her resisting rosebud.   Squirming, Lily could feel the sensitive ring give under the unrelenting pressure as Mrs. Oliver's finger pressed in to the second knuckle. The sensation was a strange combination of slippery coolness from the ointment and a stinging
burn as her muscles were forced to accept the intrusion.  When Lily squirmed in an instinctive attempt to expel the unwanted digit, Mrs. Oliver's response was an unexpected and painful open palm to Lily's exposed bare bottom.  With a cry, Lily collapsed flat on the table, dislodging Mrs. Oliver's finger.

"Oh, you naughty girl," exclaimed Mrs. Oliver.  "Get back into position!" Another
bare-handed smack to her bottom had Lily scrambling to get back onto her knees. "Get back into position,
!"  Mrs. Oliver relentlessly peppered Lily's poor bottom with smacks until a sobbing Lily was once again on her knees. 

"I'm sorry,” wailed Lily as the distinct outline of the housekeeper’s handprint bloomed across the expanse
of one pale cheek and upper thigh. "I'm sorry.  I'll try harder.  Please don't sack me!"

"I am finished with being nice and gentle with you,” announced Mrs. Oliver.  "You are being a naughty girl who does not deserve all the patience I have shown."  The head housekeeper’s words only made Lily cry harder.  Mrs. Oliver ruthlessly grabbed Lily's butt cheeks and stretched them wide, forcing the small puckered hole to tightly clench.  Without applying more ointment, Mrs. Oliver viciously pushed against Lily's back passage using two fingers this time, allowing Lily's cheeks to close over her fisted hand as she twisted and pushed her fingers deeper into Lily's bowels, pressing her left hand against one of Lily's burning cheeks for purchase. 

Lily was in agony; the skin on her bottom tightened and burned as her buttocks began to swell from the quick but fierce spanking she had just received.  She could feel Mrs. Oliver's fingers deep inside her bum as her muscles stretched and clenched trying to accommodate and expel the intrusion all at once.   

"Oh!  Please, that hurts!"  Lily exclaimed trying to tuck her hips under to avoid the invasive fingers. 

"Stop shifting around or I will give your bum another spanking!"  Mrs. Oliver pumped her fingers in and out of Lily's tight passage, twisting and turning them to help spread the ointment.  Lily let out a plaintive whine as she strained not to shift around.  Satisfied, the ointment was spread sufficiently, Mrs. Oliver replaced her fingers with the tip of the enema nozzle.  Lily started to cry when she felt the hard, cold nozzle begin its penetration.  Despite its tapered edge, it scraped along her sensitive insides, her tight rosebud stinging and stretching as the nozzle neared its wider base.

"Please go more slowly,” pleaded Lily, breathing hard through the discomfort.

"I do not have all day for this, missy!"  Mrs. Oliver angrily shoved the final inch into Lily's bottom causing the poor girl to yelp in fright and pain as she buried her face in her hands.  Lily could sense movement behind her as Mrs. Oliver prepared the enema bag.  There was a tug on the nozzle as Mrs. Oliver connected the long tube that would push the hot soapy water into Lily's bowels, then there was a long, torturous pause before Lily heard a click. Moments later, warm water pushed into her bottom.  She held her breath, trying to become accustomed to the strange sensation. As the water continued to flow, Lily could feel her abdomen expanding even as her muscles began to contract and cramp amid the growing pressure. Lily groaned as she rocked from side to side, trying to alleviate the pain.  Her belly slowly distended as the unrelenting flow of soapy water continued. 

"One more quart," announced Mrs. Oliver ominously.   

"No. I can't," pleaded Lily in her humiliation.  "It hurts.  Please no more." 

"There is plenty of nastiness around London these days," Mrs. Oliver stated emphatically.  We need to clean it all out of you before you start in Lord
Stockton’s service."  She opened Lily's cheeks and pushed the nozzle in more securely.  Lily groaned as her belly continued to expand as wave after wave of punishing cramps wracked her body.  Her natural response of clenching her buttocks with each punishing cramp only caused the soreness from the spanking to further radiate across her red, swollen cheeks. Lily's skin glowed with a fresh, sheen of sweat as she struggled with the pain. 

"Very good!" Mrs. Oliver's voice cut through Lily's haze of misery. “A full two quarts.  You stay put as I check on your bath."  Mrs. Oliver detached the tube from the enema bag and let it dangle between Lily's legs.  After what seemed like hours, she returned to Lily's side, placing a restraining hand on Lily’s lower back as she firmly grasped the nozzle.

"Deep breath and bear down." 

As the nozzle popped out of her abused, puckered hole, Lily struggled to clench her cheeks to hold in the offending liquid, so as not to embarrass
herself any further.  Mrs. Oliver helped her gingerly climb down from the rubber mat table and gestured to the water closet just off to the side.  Lily returned to the main room afterwards feeling wrung out and sore and looking forward to sinking into the bath.  As she headed in that direction, a hand on her upper arm stopped her.

"Not so fast," admonished Mrs. Oliver.  "We still have to rinse you out."  Lily's knees buckled as Mrs. Oliver dragged her back to the table.  Once again, Lily felt cold and exposed as she was forced to kneel on the table, slick from her own sweat and tears.

"Now that you know what to expect you can help out," Mrs. Oliver instructed.  "Reach back and open your butt cheeks nice and wide so I can push in the nozzle.  Quickly now.  We do not have all day." 

Tears fell from Lily's already swollen eyes as she reached back and pulled open her own cheeks. Being forced her to participate in the violation of her own body made the whole thing even more intolerable, but she had no choice.  It was this job or the streets.  After suffering through a second warm water rinse enema, Lily was finally allowed to sink into the soothing bath.  Mrs. Oliver handed her a bathing cloth and some Castile soap.  Lily – being only used to cold water
hip baths - had never been in a tub large enough to submerge her whole body.  It felt like pure heaven, but Lily knew Mrs. Oliver would be displeased if she lingered, so she quickly lathered up the bathing cloth and vigorously began to scrub her arms, legs and face in a way she instinctively knew would make Mrs. Oliver happy.

BOOK: Disciplining the Maid
10.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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