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"One day I may marry, but I will make sure that my new wife loves my little girl as much as I do." 

A small part of Lily hoped he would flaunt the dictates of society and choose to marry her, but she also knew that was not practical or possible.  She would have to be content with the affection he now offered, for it was more than she had ever received in her lonely life, and it was more than anything she’d ever dared hope for.

"I am going to leave you up here for a few hours to think about my offer.  You are not to leave this room," he warned sternly.  "I will have Mrs. Oliver send up a tray for you."  Papa rose and carried her over to the play area, gently setting her down among the toys and stuffed animals. Then with a quick kiss on the top of her head he was gone. 

Lily lost herself in play for the first hour.  She was surprised when Mrs. Oliver appeared with a tray.  It felt very strange to be playing on the floor with dolls instead of working and then to have her superior bring her a tray.  She felt as if it should be the other way around, and hid a secret smile at the turn of events.  Perhaps she could get used to the idea of being coddled and protected.

"Here you go, dearie," Mrs. Oliver said affectionately.

"Mrs. Oliver," called out Lily before the elderly housekeeper had a chance to leave.  "I need ... I need some advice," she hesitantly asked.  "Papa ... I mean ... His Lordship has asked me to be his …" Lily couldn't say the words.  "That is to say, he wants me to ... to …" Lily couldn't finish.

"Hush, dearie, don't fret," cooed Mrs. Oliver, treating Lily more kindly than ever before.  Mrs. Oliver had been working for the gentry her entire life, so nothing shocked or surprised her anymore.  She had seen far worse than a lord wanting to treat his mistress like a little girl, and truth be told she thought it was sweet.  Besides, if his Lordship was happy, the household was happy and this slip of a girl made him happy.  "All you need to think about is how he makes you feel.  Don't worry about whatever anyone else may think or say.  All that is important is if you care for him and if he treats you well.  All right, dearie?"  Mrs. Oliver gave her a pat on the head and left the room.

Somehow, getting Mrs. Oliver's approval made everything seem less confusing.  Lily looked over the tray she had brought up. It w
as filled with delicious pastries and sweet jams.  There was even a pot of warm chocolate!  She was used to a simple fare of bread and weak tea each morning.  Lily had served her betters pastries and chocolate but never tried some herself.  Now she reveled in the luxury of each sweet, buttery bite. Oh yes, she could indeed get used to such a life.


Becoming His Little One


Lily knew she would agree to become Lord Stockton’s little one.  She loved him, and knew he adored her.  She would do anything for him, although in the coming days she would come to realize she did not fully understand the extent to which he expected her to submit. 

When Papa returned, she told him her decision.  Lily would always cherish the look in his eyes the moment she told him.  He picked her up and twirled her around and they laughed together as he held her tight. 

"You have made me very happy, little one," Papa said as he caressed her cheek. "It is time to make you truly mine."  He led her over to the large crib at the end of the room.  "Turn around." 

Lily did not hesitate to obey him.  She felt a tug on the large bow at the back of her dress,
then he grasped her shoulders and turned her back to face him.  Lily was caught in the intensity of his gaze as he slowly undressed her.  When she was completely naked, he turned his attention to the crib. Lowering the side, he picked Lily up under her arms and placed her in. 

"Lay back," he instructed in a voice hoarse with desire. 

Rand grasped her knees and forced them up, spreading her legs wide. Without having to be told, Lily took hold of the slats above her head.

"Good girl," he said, pushing a single finger past her soft petals.  Lily was wet, like he knew she would be and he rushed to release his swollen cock from his trousers and stepped between her open legs.  As he rubbed the head of his cock against her sensitive clit, Lily moaned with pleasure.  She had no idea of the pain she was about to endure. 

"You are going to take Papa's cock deep into your body, baby girl."

Lily tensed at his words.  The pain of his cock pushing into her bottom was still all too fresh.  She wanted to please him, but was frightened at the thought of him once again forcing his member into her. 

"Papa, I'm frightened.  I don't like when you put your cock in my bottom," Lily pleaded.  "It hurts.  Please don't do it."  She knuckled her teary eyes. 

"You are my little one now, Lily," he said in a warning tone.  "You no longer have a say in how I use your body for my pleasure.  I plan on taking your bottom often, but right now I have a different hole in mind." He pushed a finger past her pussy entrance.  "Papa loves to hear that pretty innocent mouth say naughty words,” he said.  “Ask me to fuck your pussy,"

"Will it hurt?" she asked in a soft voice, tucking her chin under and lowering her gaze.  

"Yes," Rand answered bluntly as he grasped her chin and forced her brown eyes to meet his ice blue ones.  "It will hurt. But you will take the pain for Papa, won't you?"  At her slight nod, he continued. "Now
....ask me to fuck your pussy."

"But...." Whatever Lily was going to say was cut short when Papa gave her a stinging slap to her inner right thigh.

"Please fuck my pussy!"  Lily cried out.

"What was that?"  Rand asked as he smacked the other thigh, giving it a matching
hand print.

"Fuck my pussy, Papa!  Fuck my pussy!"  Lily shouted out desperately and Rand placed the head of his cock at her wet entrance and ruthlessly thrust to the hilt, tearing through her maidenhead.  He did not give her body time to adjust to the feel of his thick shaft stretching and filling her.  Ignoring Lily's cries of pain, he pounded his cock into her wet heat, relishing the feel of finally pushing into her body, of claiming her.  Grasping her knees and forcing them into her chest, opening her wider as he looked down to watch her small cunny entrance obscenely stretch to accept his shaft.  He could feel her inner muscles clench and tremble with each forced entry.  Rand was a man possessed, his need to dominate taking over as he pinned her down, and brutally drove into her tight, innocent cunny.  

"Is Papa hurting your tiny pussy with his cock?" His words were a dark rumble as he breathed harshly against her neck.  Rand knew he was being rough with her and part of his mind screamed to gentle his approach, to kiss and coddle her. But the emotions behind the impulse alarmed him.  Mistresses were for fucking.  He knew in his soul that Lily was different, that what he felt for her went much deeper, but he was not prepared to admit it.  Even as he took her innocence and branded her with his seed, he needed to distance himself, to give in to the conflicting desire to both claim and push away.  

....yes....yes..."  Lily mindlessly answered to the rhythm of each thrust. It felt like he had taken over her body.  She could feel him moving inside of her, each bruising thrust bringing a fresh wave of pain.

Rand released her knees and bent over her body. Placing one forearm by her head and grasping Lily's throat with his other hand, he tilted her head back and whispered into her ear.  "From this day forward, not a day will go by you won't feel my cock in your sweet cunny or struggle to accept it up your small bottom or taste it in the back of your throat."  He moved his mouth down her neck to her breast, sucking her nipple deep into his mouth and gently scraping it with his teeth.  Rand tortured her breasts while he continued to relentlessly punish her pussy with each powerful lunge. 

“Come for Papa, ” he commanded, and it was all too much for Lily. True to her submissive nature, his dominance over her body coupled with the kiss of pain was all she needed to come.  Moments later, his cock pulsed as he filled her hot, wet heat with his cum.  He had marked her; she was finally his.

Rand left her curled up in the crib as he crossed the room to the water closet to return with
a wet linen that he carefully pressed against her sore pussy.  After cleaning her, he quietly replaced the crib's side, locking her in.  Lily looked up at him with sleepy eyes.

"I love you, Papa," she whispered. 

He smiled at her declaration but said nothing for several moments. 

"Rest, little one," he finally answered as he stroked her cheek.  "Tomorrow you will meet your new nanny."

She had already fallen asleep and did not see him pull the rocking chair close to her crib so he could watch over her.  He stared at her cute, pink mouth gently open in sleep, the dark fan of eyelashes against her flushed cheeks, and knew he was a fool to try and distance himself.  He had fallen in love with her from the very first moment and the more she gave of herself to him, the deeper he fell.  It made him wonder who had truly submitted.


Meeting the Nanny


"Such a sweet little one! You are a lucky man, if I may be so bold, your Lordship."

"You may." 

After Papa had taken her virginity, Lily was so worn out, she had slept through the night, naked and curled up in the crib.  When she next opened her eyes, it was to the sight of Papa standing by her crib with a strange woman. Crying out, she tried to hide her nakedness by turning on her stomach.

"Now, now.  None of that!” said the woman, “There will be no hiding your cute
titties from your Papa." 

Lily felt a stinging slap to her exposed bottom.  Grabbing her cheeks, she turned onto her back, sending a pleading look to Papa who laughed and stroked her hair.  Lily took in his disheveled appearance and realized he must have stayed by her side the entire night.

"Lily meet your new nanny," he said as he lowered the side of the crib and helped her to stand.  Lily felt all the more bare standing in front of the fully clothed older woman.  She was in her late forties with pitch black hair pulled back in a severe chignon and a gray uniform with a crisp white apron.  From the set of her mouth and lowered eyebrows, Lily could tell this was a woman who would not tolerate any nonsense.  

"My Lord, might I suggest a bath for the little one while we talk about your expectations?" 

"Excellent idea, Mrs. Temple," Papa agreed.  "Why don't you prepare her bath while I give Lily her breakfast?"  As Nanny left the room, Papa led her back to the rocking chair and placed her on his lap. 

"Papa, could I please get dressed?"  Lily asked
, feeling embarrassed at her naked state.

"No, little one.  Nanny is here to take care of you. Each morning she will be the one to bathe and dress you.  You had best get used to her seeing you naked." 

As His Lordship settled Lily more comfortably on his lap, he reached over to the small table by the chair and picked up what looked like a baby bottle.  Lily stared in horror; surely he did not expect her to suckle from a bottle like a baby!  Papa could see the indignation in her eyes.  He knew he made himself clear yesterday about what he would expect from her but also understood there would be an adjustment period. 

"I told you yesterday I would treat you like my little one in every aspect," he said in an admonishing tone.  "You will take your bottle like a good girl or I will turn you over my knee,” With that stern warning, he placed the nipple of the bottle against her pink lips.  "Open your up for Papa," he said and, whimpering, Lily complied and allowed him to push the nipple into her mouth. 

"'Now, suck," directed Papa, his attention focused on her lips.  He watched as her delicate cheeks hollowed with each pull on the nipple.  "Good girl." 

Papa slowly began to rock back and forth in the chair.  Lily was
laying in his embrace with his arm wrapped around her back as his free hand gently stroked the side swell of her breast.  She slowly closed her eyes and let the warm milk and the sensation of being in Papa's strong arms sooth and comfort her.  Rand loved cradling his little one in his arms and gently rocking her as she took her bottle.  He gazed at her sweet mouth pulling on the nipple, felt her warm, soft skin and smiled in the knowledge that she felt safe and protected.  All too soon, Lily finished and looked up at Papa with sad eyes.  He chuckled and stroked her cheek. "Don't worry little one, Papa will have another bottle for you tomorrow morning." 

"Little Lily's bath is ready, sir," Mrs. Temple quietly interjected, not wanting to disturb the endearing moment.

"Very good, Mrs. Temple."  Papa lifted Lily into his arms and carried her into the bathing room.  Gentle swirls of lavender-scented steam rose from the large tub in the far corner.

"Lavender is very soothing for babies and much more appropriate than grownup soap scents like rose or gardenias," Mrs. Temple explained.  Papa gently lowered Lily into the warm water.  He moved to sit on a stool behind her, his knees on either side of her head.   Accepting a bathing cloth from Mrs. Temple, he began to tenderly rub it down Lily's arms and back.  Lily forgot all about the other woman in the room as she focused on his touch caressing her skin.  When he reached her breasts, she arched her back, pushing them into his exploring hands. 

"Spread your legs as far as they will go, baby." His voice was low and comforting as he moved the wet, soapy cloth down her stomach.  "Papa needs to wash your pussy." 

Lily obeyed, pulling her knees up and letting them fall against the sides of the cast iron tub.  He rubbed the bathing cloth between her legs, opening her lips with one hand and pushing against her clit.  The warmth of the bath, his touch, her aroused state and the rough feel of the cloth as it scraped against her clit sent Lily over the edge.  She screamed her release and almost sagged into the water had it not been for Papa's strong arms around her shoulders, holding her steady.   Lily's head lolled against the edge of the tub as she savored the floating, dizzying feel. 

"Lift up, little one.  I need to wash your hair."  He poured a pitcher of warm water over her hair and then pushed his fingers into the long, wet tresses to gently massage her head and scalp.  Lily moaned and squirmed as a tingling sensation once again built between her legs. 

"Reach down and touch yourself for Papa," he instructed, and Lily obeyed, pushing two fingers past her cunny lips and sweeping them across her extremely sensitive clit.  She gasped at the intense pleasure; it was almost too much.  "Keep touching yourself," he sternly urged, his grip on her hair tightening.  The sharp pain of having her hair pulled sent a pleasurable shiver through her body and she gripped the edge of the tub with one hand, her hips shooting up as she pushed her fingers against her clit.  Papa roughly forced her head back and his lips crashed down on hers, his mouth swallowing her scream of pleasure. 

Lily felt boneless and sated as Papa lifted her from the tub and began to dry her off.  She gave a start when Mrs. Temple spoke, having forgotten the woman was even in the room. 

"The shaving materials are prepared, my Lord," Mrs. Temple advised as she motioned toward the long, rubber mat covered table at the end of the room.  "Will we need restraints?"

"Yes, I believe so," directed Rand as he lifted Lily into his arms and carried her over to the table.  She was placed on her back and immediately felt the nanny's strong grasp on both arms as they were stretched above her head and secured in leather cuffs.  Lily panicked and pulled at the restraints. 

Shhh, little one," said Papa as he patted her head and leaned down to give her a kiss on the forehead.  "Don't fight your restraints, they are for your protection.  Papa will be here the whole time."

"What are you going to do?" asked a frightened and confused Lily as she twisted and turned, trying to get a look at Mrs. Temple, who remained just out of her line of vision. 

"I'm going to shave your pussy so that it is nice and smooth," he answered as he moved to stand at the end of the table.  Lily instinctively closed her legs and pulled her knees up to her chest and to the side, trying to hide her nakedness. 

"Now, now.  None of that," scolded Mrs. Temple, pushing on Lily's hips and forcing her to lie straight as she opened Lily's knees wide.  Lily felt vulnerable and exposed as both Papa and the nanny stared down between her legs.

"Such a sweet, little pussy you have my dear!"  Mrs. Temple exclaimed in admiration.  "It will look so much better without all that adult hair covering those pretty, pink lips."

Papa began to vigorously swirl a boar's
hair brush into the shaving soap, working it into a rich, creamy lather.  With a warning look to Lily that needed no interpretation, he stroked the foam covered bristles down the sensitive seam between her legs.  Lily trembled as the cool lather touched her bath, warmed skin.  With gentle strokes, he covered her entire pussy in the rich, velvety foam.  She watched in terrified fascination as he picked up a heavy, razor strop and began to rhythmically polish and sharpen a straight edge razor.  Lily whimpered as she shifted her hips and once again pulled on her wrist restraints in a futile attempt to escape.  Mrs. Temple reached over and placed a strong arm on the top of Lily's knees, quieting her movements.  Papa once again turned his attention to between her legs.

"Lily, I am holding a very sharp razor.  I do not want to cut my little one, so you need to be a very good girl and stay very, very still,
"  Rand warned in a soft, placating voice as he placed the cold edge of the razor against her skin.  Lily held her breath as he slowly swept the razor down the center of her tender mound.  She tried to block out the grainy sound of the razor scraping along her flesh over and over again.  She could feel the lather begin to melt under the heat of her skin and slowly slide between her butt cheeks.  With each sweep of the razor, more delicate, rosy skin appeared until her entire pussy was laid bare.  With a nod from Papa, Mrs. Temple forced Lily’s knees into her chest.  Lily cried out at the increasingly vulnerable and uncomfortable position but was ignored. 

Papa used one hand to pry open Lily's buttocks as the other shaved the soft downy hair around her little rosebud.  Tears of mortification slipped from Lily's eyes as she dealt with the humiliation of being so closely inspected in such an intimate area.  After a few more sweeps of the razor, Papa was finished.  He placed a warm cloth between her legs as nanny prepared a soothing salve.  Lily was still becoming accustomed to the arousing yet confusing feel of Papa's hands between her legs, so she was fully unprepared for a woman's touch.  Nanny's small, supple hand gently applied a cooling salve onto Lily's newly exposed flesh as Papa released her from her wrist restraints.  Lily wrapped her arms around his shoulders and softly cried into his neck as he stroked her back in large, sweeping circles and whispered terms of endearment into her ear.

"I know this is all new to you little one, but I am so very proud of you," he murmured, burying his nose into her fragrant, still damp hair.    

"I have laid out her pale yellow dress with the white lace," interjected Mrs. Temple. 

"Very good.  Come along, Lily," said Papa as he carried her naked back into the nursery. 

Mrs. Temple approached them with a pair of ruffled bottom drawers and a soft chemise, "May I, my Lord?"  At his nod of approval, Mrs. Temple took Lily in hand and began to dress her.  Lily sent a questioning look to Papa, who had taken a seat by the fire and watched through hooded eyes.  Not wishing to anger him, she let the strange woman dress her in another childish creation.  This one had small cap sleeves and was covered in white lace ruffles over yellow taffeta. The nanny placed Lily on a cushion in front of the fire at her Papa's feet.

"Stay there like a good girl while your hair dries and the adults talk," ordered her new nanny.  "May I offer you a cup of tea, my Lord?"  Again at his nod of approval, Mrs. Temple moved to the breakfast tray on a table across the room to prepare his tea.  Lily felt a small stab of jealousy; preparing Papa's tea had been her responsibility.  She instinctively moved closer to him, feeling better when his warm, strong hand caressed the top of her head in a reassuring gesture.  While Lily cuddled against his legs, Papa talked with the nanny about lessons, training and routines.

"There is no time like the present, my Lord,” said Mrs. Temple.  "She is such an innocent. There is much she needs to learn about pleasing you.  Might I suggest we start with oral training this morning?"

"That is an excellent suggestion, Mrs. Temple," Papa agreed.  He placed a hand under Lily's chin and lifted her face.  "Would you like to learn how to please Papa with your mouth?"  At her confused look, he continued.  "You know how much you like it when Papa licks your pussy?" 

With an embarrassed flush, Lily nodded yes. 

"Well, Nanny and I are going to teach you how to do something similar for Papa," he said as he reached to unbutton his trousers.  Lily raised a questioning gaze between Papa and the nanny, still not fully understanding.  She took strange comfort in the reassuring nod she received from the nanny. 

"Up on your knees, dear," Nanny instructed with a push to Lily's shoulders.  "That's right, kneel between Papa's legs."  As soon as Lily was in position, Nanny continued her instruction.  "I want you to reach into his trousers and pull out his cock."  At Lily's hesitation, she grabbed Lily's hand and forced it into Papa's trousers.  "Don't be so shy girl, we both know you are intimately acquainted with your Papa's cock."

Lily grasped the hard length of his shaft and pulled till it sprang free. 

"Move your hand up and down the shaft with a nice tight grip,” the nanny continued. “Don't be shy.  You won't hurt him," Nanny's soft voice drifted over Lily as she stared in fascination at Papa's cock - this
that had given her both pleasure and pain.  She could feel its pulsing heat beneath her hand as she slowly stroked the long, hard length.  Papa leaned back into the plush chair, closing his eyes.  He looked peaceful and relaxed, except for his white knuckled grip on the edge of the chair arms. 

"When you reach the top of his shaft, gently sweep your thumb over the head," Nanny continued.  "The top bulbous portion is the head of his cock and it is very sensitive."  Lily swept her thumb across the top then yelped and let go and sat back on her knees when his cock gave a strong throb and moved in her hand.  Nanny took hold of Lily's hand and once more guided it to Papa's cock.  "That is perfectly natural, dear.  It means he likes what you are doing." 

BOOK: Disciplining the Maid
9.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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