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In Papa's Bed


Lily awoke from her nap feeling refreshed.  The first thing she noticed was a white box with a large pink bow on her bureau and instantly knew it was from Papa.  The thought that he had been in her room, watching as she slept, sent a small thrill through her. 

She quickly pulled at the loose ends of the bow and lifted the lid.  Inside the box was a beautiful pink and cream lace silk dress.  Lily tentatively reached out to stroke the soft fabric with just the tip of one finger; almost afraid to touch it further having never owned anything new.  Her entire life had been a succession of secondhand rags and previously worn uniforms.

Carefully lifting the dress from the box, she held it up to her body and cried out in dismay.  It was too small, the folds ended mid-thigh.  Lily was heartbroken.  She dreaded telling Papa his thoughtful gift could not be worn.  With a heavy heart, she opened her drawer to retrieve her worn uniform, dreading its black scratchy fabric even more than before but it was not in the first drawer she checked or the next.  In fact all her meager clothes were gone!  All she had was the threadbare nightgown on her back, the fabric so worn it was practically translucent.  She could not possibly leave her room in it.  Lily began to fret.  Mrs. Oliver had made it very clear that after her nap she was to go straight to his Lordship.  She looked back at the pretty pink dress.  Perhaps she could put the dress on and then wrap her bed linen around her legs and then seek out Mrs. Oliver to find what had become of her meager wardrobe. 

She searched the box to find no corset, but a set of delicate drawers layered in lace.  They fit perfectly.  A pair of white knee socks and soft, black kid leather slippers were next, again all a perfect fit.  She pulled the pink dress over her head.  With the exception of the scandalously short length, Lily was surprised to see it fit perfectly as well.  The style was childish but flattering.  The puffy sleeves ended just above her elbows and were trimmed in lace.  Around the waist wrapped a large cream ribbon that she tied into a big bow in back. It was perhaps a bit lopsided but it would not matter since she would only be in the dress till she found Mrs. Oliver. 

Lily arranged her hair in the customary tight chignon expected of those in service.  She did not have the luxury of a mirror in her room so she could only guess at her appearance.  She then removed the bed linens and wrapped them around her waist before leaving the room in search of Mrs. Oliver.  She did not have to go far as the housekeeper was hurrying down the servant's hall directly towards her room.

"Lord, child how you dawdle!” she admonished.  “His Lordship has been asking for you!  What are you doing with that silly bed linen!  Remove it immediately!  You are crushing your new dress, and after his Lordship went to such expense. My word!"  Mrs. Oliver grabbed the bed linen from Lily's tight grasp. 

She then turned Lily around and quickly fixed the bow in back.  Mrs. Oliver gave out a displeased sigh. "Well, it will just have to do till his Lordship gets you a nanny to dress you properly.  Come along."  Before Lily even had a chance to question the curious statement about the nanny, she found herself hauled to the threshold to Papa's rooms.  Mrs. Oliver knocked loudly and entered after his Lordship’s curt response.  She opened the door and gave Lily a push, then with a respectful nod to Lord Stockton slammed the door shut, leaving Lily alone with him.

"Come here, little one."

The dark timbre of his voice sent shivers through her body.  Lily did not want to move from the doorway.  She self-consciously pulled on the hem of her short dress, desperately trying to get it to reach past her knees, afraid of what he would say about the short length. 

"Does my little one want a spanking?"

"No, Papa," she answered, still not moving.

"If I have to come and get you, I will put you over my knee and blister your naughty bottom." 

Lily practically ran to his side.  He was lounging in a plush chair in front of the fire, enjoying a glass of brandy.  For several moments he did not say anything, but just looked her up and down.  Despite the dress' childish style, the bodice enhanced her full breasts.  He especially admired how the short length swished around her slim thighs. Peeking from below the hem were lacy drawers so fine they were practically transparent.  She looked like a living doll.  He continued to stare, his piercing blue eyes not missing a detail. 

The silence stretched, and with it Lily’s worry that he was displeased by her appearance.  Fearing the worst, she began to cry. 

"I'm so sorry, Papa.  I'm so sorry the dress doesn't fit.  I never had anything so lovely.  I promise I will always cherish it. I will never....” But Papa rose and stopped her babbling with a finger to her lips.

"The dress is perfect."

" does not is too....too short...and....childish!"  Lily complained.

"It is a perfect little girl's dress for my perfect little girl. Twirl around so Papa can see the pretty ruffles on your bum." 

Lily felt beautiful as she twirled around for Papa.  She could see in his eyes how much he appreciated how she looked.  She lived to please him.  As she was facing away, he reached up and took out the pins securing her chignon. 

"Little girls wear their hair down and loose.  I don't ever want to see your hair up again." 

He watched as her beautiful light brown hair came cascading down her back in soft waves.  Grasping a fistful, Rand forced her head back and placed a kiss on the side of her neck as his other hand reached around her waist.  He slowly moved his hand up her body to palm her breast, giving the full flesh a harsh squeeze that elicited an aroused gasp from Lily's lips.

"Say ‘yes, Papa,’ when I give you a command."

"Yes, Papa," she breathlessly obeyed. Lily's breathing was harsh as she tried to come to terms with the conflicting emotions of excitement and fear.  "But, Mrs. Oliver will scold me if I don't have my hair up and in..."

"After tonight, Mrs. Oliver will no longer be a concern."

Lily frowned.  Was she getting sacked?  Did she not please him?  Lily spun in his grasp to face him, wincing as his grip was still strong on her hair.

"Please don't send me away Papa!  I promise to be a good girl!  I will do anything you ask," she pleaded as she fell to her knees in front of him.  While Lily did not understand why he wanted to treat her like a little girl, she did understand that she loved how he made her feel cherished and beautiful.  Even when he disciplined her, she knew it was for her own good and that he did so because he cared. 

Rand marveled at the innocent emotional display.  There was no artifice. 
My god she was darling!
  Placing two fingers under her chin, he forced her sweet tear-streaked face up to meet his gaze as he ran his knuckles down her cheek to brush away the tears.  Rand brushed the pad of his thumb along her full lower lip then slowly pushed the tip past her small pink lips.  Lily's tongue automatically swirled around his thumb as he thrust it in further.  He grabbed the back of her head to keep her still as he thrust his thumb in and out of her young mouth.  The whole time she stared at him with confused but trusting eyes.  His cock swelled at the vision.  Soon, it would be his long, hard member he pushed past those pretty little lips. 

"My beautiful baby girl.  I am not sending you away.  Quite the opposite." 

He moved to once again sit on the plush chair, gesturing for her to join him on his lap.  She quickly rose and seated herself across his strong thighs.  Lily could feel his hard cock press against her bottom.  She looked down at her lap and fiddled with one of the many tiny bows on the dress. 

"Look at me." 

She worried her lower lip as she met his gaze.

"Why has Papa been stretching your tiny bottom?"

"Because you want to put your...your big cock up there and I'm too tiny."

"Very good." 

Lily beamed at his praise. 

"I only wanted to stretch your bottom a little bit.  Just enough so your cute little puckered hole doesn't tear when I push my cock in.  You are still very tiny down there.  It will take quite a bit of effort on your part to get Papa's whole cock into your small body.  You are going to have to bear down like I taught you and take it like a good girl." 

Lily's cheeks flamed at the scandalous words.  Still, she slowly nodded her head, sensing Papa wanted some kind of acknowledgment from her.

"My sweet, innocent little you know what the word fuck means?"

"Yes, Papa." 

“You did not spend the majority of your life in an orphanage and then service without learning a few things about what a man did to a woman, did you?” He smiled. "Well, tonight Papa is going to fuck your little bottom with his cock."

"No, Papa!  I'm not ready."  Lily protested as she started to squirm on his lap. 

"Trust Papa to know when you are ready.  You do trust Papa don't you?"

"Yes, Papa, but..."

"No,” he said sternly.  “Continue to talk back and you will get a spanking.  Now stand up so Papa can undress you." 

His strong hands circled her waist and lifted her off his lap, placing her away from him so he could untie the large cream bow.  He then turned her to face him and Lily stood mutely as he slowly undid the small pearl buttons down the front of the dress. Once it was loose enough, he slid it off her shoulders, watching as it fell to the floor in a soft rush.  Lily was left in a soft chemise lined with tiny pink bows, the ruffle bottom drawers, her knee socks and black slippers.  He slipped the chemise over her head.  By now Lily knew better than to cover her breasts, and remained still as Rand skimmed the back of his hand down the gentle slope of her right breast. When the rosy nipples became erect with arousal, he could not resist giving one of them a quick, painful tweak.  He smiled when her eyes lit up with passion and pain. 
His innocent submissive little girl! 

"Kick off your slippers." 

He was pleased to see how quickly she complied with his demand.  Lily pulled the string holding her drawers in place and let them fall to her ankles, not missing the aroused shiver that coursed through her body.  He dipped a single finger between the soft petals between her legs.  Lily gasped as she felt his finger slide against her sensitive clit and then watched as he brought his dew soaked finger to his mouth.

"Still the sweetest cream." 

Lily blushed hotter as the memory of her first pussy spanking and the reward that came afterward.

"I want you to walk over to my bed and climb on top facing the headboard."  He watched her perky bottom as she crossed his chambers to the large master bed.  He waited till she was nervously sitting on her knees in the center before giving her further instructions. "Now, lean down on your forearms and thrust your bottom into the air like you do each night Papa comes to your bedroom." 

Lily obeyed and he left her in that position as he moved to the bedside table to pick up a glass jar of ointment. Lily shivered as he unscrewed the lid.  She knew that sound, knew what it meant. She could not prevent a small whimper from escaping her lips.

"Hush, baby-girl,” he soothed in a low tone. “Tonight you are going to make your Papa very happy. I have been very patient, seeing to my little girl's pleasure first.  Now it is time you please your Papa."

"Yes, Papa,” came her soft, muffled reply.  She could hear him slip the belt from his dressing gown, then came the sound of his trousers hitting the floor.  She had only seen him naked that first time in his room and desperately wanted another peek, but did not dare move her head without permission. 

Rand grasped his engorged cock and slowly stroked it, spreading the lubricant along his shaft.  He watched as she nervously shifted her hips.  The bed dipped beneath his weight as he positioned himself on raised knees behind her supplicated form. 

"Reach back and spread your bottom cheeks." 

She hesitated only a bare moment before heeding him. 

"I want you to ask me to fuck your bottom."

"Papa, don't,” she whined.  The crack of his palm on her pale backside was deafening in the quiet room.  Lily screamed and fell forward.  He grabbed her loose locks and pulled her back into position by her hair and blistered her bare bottom with a volley of barehanded smacks. Lily sobbed hysterically as she gripped large fistfuls of the bed covers. 

"Ask me to fuck your bottom," he commanded.  He wanted to hear the harsh graphic word come from those innocent, pink lips. 

"Please fuck my bottom," Lily blurted out between sobs.  She wanted to please him, but was so very scared of the pain she was about to endure.

"Tell me to put my cock deep inside your body." 

"Put your
....your cock deep inside my body."

"Beg me." 

"Please, Papa.  Please put your cock in my bottom.  Please, Papa,” Lily cried as she reached back and gently pulled her bottom open for him, her fingers leaving white streaks as they pressed into the glowing red cheeks.  Rand touched her small, puckered entrance with his finger tip, watching as it clenched and quivered.  Pressing his other hand onto her lower back, he forced her bottom further into the air and her upper body down into the bed covers.  He grasped his shaft and positioned the bulbous head at her back entrance.  The sight of the large head of his cock poised against her tiny rosebud was almost obscene.  It would take a punishing amount of force to seat his well-lubricated eight-inch cock into her tight passage. 

BOOK: Disciplining the Maid
2.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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