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This book is dedicated to all my hopeless romantics and undecided majors. Know that everything happens for a reason and on it’s own time.

You can’t rush destiny.

And remember, sometimes what you’re looking for is right under your nose.





“WE ARE SOOOOO OVER!” I scream over my shoulder as I climb out of the car.

“Fine with me,” Hunter hollers, keeping his fists clenched against the steering wheel of his new, silver, sleek BMW.

I’m about to slam the door in his face.
He hates that

But instead I get the idea to say more. “You know Hunter, I thought you were different.”

. I told him. I slam the door behind me for emphasis before I stubbornly walk up the pathway to my house. I can’t believe he’s being so selfish. He always finds a way to ruin what is supposed to be a good time. I’m climbing the three steps to the wrap-around porch of my small Victorian home, before I decide to turn around. For no reason, his car is no longer there. I sigh before taking out my keys and fumble with my front door. This thing never seems to work. The keys somehow slip through my fingers and crash to the floor.

“Really?!” I slap my hands on my thighs before bending over and snatching them up to try again.

A snicker of laughter makes me turn towards the mirror image of my house next door. Jared is once again tinkering on his car under the fluorescents of his floodlight. God only knows what he does to that thing; seems like every weekend, he’s out there, fixing something. But, it’s the way his face is hiding laughter at my rage that pisses me off. He quickly turns away to look for something in his toolbox. But I saw it! He can’t fool me! For someone I haven’t talked to in
he has no right to judge me!

“Jerk!” I mutter, finally shouldering my way through the front door.

I make my way inside to pet my grey tabby cat, Jinx, who is curled up on the back of the couch. I check my phone, just in case. Nope, no apology. I don’t know what I was expecting. I love the kid to death, but would it kill him to admit he’s wrong? I clearly saw him flirt with that girl with the
obviously enhanced
chest right in front of my face! Does he think I’m stupid? It’s bad enough he dorms at school and I’m stuck here two towns away, but now he has given me a reason to distrust him.

Hunter says I’m crazy; he always says I’m crazy. Why do guys think that’s okay to tell a girl?! Hell, maybe I am! But, it’s only because he made me this way.

. I throw my purse on the kitchen table. My hands rest on my hips as I contemplate my next move.

I can’t believe Jared laughed at me. I mean, I know I have my little arguments in front of the house, but a loud chuckle, practically in my face? That’s just rude. I lean over the sink to peek out the small kitchen window and see Jared’s strong back bent over, adjusting something in his truck.

“Jerk!” I mutter again before turning around and digging through the half empty refrigerator for something to eat. I’m at a point where Ramen noodles are too expensive for me.

When my parents retired to Boca, I had two options: sell the house and use the money to room on campus, or figure out a way to pay the mortgage myself. Somehow selling the house I grew up in tore my heart out, so I decided for the latter. A choice I’m now starting to regret. Working part time at the local coffee house after class doesn’t seem to leave much money for food. Actually, I was hoping Hunter would take me to dinner, but as usual we went to one of his friend’s parties instead. Let’s just say stale pretzels weren’t as satisfying.

I swear a part of me thinks we fell in love too early, that we need to get it out of our system before we can settle down, but how do you give up on first love? How can you deny it when it’s already got its claws in you? It’s like we are one. My friends are his friends and his friends are mine. Don’t get me started on our families. We have just been through so much, we are a part of each other… whether we like it or not.

MY EYES ARE HARD TO OPEN; they must be crusted over from all the crying I did last night. I rub them with the edge of my palms until I can finally see again. My eyes open to those bright green-yellow ones of none other than Jinxy himself. He softly purrs as he rubs his furry face on my chin.

“I guess it’s time to get up, huh buddy?” I sigh before he hops down and finally roll out of bed to follow after him.

Washing the dried tears off my face, I come to the decision not to let that jerk ruin my day. I was okay before him. I will be okay after him.

Pulling up to school, I get a parking spot right in front of The Hall, the brick building right between the Cafeteria and The Adams Building. That’s where all the general education classes are taken. It seems like most of the school hangs out on the hill right in front of all three. On a beautiful day, the hill looks like the Fourth of July with people lounging on towels and such. For some reason, today seems to be one of those days. Climbing out of the car, I tug on my dress. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I came to the decision that I could feel like crap on the inside, but I sure as hell will not look it! I straightened my blonde hair so that my pink frosted tips are falling gently over the curve of cleavage peeking out from my white dress. The straps crisscross over each other into a halter-top. The bottom slightly flares out at the waist. The wedge sandals on the other hand, were put on without common sense. My first class is on the third floor in the Old Building, which was apparently built before elevators were invented. I’m walking up the pathway around The Hall, when I notice the collection of jocks hovering over by the picnic tables in front of the Cafeteria. They all seem to stop talking as I walk out from the side of the building. Thank God the Old Building is at the opposite end of the hill; I don’t think I would have the guts to walk by them all. I take a deep breath, trying to keep my pace steady and confident. I know Hunter is probably over there; he plays for the basketball team and I’m silently hoping they are talking enough about my long legs to make him regret his decision.

BOOK: Discovering April
11.73Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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