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Disturbed (Disturbed #1)

BOOK: Disturbed (Disturbed #1)

Ashley Beale, 2014.


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Published by: Ashley Beale

Beta Readers:
Sandi Laubhan, Christina Concus, Gordon Littlefield

Cover Image © 2014

I glance over
to the right and spot him. Him. The one that makes your heart sore with just one glance. The one that makes you smile without a second thought. The guy that you've dreamt about your entire life but never thought you'd actually meet.

He stares back at me.

Though we're standing on opposite ends of a crowded room, I can't see anything but him. Everyone else fades into a blur.

I see the side of his lip twitch and I know he likes what he sees.

He doesn't move. I don't either.

We both stand and stare.

My stomach knots. I want to talk to him.

I smile. He nods his head.

A hand reaches out and pulls on his arm. His attention is lost on me as he talks to a friend.

Turning back to face Clarissa, I realize I've been caught. She lifts an eyebrow at me with a know it all smile on her face. I roll my eyes and take a sip of my drink. Clarissa doesn't ask any questions, she just continues to speak about starting college in two weeks.

Although we both start classes on the same day, we're not going to the same schools. It doesn't bother either of us though, since the colleges are only a half hour apart. Plus, we live close to one another.

Clarissa has been my best friend since the third grade. She is truly one of a kind. The most abundant friend a girl could ask for. We've never had an argument with each other, not about anything. Even when we don't agree on something, we agree to disagree and that is that. I love her as much as I love my older sister, Taryn.

"...and my dad said he'll go with us tomorrow."

My mind comes back to the conversation we started having. I really haven't been focused on what she is saying. "Tomorrow? Where are we going tomorrow?"

Clarissa rolls her eyes at me. "Remember? You're helping me pick out my new car."

"Oh, right." I smile at her as she childishly sticks out her tongue. "What time are we leaving?"

"I'm thinking early. I'd like to be done by lunch. Want to go to-"


My body heats up instantly. Rolling in from the tips of my toes, warming everywhere until it hits my cheeks. They've got to be beat red with how hot they burn. With what? I'm not sure. I'm not embarrassed, nor am I turned on. He just... his voice.
. He has me feeling like a hormonal teenager discovering a dirty magazine for the first time, and I don't even know the color of his eyes.

Clarissa bites on her lip while her eyes examine every single inch of his body behind me. I don't dare myself to face him. Not while he is this close.

He laughs softly, close to my ear. The sound is mesmerizing. The air brushes against my skin, tickling along my neck. I can feel myself break out in goosebumps.

Willing myself not to freak him out by acting immature and love struck already, I turn to face him, smiling at his adorable expression. "Hey," I accomplish to respond.

I get to see his full smile this time. It’s breathtaking. Literally. I cannot breathe as my body turns into gelatin.

"Can I talk to you for a second?"

I nod my head because for some reason... I simply cannot speak.

Clarissa gives me a shove in his direction, bringing me off balance. Before I fall, he catches my arm, pulling me back up. I smile up at him, loving the sparkle in his deep blue eyes. I like the color blue. I think it may have just become my favorite color.

I can hear Clarissa laugh softly, somewhere in the background. I give her a playful glare over the shoulder. "You two have fun," she says with a wink before walking away from us, taking her drink with her.

I look back up to the random party goer who seems to have stolen my heart with only a handful of words. "Want to head outside?" he asks.

"Yeah, I'd like that," I answer bashfully.

He wraps his arm around my backside, leaving his hand low on hip, just not low enough for him to be touching my butt. Together we head towards the front door, where people are still coming in to join one of the last parties of the summer.

Outside he walks us over to a fence that runs along the driveway. Using one foot on the bottom post, I climb onto the top post, turn and sit. The guy slides himself snug between my legs. It’s as if the two of us are already naturals together, even though we've never actually met before.

For the very time in my life, I believe in love at first sight.

With both of his hands on each of my knees, he slowly slides them to rest on my hips. Tingles follow his motion, spreading through my legs. I find myself becoming a hopeful romantic.

"I saw you watching me," he says. It's in such a cocky nature too, something I'd find pathetic on most guys. It suites him. He has this thing about him that seems like he is the playful type, even if a little arrogant.

Playing into it, I answer honestly. "I was."

"From the way you were watching me, I assume you enjoyed what you saw."

The blue in his eyes glisten from the moonlight as they stare down into my dark brown ones. I can't help but form a goofy smile on my face, loving how he makes me feel after just seconds of a pointless conversation. "Maybe," I tease.

Cocking his head to the side, he gives me that look. The one that says he knows I'm bullshitting him. Which I am, completely. I didn't like what I saw... I fucking loved it.

I want to ask his name, but for some reason not knowing it gives me a thrill. One of which I'm not sure I can explain. I've been with a few guys sexually, but I've always known their names. I'm not a girl who does one night stands. Everything could change tonight. I could most certainly take him in the backseat of my car, not even knowing his name or age or anything else about him.

The thing about that though, I already know I want to see him again.

I'm pretty sure I've gone from awesome... to insanely pathetic.

Deciding it’s best not to have these thoughts of making love in the backseat with a stranger, or calling myself awesome in my head, I finally dare myself to speak. I'm normally a bit shy, unable to start a conversation or easily keep them going with people I don't know, but I push myself to do it anyways.

"You from around here?"

"Born and raised in Phoenix. Just moved to Chandler the beginning of summer. How about you?"

"Lived smack dab in the heart of this town since I was born. Honestly, I've never even left the state of Arizona before."

His eyes show a hint of surprise. I know most people travel at least once out of state before they're eighteen. I'm just that rare exception, obviously.

"You going to college around here?"

He snorts out a fake laugh. "I'm not the college type. I barely finished high school. Fuck going to school any longer than I need."

It kind of pains my heart to hear him say that. Not that college is for everyone, but to be so careless of his own future is a wakeup call that he isn't mister perfect. "Oh," I reply.

His hand comes up to my face as he places it softly against my cheek. My first instinct is to push my cheek into his palm, feeling his gentle caress against my warm skin. "I have a good job. It pays me more than most make after they go to college for four years, and I don't have to worry about paying back any loans. I'm not a bum or anything, so lose the pitiful smirk."

With those words... and that wink... I'm instantly back on cloud nine.
              These are the feelings that people see in movies or read about in novels. The instant spark. The pounding heart. The unexplainable connection. The fear of having him walk away before I even know his name. It’s absolutely ridiculous, yet here I am.

I guess I need to take a course in

"I take it you're going to college."

"Yeah," I answer with a smile. "Journalism. I'm undecided on what I want to do when I'm done with school, but my dad insisted I chose a major."

"Daddy's girl?" he assumes.

His assumption is dead on though. "Yeah. Completely." I don't play shy or embarrassed, because I'm not. I've always been a daddy's girl, and always will be.

"So am I going to have to do the proper thing and ask his permission to bring you on a date?"

I feel the knot inside my stomach tighten. He wants to date me? If his hands weren't gripped so tightly to my hips, I'm sure I'd faint right now. Humble, I answer him. "You don't have to. You can just ask me yourself."

"The thing is..." He brings his face closer to mine. So close, I can taste the beer on his breathe. It's not romantic but my body magnetizes to his, pulling me in closer. "I don't normally date girls when I don't know their name."

I bunch my nose up, letting him know I'm pretty disappointed we have to end our little game of mysteriousness. If it means I get to go on an actual date with this dreamy guy though, it’s totally worth it. "Liv. Liv Donovan."
              "Blaise Cole."

Mm. Blaise. It’s perfect. Suits him to a tee.

From his blazing blue eyes, to the fire he ignites inside me, to the strong demeanor that is uniquely his.

My eyes roam over Blaise's face, taking in his strong jaw line, full lips, soft eyes, and buzzed down hair. He is perfection at its finest and I swear by the end of the week, I'll be falling hopelessly in love.

"Does Liv have plans for tomorrow evening?"

Feeling all brands of cocky, I nod my head and reply, "Yeah, with you."

He chuckles softly, bringing his lips all too close to mine yet again. "I'll pick you up at six."

"Six it is." When I speak, my lips are close to brushing against his. I'm ashamed with myself how close I came to just pressing my drying lips to his soft, luscious ones.

I spot his eyes dart down to my lips, as if reading my thoughts. Completely out of habit, my tongue darts out and moistens them. His lips lift into a small, yet confident smile. "Until tomorrow."

He backs away from me, slowly running his hands from my hips to my knees. With a small squeeze with both his hands, they drop to his side, leaving me on the post breathless.

Unable to move, I bite down on my lower lip as it lifts into a smile. A nod of my head is all he gets in return.

Just as he turns away from me, I realize we haven't switched numbers nor have I given him my address yet.

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