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He shakes his head. "Sorry. You... you look just like her." He can't seem to even move right now. Not even to wipe the few tears that fall from his eyes.

I can't find the words to say. I'm not sure if to be sorry about that or not. If anything, it makes me grateful. I like knowing I'm honestly beautiful enough to bring tears to my dad's eyes. Figuring that talking is pointless, I just walk over to my dad and wrap my arms around his shoulders. "I love you, Daddy."

He chokes up, but manages to tell me he loves me too.

I have to hold back my own tears, too scared to ruin the makeup that Clarissa just worked hard on. I take a step back from dad and smile up at him. He wipes at the few tears threatening to spill over once again. Clearing his throat, he finally tips his head back. "That boyfriend of yours is outside waiting on you."

"Blaise?" I ask, surprised.

"Yeah. He is just parked in the driveway."

"Weird." I walk around my dad out of the bathroom and slip on a pair of sandals before walking outside to see why Blaise is just sitting my driveway. I know I didn't call him like I said I would, but he didn't try calling me either, nor did he text me back.

Blaise is on his phone, sitting in his SUV with the driver's window down. The music is thumping some kind of rap music that I didn't even know he listened to. Another thing to add to the list of things I'm learning about the man I consider my boyfriend.

I open the passenger door up and climb up onto the leather seat. Blaise doesn't even bother looking at me when I climb in. "I'll catch you at ten." He ends the call before dropping the phone into his lap. He turns to give me his full attention. I'm a little disappointed when he doesn't compliment on how nice I look right now. I can tell he was worried though, with the way his needy eyes stare into mine.

"I thought you were going to call me?" he appropriately accuses me.

"I’m sorry. I got caught up."

"I see that." He looks me over real quick. He still doesn't compliment me and that bothers me greatly. "Where are you going all dressed up?"

"Roman has a business meeting tonight. He told me the dress up. I am."

"Roman? You call him by his first name?"

I look down at my hands. Why do I feel like a dog with its tail between his legs? This seems extremely unfair. I shouldn't feel punished right now, not for doing what is asked of me by my boss. "Yeah," I squeak out. "Why are you mad?" I peek up from under my perfected lashes.

He sighs with a small head shake. "I'm not mad, baby, I'm sorry." He reaches over and grabs my hands. "I just panicked when you didn't text me this morning, then again when you didn't call me, then you come out of your house all gorgeous saying you're going to
house tonight, looking like... that. It's hard for the insecurity not to come out. You look beautiful though."

Tingles invade my insides. I adore the fact he is jealous when he has no reason to be. He just proved in all the ways he can that he wants me to want him, and only him. I'm perfectly fine with that, too. "Blaise, I'm yours." I lean in closer to him, ready to kiss that delicious mouth of his. "The office is having a business meeting at his house, then I'll be coming directly home to snuggle in my bed, thinking about you. Only you. Then hopefully I'll be seeing you tomorrow."

He smiles quickly before adding a kiss to my soft lips. "Can I tell you something?" he whispers against them.

I back up enough to show him he has my full attention. "You can tell me anything."

"I know it’s early, and this may sound ridiculous, but I can already tell I'm in love with you, Liv."

I swallow back the sudden emotions. He just said he... he loves me. Blaise Cole is in love with me.

Pinch me, please.

Or don't.

"I've known since the moment I met you that I was falling hopelessly in love with you as well."

"Can we go for a drive real quick? Somewhere where your dad isn't peeking through the curtains to spy on us?" Blaise chuckles softly.

"I just have to be back soon so I can get dressed for tonight."

A growl reverberates through his throat when he starts the car. He glances over once more before backing out of the driveway. "Please nothing too sexy."

"No, not sexy at all. More like fun and adorable." I bite down on my lip to contain the smile of wearing the most expensive thing that has ever had the opportunity to grace my fingers.

Blaise drives us down the road to a small park. He pulls into the driveway but instead of parking, he drives the car into the path made for off road vehicles, like four-wheelers. "What are you doing?" I ask.

"I wanted privacy for a reason."

He parks it and shuts the engine off. He peeks into the backseat before looking over at me. "Ladies first."

"Wait... what?"

Blaise chuckles. "Come on, baby. You've had me worried all day." His hand reaches over and caresses my inner thigh. "I need you. Now."

I'm instantly wet from hearing those words leave his mouth. Without any more hesitation I climb into the backseat. I'll never be able to handle things if we get caught, but the idea of it has added another thrill deep inside me. I slide over in the seat to give Blaise enough room. "You're going to have to be on bottom. I don't want my hair messed up," I tell him.

He sits in the middle seat and yanks down his jeans with his boxers. "You're going to ride me." It isn't a question. He knows what he wants, and he is going to get it.

I unsnap my shorts and slide them down my legs, leaving them laying at our feet. I straddle Blaise's lap and slowly burry his cock with my pussy. He feels so much larger this way.

Blaise grabs my hips and helps me work my way up and down on his shaft. At first it’s slow, while we both absorb every possible sensation we give one another. Each thrust becomes faster and faster, until it becomes so intense that I can't help myself from clenching around his length. My body becomes euphoric on top of Blaise. I scream out in ecstasy as I continue to ride him.

When I feel his release, I lower myself onto him completely. My body presses against Blaise. I just want to sit here for the rest of the evening. I don't want to leave him, especially not to go Roman's for the meeting. "Why aren't you going to the meeting?" I ask.

I only know he isn't going because when Stephanie messaged me the details, it included the statement that only in office employees would be there. I know that Blaise isn't part of that. I think he should be able to go anyways, being that he works for Roman and the company.

"I wouldn't even if it were required. It’s all a show he puts on for the higher ups."

"What do you mean a show?"

"Nothing. I should probably get you back before your dad suspects anything more."

I whine for a split second. I don't want to get up, but he is right. Plus, Clarissa is at the house and I can guarantee she is angry with me for just up and leaving like that. It was rude of me, but this is Blaise... and I can't deny he has me wrapped around his perfect little finger.

Blaise drops me back off at my house once we're both dressed. I had asked if he wanted to come in but apparently he had plans for today, and was only supposed to be stopping in to check in with me. I made sure to give him a kiss before he took off with promises that I'll call him when I'm back from the meeting tonight.

Clarissa is chatting with my dad when I walk into the kitchen. They both pause their conversation to look at me as the screen door closes. "What?" I ask.

"Turn around," Clarissa orders.

Without question I do a three-sixty. Facing Clarissa again, I pinch my face and ask, "What was that about?"

Her eyes narrow in my direction. "Just making sure your hair isn't messed up."

My face turns bright red. She just insinuated that I had sex with Blaise in front of my dad! How embarrassing! "We just went for a drive," I snap at her. "Don't be gross."

Dad clears his throat and looks towards the window. "I think the race has started." He gets up from the table, grabs a beer out of the fridge and makes his way to the living room, not looking in my direction.

"Thanks for that." I give Clarissa a nasty look. "Not embarrassing or anything."

"Shut up. It's not like he thinks you’re a virgin."

"He could think that!"

"You're going into college in a week. Please."

"Whatever. You staying for supper or you heading out?"

She looks at me all smug. "And miss you going to your royal banquet? I think not."

"I'm not going to a royal banquet." It comes out more like a question than an actual statement.

"Wouldn't know the difference in that ball gown."

I sigh. "You're so frustrating!"

She shoves a chip into her mouth while giving me a wry smile. "But you love me anyways."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." I walk past her towards my bedroom, leaving her behind to veg out on junk. I'm too nervous to actually eat anything. I've never done anything so formal, especially for a job. In my boss's home nonetheless.

The time goes by faster than I realize. Before I know it, Clarissa is helping me into the dress I'm nervous to even touch. She zips the back for me. The dress fits me absolutely perfectly, as if it were made just for my body, and flows down artistically, just barely brushing against the floor.

I slide the shoes onto my feet once everything is adjusted. Clarissa has me walk around my room to make sure that the dress doesn't snag on them, and that I can successfully walk without looking like Bambi on ice. Thankfully I'm able to walk as though I've lived in these shoes forever. I feel majestic, head to toe.

Before I head out the door, Clarissa does a few touch ups to my hair and makeup, making sure they're absolutely perfect. She adds the red lipstick she said she would. I've never worn red lipstick before. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it, but looking into the mirror, I have to admit I love it.

As well as the rest of everything.

The gown. The shoes. The hair. The makeup. Me. I'm gorgeous. I'm absolutely, positively beautiful. I can admit that without feeling any shame, because when I look back at myself from the mirror, it isn't me I see. It truly is my mother.

"Thank you," I whisper. I'm not sure if I'm thanking Clarissa for all the help, or thanking some higher power for making me feel this chic. I just know that I'm thankful, regardless.

Clarissa rests her chin on my shoulder and watches our reflections in the mirror. Our eyes meet and she smiles to me. "You're gorgeous. She'd be proud."

I just smile. It’s hard to think of things to say when my mom is brought up. All I want to do right now is smile anyways. I'm blessed and I feel it deep inside my heart.

With a deep breathe I prepare myself for the last time. "Time to go."

"Off to the ball Cinderelly," she mocks Gus. "No kissing any frogs."

I roll my eyes as I grab my purse from the bookshelf. "You're mixing up the fairy-tales."

Ignoring my statement, she grabs her own bag and heads out the door with me. Dad is passed out on the couch already, so instead of saying bye to him, I simply lock the door behind me. He knows I'll be gone and that eventually I'll be back.

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