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Our laughter was interrupted with Becca’s gasp and Preacher’s yell. I hurried past Tara and Becca grabbed my arm, stopping me while pointing down.

“Holy shit!” I edged toward the large hole before her and made out Preacher’s body at the bottom. “You okay?” I yelled.

He answered with growl, then a labored, “Sprained my fucking ankle. Bane, get the fucking rope.”

I hurried and opened the backpack. “It’s in your bag man.”

“Fffffuck,” he whispered. “Gonna have a hard time getting to that. Give me a moment. Have Tara and Becca take a break, will you?”

His tone said he needed Becca not to see what had happened down there. Shit. I gave the women instructions and Becca barely whispered, “He’s hurt, I know it.”

I knew I couldn’t fool the woman and I simply nodded slowly then said, “He needs you to take a rest. Get your wind. Your strength.” I opened my eyes wide at her, trying to silently convey the importance of her cooperation at this time.

Anguish filled her face and Tara pulled her back a few feet. “Let’s gain our strength, won’t do them any good if we’re passed out tired. Come on. Come on,” she gently said, tugging her.

Once Becca and Tara were settled, I turned and got on my knees next to the pit. “Can you get that rope to me?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll find something. I’m coming in to get it.”

I looked around and found a big enough tree and rushed to it with the hatchet then hacked off a good sized limb. I stripped it of branches and hauled it to the hole. “Can you grab hold of the end of this man? I’m sending it down and you can use it to climb up?”

“That’s a negative. You need to get down here though, first chance you get.”

“Shit,” I whispered. “Coming now, coming right now.” I carefully scooted my way down the thick branch into the maybe three foot by three foot hole. Had to be fifteen feet deep. “You think that fucker did this?”

“Oh yeah,” he said.

The strain in his voice worried me. “I don’t want to step on you, how are you hurt?” I whispered.

“There’s a fucking wooden spike buried in my leg just below my fucking ass. I need you to get the backpack off of me and find something in it to wrap it once I remove it.”

“Holy fucking shit,” I said, managing to stand next to him where he sat at the bottom of the small space. He braced both hands on the dirt wall next to him, agony edging his every breath.

“Hurry the fuck up Bane, ready to get moving again.”

I dug in the bag still on his back and found nothing to wrap his leg with. I pulled the rope out and set it on the ground then took my shirt off and ripped a strip from it. “Okay man. This is all I got. You want me to lift you?”

“Nah.” He dug his fingers into the dirt wall, took three deep breaths and jerked himself up with a strained growl then worked his way to standing. “Tie it tight man, upper leg.” His words shook as he fought to breathe. “I’m going to kill that motherfucker when I see him, you realize that, right Bane?”

“And I’ll hold him the fuck down while you do. The man is
he’s not playing, you feel what I’m saying?”

“Figured it out at the candy bar.” He grunted while I tied the blood soaked area at the hole in his pants. “That wasn’t laxative. It was ricin. I could smell the castor oil. I’d planned to tell you when we stopped, didn’t want to scare the women.”

I straightened and looked at him, fear seizing me. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” I whispered.

“Wished I was. And now fucking this? I’m lucky I have a hole in my leg and not my fucking ass or head.”

“Jesus Christ, right. Can you climb now?”

He nodded. “I’ll tie the rope around me, you go top side and help pull me up in case I’m wrong. Don’t want another fucking hole in my body.”

“Got it, yeah, of course.”

I climbed my way up with the other side of the rope then began pulling. There was no talking Becca and Tara out of helping, so I didn’t bother trying. Not to mention, I didn’t want to accidentally drop him if he slipped.

We finally got him top side and Becca hurried to him, examining his body in a flurry of foreign gasping. By the sharp sound of her voice she was beyond pissed and worried. She was scared.

The sound of distant laughter reached us, and we all froze at the maniacal cackling that seemed to grow louder and more insane with every second.


I met Preacher’s hard gaze and my blood went cold in my veins at what I saw in his gaze. The game had just officially ended for us. And this operation was less about getting a flag and more about getting the women to safety.


Chapter Seven

With our pace drastically slower, Lucian took over leading the way to the next flag while I prayed the little LED light didn’t die. Be careful, be careful, I must’ve said that a hundred times and Lucian, bless his heart, always reassured me that he was, he was going slow, careful, watching. Always his tone was patient, gentle, worried. About me. Maybe that had everything to do with my inability to keep the fear out of my voice. But there were wild animals in the forest, I was sure. Reptiles and rodents, mostly, according to Preacher, who didn’t spare me the brutal facts of the matter. Which had me terrified. Little bitty poisonous snakes and great big man-eating snakes were bad enough, without rats. Rats just put it over the top.

“Fuck, we made it,” Lucian gasped, shining the light before us.

“Oh thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus,” I cried straining to see past him into the sudden clearing. “We made it.” I hugged Lucian from behind and he patted my hand before unlatching me.

“Come on sweetheart, we made it.”

“Wait,” Preacher’s word boomed with caution. “Ladies need to hang back.”

“Xavier!” Becca hissed. “You are in no condition to be barking such orders.”

“Don’t Becca, not now.”

“This is no longer a game, Xavier, the lunatic aims to try to really hurt us, if you haven’t noticed!”

Preacher growled. “I do think I
that better than anybody, baby. Now. Hang.

I hurried to Becca and grabbed her hand. “We’ll hang back, but close. Don’t worry.”

She didn’t resist my grasp as the men slowly moved into the opening. Becca and I slowly inched our way behind them, maintaining a safe distance but close enough to see at least. Not to mention, I didn’t like our backs open to God only knew what.

“Found the flag,” I heard Lucian say. “Would you fucking look at that?”

“Sick fucker,” Preacher mumbled.

“What is that
I covered my nose at the whiff of strong
just as a strange cry slash growl sounded in the distance behind us. “Can we come now? Make a fire maybe?”

“Bane, check the perimeter while I gather wood for fire. Here.” Preacher handed him his knife doubling his protection with the hatchet Lucian carried.

Lucian slowly walked the perimeter with the light while Preacher gathered wood in the dark.

“We can help,” Becca said.

“You can wait,” Preacher said right back.

I patted Becca’s hand when she gave a pissed huff. I understood and yet was glad to not have to go gathering firewood in the dark. I made it a point not to look too closely at our surroundings as it was, just knowing I’d
sleep again. “God what is that

“Shit,” Lucian said heading toward us. “All seems fine.” He held his hand toward me and I released Becca to latch on to him.

“Becca, come give me a hand with this fire baby.”

Becca erupted in that foreign tongue sounding angry and worried all at the same time. I asked Lucian, “What do you mean shit?” I whispered. “What’s wrong with the flag? Where is it?”

Lucian kept the light aimed at Preacher and Becca and looked to the right. “It’s at the bottom of a pit full of shit.”

“Ugh, seriously?”

“And snakes,” Preacher grumbled.

“Snakes!” I gasped, watching Preacher carefully blow on the small flame Becca already had going.

“And shit,” Lucian said.

“That is…disgusting and…
How is that legal? That is carrying it too far. It’s bad enough the terrain is not fit for travel, Preacher could have killed himself in that hole he fell in back there.”

Lucian sighed.

“I think it’s time you both know that our Jase Duff isn’t playing,” Preacher said, standing. “That hole back there was intentional. And that chocolate with the laxative? It actually had ricin in it.”

“What?” I whispered. “What is…ricin?”

“A lethal poison and chemical warfare agent preferred by some terrorists.”

My jaw dropped. “Oh my God.” I looked at Lucian. “That…that can’t be
Right?” I vigorously whacked at the stupid watch slash camera on my wrist. “Hello. Hello, whoever is watching. We’re in danger. There was a trap set and one of our team members is badly injured. Can you hear me? Lucian, try yours. Check the map, doesn’t it have some kind of emergency code?”

“I’ll check.” I watched him kneel down and examine the map closely. “Hold the light.”

I hurried next to him and helped him search for something in the legend. Nothing. “Let’s check everything.” I began taking the items out of the bag and Lucian examined them. Soon Becca was doing the same with Preacher’s. It didn’t take long to find nothing. I examined the bags themselves, looking at the inside and outside for hidden pockets.

“Oh my God,” I whispered, throwing the bag down and pacing in small circles. “I can’t believe they wouldn’t have a fucking way for us to contact them.” I took off my watch and turned it over, shining the flash light on the back. “Hello, can you hear me? See me?” I turned it back around. “We are in danger!”

“Okay sweetheart, we’ll look more in the morning.” Lucian put his arms around me from behind.

“I will boil some water and make you a tea,” Becca said softly.

I looked at her and saw compassion in her face then realized my panic was showing. Fuck. Jesus, fuck. I nodded and smiled. “Yeah, sure. Sorry. I’m sure we’ll figure it out in the morning. I’m sure they’re watching and already know and are probably sending help as we speak.” I nodded and smiled at Lucian. “Right?”

“Yes, love.” He kissed me on the cheek and hugged me tight. But it only made terror pump harder through my body. He was scared. I could feel it. Shit shit shit.


Chapter Eight

I held Tara close to me, unable to sleep. After we’d burned the fire for about an hour, Preacher loaded that shit pit with hot embers and killed the snakes. He fished a few out and cleaned and skewered them on long sticks, and for the first time in my life I ate snake. Best fucking thing ever. If I was starving, I could only imagine how hungry Tara was. She’d eaten it after I’d made a huge deal about how it tasted just like bacon. In the morning we’d fish out the flag and pray it wasn’t melted to hell.

Oh well, melted or not, it was the fucking flag, they didn’t say it had to be pretty.

And it was our third flag. Tomorrow was the fourth. Then one more and we were home free to get off the island, get out of the game. Dom Wars was over. In only two days. I could hardly fucking believe it.

I pulled Tara closer to me, remembering that first day I met her. In line at the audition. I smiled softly at the memory of her picking up her pennies on the ground.
You can keep them
she’d said
I pressed my lips into her hair and stroked her cheek. She’d been so flustered. I’d never been so turned on by such a thing. She had no idea how transparent she was to me that day. Standing there, so sexually affected by me and unable to hide it from me. My cock responded and Tara pressed her ass against me in her sleep. Jesus, I needed her so bad. I needed to not think about that because there was no having her.

My cock refused to forget that day, however. I’d told her,
"Use your BDSM vocabulary words. I spank them. Force them to orgasm over and over again. Worship their pussy. Their body. I bite them, fuck them hard and—"
My words had mortified her then, even while they excited her. The memory of how lovely her cheeks were when flushed with desire haunted me. Fuck.

Tara suddenly turned over to face me. My heart banged loudly against my chest as she quietly worked my pants open. Oh God. I swallowed hard wondering if I could handle that in utter silence.

Tara didn’t seem concerned as she stroked my hard cock with one hand and danced soft fingers over the head with the other. I gritted my teeth and clenched my eyes, thrusting into her hand, draping my leg over her hip as she continued to stroke my length and dance tongues of fire on the head of my cock with her now wet fingers. I kissed at her neck, scraping my teeth along the salty column then burrowing my mouth on her shoulder and sucking with intensity as she brought me to a raging fucking orgasm in under three minutes. I held my breath through the waves of pleasure, pulling her hair and biting the muscle on her shoulder just hard enough to take the extreme edge off. She pulled my hair back just as hard, her hands and fingers mercilessly milking every ounce of that climax from my body.

Delirious with the need to pay her back, I stealthily yanked on the button of her pants. She shook her head and I captured her jaw in my hand and kissed her while gaining access to her pussy. I didn’t need her pants down, I slid my finger inside her dripping heat and moved my palm in circles over her clit until she buried her face in my neck, her mouth at my ear. She pulled my hair hard as I worked her core and clit simultaneously, gritting my teeth at the feel of her mouth on my ear, open with silent gasps. Fuck yes. With Preacher and Becca at my back, I kissed her with a ruthless passion while I jabbed at her core with two fingers, keeping it nice and deep so that no sound was made.

Propped on my elbow now, I grabbed a handful of her hair and held her mouth to mine as she finally broke. I choked on a growl when she
my lip before sucking at my mouth while bucking on my hand. I fought to keep up with her kiss while she rode the storm in her body oh so quietly. Fucking amazing. I’d never ever had that kind of secret sex before. What a rush. Especially on the too-narrow sleeping platform we’d hastily thrown together to stay out of the bugs. I counted it a victory that we didn’t collapse the damn thing.

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