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Dom Wars: Round 6

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Dom Wars

Round Six: The Final Round

By Lucian Bane and Aden Lowe

© 2014 by Lucian Bane & Aden Lowe
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Author's Notes:

This series contains explicit scenes of sexual activity. There are scenes of BDSM (kink) activity that may not be for everyone.

Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, by any of the characters within is entirely accidental.

Finally, I genuinely hope you enjoy reading "Dom Wars" as much as I enjoyed writing it.









Chapter One

This was it. The final fucking round, holy shit. Round six was here and I hated how it was a burning crossroad wanting to devour my soul at any second.

And oddly, the one thing that plagued my mind as I lay awake next to Tara in the wee final hours before departure wasn’t if we’d win or lose. It was nightmarish thoughts of life in prison. Because deep in my gut this absolute
churned, some base instinct to warn that something bad was coming. And it had everything to do with Jase Duff.
What if that sadistic bastard did something to make me kill him?

Foreign mumbling outside the bedroom said I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t sleep. Judging by the sharp rise, fall, and drag of syllables, it was the Japanese couple. Couldn’t begin to remember names even though Preacher had said we needed to memorize everything about all of them. I got the point of it, any tiny detail could be the difference between winning and losing. Problem was, my mind was so full of other shit, there was no room for trivial facts about our opponents. Preacher could recite them all like a nursery rhyme. God was I glad he was on our side. It was the one thing that allowed me to breathe a tiny bit easier. If preparation made the slightest difference, he would come out on top.

The crack at the bottom of the bedroom door lit up. Preacher was up too? Just as suddenly, the light shut off. I waited in the silence until all was quiet again. It started out faint then slowly grew louder until my dick throbbed in response to the sounds of Preacher getting busy. Really busy, Jesus Christ,
really busy.
Didn’t he care about the entire world hearing her screaming?

“What?” Tara mumbled, getting up on her elbows, looking around.

“No shit,” I whispered, “do you hear that?”

She stared a moment. “Is that…oh my God, you’re kidding.”

My cock jerked with the need to hear Tara make those same sounds, dear God. But she’d be pissed if I said a word. She did
like, no, she
when I got aroused in connection to another woman no matter the reason.

I got up.

“Where are you going?”

I hurried to the bathroom door, running from the suspicion in her tone. “The bathroom.”

“Why?” Accusation bit in her tone.

baby, is that okay?” I shut the door and went to the toilet. I did need to piss. My dick was hard as a rock and needed a lot more than that. The door opened and I jerked around. “Hey, almost done.”

She stood next to me while I pissed looking down. “Why are you hard?”

“What? I’m always hard.”

“No you’re not always hard,” She clearly fought her anger.

“I am when I wake up, yes I am.”

“Or when you’re hearing another woman have sex?”

I couldn’t keep from laughing. “Never.”

“Oh really.” She nodded, her hand on her hip as I finished up. “I really don’t get what’s so funny.”

“You’re so funny,” I went to the sink and turned it on and proceeded to wash my hands.

“Me.” She leaned a hip on the counter.

“Yes, you, sweetheart. Soooo damn funny.” I wiped my hands along the front of my underwear, cupping my hard on, watching her jaw harden. “Do you really think there is a time I’m
ready to fuck you? Make you scream?”

“Like her? And stop that stupid grinning.” She crossed her arms, drawing my attention to her lack of clothes.

“Who’s the Dom here again?”

I glanced up when she didn’t answer.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean…” I lowered the front of my underwear, “who is in charge right now. Right here. In this bathroom?”

She held my gaze only briefly before deciding she’d better exit.

“I asked you a question.” I shut the bathroom door before she got to it. “Quite nicely.”

“Nobody’s in charge, move.”

“Oh no, somebody is in charge and if I move, that would be you, if I don’t…” I tapped my chest and nodded, “then that would be
And I think that’s a good idea seeing as you’ve lost your little mind in the final phase of the game. I mean how can you stand there and look at me like you
how much I fucking love you? It’s
Tara. Oh yeah, roll your eyes,” I pointed at her face, “but you know I’m right, I can see it.”

“What you see is me tired and ready to go back to bed and dream about life before Dom Wars….” Pain hardened my jaw and she rolled her eyes. “I didn’t mean--”

“Oh, are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure, you know that,” she shrilled quietly.

I nodded in absent fury. “Like you know my cock is hard for
and no other?”

She jutted her stubborn chin, huffing lightly. “Yes.”

“Yes what?”

“What do you mean yes what? Yes sir? Yes master?”

“Yes, you know what?”

“Yes, I know what you said.”

“That my cock is only hard for you.”

She rolled her eyes and growled.

“Say it.”

“I’m not saying it, that’s stupid.”

“Fine, then show me.”

“Show you,” she mumbled, sounding bored.

“Show me you know Tara, I swear to God I’m fucking pissed, I’m ready to throw this game.”

Her jaw dropped.

“Don’t seem so
I’ve had enough of your snobby attitude, I mean how we made it to the final round of Dom Wars
me with your flawless inability to submit to a goddamn thing.”

Her eyes popped. “Submit?” She took a step toward me, anger darkening her eyes. “I don’t submit to assholes who get a hard on when other women are screaming in orgasm, you

I grabbed her hand before she could hit me, amazed that she would be so pissed over that fucking
I spun her around and pushed her against the wall, my mouth at her ear and my ever-fucking-hard-cock pressing into her ever-fucking-succulent-ass. Suddenly the idea or realization that I was about to spend an unknown amount of time unable to have her hit me with sickening intensity.

“I don’t want to fight, please.” I clenched my eyes tight, swallowing past the wave of nausea.

Her muscles went taut with threat. “Tell that to the floor when you are eating it. Let me go. Now.” The delicious little growl tempted my tongue along her throat.

I pinned her tighter with my body, my knee between her legs. “I’ll gladly eat the floor after I eat your pussy.” I gasped the words in her ear, pressing my leg into the juncture of her thighs. “Give me control, Tara, before I fucking take it.”

“Take it!”

The words blasted out like the desperate plea of a dying woman, and my body exploded with dominance in answer to her need to be forced. Forced to obedience, forced to that which she knew she needed but her old fears refused to allow her to submit to.

She quaked in my arms and a single tear rolled down her cheek. “Please, take it,” she whispered. “I’m so scared. Help me. Make me remember the right things.”

I couldn’t save her fast enough, couldn’t take her hard enough. My explosion of need turned me into a fucking bumbling dork as I fought to get her bent over the sink. “I need to bury my cock in you,” I growled, yanking her panties down. At seeing her bent over, I was suddenly conflicted with other needs. To hold her tight to me. “Tara,” I whispered.

She turned around and dropped to her knees, wrecking my already thread-bare control as she devoured my length.

“Fuck, stop, STOP.”

She obeyed and stared up at me with that eager longing. “Submit to my lead.” The winded words rushed out. “Get on your knees… like a good girl… and hold your hands tightly behind your back while I fuck your beautiful mouth, is it clear?” I groaned at how fucking sexy she was in that complete, eager submission. “God yes, look at you. So ready for my cock to hit the back of your throat.” I gently moved the hair from her forehead, my fingers trembling with the need to not go slow.

She licked her parted lips and lowered her gaze to my impossibly hard cock, letting out a small whimper as she stared at it.

“Keep those hands tight behind your back,” I barely managed, stepping closer. Holding my cock with one hand, I grabbed a handful of her hair with the other. Tilting her head back, I shuddered and rubbed the length of my cock along every inch of her beautiful face, letting my balls hit as well. My efforts filled the bathroom with her desperate sharpened breaths.

“Who loves you sweetheart?” I rubbed the head of my cock along her lips now and her tongue flicked across the head like fire.

“You do.”

She met my gaze and I restrained her so that only her tongue reached my pulsing head. “Me?” I pulled her hair more until she gasped.

“You… Master.”

My breath blasted out with desire at hearing the whimpered words. Master wasn’t the right response, but her sweet attempt burned me too thoroughly to care. “Very fucking good, love.” I kept tight hold of her hair and slid the head of my cock along her lips, wetting them with my pre-cum, her tiny whimpers fueling my dominance until I growled with it. “Apologize for
to think any different.”

“I’m sorry,” she gasped, licking the head all around.

I pulled her hair harder.

“Master! I’m sorry Master.”

I spanked the side of her face with the length of my cock. “That was so very bad, love.” I spanked again and held her head firmly when she fought to turn her lips to suck me. “Kiss the length of my cock. Slowly.”

She obeyed, her breaths mingling with moans.

“You want the head of my cock to hit your throat?”

“Yes, yes.”

The fragile words and nod of her head speared my cock with fire. “Open wide baby.” I slid my cock in. “Look at me,” I hissed.

She opened her eyes, her nostrils fluttering as my cock slowly went deep.

“God your fucking mouth is so hot around my cock!” I pushed until the head hit the back of her throat, groaning, maintaining tight hold of her hair. I slowly worked her on and off my cock. “So bad, you were…” I clenched my eyes shut, stopping to stave off an orgasm. “….so fucking bad,” I finally ground out. “Take off your fucking panties and hold on to the sink.”

She stumbled up and did as I said and the sight of her complete and utter submission made me drunk. The way she became this
person, so different from the strong willed woman was just…insanely fucking hot in the most unusual way. It made me…
to dominate her. It
me to. Dominate her without mercy, utterly and completely.

For long a moment, I just looked, absorbing every iota of the sweet triumph, the way her muscles quivered in anticipation of my touch. The curve of her ass drew my hands, and I let my fingers sink deep in her lush flesh and squeezed hard so that when I let go, the marks of my possession were pressed into her skin. So fucking beautiful.

Need insisted I bury my cock in her and never stop, contradicting my dominant instincts to exercise control. A growl vibrated in my throat as I wrestled with myself.

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