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Dom Wars: Round 6 (9 page)

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Tara screamed and suddenly ran into the back of my legs. Not thinking, I moved a bit and she continued to slide down, screaming as I hurried through the trees trying to catch her. Ending on my ass, I scooted toward her, using the trees to increase my speed while fighting not to collide with one.

We both ended up against the same tree in a heap of gasps, clinging to each other and the tree with a death grip. I mentally assessed for bodily damage. “You okay, you hurt?”

“I’m fine…” she grunted. “Just scared shitless.”

“Yeah,” I pressed my forehead to her shoulder just as a strong hand lodged itself under my arm and lifted me.

“Fun’s over kids,” Preacher said.

Turned out the bottom of the hill was only a hundred yards away. And it also turned out that it was a little secret paradise. Thank. You. God.

I looked all around with the intention of finding the flag, but the beauty of the scenery kept stealing my attention. Various shades of green glittered in the afternoon light all around the stadium sized lagoon. The sun hit the falls illuminating the glowing halo of mist complete with a rainbow. For an entire minute, we all stood there in transfixed awe, taking it in, with Tara muttering a steady flow of
oh my Gods.

The waterfall looked like liquid diamonds and the lagoon’s dark green water indicating the décor’s color below its surface. Fucking beautiful. Surreal. I looked to the top of the falls, wondering if it was the one we’d nearly gone over. Hard to know.

I took Tara’s hand in mine and whispered, “Welcome to day three of Dom Wars, sweetheart.”



“Why are you limping?” Lucian asked me as I turned from dropping my back pack.

“Ah, seems I twisted my ankle. It’s nothing bad.”


His hard uncompromising tone triggered my need for his strength and my legs became noodles in instant obedience. My body craved his protection far more than my mind liked to admit. I looked around at the paradise before us, feeling like we’d stepped into a dream. But as he worked my boot off, the pain drew me back to reality. Which wasn’t a beautiful dream given the danger we were clearly all in. I didn’t voice it, but I was sure I wasn’t the only one who felt the same way. We were in danger. Real danger.

“Damn, it looks sprained, love.” Lucian stroked the swollen skin on the right of my ankle.

“The water will be good for this.” Becca squatted next to Lucian, examining the area with her graceful ebony fingers. “Undress.”

I looked at her and realized she was speaking to Preacher and relaxed then tensed with worry that he actually might.

“They will hide their eyes while you strip!” she exclaimed.

He sighed and began undressing at which point I slapped a hand over my eyes. “Not looking.”

“Me either man.” Contained laughter deepened Lucian’s voice. Of course this was funny for men.

Becca gasped a few feet away and spoke in another language, her tone striking dread in me along with the urge to look and see what was so horrific.

“It’s not that bad,” Preacher said.

That prompted hissed foreign syllables mixed with various English words like
which were odd sounding out of her mouth
Maybe there were no cusswords in her language.

The sound of Preacher going in the water came by way of a single splash, like he dove in.

“He is hidden, you may look.”

The definite possession in Becca’s strong voice rang loud and clear but I was sure she wasn’t aware of it. I smiled, thinking it was cute that a woman of her stature could be so blindly smitten. Did my feelings show like that?

I glanced at Lucian and found him staring at me which set my pulse racing like somebody’d just screamed
Shit the man had quite the power over me, didn’t he? “I’ll set up camp,” he said quietly. I couldn’t read all that was in his passionate gaze but was sure the same needs I had for him raged there among…other things I didn’t really want to talk about or think about and yet needed to desperately.

I watched him go about studying the area like a man planning to build a house. I wondered what he calculated so carefully as he looked all about and inspected things. He finally shook his head. “Where’s the fucking flag?”


We looked out in the water and Preacher pointed below him. “Guess what’s about fifty feet below?”

Lucian visored his eyes with a hand, looking out. “The flag?”

Preacher nodded then dove beneath the water, bare ass the last thing we saw. Becca made annoyed sounds that indicated sure punishment later for him.

Visions of her spanking him like I did Lucian brought a burst of snickers that drew her hard gaze Oops. I sobered immediately and went to examining my ankle again. I glanced at Lucian who paced at the edge of the bank and my heart skipped a beat just at the sight of him. Stupid little girl, grow up.

“You go and help him,” Becca said, turning around. “I will not look.”

Lucian began stripping with an urgency and I was sure, gratitude. It went against his grain to not be part of every damn challenge near him that was obvious. Sick, sick…dear God, sexy sick man. The ripple of muscles as he unclothed had my body on fire and filled with a downright
desperation just as he dove into the water. I wanted to follow him. Drag him into those falls on the right and suck the man’s cock until he was pulling my hair in that reckless abandon of unspeakable pleasure.

I gasped as the idea played its way through my mind and body. I brushed filthy matted hair from my face with fingers trembling in need. What a fucking mess I was. It was a trauma thing, I reminded myself. In dire situations a humans often became consumed with illogical urges at illogical times. It was embarrassing when you thought about how irresponsible it was to be consumed with sucking a man’s cock while trying to survive death lurking around every tree now.

I watched Lucian reach the area where Preacher had been and he sank beneath the water only to surface a few seconds later with Preacher. Their voices hit my ears in the form of mumbling that I couldn’t hear. “Can you understand them?” I asked, fighting to stand and get closer.

“No, I cannot.” Anger and frustration hardened Becca’s perfect English.

We watched them talk and nod then disappear beneath the water’s surface, white legs kicking goofily as they went. At least no asses showed this time, thankfully. The thought of anybody seeing Lucian’s cute white ass came with more of those ridiculous impulses, namely jealousy.

We waited on the bank, holding our breaths, watching the water. I would have joined Becca’s curt pacing if my damned ankle didn’t hurt so badly. Especially just standing there like that. Shit.

“That is a very long time under water.” Though her observation was casual it was clearly bothered.

“I’m sure they’re fine.”

They both surfaced with loud gasps and swam toward us. As they approached the shallow waters, I wasn’t sure what to do. Did they plan to get out? Did we need to turn?

“Coming out ladies. Guard your eyes.” Lucian said, sounding humored.

“And your hearts,” Preacher added, laughing.

Becca and I snorted at the same moment with our backs turned which made me laugh. She thankfully decided to return the humor until the both of us bowed over with hysterical laughter. Hysteria being the key word at play here.

“We’re done,” Lucian announced.

We turned to find
meant only pants. The differences in the two men’s torsos was striking. Preacher was the buffed up version of Batman and Lucian was…maybe Robin. Lucian’s body was every bit as cut, just not bulky. And big. And tall. Preacher was just a wall of scary big muscle and mass. Lucian was… just perfectly gorgeous in every sense of the word and concept of gorgeous.

I didn’t realize how caught up in my study of his body I’d become until Preacher said, “I think she’s mentally drawing your portrait, be still.”

Lucian laughed and shook his head as heat filled my cheeks as I took a seat on the ground to take the weight off of my ankle.

“The flag is at the bottom of the lagoon,” Lucian said, thankfully changing the subject.

“Tied to a boulder.” Extreme annoyance saturated Preacher’s words.

Lucian sat next to me. “We’ll get it in a bit, we’ll need to bring the knife.”

“Becca, let’s hunt for a fishing pole. I’m hungry. And that lagoon is
of fish.” Preacher’s words were nearly boyish as he searched the area. He glanced at us. “”See about that ankle while we’re gone.”

“Don’t go too far,” I called, worried about what could happen.

“We’ll be in earshot,” Preacher called back.

Lucian wasted no time helping me out of my clothes. I stopped him when his gaze became fixated on my naked breasts, covering them. “I stink!” I hissed. “I’m filthy, don’t even think about it.”

His face was tormented as he got out of his pants again and helped me stand. “On my waist,” he ordered.

“No! God no!
I clean!”

His mouth hardened and he led me into the lagoon, letting me limp in. Once we were waist deep, he pulled me to him and put me on his waist. The contact of my private parts on his hard abs forced a breathy whorish moan from me. He stared into my eyes, and the storm brewing there stole my shallow breaths. He pressed hard fingers on my butt forcing my folds to move with an undulating pressure on him. Jesus.

“I’m going to make you come just like this.” Keeping that hand firmly on my ass, he tangled his other hand in my hair and pulled me to his mouth, kissing me with a starvation that made my womb clench hard with need. I clung to his shoulders and endured the eager pressure of his hand on my ass that transferred to a perfect heat in my clit against his stomach.

“You need this, you first.” He whispered the hot words on my lips as though he read my mind. I wanted to do things to him.

I gave in to his command, rocking myself against his hard muscles. He kissed me and groaned in my mouth. “That’s it, make it hot love. Fucking come on me. Then I’m going to fuck you so fucking hard.” I would never have thought I could orgasm so fast but when he added the tip of his finger into my ass with those words, that was all she wrote, end of story.

I shuddered and bucked and clung to him while Lucian held me tight to his body, his mouth a greedy wet fire on mine with an incessant
yes, yes, yes

“I need you in me,” I begged weakly, feeling like I’d not suffered the most fulfilling part of ecstasy.

“I know baby.” The head of his cock was there where I needed it and in one passionate thrust and pull on my shoulders, he sheathed himself entirely inside me. I cried out in his mouth and Lucian let himself do something I’d never seen before. Keeping his thrusts short and deep, he latched hard fingers to my shoulder blades and jerked with savage force, the head of his cock a battering-ram against that doorway at my core, the one that turned me into a senseless mass of cells and energy clinging to the same desperate need and force that drove him.
God yes, fuck me, yes
, were the lyrics to this song and I sang it with shameless abandon in that lagoon, that heaven of a lagoon. But really, no matter where we were, when we reached that pinnacle, heaven met us there.

His stifled roar in climax brought that song to a brutal crest. Clutching him as close to me as I could, I fought to get closer, kiss him deeper, love him harder. I gradually became aware of the cool water embracing my skin as Lucian hugged me close, both arms wrapped tight around me in a desperate embrace.

“I wish this was over,” he whispered.

Panic seized me at the sound in his voice and I pushed away to see his face. “I knew it! You’re worried!” He gave me a
expression. “I mean more worried than usual, you’re scared worried. About Jase, aren’t you?”

He stared at me, unspoken terror showing in his eyes. “I was going to talk to Preacher.” He swallowed and I waited, my body turning numb with dread.

“Why?” I asked when he seemed to have trouble continuing.

“To see if…to see how he feels about all of this.”

“All of what?”

“That hole with the spike at the bottom was not just a funny trick.”

I nodded. “I agree. That was psycho, he could have gotten killed.”


I waited for a few seconds. “What Lucian?”

He sighed and looked around. “That hyena? It had to be shipped in here deliberately.”

I shivered as more cold terror flooded me. “You’re kidding.”

He stared at me and barely shook his head, appearing sorry. “I wish, sweetheart.”

I looked around, hugging him closer to me. “Now I’m really scared. I was scared before but, I mean I had this feeling something more was wrong, I just…”

“I had to tell you.”

“I know, I’m glad you did because I just
there was something you feared more than the obvious.” Tears burned my eyes and I pressed my face to his. “I’m so sorry I got you into this.”

“What?” He stroked my head with a firm hand. “Don’t be silly, love. Remember I was ready to pay you to let me be your partner?” He pulled away and looked me in the eyes. “I would still pay anything. You’re…” He swallowed and hardened his jaw for a few seconds. “You’ve always been the million to me sweetheart. When I won your heart…” He stroked the hair along my face. “I won so much more than a million dollars.”

My throat closed up with the pressure in my chest until I gasped. “Me too Lucian.” I had to make him understand. I fought to speak around the pressure inside me but my words only squeaked out. “When I first met you, you were just this… impossibly cute guy that made me lose my train of thought and then you offered to help me and I-I didn’t realize it at the time but I was so
that you’d want to. And then we began to play the games and-and I was so ashamed but at the same time so…so desperate to have you and I was glad that I was in that game, I was glad that I
to do those things because maybe I would never have had the guts to open up to you, had the nerve to…” my throat closed and I choked on a sob while Lucian cooed with soft kisses along my face. “I wouldn’t have let you save me, Lucian. Save me from the darkness inside me, eating me, slowly suffocating me while I read obituaries for fun but…it wasn’t just for fun, every time I read them, I wondered what the date would read when I died. I was plagued and obsessed and I didn’t know until I met you that I had given up a part of me and was waiting to just die!”

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