Don't Break the Bank: A Student's Guide to Managing Money

BOOK: Don't Break the Bank: A Student's Guide to Managing Money
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Don’t Break the Bank:
A Student’s Guide to Managing Money

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ISBN-13: 978-0-7689-3648-3
ISBN-10: 0-7689-3648-9

First Edition


A Letter to Students

Ten Steps to Increase Your Financial Fitness


Chapter 1:
Money Makes the World Go Around

The History of Money
Timeline of Money in the United States
How Does Money Get Printed?
Mutilated Money
The Lifespan of a Bill
A Look at Each Bill
The $100 Bill
The $50 Bill
The $20 Bill
The $10 Bill
The $5 Bill
The $2 Bill
The $1 Bill
Major U.S. Coins
Inflation and How It Affects Your Money
Inflation and Buying Power
1990 Prices
Money Around the World
Global Money Math Challenges
Other Forms of Currency
Gamer Currency: Currency for a Virtual World
iTunes Cards
Gift Cards


Ways to Earn Your Own Cash

Chapter 2
Earning Money at Home

Focus Groups
Online Surveys
Have a Yard Sale
Sell Stuff on eBay®
Sell Crafts and Other Items Online
Sell Your Photos
YouTube Videos
Web Design
Start Your Own Web Site or Blog
Quiz: What Type of Home-Based Job Would Be the Best Fit?
Watch Out for Work-at-Home Scams!
Sneak Peek: Get Money for Gaming
Crossword: Working World

Chapter 3
Part-Time Jobs and Other Ways to Make Money

Gigs and Occasional Work vs. Official Jobs
How to Find a Job
Classified Ads
Bulletin Boards
You Can Find Anything on Craig’s List (for Better or for Worse)
Help from a Monster (and Other Job Sites)
Twitter™ and Facebook®
Word of Mouth
Common Jobs for Teens
Mowing Lawns
Running Errands
Pet-sitting: Who Let the Dogs Out?
Restaurant Jobs: The Best Kind of Tips
Retail Jobs: Time for the Big Sale
Car Wash—Going to the Car Wash, Yeah!
Things to Consider with a Part-Time Job
Getting Paid (and Being Prepared for Your First Paycheck)

Chapter 4
Analyzing Your Paycheck

Working for the Man: Mandatory Deductions
Voluntary Deductions
Year-to-Date Totals
Where Does This Money Go?
The Most Common Payroll Deductions
Federal Income Tax
State/Local Income Tax
Social Security Tax


Banking 101

Chapter 5
Banking 101

How Banks Work
Now this is Interesting: Understanding Interest Rates
72 Reasons to Love Banking
How to Choose a Bank
Bank vs. Credit Union
Reading Your Bank Statement
BOOK: Don't Break the Bank: A Student's Guide to Managing Money
13.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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